From Mon Jul  3 09:52:19 2000
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 09:50:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: Scripts Project and EBTL Update 3Jul00

Scripts Project and EBTL List Members,

The following additions have been made to the EBTL website since the last
update on 6Jan00:


We are pleased to announce that, after five years of work by members of
Behind the Sofa: The Bristol University Doctor Who Society (aka BTS) and
The Earthbound TimeLords (aka EBTL), all of the transcriptions of Hartnell
and Troughton serials with 'missing' episodes are now online!

Many of the transcriptions have been rigorously edited for accuracy,
and are assigned a 'corrected' date.  Others still await such detailed
examination.  We also hope to convert all of the serials to a uniform
format.  We are currently targeting the end of the year for the completion
of this work.  Then we'll consider the Project truly complete.

Also note that we have added a transcription for 'Curse of the Fatal
Death,' kindly submitted to us by Joseph Oldham.  Though providing such
'Other' transcriptions was not part of our original Project plan, we'll
gladly put online such transcriptions when they're submitted.


The following scripts have received corrections since the last update:

	Reign of Teror 1-3,6
	The Crusade 1-3
	Galaxy 4 1-4
	The Myth Makers 1-4
	The Daleks' Master Plan 7
	The Massacre 1-4
	The Smugglers 2-4
	Power of the Daleks 1-6
	The Highlanders 1-4
	The Macra Terror 1-4

We have received the corrections, but not yet edited the files, for:

	Evil of the Daleks 1-7

We expect to receive the corrections for the following scripts very soon:

	Mission to the Unknown 1
	The Daleks' Master Plan 1-6,8-12
	Enemy of the World 1-6
	Web of Fear 1-6

We have just assigned the following scripts for correction:

	The Savages 1-4


	"Doctor Who Video Reconstructions: A Checklist"


	"Doctor Who: 16 Month 2000 Calendar"
	"Grave Matter" Doctor Who Novel
	"Last of the Gaderene" Doctor Who Novel
	"Tomb of Valdemar" Doctor Who Novel


	some additions to the working notes for the Data Extract
	"BUDDHISM IN DOCTOR WHO: A Detailed Analysis"

	many additions to the Research Library

	several changes to the Collectibles Wanted lists

	many new links and address changes on the Links page


The EBTL would like to welcome the following new members into the

	Shane Hopkins
	Terry Legg
	Martin Good

Till the next update,

Lord President Zepo.
Earthbound TimeLords.

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound TimeLords.

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