From Thu Sep 10 17:04:25 1998
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 15:49:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: EBTL Update 9/1/98

EBTL Members,

It is time once again to update the membership of the Earthbound
Timelords on recent additions to the EBTL website.  The additions listed
are new as of the last EBTL Update, which was dated 6/9/98.

The EBTL would first like to welcome the following new members into the

     Aaron Silverman
     Dave Carzoli
     Phil Carver
     Derek Handley

Lord President Zepo has a lengthy new Doctor Who role-playing module
available called "Keep the Piece."  This module premiered at GenCon in
Milwaukee this year.  Here is a plot summary:

     The TARDIS lands in 1997 Jerusalem. Civil unrest and political and
     religious tension is on the rise in the city despite attempts to make
     peace in the region. Only the United Nations peacekeeping force has
     kept the area from exploding into violence. Archaeologists uncover an
     alien artifact in the city ruins and every side wants to claim it for
     themselves. The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT) is
     called in to investigate and to keep the peace. The TARDIS crew must
     assist UNIT in investigating the alien object and tracing its
     origins, while also preventing needless violence from erupting.

The Lord President has also published a new collectibles review entitled
"'The War Machines' [Restored Version] Video Cassette."

The Lord President is still working on a Data Extract on the history of
Doctor Who role-playing.  Indications are that it is going to be quite
lengthy and detailed.  We'll let everyone know when it is ready.

Chancellor Z1R0 has been working on the "Collectibles Image Archive."
There are now images of 60 print collectibles available.  28 of the 60
images are new since the last EBTL Update.  The various types of Annuals
are all online, except for the Yearbooks which are to be scanned next.
Both versions of the FASA role-playing game box and their contents are
online, along with all of the FASA modules.  We also have scans of such
choice rarities as "Dalek World," "Dalek Book," and "Dalek Outer Space
Book."  If anyone has any particularly rare print items for which they
could provide scans, contact Chancellor Z1R0.

Chancellor Z1R0's busy schedule has delayed two of his current projects.
He is working on an annotated bibliography of information sources of value
to collectors.  He is also working on a Data Extract concerning Buddhism
in Doctor Who.  We'll notify you when they're available.

There are many new scripts of missing episodes that have been added to the
links page.  Other new links include:
* David G. Hicks "Skaro Toy Museum"
If you are a collector of Doctor Who toys or other realia, don't miss
this!  David's collection is huge, and he has images of everything he
owns.  Other collectors have also contributed images to this site of items
that David doesn't own.  I was positively floored by this site.  I
archived every page and every image on my home system's hard drive. :-)
* David Howe's "Collector's Corner"
Another collection of images of collectibles, though considerably more
modest than the "Skaro Toy Museum."
* "Doctor Who Alliance"
This is a very impressive weekly mailing of Doctor Who news.  I encourage
everyone to sign up.

I'd like to let everyone know that Robert Frank's "Doctor Who
Reconstructions & Audios" is back after being down temporarily in the wake
of some copyright concerns.  We're all glad to see you back up and
running, Robert.  The address has changed, so check out the link on the
EBTL site and update your bookmarks!

If anyone has a list of collectibles that they have for sale, or for which
they are looking to purchase, contact Chancellor Z1R0 and he'll distribute
the list to the EBTL membership via email.  Chancellor Z1R0 receives
email offers of items for sale regularly based on his want list posted to
the site.

Hits on the EBTL Web site continue to climb each month.  We continue to
look for every opportunity to advertise our presence.  If any members
have suggestions in this regard, contact Chancellor Z1R0.

Finally, I'd like to encourage members to consider contributing to the
site.  Though our requirements for Data Extract research articles is
rather high, our requirements for reviews is much less so.  Feel free to
send us short reviews for any collectible.  For an idea of what we are
looking for in terms of style and content, see the examples already posted
to the site.

Lord President Zepo, Chancellor Z1R0 and Coordinator Franks will all
be attending the Visions convention in Chicago this year.  If any other
EBTL members are also attending, let Chancellor Z1R0 know and we'll
arrange to meet.  Hope to see you there!

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound Timelords.

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