From Thu Apr 29 20:39:13 1999
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 20:28:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: EBTL Update 4/29/99

EBTL Members,

It is time once again to update the membership of the Earthbound Timelords
on recent additions to the EBTL website.  The additions listed are new as
of the last EBTL Update, which was dated 1/25/99.


The EBTL would first like to welcome the following new member into the

     Cameron Mason


Any of you who have visited the EBTL web site in the past few weeks will have
noticed some radical changes:

index.html now features a graphic of the TARDIS that, when you point your
cursor at it, opens its door to invite you in.  Clicking on the TARDIS takes
you to the home page.

home.htm now features a TARDIS console with an animated column.  The logic
buttons above the console light up when you point to them and
simultaneously display text below the console to indicate where that button
will take you when it is clicked.   There is also now a scrolling marquee
on the browser window status bar.  Look to the marquee for future important

New additions to the site include:

* site_map.htm
This is a site map to aid in faster navigation of a growing site (over 14Mb so

* email_form.htm
This is an email form for those of you (like me) with browsers that cannot be
configured to handle mailto: links.

* award.htm
This page describes the first five winners of the EBTL Outstanding Research
Site Award.  A graphic link has been placed next to each winner on the links
page.  The link takes you the the awards page.

The episode guide has been vigorously reworked, both in appearance and in
content.  It now includes the "revisionist" titles.  Each such title links to
a debate page that provides access to two Data Extracts describing the
opposing viewpoints on serial and episode titles.

There is a hidden link on the console for members.  When you click on the
monitor screen on the left panel of the console, it will take you to the
membership roll.

Comments on the redesign, pro or con, can be sent to Chancellor Z1R0 at


President Zepo has completed his Data Extract "ACEISM: The Character of Ace
and the Subtext of Anit-Prejudice."  The Lord President continues to work on a
Data Extract on the history of Doctor Who role-playing.

Chancellor Z1R0 has added addional Buddhist references to his working notes for
"BUDDHISM IN DOCTOR WHO: A Detailed Analysis."  Anyone who can think of any
Buddhist references that Chancellor Z1R0 has missed, please drop him an email

If you have additional information on any of the Data Extract topics, or
suggestions for revision, please feel free to email the EBTL at

The High Council would like to encourage all members to consider contributing
to the site.


There are two new questions and answers posted to the 'Matrix Databank
Solutions' section of the site.

The EBTL has received a set of 18 questions from .
The President and Chancellor have been trying to find the time to tackle
these, but have yet to answer all of them.  If any EBTL member would like
to help us, here are the questions:

1) How old is Zoe in 'The Wheel of Space'?

2) What's the name of the college Zoe attended?

3) Is 'Alexander' in 'The Highlanders' related to Jamie?

4) What are the eye-colors for PatDoc, Jamie, Zoe, Victoria, Ben & Polly?

5) How old is Jamie in 'The Highlanders'? How old is he when he is
returned in 'The War Games'

6) What was the name of Jamie's home town?

7) What was the name of Zoe's?

8) What planet was Zoe's home town located on?

9) What year was 'Fury From the Deep' set in?

10) What was the last episode featuring Sgt. Benton?

11) What became of Mike Yates after 'Planet of the Spiders'?

12) When did the fault locator move from the back wall of the TARDIS
    console room onto the console?

13) The Doctor received two medical degrees from two universities. Name
both, and the years.

14) The Daleks were supposedly neutralized in 'The Daleks (The Mutants/The
Expedition)'. This is the Thaal's first encounter with the Daleks, and
takes place how many years since the nuclear war?

15) In reference to the question above, the Daleks are then seen alive and
well on Earth in 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' in the 22nd century. Which
came first in the Dalek timeline: D:M/E or DIOE?

16) In reference to above: If D:M/E came first, how did the Daleks both
escape and conquer the Thaals enough to build space technology? If DIOE
came first, why didn't the Daleks eradicate the Thaals from the planet or
use them for slave labor long before the incident on Skarro?

17) The Daleks in 'Power of the Daleks' and 'The Daleks:M/E' rely on
static electricity to get around. Almost every other Dalek does not. How
do those other Daleks move about?

18) If the Cybermen are allergic to radiation (Re: The Tenth Planet) how
did they survive the vacum of space in 'The Wheel in Space' and 'The


Three new links have been added to the site:

* Loose Canon Productions
A site providing telesnap reconstructions.

* Doctor Who Cuttings Achive
A large collection of scans of newpaper clipping about Doctor Who.

* The Console Room
Another BBC Doctor Who page.


No new collecting articles or reviews have been posted.

Feel free to send us short reviews for any collectible.  For an idea of what
we are looking for in terms of style and content, see the examples already
posted to the site.


No new collectible images have been added to the archive.

If anyone has any particularly rare print or media items for which they could
provide scans, contact Chancellor Z1R0 at


The High Council continues to add to its research library.  All library and
wanted lists are up to date.

If anyone else has a list of collectibles that they are looking to purchase,
or that they have for sale, contact Chancellor Z1R0 at and
he'll distribute the list to the EBTL membership via email.  If you
prefer, he can also post them to the site.  The High Council regularly
receives email offers of items for sale based on the want list posted to
the site.


Lord President Zepo has completed a new Doctor Who role-playing module
called "Mirror of the Past." Here is a plot summary:

     The TARDIS lands and the players start to relive some of their past
     adventure experiences!  No one is quite sure if the experiences are real
     or not.  The players are involved in a game of life and death, but
     will they ever realize it?


Two Doctor Who cursors are now available.  One is a dematerializing TARDIS and
the other is a TARDIS console with animated column.


David Herrick of "BEHIND THE SOFA: The Bristol University Doctor Who
Society" website has contacted the EBTL about taking over the Doctor Who
missing episodes scripts project.  Mr. Herrick has just finished his PhD
at Bristol and will soon no longer have access to the University's web
server.  The EBTL has agreed to take over the project and provide the
necessary server space.  The EBTL will send out an announcement to members
when this transition takes place.


Congratulations to President Zepo on winning both the "Outstanding
Peer Mentor of the Year Award" and the "Student Advocate Award" at the
University where he works.

Congratulations to Chancellor Z1R0 on the birth of a daughter on
April 26th.

Till next quarter,

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound Timelords.

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