From Thu Jan  6 14:31:17 2000
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 11:53:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: Scripts Project and EBTL Update 6Jan00

Scripts Project and EBTL List Members,

The following additions have been made to the EBTL website since the last
update on 29Apr99:


     Crusade 3
     Celestial Toymaker 2-4
     The Smugglers 1-2

     The Smugglers intro and Smugglers 1-2 are our first attempt at a new
     overall format for the transcriptions.
     Feedback is welcome.
     Note that Crusade 3 and Smugglers 2 have been put online as received
     from the transcribers and have not yet been examined for corrections.


     Marco Polo 1-6
     Reign of Terror 4-5
     The Crusade 2,4
     Celestial Toymaker 1-4
     Smugglers 1

     Note that even though this is the first time Celestial Toymaker 2-4
     and Smugglers 1 have been made available, they have already been
     examined for corrections.


     "Connected Somewhere in Time: Doctor Who and Iron Maiden"


     Doctor Who Micro-Superstars Dalek Set
     "Doctor Who--From A-Z" Book
     "Players" Doctor Who Novel
     "ACE: The Inside Story of the End of an Era" Book
     "The Hollow Men" Doctor Who Novel
     "The Wages of Sin" Doctor Who Novel
     "Doctor Who Soundtrack CD (1996 TV-Movie)" Audio CD
     "Out of the Darkness" Audio CD
     Patrick Toughton Vinyl Model Kit (1:8 scale)
     "The DWB Interview File" Book
     "Doctor Who Special Effects" Book
     "The DWB Compendium: The Best of the First 100 Issues" Book
     "Salvation" Doctor Who Novel
     "Nothing at the End of the Lane (Issue #1)" Magazine
     "Millennium Shock" Doctor Who Novel
     "Matrix" Doctor Who Novel
     "Divided Loyalties" Doctor Who Novel
     "Phantasmagoria" Doctor Who Audio CD Adventure
     "Corpse Marker" Doctor Who Novel
     "I, Who" Book
     "Kinda" Audio Cassette
     "Golden Wonder" Comic Book Set
     "Earth and Beyond" Audio Cassette
     "A Critical History of Doctor Who on Television" Book
     "A Day with a TV Producer" Book
     "Vengeance on Varos" Audio Cassette


     "The Curse of the Amaorian Sector"


     many additions to the working notes for the Data Extact
     "BUDDHISM IN DOCTOR WHO: A Detailed Analysis"

     a few additions to the Collectibles Image Archive

     many additions to the Research Library

     several changes to the Collectibles Wanted lists

     many new links and address changes on the Links page


The EBTL would like to welcome the following new members into the

     Paul Ilett
     Sue Law
     Dave Morgan

Lord President Zepo and Chancellor Z1R0 contributed to an article
in the Winter 1999-2000 issue of "The UK Haflinger 4 Wheel Drive
Magazine."  The article was on Doctor Who's use of a Haflinger
vehicle in the story "Colony in Space."


Congratulations to Chancellor Z1R0 on the completion of his second
Masters degree (or more accurately a "post-Masters/pre-Doctoral
Certificate of Advanced Study in Library and Information Science
equivalent to a second Masters degree for the purpose of promotion to
Associate Professor").
It took four years to complete on nights/weekends.
GPA 4.0.

Till the next update,

Lord President Zepo.
Earthbound Timelords.

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound Timelords.

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