From Tue Jun  9 10:30:28 1998
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:27:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mr John T Curtis 
Subject: EBTL Update 6/9/98

EBTL Members,

There has been a great deal of activity within the EBTL during the past
several months that the High Council would like to inform you about.

First, we would like to welcome Robert D. Franks []
into the Council.  Robert's excellent Data Extract, "THE NAME OF THE
STORY: The Sorted History of the Titles to Doctor Who Stories" was
accepted by the High Council and recently published on the Web site.

We would like to welcome the following new members into the Panopticon:

     The Unassuming One
     The Professor
     The Doctor

Besides Robert Franks Data Extract, already mentioned, Lord President Zepo
[] has completed his second Data Extract, "THE MANY
FACES OF THE DOCTOR: Body Counts and Contextualization in 'The Brain of
Morbius'."  Chancellor Z1R0 [] has also finally completed
his revision of "'Planet of the Daleks': Variant Broadcast Versions."
Chancellor Z1R0 would like to thank Robert Franks for his invaluable help
in completing this revision.

Lord President Zepo's Data Extract, "CANONICITY IN DOCTOR WHO: A
Springboard for Scholarly Research" has been slightly revised.  It has
been accepted by the Webzine _Matrix Mutterings_ for future publication in
two parts.  See

There are two new Data Extracts currently being researched.  Lord
President Zepo is working on a detailed history of Doctor Who
Role-Playing.  During the course of his research, Lord President Zepo has
made direct contact with the creators of the two Doctor Who RPG systems
and has attracted the attention of the The "Who-RPG Mailing List and
Website" as an authority on Doctor Who RPGs.
Chancellor Z1R0 is currently assembling an annotated bibliography of
articles concerning Doctor Who collecting.

The Unassuming One submitted a question about "Planet of the Spiders" to
the Matrix Databank for a solution.  The solution is now posted to the Web

There are many new scripts of missing episodes added to the links page.
There is a new address for the "Doctor Who Clips List" [be sure to update
your bookmarks list].  There are also new links for "Doctor Who Dynamic
Rankings," "Doctor Who Novels Rankings," "Official Visions Web Site,"
"Doctor Who .wav Archive," " Homepage," and "BBC
Worldwide Americas."

The Collecting section of the Web site has two new reviews by Lord
President Zepo, "Doctor Who -- The Book of Lists," and "Blacklight -- The
Art of Andrew Skilleter."  Chancellor Z1R0 has also begun work on the
"Collectibles Image Archive."  Currently there are 32 scans of the covers
of rare Doctor Who books and periodicals, including all 20 Doctor Who
Annuals.  There are also links to these scans from each item listing in
the Library Indexes.  If anyone has any particularly rare items not
listed in the Library Indexes, and for which they can provide high quality
scans, contact Chancellor Z1R0.

If anyone has a list of collectibles that they have for sale, or for which
they are looking to purchase, contact Chancellor Z1R0 and he'll distribute
the list to the EBTL membership via email.  Lord President Zepo managed to
obtain some of the _Collectible Trading Card Game_ cards he needed because
of the want list posted to the Web Site.  Chancellor Z1R0 is still
desperately looking for Doctor Who Magazine #45, 51, 67 and Doctor Who
Magazine Winter Specials '82 and '94! ;-)

Hits on the EBTL Web site are way up over the past few months.  Chancellor
Z1R0 credits the site's membership in the "Doctor Who Time Ring."  If
anyone has a Doctor Who related Web site that they wish to become quickly
and widely known, join the Time Ring!  See the EBTL homepage for links to
information concerning how to join.

The EBTL want to maintain its current momentum.  Tell your fellow
hardcore Doctor Who fans about the EBTL and encourage them to join.  As
always, we encourage current members to conduct research or write a
collectible review.

Till the next update.

Chancellor Z1R0.
Earthbound Timelords.

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