would have been transmitted - 16th February 1980


(With the experiment over, the DOCTOR tries to wake CHRIS.)

DOCTOR: Bristol?

(no answer. The DOCTOR checks CHRIS's heart.)

Bristol? Are you alright?

(CHRIS's eyes opened)

CHRIS: I feel marvelous!

DOCTOR: Good, good, it'll pass. You're fit.

(He pats CHRIS on he back as CHRIS gets up.)

CHRIS: What did you find out?

DOCTOR: Not much, not enough to locate Skagra, just enough to frighten me out of my wits.

(Suddenly K-9 enters the chamber.)

K-9: Master!

DOCTOR: K-9! Why aren't you back at.....?

(The DOCTOR stops short as he sees that behind K-9 is the Krarg. Its footsteps leave a smoking trail in its wake, and its head and torso glow with a red haze. The glow lights the room, and the zombie scientists cower from it in fear. It smashes its weapon into the wall and a shower of sparks results.)

K-9, try and keep it back!

K-9: Power supply at danger level.

(The DOCTOR moves towards the cone as though to pull CALDERA and the other scientists onto his side of the room, but the Krarg's heat forces him to move to the side. The Krarg swings its prod device into the cone and forces the DOCTOR away. The DOCTOR backs away as the Krarg advances toward him slowly. The DOCTOR tries crawling over the cone slightly differently.)

CHRIS: Doctor, look out!

(The Krarg slams the cone again, this time knocking the DOCTOR away from the cone altogether and back towards CHRIS. The two back away from the advancing Krarg until they are almost at the wall. The DOCTOR looks straight into the searing read haze of the coal-like creature as it paces forward towards them.....)

DOCTOR: Bristol!


DOCTOR: Still feeling marvelous?

CHRIS: (nervously) Yes.

DOCTOR: Good. Give me ten seconds.

(The DOCTOR rushes around the cone to the scientists while CHRIS tries to distract the Krarg.)

CHRIS: Well, come on then! Come on then!

(CHRIS has his fists clenched out in front of him. The Krarg moves closer to Chris, and K-9 is now able to escape into the corridor. In rage, the Krarg turns its attention to the thought-mixing cone and hits it with its weapon. The cone begins to glow with a dangerous-looking light. Chris tries to warn the Doctor that the cone is about to blow up. The cone begins to smoke heavily, filling the room with a smoke that merges with the red haze of the Krarg that makes visibility nil.)

Doctor, come on! It's going to blow up!

K-9: Danger, Doctor, Danger.

(With the Krarg as blind as they are, CHRIS manages to pull a protesting DOCTOR out of the room. He tries to go back for the scientists one more time but CHRIS stops him.)

Danger, Doctor, Danger.

CHRIS: (seeing the DOCTOR about to go inside) No!

(And forces the DOCTOR to go down the corridor. Back inside the room, the Krarg attacks the scientists unmercifully, killing one and injuring others before it turns back to the door and begins to follow the others.)


(K-9 calls warnings as CHRIS and the DOCTOR joins him at the shuttle airlock door. The Doctor tries to operate the door, but it appears to be jammed.)

DOCTOR: It's jammed!

(He pulls out his sonic screwdriver and operates it on the mechanism as the Krarg lumbers down the corridor after them. The door opens just in the nick of time. CHRIS, the DOCTOR, and K-9.....)

K-9: Danger, Doctor, Danger!

(.... rush through just allowing the door to fall before the Krarg reaches it.)


(Alarms are going as the three rush into the room.)

SHIP: Emergency, Emergency. Imminent explosion in our vicinity. Emergency escape procedures will be followed.

DOCTOR: Well just stop nattering and get on with it.

(They are thrown about violently by the emergency thrust of the engines.)

Not that way! I told you how to do it! Dematerialise!


(SKAGRA's ship lifts off from the space station and then vanishes, again with the sound of the TARDIS. Seconds later, the space station erupts in a catastrophic explosion that lights the void brilliantly. The centre ring of the station twists and burns away what it left of the atmosphere that was inside.)

TOM: As I rushed into Skagra's ship, I ordered her to lift off and dematerialise immediately.

(this is said over the ship taking off from the space station and the station exploding.)

(More but with spoilers.)


DOCTOR: Good, you're learning. Which is more than we're doing.

CHRIS: What do you mean?

DOCTOR: We're still no nearer finding Skagra.

CHRIS: What do you think we should do?

DOCTOR: I don't know.

CHRIS: Well, try looking on the bright side.

DOCTOR: I have. There's nothing there. Now listen to me, ship!

SHIP: I hear you.

DOCTOR: Good. Now I'm going to ask you once again. Where is your Lord Skagra

SHIP: He did not reveal his destination to me.

DOCTOR: But you must have some idea.

SHIP: I am a computer. I do not have ideas. I obey instructions.

DOCTOR: So you've no idea where he's gone.

SHIP: I do not.

DOCTOR: Doesn't the wretched man have a home to go to?

SHIP: (matter-of-factly) Yes.

DOCTOR: He has?

SHIP: Yes.

DOCTOR: Then why didn't you tell me?

SHIP: You didn't ask.

DOCTOR: But.... Will you please take us there?

SHIP: Doctor, much of my circuitry feels uneasy about continuing to accept instructions from a dead man.

DOCTOR: Well just tell it not to worry. I'm sure your Lord Skagra will be very anxious to pay his last respects to me.

SHIP: Instructions accepted.

DOCTOR: (to CHRIS.) I do hate computers. They're so literal minded. Aren't they K-9?

K-9: Master?


(PROFESSOR Chronotis has dressed fully and even has his coat and a shabby grey hat on. He fiddles with a piece of the golden console he's dismantled and looks over the rims of his glasses at CLARE (who for some reason has got her normal tied up hair now down about her shoulders. [possibly recorded on another day then the other scenes in the Room] ) next to him. She is examining a piece of equipment that she can't begin to understand.)

CLARE: (exasperatedly) Look, I don't even know what I'm meant to be doing!

PROFESSOR: We must get this old perambulator moving again.

CLARE: Well, it certainly moved when I touched it.

PROFESSOR: A spasm, a mere spasm. I only hope it wasn't a dying spasm.

(CLARE has put the piece of equipment she was working on down and has joined the PROFESSOR while eating a slice of cheese.)

Because it has left us jammed between two irrational time interfaces, and time is moving away from us. If we ever do manage to disentangle ourselves, I'll have to be careful otherwise I shall cease to exist again.

CLARE: Oh really?

PROFESSOR: Now do what I do.

CLARE: What's that?

PROFESSOR: Forget about it.

CLARE: That's easier said than done.

(turns away to get a better look at her piece of equipment.)

Who was this Salyavin person?

PROFESSOR: Salyavin! He was a criminal whose exploits have been wildly exaggerated. He was a hotheaded, brilliant young man with a peculiar talent.

(He walks over to her and holds out the piece of equipment he's trying to fix.)

I can't fix this.

CLARE: Can I help?

PROFESSOR: Difficult! Very difficult. To repair an interfacial resonator requires two operations that must be performed absolutely simultaneously.

(He heads for the kitchen)

And to be honest, my dear, I don't think you have the knowledge.

CLARE: So we're stuck?


CLARE: I could learn, you know. I'm very quick.

(The PROFESSOR turns and stares at her strangely.)

What's the matter?

(The PROFESSOR takes off his glasses and his voice suddenly becomes deadly serious.)

PROFESSOR: Listen to me. Listen to me very carefully. What I am about to do you are never to speak of, and this is the only time I will ever do it.

CLARE: What are you talking about?

PROFESSOR: Do I have your promise?

CLARE: Well, what are you going to do?

PROFESSOR: Do I have your promise?!?!

CLARE: Yes, yes alright.

PROFESSOR: What is that piece of equipment you are holding in your hand?

CLARE: I have absolutely no idea.


(The PROFESSOR removes his glasses and stares at CLARE. His eyes glow with a very strange spectral light, and the rest of his face appears to darken as though it were shaded. CLARE looks back at him as though he were saying something to her. The light fades and PROFESSOR's face returns to normal. He places the glasses back on his eyes.)

Now, what is the piece of equipment?

CLARE: (in a tone that said that it was something obvious.) This? It's a conceptual geometer relay, with an agronomic trigger, a totally defunct field separator, but it doesn't really matter. We can dispense with it if we can get that interfacial resonator working again.

PROFESSOR: (smiling) Splendid!

CLARE: Well, let's do that then, shall we?

(CLARE and the PROFESSOR walk to the golden console and begin to adjust the equipment together.)


(Somewhere in the shallows of space Skagra's ship materialises alongside the Command Ship.)


(In the annex to the command room, a Krarg is in the final stage of creation, being watched by its Commander. As the new Krarg rises out of the vat, the Commander leaves to report to his Lord.)


(On the command deck, several Krargs are wandering around while some keep ROMANA under guard in a corner. The Commander enters and begins reporting to SKAGRA.)


KRARG COMMANDER: We have a full complement, my Lord.

SKAGRA: Good. Then let us go.

(The despondent ROMANA is startled suddenly as a finger taps her on the shoulder. She spins around and faces the DOCTOR!)

ROMANA: (startled whisper but her face happier than its been in a long time.) Doctor! How did you get here?

DOCTOR: These kind people brought me.

(ROMANA face then sinks back to levels its more accustomed to recently as she sees that the DOCTOR, CHRIS, and K-9 are all prisoners of a group of Krargs. SKAGRA sees them.)

SKAGRA: (a little amazed) Doctor!

DOCTOR: Ah, hello there.

SKAGRA: I am..... a little surprised to find you here.

DOCTOR: Your ship was a little surprised to find itself bringing me.

SKAGRA: You stole my ship?

DOCTOR: Only after you stole mine. Ah, there she is. I hope you've been looking after her. May I check? If you've been over-revving her in third phase...

(Two Krargs bar his way. SKAGRA ignores the request.)

SKAGRA: I am curious to know how you survived the treatment of my sphere.

DOCTOR: It only looks for what it expects to find. I made it look for the wrong things. We Time Lords have highly trained minds.

SKAGRA: So I am aware, Doctor. If you have come here in the hope of interfering with my great Purpose, I am afraid you will be.....

DOCTOR: Great purpose! Ha Ha!

SKAGRA: Yes, Doctor, the very greatest.

DOCTOR: (slightly laughing.) I know what you want to do, you old sly-boots. You want to take over the Universe, don't you? I've met your sort before. Any moment a mad gleam will come into your eye and you'll start shouting, 'The universe will be mine!'

(SKAGRA looks at him quizzically. He is clearly devoid of any mad gleam and is not going to shout.)

SKAGRA: How naive Doctor, how pathetically limited your vision is.

DOCTOR: (shouting) Limited!

SKAGRA: (laughs) 'Take over the Universe'. How childish. Who could possibly want to take over the Universe?

DOCTOR: Exactly! That's what I keep on trying to tell people. It's a troublesome place, difficult to administer, and as a piece of real estate it's worthless because by definition there'd be no one to sell it to.

SKAGRA: (sneers) Both visions are for infants. My purpose is to fulfils the natural evolutionary goal of all life.

DOCTOR: Oh yes?

SKAGRA: With the aid of the sphere I shall make the whole of creation merge into one single mind, one godlike entity.

DOCTOR: You will?

(He says this in a tone like he was speaking to a four year old whose telling him about how well he can tie his shoelaces.)

SKAGRA: (voice becomes tense with emotion.) The Universe, Doctor, as you so crudely put it, shall be mine!!

DOCTOR: Have you discussed this with anyone? Why don't you send one of your Krargs to make some tea; we can sit down and.....

SKAGRA: Doctor, your inane witterings do not interest me. This will happen. It will start within hours. Once started, nothing you or anyone can do will stop it.

(To the Krargs) Take them away, lock them up, melt down the key.

(Before the Krargs can move.......)


(The DOCTOR makes a sudden rush for the TARDIS, but the Krargs there bar his way again. He turns on his heel and bolts down a corridor. Chris and K-9 manage to follow him, but ROMANA is grabbed by a Krarg.)

SKAGRA: (waves his hand after them and orders.) Kill them!

(The Krargs draw their weapons and move slowly in pursuit.)


(In a corridor in the command ship, the trio move as fast as they can, looking for some form of cover. Seconds after them, Krargs appear, weapons crackling.)

DOCTOR: Clever feint don't you think? Making them think I was trying to get to the TARDIS.

CHRIS: What were you trying to do?

DOCTOR: Get to the TARDIS?

CHRIS: Where are we?

DOCTOR: Lost. Keep moving.

(They keep running.)


SKAGRA: They will be caught and destroyed.

KRARG COMMANDER: What do you want to do with this one, my Lord?

(SKAGRA looks at ROMANA.)

SKAGRA: She will come with us to Shada. Enough time has been taken. We will leave now.

(He grabs Romana roughly and takes her to the TARDIS. He opens the door.....)


(....and with the KRARG COMMANDER and several other Krargs following, they all enter.)


(The DOCTOR, CHRIS, and K-9 manage to find an alcove to hide in.)

CHRIS: Doctor, that man must be mad, mustn't he?

DOCTOR: Madness, sanity, it's all just a matter of opinion.

CHRIS: What's your opinion?

DOCTOR: He must be mad. But infinitely dangerous.

CHRIS: You mean he's serious? He can do all that?

DOCTOR: It's possible.

K-9: Master. Krargs approaching.

DOCTOR: Then stay quiet.

K-9: Permission to blast them, Master.

DOCTOR: No! You remember what happened last time. Just stay quiet.

(The Krargs all lumber past straight past the hiding place.)

They've gone. Right. Back the way we came. Quietly!

(They quietly emerge from hiding and head back down the way they came. Very faintly, they all think they can hear the sound of the TARDIS, but there is something odd about its sound.)


CHRIS: What?


CHRIS: The TARDIS? Surprised we can hear it from here.

DOCTOR: Something odd about it. Come on.

(Suddenly a blast from a Krarg's gun flies through the air and slams into the wall beside them.)

Come on! Run!

(They flee once more, but stop as they see more of the creatures coming from the front. They head down a third corridor which ends in a T-junction.)

CHRIS: We tried this before. It's a dead end!

DOCTOR: Then we're trapped.

(But they try it anyway. Somehow, at the end of the corridor is a strange old wooden door.)

CHRIS: This wasn't here before.

DOCTOR: Get in!!

(He opens the door.)

TOM: K-9, Chris and I emerged inside the Carrier Ship and face to face with Skagra, Romana and a multitude of Krargs. With the aid of the sphere, Skagra intend to merge the whole of creation into one single mind. One god-like entity. The universe will be Skagra! As the Krargs prepared to lock up the prisoners, K-9, Chris and I made a break for it. Romana was dragged into the TARDIS by Skagra and a detachment of Krargs while the remainder of the creatures pursued my group. Suddenly I spotted a door and decided to take cover.


(Inside PROFESSOR Chronotis' rooms - CLARE is fixing some small piece of equipment while the PROFESSOR is checking the golden console. Suddenly the main door opens, being held open by the DOCTOR. [We can see the walls of the Corridor of the Carrier Ship through the doorway] CHRIS and K-9 follow him inside and help him shove the door closed. The DOCTOR notes the lack of opposition and then pats CHRIS on the shoulder with his fist several times. Absolutely simultaneously, the two turn around, slide backwards, and gulp loudly.)

CHRIS: Keightley!

CLARE: (resorting to astonishment.) Chris?

PROFESSOR: Cup of tea?


(In the corridor outside, the Krargs arrive and try to open the wooden door. They have no success and next try blasting it and beating it with their weapons. The door stands firm.)

TOM: The Krargs started to break into the Professor's room.


(The DOCTOR is examining the controls of the PROFESSOR's room.)

PROFESSOR: Doctor, how do you like my TARDIS?

DOCTOR: Oh, ace. Ace!

PROFESSOR: It's strictly unofficial. I'm not really allowed one.

DOCTOR: Yes, and there's no better way to hide it than by living in it, you old sly boots.

(We move over to CLARE and CHRIS.)

CLARE: What are you doing here?

CHRIS: How am I'm suppose to know. What's the Professor room doing here?

CLARE: Oh, you may well ask, but ask the Professor.

(Back to the DOCTOR and PROFESSOR.)

PROFESSOR: Doctor, where is Skagra?

DOCTOR: Shhh. Not so loud. He's right outside. He's got Romana. He got the TARDIS. He got the book. I thought you were dead, Professor.

PROFESSOR: Yes, so did I.

DOCTOR: Did you really?

PROFESSOR: Listen Doctor, if Skagra has the TARDIS and the book, he can get to Shada.

DOCTOR: Shada? Shada?

PROFESSOR: Yes, the Time Lords' prison planet. You've probably forgotten about it.

DOCTOR: I never forget anything. I never........

(He stops and then remembers.)

That's right. I have forgotten. The Time Lords' prison planet. Now why would I have forgotten it? Of course, Salyavin was imprisoned on Shada.

(wanting to show off, to CLARE)

Ask me who Salyavin was.

CLARE: (surprising the DOCTOR by knowing the answer.) Oh, he was a great criminal imprisoned centuries ago by the Time Lords.

(CHRIS looks at her strangely.)

DOCTOR: A great criminal, unique mental powers. He had the capacity to project his mind into other minds. Didn't he Professor?

CHRIS: Isn't this what Skagra doing?

DOCTOR: Oh no, no, no, no. With Skagra, quite the opposite. Skagra had the capacity to take minds out of people, but he couldn't put minds into them. That's why he needs Salyavin in his sphere, and that's why he's going to Shada.

CHRIS: Of course.

PROFESSOR: (worriedly) Doctor! He must not get there.


(Inside the TARDIS, ROMANA is closely guarded by the Krargs. She watches as SKAGRA begins to turn the pages of the book, starting with the first one. With each page turned, the column rises and falls in unison, and instead of her usual mechanical wheezing, the TARDIS engines emit a deep, melodic, rising and falling hum.)

SKAGRA: (smiles and says triumphantly.) The key turns slowly in the lock. The door to Shada opens!

(He begins to turn the pages more quickly.)

TOM: (over the book and the TARDIS in space.) In the TARDIS, Skagra turned the pages of the book, activating the central column of the space-craft by doing so. While Romana watched impassively, the craft proceeded to Shada.


(The TARDIS spins through space, en route.....)


(Inside the Professor's rooms, the DOCTOR, PROFESSOR, CLARE, and CHRIS are sitting in a circle, having tea.)

DOCTOR: With Skagra's mind and Salyavin's mind in the sphere, Skagra will become omnipotent.

CHRIS: (worriedly) What, do you mean that he could just move himself into every mind in the Universe?

DOCTOR: Yes, eventually, It might take thousands of years, but that wouldn't matter. His mind would be immortal. It would spread like a disease.

CHRIS: It's quite a thought though isn't it? Every mind working together as a single organism, a single mind.

DOCTOR: Skagra's mind. Not a pleasant thought.

CLARE: Doctor, we got to stop him from getting to Shada....

DOCTOR: Yes. But how? He got a start on us and we don't know the way.

PROFESSOR: We must follow him?

CHRIS: But how?

PROFESSOR: The same way we arrived.

DOCTOR: You followed the TARDIS' space-time trail! Of course!

(He leaps to his feet, and the other three follow him up. He suddenly looks worried, as though thinking of something, and he sits down again, slowly. The others all begin to sit down as well, until suddenly he shouts)

Let's go!

(...and runs for the golden console.)


(The long forgotten Time Lord prison planet of Shada looks more like an asteroid than it does a planet. It looks like it was once a vertical egg-shaped body, but a quarter of it on the top has been carved away, and on the flat surface a small space structure can be seen Shada's reception area is small and only dimly lit with red pools of light. The air of dank decay hangs over everything. Even in the gloom, however, several small corridors can be seen leading off to other places.)

(The centuries-old stillness is suddenly disturbed with the materialisation of the Police Box shaped TARDIS. The door opens and SKAGRA emerges, carrying his carpet bag. He is followed by the Krargs, who march ROMANA to the front of the group.)

SKAGRA: Shada!!

ROMANA: It looks horrid.

SKAGRA: It was built by your race. A prison planet.

ROMANA: I hope you feel at home.

SKAGRA: Keep her silent!

(The Krargs tighten their grip on her while SKAGRA glances around himself. He then walks to a central console in the middle of the room and brushes the dust off it disdainfully. He presses a few buttons and the machine hums into life.)

The index.

(He looks up an entry on a screen, written in Gallifreyan script. On the screen is the following)

SKAGRA: Salyavin! Chamber T, Cabinet 9.

(He presses another button, and a dim light lights over one of the corridor entrances: Chambers R,S,T,V.)

(To the Krargs) Two of you guard this machine. You, bring the girl. Come, you shall meet the great Salyavin.

(They move into the interior of Shada.....)


(One KRARG, ROMANA, and SKAGRA step slowly down the dark corridor.)

SKAGRA: This is where your precious Time Lords used to put the criminals they simply wanted to forget about.

ROMANA: I've never even heard of it.

SKAGRA: Obviously you forget very thoroughly on Gallifrey.

(Ahead of them the tunnel branches. A dim light lights up - (T).)

This way.

(ROMANA shivers with a chill as they enter a branch in the tunnel. After they leave, a low grating sound is heard as the wooden door of Prof. Chronotis' TARDIS materialises in the wall.)

TOM: Taking Romana and the Krargs with him, Skagra searches the records of Shada to discover the whereabouts of Salyavin. Success! They set off for in pursuit of Cabinet 9, Chamber T, leaving guards at the records centre.


(The golden console chimes, signalling their arrival at Shada,)

PROFESSOR: Doctor, we're arrived!

DOCTOR: Good! Good!

(to CHRIS and CLARE) Now you two.....


DOCTOR: Stay here.

(The DOCTOR says "No" over their waving protestations adding)

I'm not at liberty to explain.

(He then squats down next to K-9)

K-9, you can come along, but you're not to tangle with any Krargs, unless of course if you have to tangle with any Krargs.

PROFESSOR: Hurry! Skagra will be here already.

(He heads out the open door, the DOCTOR follows, holding the door open and telling K-9)

DOCTOR: Come on! Come on!


(They emerge through the door.)

DOCTOR: The TARDIS must be in this direction.

PROFESSOR: But Skagra will have gone in this direction.

(He points the other way.)

DOCTOR: How do you know?

PROFESSOR: I.................... heard footsteps.

DOCTOR: If I can get to the TARDIS first we can stop Skagra getting it back. He'll have no escape.

PROFESSOR: But it is imperative we find him before he finds Salyavin.

DOCTOR: Yes, but let's just exercise a little strategy shall we?


(SKAGRA enters the large main chamber of Shada. It is decorated with a large array of translucent doors, through which the vague figures of people and creatures can be seen.)

SKAGRA: The prisoners of Shada, each one in his own separate cryogenic cell. Alive, but frozen. In perpetual imprisonment. (sarcastically) A very humane solution don't you think?

ROMANA: Don't look at me. I'm not answerable for the Time Lords.

SKAGRA: You are a Time Lord?

ROMANA: Yes, but.....

SKAGRA: No matter. Time Lords will soon be irrelevant. Before I find Salyavin I shall release some of these. They can become the first to participate in the Universal Mind.

(He crosses to the main console in the centre of the chamber and checks the records. He recognises some of the names as he passes over their images. (The display shows some old foes of the DOCTOR's including a Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Zygon. [according to other documentation on SHADA stated that there was going to be a Cybermen (played by Pat Gorman) but not 100% sure on the Dalek and Zygon.]) SKAGRA makes his selection and operates the wakening mechanism. In several of the cells, gas swirls around the prisoners inside begin to stir.....)

TOM: The Professor seemed in some way able to know what was Skagra was thinking and insisted they head in a particular route. Skagra meanwhile revitalised the prisoners cabinet. They began to stir.


(CHRIS and CLARE relax inside Chronotis' rooms.)

CHRIS: How odd some days work out isn't it? I mean there I was, just cycling down King's Parade...

CLARE: Chris, there's something very strange about the Professor......

CHRIS: Why single out the Professor?

(CLARE starts to talk about her problem but CHRIS interrupts her.)

I want to know what's going on out there.

CLARE: Chris, you're not leaving to me....

CHRIS: I just don't like getting left behind. I mean, just because we come from Earth doesn't give everyone the right to be patronising to us.

(He examines the room's console.)

Well, admittedly, all this does make us look a bit primitive. I doesn't have even the faintest idea how it all works.

CLARE: I have.

CHRIS: (very surprised) You do?

CLARE: At least I did a while ago.

CHRIS: What do you mean?

CLARE: That's what I been trying to tell you all along. Its something that the Professor did to me, to my mind....

(CHRIS looks half-shocked and half-puzzled and it looks like for CHRIS that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.)


(SKAGRA watches as a number of zombie-like prisoners stagger free from their cells and step into the main chamber.)

SKAGRA: Enough. Their consciousness will soon return and we must be ready for them.

(He removes the sphere from the bag in preparation.)


(In the reception area, the Doctor spots the TARDIS but sees it guarded by two Krargs.)

DOCTOR: So much for strategy.

(He retreats back down the corridor he came up in to meet the PROFESSOR and K-9.)

Alright, we'll do it your way.

PROFESSOR: By all the suns, I hope we're not too late.

(They rush down the corridor.)


K-9: Professor?

PROFESSOR: Be alert. If Skagra tries to use the sphere on ........ anyone, you must destroy it.

K-9: Affirmative.

DOCTOR: I rather hope we're going to destroy it anyway.

(They continue to move like ghosts down the deep, dark tunnels.)


(SKAGRA searches the cubicles for Salyavin. As each prisoner comes out of his door, another cubicle slides on a mechanism behind the last one to replace it. Dimly visible, there are figures inside each cubicle. Cabinet Nine comes to the fore, and SKAGRA stops the mechanism.)

SKAGRA: Cabinet Nine. There he is. The man I have spent my life finding. The man who will reshape the entire Universe! Salyavin! Let us release him!!

(ROMANA's eyes watch nervously but raptly as SKAGRA's finger slowly moves toward the button, savouring the moment. Suddenly the DOCTOR bursts in, K-9 and Chronotis follow him.)

DOCTOR: No, Skagra, stop!

ROMANA: Doctor!

SKAGRA: Keep away from here!!

PROFESSOR: (heads directly for the console.) You must not press that button.

(SKAGRA signals the KRARG to move. It draws its weapon and holds all the intruders back.)

SKAGRA: You are too late!

(He presses the button.)

Salyavin is released!!!

(Inside the cubicle, the gas swirls and fills the chamber, but..... no one emerges. SKAGRA is confused and frightened. He goes to the cabinet. The DOCTOR and the PROFESSOR follow him slowly)

Keep back!

(But they try again and no attempt is made to stop them. SKAGRA pulls open the door, and reaches for the body that is still slumped there..... He is utterly appalled to find a roughly made dummy.....)

Salyavin! Where is Salyavin!

PROFESSOR: I escaped centuries ago.

TOM: The prisoners were reviving from their sleep. Skagra approached Cabinet 9 and activated the revival just as I and my group burst into the chamber. Skagra warned us to keep back. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a pathetic dummy-like substitute. Skagra's anger mounted until Professor Chronotis explained that HE was Salyavin.


(CLARE has told CHRIS about her experience with the PROFESSOR.)

CHRIS: Let me just get this right. You say that he.... Just "Walked into your mind."

CLARE: Well sort of. Just like he barged in the front door and shuffled my thoughts about.

CHRIS: But the Doctor said was that ability was unique to the guy that Skagra's come here to find. . .

(He trails off as he realises that the PROFESSOR is Salayavin.)

On your feet, Keightley. Come on, let's see what's happening.

(They get to their feet and with CHRIS leading the way, they leave the Professor's TARDIS and enter Shada. . .)


(SKAGRA cannot believe what he's just heard.)


DOCTOR: You're Salyavin?

PROFESSOR: Yes, I am Doctor. That's why I wanted no one to come here. I wanted to live my life out in peace. To forget the stupidities of my past, forget this hateful power. I have suppressed it for years, except where it was necessary to cover my tracks. Now, go Skagra, leave me in peace. Forget this insanity.

SKAGRA: No Salyavin, I have you here. I have everything I need!

PROFESSOR: Do not force me to use my power on you, Skagra.

(Suddenly the DOCTOR notices that the sphere has been idly drifting towards the PROFESSOR and it begins to settle on his head.)

DOCTOR: K-9! The sphere! Shoot it!

(K-9 immediately shoots the globe full blast with his nose laser. The sphere shatters into pieces, but each piece seems to form into a new, smaller, sphere. One of them swiftly attaches itself to the PROFESSOR, who drops to the floor with a howl of pain. The other spheres cut off the DOCTOR's path.)

SKAGRA: Now, Doctor, stay very, very still.

(The Krarg deliberately tightens his grip on ROMANA who yelps with pain.)

Now, Doctor, you shall see the beginning of the Universal Mind!

(The sphere that had attacked the PROFESSOR now leaves him and joins the other spheres. The room glows as though in a thunderstorm as vast amounts of electric-looking, strangely coloured power crackles between the spheres. Then each sphere attaches itself to one of the nearby prisoners. SKAGRA smiles in triumph..... as do the prisoners..... SKAGRA turns to face the Doctor.... as do the prisoners..... The Doctor backs off, lost for any and all words.....)


(CHRIS and CLARE arrive and watch the link-up of the prisoners and the start of the march towards the DOCTOR. Chris sees what's going on and rushes forward to help before CLARE can stop him.)

CHRIS: (shouting) No!


(CHRIS runs into the middle of the chamber. SKAGRA and the prisoners glare at him as if one.)

SKAGRA: Sphere!

(Before CHRIS can move, a sphere zooms over and attaches itself to his forehead. In an instant, he is taken over. His expression matches that of the others, and together all the prisoners, including CHRIS, advance on the DOCTOR.)


(The prisoners, including CHRIS, get the DOCTOR trapped in a corner of the room. Hands outstretched in claws, they march like one towards the DOCTOR.)

TOM: (by the "Pyramids Of Mars" Coffin.) Skagra ordered the sphere to drain Salayvin's mind but K-9 blasted it into pieces. Each fragment reformed into another small sphere. One of which settled on the old man. Skagra was exhilarated - "You shall see the beginning of the universal mind" he cries as the spheres came together, discharging vast amounts of energy. And then, each of them attach themselves to one of the prisoners who turned towards me. Chris and Clare entered the chamber and the young man rushed forward trying to help. A sphere absorbed his mind in an instant. The prisoners, including Chris, marched menacing towards me.....

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