From Mon Jan 25 00:36:06 1999
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 00:35:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: EBTL Update 1/25/99

EBTL Members,

It is time once again to update the membership of the Earthbound Timelords
on recent additions to the EBTL website.  The additions listed are new as
of the last EBTL Update, which was dated 9/1/98.


The EBTL would first like to welcome the following new members into the

     Peter Jewell
     Roger Utting
     Matthew Church
     Damien Zanic
     Dominick Cericola
     Harold Gonzales
     Brigadier P. Maxwell-Lennon


The approach of the Data Extracts portion of the EBTL site has changed
somewhat since the last update.  Due to continuing career time constraints,
neither President Zepo, nor Chancellor Z1R0, have been able to add new
_completed_  research to the site.  They have decided, though, to post the
current state of their efforts in a section called 'Data Extracts in Progress.'
The reason for this is to welcome other EBTL members or visitors to the site
to become engaged in research projects if they find them of interest.  Feel
free to browse the working notes, works in progress, and rough drafts.  If
you have additional information on any of the topics, or suggestions for
revision, please feel free to email the EBTL at

There are three 'Data Extracts in Progress' currently on the site:

The first is Lord President Zepo's initial draft of "ACEISM: The Character of
Ace and the Subtext of Anti-Racism."

Chancellor Z1R0 has made available "DOCTOR WHO COLLECTIBLES: An Annotated
Bibliography."  This is a work in progress with about 50 citations included so
far, some of which are already annotated, others not.

Chancellor Z1R0 has also made available his working notes for "BUDDHISM IN
DOCTOR WHO: A Detailed Analysis."  This is a list of Buddhist references in
the series and in the Doctor Who literature.  These references are intended
to form the basis of a detailed Data Extract on the subject.   Anyone who can
think of any Buddhist references that Chancellor Z1R0 has missed, please drop
him an email at

When finally finished, these Data Extracts will be moved up on the page to
the 'Completed Data Extracts' section.

Just in case you might be wondering, the Lord President is still working on
the Data Extract on the history of Doctor Who role-playing that was mentioned
in the previous EBTL update.  When the work reaches the appropriate stage, it
will be posted in the 'Data Extracts in Progress' section.

There are also two other EBTL members currently in the early stages of
preparing Data Extracts.

The High Council would like to encourage all members to consider contributing
to the site.


There are two new questions and answers posted to the 'Matrix Databank
Solutions' section of the site.  Graphic image links have also been added to
all questions in this section.


There are some new scripts of missing episodes that have been added to the
links page.

Some other new links include:

* Jason Shron's "Hardcover Novels Archive and Trade"
This is my favorite new site.  Great information for collectors of early
hardback novelizations -- and beautiful to look at too!

* Ian Marsh's "Time Lord Role Playing System"
This is the complete text of the now out-of-print system.

* "Card Image Archives"
This site features high quality scans of all of the Doctor Who Collectible
Card Game cards.

* "Dalek Extermination Page"
This site has detailed information on Dalek design variants as well as
computer-generated Dalek images that will blow you away!

* Jean-Marc Lofficier's "Universal Databank"
This is the complete text of the now out-of-print reference book.

The Dealers links section has, basically, exploded.  There are 39 links now
available.  They include Doctor Who manufacturers, new and used collectibles
dealers, rare book dealer search engines (Advanced Book Exchange, Bibliofind,
Interloc's Alibris), the large online book vendors (Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes
and Noble, Borders, Wal-Mart), and the eBay online auction.  If you can't
find what you're looking for using these links, it just isn't out there!


Chancellor Z1R0 has published a new collectibles review entitled "Doctor
Who -- The Destiny of the Doctors CD-ROM."

Coordinator Franks has published a new collectibles review entitled "'The Ice
Warriors' Video Cassette."

Feel free to send us short reviews for any collectible.  For an idea of what
we are looking for in terms of style and content, see the examples already
posted to the site.


Chancellor Z1R0 has added a few more images to the 'Collectibles Image
Archive.'  Of note are images of:

     Nation, Terry
     Dalek Pocketbook and Space Travelers Guide
     (UK) : Souvenir & Panther, 1965


     (UK) : Century 21 (MA 106), 1966
     [Doctor Who theme edition]

If anyone has any particularly rare print or media items for which they could
provide scans, contact Chancellor Z1R0 at


The High Council has been on a collecting binge of late.  Please check the
want lists on a regular basis -- they seem to be being updated every few days

If anyone else has a list of collectibles that they are looking to purchase,
or that they have for sale, contact Chancellor Z1R0 at and
he'll distribute the list to the EBTL membership via email.  If you
prefer, he can also post them to the site.  The High Council regularly
receives email offers of items for sale based on the want list posted to
the site.


Lord President Zepo is preparing a lengthy new Doctor Who role-playing module
called "Mirror of the Past." Here is a plot summary:

     The TARDIS lands and the players start to relive some of their past
     adventure experiences!  No one is quite sure if the experiences are real
     or not.  The players are involved in a game of life and death, but
     will they ever realize it?


There is a link now available to a site offering a nice Doctor Who screen

Based on the length of this email, we've apparently been quite busy this
quarter.  We hope to see your new hits on our web counter soon!

Till next quarter,

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound Timelords.

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