The Economics of the Pipe Organ Industry



Some of the greatest music in the world comes from the wind blown pipes of mighty pipe organs.

Dr. Ebert prepares an annual economic analysis of the pipe organ industry. He also has published articles on the industry in economics journals.


This Buzard Organ was built in 1998 at St. Paul's Cathedral in Cklahoma City, Oklahoma. The organ has 28 stops, 34 ranks, and two manuals and pedals.


The Redman Pipe Organ Company, located in Fort Worth, Texas, built and installed this organ in St. Joseph's Cahpel at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut.

The Schanz Organ Company will begin its first Australian project in January 2000. They will
begin the installation of this refurbished and enhanced Grand Organ in Melbourne Town Hall.

The organ was built in 1929 by William Hill & Son and Norman & Beard Ltd.,
London & Melbourne. The existing ranks are being carefully restored to retain the original voice of the organ, new ranks of pipes are being built to complete gaps that existed in the 1929 design.

Installation and tonal finishing is scheduled to finish in early 2001.

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