would have been transmitted - 2nd February 1980


(The sphere pursues the DOCTOR down the street. It knocks a passer-by over, spilling groceries over the sidewalk. It pauses at the sign when it finds the bicycle, makes beeping sounds to itself, and then heads after the DOCTOR down the passageway. The DOCTOR has depressingly realised that the alley he's taken ends in a wire mesh gate. There are doors to the buildings on either side which he tries to open without success. The sphere passes the end of the alley, turns back, and then heads for the DOCTOR's head. The DOCTOR sees it coming and tries desperately to climb the wire mesh gate, but finds that his boots' tips are too large to fit inside the mesh for footholds. The sphere floats above him and begins to descend towards his forehead..... Frantically, the DOCTOR jumps down off the fence and tries to squeeze under them, but gets stuck halfway through...... the sphere floats closer, and reaches the DOCTOR's head..... The DOCTOR's eyes grow wide in fear..... and then suddenly the grating industrial wheeze of the TARDIS is heard, and the battered Police Box materialises in the alley almost on top of the DOCTOR. The sphere seems disoriented, and in fact it retreats completely from the DOCTOR. ROMANA's head pokes its way out of the TARDIS, looking up and watching the departing sphere.)



ROMANA: Shhh...Hurry.

DOCTOR: Coming

(....and the DOCTOR gets up off the ground and leaps into the TARDIS. It rapidly dematerialises, with the end of the DOCTOR's scarf sticking out of the door. )


(The DOCTOR is taking a breather by the doors whilst the time rotor is rising and falling. K-9 is here.)

DOCTOR: Romana, thank you, thank you very much, thank you so much.....

(He runs, understandably out of steam.)

K-9, you took your time.

ROMANA: It was K-9 who traced you. He picked up that voice babble.

DOCTOR: (brushing this aside) Romana, we've got to get the book back.

ROMANA: I thought that's where......

DOCTOR: I dropped it.

ROMANA: Dropped it!

DOCTOR: (fiercely) Yes, dropped it! What was that thing chasing me!

K-9: Unidentified, Master. Origin unknown.

ROMANA: All we know is it attacked the Professor....

DOCTOR: The Professor ... how is he?

(ROMANA can't reply for a moment.)

How is he?

K-9: The Professor's life is terminated, Master.

DOCTOR: (horror-struck) Dead!

ROMANA: We think that thing stole his mind. The sphere.

DOCTOR: When did this happen?

ROMANA: Just when....

DOCTOR: I thought you were meant to be looking after him.

ROMANA: I had just gone back into the TARDIS.


ROMANA: (braving it) I had just gone back into the TARDIS for some milk.

DOCTOR: For some milk.


DOCTOR: I see.

ROMANA: Well otherwise he was.... going out to get some himself.

DOCTOR: You needn't explain.

(The DOCTOR takes over the TARDIS controls.)


(CLARE is sitting on a chair. She has fallen asleep over a bench. The teletext attached to the X-ray machine suddenly chatters into life again. It disturbs her sleep, but doesn't wake her up.)

[TOM - over the sphere hovering off into the distance.]

TOM: Romana explained that K-9 had traced the sphere after it had attacked the Professor. I decided to receive the book.


(CHRIS watches the Professor worriedly and moves to close his eyes. As he bends over to close them, his hand passes straight through the PROFESSOR's body and the body completely vanishes.)

CHRIS: Professor!

(.....but it's the DOCTOR he gets instead as back in the corner of the room the TARDIS materialises. The DOCTOR, ROMANA, and K-9 disembark.)

DOCTOR: Who are you?

CHRIS: Chris Parsons, Bristol, Gramson, and Johns.

DOCTOR: Never heard of you. You're the one causing all the trouble.

CHRIS: Me?! Where's the Book?

DOCTOR: Where's the Professor?

CHRIS: Well, I just, just, just....

DOCTOR: Just what?

CHRIS: Well, I just don't know. His body just disappeared into thin air.

DOCTOR: Where was the body?

CHRIS: There.

(He shows the DOCTOR the exact spot on the floor where it disappeared.)

It disappeared just before you arrived.



(The DOCTOR examines the area and then looks up suddenly:)

DOCTOR: He's gone! He must have been on his very last regeneration.

(stands up) Did you say that someone had stolen his mind.


DOCTOR: Yes. That's what Skagra threatened to do to me.

(ROMANA and CHRIS pipe up upon hearing that name.)


DOCTOR: You know the name?

CHRIS: Just before the Professor died, he said three things, "Beware the sphere, Beware Skagra....."

ROMANA: .....and "Beware Shada".

DOCTOR: (reacts like he knows that name.) Shada!

ROMANA: Do you know the name?

DOCTOR: Shada, Shada? No,

(to CHRIS) You?

CHRIS: Doesn't mean anything to me.

DOCTOR: (to himself) Well Mr. Skagra, or whatever it is you call yourself, you've killed a Time Lord and a very good friend of mine. It's time you and I had a little chat! K-9!

K-9: Master?

DOCTOR: Can you find any trace of that sphere?

K-9: Affirmative, Master, but it is far far too weak to take a bearing.

DOCTOR: We'll have to wait till it becomes active again. Now listen, K-9, the moment the signal becomes clear....

K-9: Affirmative, Master.

DOCTOR: Right.

(to the others) We'll wait in the TARDIS.

ROMANA: Excellent thought.

(the two Time Lords walk off towards the TARDIS.)

DOCTOR: Come on, you too, Bristol.

(CHRIS follows them inside followed by K-9.)


(On the outskirts of Cambridge, near the field where the ship is parked, a man is fishing on the banks of the Cam. He throws his line in and waits for the fish to bite. However he gets bitten himself by the angry sphere, who decides to catch him. He casts another line until suddenly the sphere floats right next to him. He looks and stares at it in surprise, until it attaches itself to his forehead. His eyes and forehead crinkle as his mind is drained. He suddenly pitches forward and lands face-down and unmoving in the water, while the sphere floats off into the air and on a more determined course.)


(Light is pouring in the window and CLARE is still asleep over the table. The teletext machine chatters again and this time it causes CLARE to wake with a start. She reacts to the light outside and looks at her watch and is startled at the time.)

CLARE: Chris? Chris? Are you there?

(She looks at her watch again and shakes it. Then she goes to look at the readout. She tears it off and stares at it in surprise.)

Where's has he got to?

(She takes down a university directory from a shelf. She looks up an entry.)

Charlton, Charlton, Chester, Christie, Chronotis.

(She writes down the address and leaves.)

[TOM - over the sphere hovering off.]

TOM: Clare was woken from a deep sleep by the teleprinter. She tears off the text and rushed out.


(The DOCTOR, ROMANA and CHRIS are sitting round in various attitudes of sleeping.)

K-9: (suddenly alert) Master!

DOCTOR: (Waking with a start) Have you got something, K-9?

K-9: Affirmative, Master. the sphere is active. 5.7 miles at bearing 4.378. Velocity 15.3.

DOCTOR: Good dog.

(The DOCTOR prepares to dematerialise.)


(Outside the Professor's rooms, CLARE arrives and knocks at the door, receiving no reply.)

CLARE: Hello?


[TOM - over the TARDIS dematerialising.]

TOM: As I prepared to dematerialise, K-9 detected the sphere's activity.

(CLARE enters the room - just too late to see the TARDIS leaving.)

CLARE: Hello?


(The sphere floats by the car SKAGRA stole and into the deserted field beyond. Further across the same field the TARDIS materialises. Emerging quietly, but quickly, the DOCTOR and the others are just in time to see the sphere disappear as it enters the invisible ship.)

DOCTOR: Did you just see what I didn't see?


DOCTOR: Neither did I.

CHRIS: It just vanished.

DOCTOR: That's what I said.

(pointing to a deposit a cow had left.) Watch that cow pat.

(The DOCTOR and CHRIS walk off while ROMANA keeps the door open for K-9.)

ROMANA: Come on, K-9


(The sphere has returned to SKAGRA (who is back in his white suit) in the ship. SKAGRA ceases his study of the Book.)

SKAGRA: Report.

(The sphere obediently settles onto the playback cone and shows him on a screen the scene of the DOCTOR escaping into the TARDIS. SKAGRA is visibly annoyed by this.)


(to SHIP.) What is that machine?

(The picture resolves into computer graphics of the TARDIS exterior.)

SHIP: My lord, it displays characteristics of a Gallifreyan time capsule, Type 39, possibly Type 40.

SKAGRA: Present whereabouts?

SHIP: In close proximity my lord. Intruders are approaching the ship.

SKAGRA: Show me!

(On the screen we see a close up of the DOCTOR and Co approaching the ship purposefully [Over this - TOM.])

TOM: The sphere reported to Skagra that I had escaped and was approaching the ship.


(The DOCTOR steps straight into the invisible side of the ship and stops painfully, rubbing his nose.)

DOCTOR: Oof! Don't move.

(He feels the invisible wall as though pantomiming. CHRIS looks at ROMANA, who gives him a friendly smile.)

K-9, there's something here.

K-9: Affirmative Master!

DOCTOR: Then why didn't you tell me, you stupid animal?

K-9: I assumed you could see it, Master.

ROMANA: What is it, K-9?

K-9: A spacecraft, Mistress, of very advanced design. Many of its functions are beyond my capacity to analyse.

(All three feel the strange craft - it looks like all three are feeling thin air.)

CHRIS: If I built something that clever I'll want people to see it.

DOCTOR: Shhh. K-9, what's it powered by?

K-9: Insufficient data.

DOCTOR: Aren't we all? Where could it come from?

K-9: Insufficient data.

ROMANA: What does it look like?

K-9: Very large.

CHRIS: How large?

K-9: One hundred meters long.

DOCTOR: (impressed and looking about) That should keep the cows guessing. There must be an entrance.

CHRIS: (spots something) What's that carpet doing there?

(the DOCTOR spots the carpet)

DOCTOR: What's that carpet doing here?

(He is looking in the direction of a red carpet that is laying on the grass in front of the ramp to SKAGRA's ship.)


(SKAGRA is watching them on his screen.)

SKAGRA: Admit them.

SHIP: My lord.

TOM: Skagra ordered the ship to allow us to enter.


(We hear a door opening.)

K-9: A door is opening, Master

DOCTOR: Affirmative, K9, Affirmative,

(ROMANA and CHRIS join him at the foot of the ramp and then follow him as he walks up the invisible ramp into the ship. K-9 lags behind until the DOCTOR waggles his leg.)

Come on, K-9, heel.

ROMANA: Affirmative Master.


(They find themselves inside a hexagonally shaped corridor whose walls pulsate with a very bright light.)

CHRIS: Better than an old police box.

DOCTOR: Shhh. K-9, any sign of that deranged billiard ball?

K-9: Master?

DOCTOR: The gaggleback, the beastly.

K-9: Master?

DOCTOR: The sphere!

K-9: All signal sources are confused, Master.

DOCTOR: Romana, I'd feel happier if you three went outside again. No point us all walking into the spider's web.

ROMANA: No Doctor, I'll stay, you might need help.


(Suddenly a cube of light engulfs all of his companions and they disappear.)


(He searches round for traces of them. As he turns to face up the corridor again SKAGRA is there.)

SKAGRA: They will not be harmed, Doctor, For the moment.

DOCTOR: I'm not very impressed by the party tricks, Skagra. This is your name, isn't it?

SKAGRA: These party tricks, Doctor, are purely functional, their purpose precisely defined, as is mine.

DOCTOR: Where have you taken my companions?

SKAGRA: Come with me, Doctor.


(CLARE is looking about the PROFESSOR's rooms urgently.)

CLARE: Chris? Chris Parsons? Professor Chronotis?

(She finds CHRIS' backpack on the floor and only then realises that many books are scattered on the floor.)


(She can tell something has happened and becomes frightened. She hurries out nervously.)


(SKAGRA enters followed by the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: Skagra, what have you done with the Professor's mind.

SKAGRA: It will be put to a more useful purpose.

DOCTOR: I would argue that it was serving a very useful purpose where it was.

SKAGRA: Not to me.

DOCTOR: You realise he had died?

SKAGRA: Only his mind was of use to me. Not his life.

DOCTOR: You take a very proprietorial attitude to other people's brains.

SKAGRA: It seems to me that Time Lords take a very proprietorial view of the Universe.

DOCTOR: Just exactly who are you, Skagra?

SKAGRA: That knowledge will be of no use to you.

DOCTOR: Then I think you may as well tell me.

SKAGRA: And I think I may as well not. We have more important matters to discuss.

TOM: Finding no sign of the sphere, I suspected a trap. Suddenly, a cube of light surrounded Romana, Chris and K9 and they disappeared. Skagra revealed himself to me and took me deeper into the ship assuring me that my companions would come to no harm. I chided him on the death of the Professor but Skagra revealed that he was only interested in the old man's mind.


(SKAGRA enters followed by the DOCTOR. SKAGRA picks up the book. He weighs it thoughtfully in his hand.)

SKAGRA: This book, Doctor.....

DOCTOR: Which book, this book?

(He takes it and looks at a couple of pages.)

I've read it. It's rubbish.

(He hands it back. SKAGRA gives it back to the DOCTOR.)

SKAGRA: Then perhaps you would read it to me?

DOCTOR: I have a very boring reading voice. By the time I'd got to the bottom of the first page you'd be asleep, I'd escape, and then where would you be?

SKAGRA: Read it to me.

DOCTOR: I presume you can't read Gallifreyan then?

SKAGRA: Like a native. Read it to me, Doctor.

DOCTOR: Alright. Are you standing comfortably?


DOCTOR: Then I'll sit down.

(As he does so, he notices the sphere next to him.)

"Grrr vdd thrrr hurburgh dud dududud vvvlllll" I'm paraphrasing, of course.

SKAGRA: (warningly) Doctor.....

DOCTOR: Shh, this is a good bit .... "jjjjjdddrrr gr gr gr hummmmm....."

(Suddenly a look of mock worry comes over his face. He hunts through the book.)

Skagra, do you realise this book doesn't make one bit of sense?

SKAGRA: Doctor, a fool would realise it was written in code.

(The DOCTOR stares at it.)

DOCTOR: Skagra!


DOCTOR: This thing's written in code! How am I doing?

SKAGRA: I believe you know the code.

DOCTOR: Who, me?


DOCTOR: Oh no no. I'm afraid I'm very stupid. Very stupid. I am very very stupid.

SKAGRA: Doctor, I believe you as a Time Lord know this code, and you will give that knowledge to me!

DOCTOR: There's no point in giving me orders, I'm very very stupid.

SKAGRA: That is not an order.


SKAGRA: It is a statement of fact.

DOCTOR: Ah, how stupid of me.

(SKAGRA makes a gesture. The sphere rises and approaches the DOCTOR.)

SKAGRA: You will give me that knowledge because you have no choice.

DOCTOR: Ah well, I don't know about that. I don't know about anything, in fact. I'm an appallingly stupid person.

SKAGRA: That, Doctor, will soon be very true.

(The sphere attaches itself to the DOCTOR's forehead. With a long cry of pain he collapses in his seat.)

[TOM - over the inside of the book.]

TOM: And in the ship's control room, I was shown the book by Skagra who attempted to force me to reveal the code in which the book has been written. Of course, I refused. But I kept asserting my own stupidity. Responding to Skagra's gesture, the sphere attached itself to my head and I let out an agonising cry as I fell back in my set.


(Somewhere else in the ship, ROMANA, CHRIS, and K9 are captives within a totally featureless room with no door. Chris completes his circuit of the small room.)

CHRIS: There's no door. We must have got here by some form of matter transference

ROMANA: (a little sarcastically) Very clever.

CHRIS: Oh, I suppose you do this sort of thing all the time.

ROMANA: (smiling) Yes, actually.

(She then bends down next to K-9)

K-9, can you pick up any trace of the Doctor?

(K-9's ears rotate weakly)

K-9: Negative, Mistress. Every signal is shielded.

(ROMANA begins tinkering with some of K-9's circuits.)

CHRIS: I was meant to be delivering a paper to the Astronomical Society tonight.

ROMANA: (concealing her disinterest badly.) Oh yes?

(to K-9.) Anything now?

(K-9's ears rotate.)

K-9: Negative, Mistress.

CHRIS: Finally disproves the possibility of life on other planets.

ROMANA: Oh yes?

CHRIS: Well, I can deliver it next month.

ROMANA: (to K-9) Now try.

(K-9's ears rotate.)

CHRIS: Means a complete re-write through.

K-9: Triple negative, Mistress.

CHRIS: (feeling the walls) Curious substance this wall.

ROMANA: (who's frustration boils over at the situation.) Oh, blast it!

K-9: Please duck.

(K9 immediately extends his nose laser and shoots a beam at the wall. It ricochets and nearly hits ROMANA and CHRIS, who rapidly duck and throw themselves at the floor.)

Apologies, Mistress.

ROMANA: Not at all, it was a good try K-9.

(Suddenly K-9's ears twist as normal)

K-9: Mistress, I am picking up faint signals.

(Both CHRIS and ROMANA kneel by the dog.)

ROMANA: What is it?! Can you let us hear it?

K-9: Affirmative Mistress.

(He puts it on his speakers and the sound of the sphere's babble can be heard, though this time slightly different, with a deeper voice mixed in with the babble.)

CHRIS: Sounds different this time.

K-9: Affirmative. A new voice has been added. It is the Doctor!

(CHRIS and ROMANA look at each other in shock.)


(CLARE is running from the PROFESSOR's rooms. She is fumbling with some notes and a bag and not watching where she is going when she runs straight into the porter, WILKEN.)

WILKIN: Oof! Mind where you're going.

CLARE: You don't know where Professor Chronotis has gone, do you?

WILKIN: Now now, calm down. Isn't he in his room?

CLARE: No, I've just come from there.

WILKIN: That's funny. He hasn't come out this way. If you want to leave a message I'll see he gets it.

CLARE: It's terribly urgent. A book a friend of mine was taking to him, look, I think it's very dangerous.

WILKIN: Well what I say is people shouldn't write things if they don't want people to read them.

CLARE: No, you don't understand. It's the book itself. It seems to be absorbing radioactivity. I think it's very very dangerous.

WILKIN: A book's doing that?!

CLARE: Yes. We must find the Professor.

WILKIN: All right, Miss. I tell you what, you go back to his room and I'll ring around the College and see where he's got to.

CLARE: Yes.. But it's......

(looks apprehensively the way she had come.)

All right, I go back.

(She then proceeds to do. )

WILKIN: I don't know, nowadays they'll publish anything.


(In the control room, the DOCTOR is slumped in the chair, apparently dead, and now alone as SKAGRA has gone.)


ROMANA: Are you positive, K-9? Absolutely negative?

K-9: Affirmative, No signals on any frequency, Mistress.

(ROMANA sighs and stands.)

ROMANA: I wish I could get out of here.

(Suddenly the cube of light reappears and ROMANA disappears as the cube also does. CHRIS turns in surprise.)

CHRIS: That's it!

K-9: Please explain.

CHRIS: That's what you have to say! I wish we can get out of here.

(nothing happens.)

I wish we could get out of here!

(Nothing happens again. He gets up and disgustedly hits the wall.)

I wish I could get out of here! Oh blast it!

(K-9's nose laser begins to take aim again until CHRIS tells him hurriedly.)

No, no K9. Good dog.

(K-9's laser retracts.)


(ROMANA materialises in the block of light. She stumbles and spins round. SKAGRA is standing there - with the carpet bag.)

ROMANA: What have you done to the Doctor?

SKAGRA: Nothing you would like to hear about.

ROMANA: Let me see him!

SKAGRA: You would not enjoy it. I have taken his mind. Come!

(With an iron grip he takes hold of her arm and moves her down the corridor towards the exit.)

ROMANA: Let go of me! Who are you? What do you want?

SKAGRA: I want many things. At the moment I want you to stop struggling. Come!

(He pushes her forward.)


(The invisible door opens and SKAGRA forces ROMANA down the invisible ramp. She struggles.)

ROMANA: Where are you taking me?

(No reply)

Where are you taking me?

SKAGRA: Quiet! Or I shall use the sphere on you as well.

(The sphere drifts down the ramp after them, and the door is heard to close.)


(The DOCTOR, still stumped.)


CHRIS: How did she get out and not me?

(K-9's ears turn as he computes and he concludes:)

K-9: Insufficient data.

(This was getting a little too much for CHRIS.)

CHRIS: (angrily) Insufficient data, Insufficient data! Why did I get myself involved in this?

(K-9 computes again and concludes again:)

K-9: Insufficient data.

(CHRIS sighs.)


(SKAGRA and ROMANA are now nearing the edge of the field, approaching the TARDIS. )

ROMANA: (feigning ignorance of their destination.) Where are you taking me?

SKAGRA: Your travelling capsule.

(They stop outside the TARDIS door.)

ROMANA: If you think I'm going to open the door, you're going to be extremely disappointed.

SKAGRA: It's just as well I have the Doctor's key.

(He takes the mentioned key, inserts it into the TARDIS lock and opens the door. He forces ROMANA inside and follows her in. The sphere also floats in behind them. The door closes, leaving the key in the door.)


(SKAGRA doesn't look amazed at the big room but walks straight to the console.)

SKAGRA: No doubt you also refuse to operate the capsule for me.

ROMANA: Of course. And no one can operate it other than the Doctor or myself, so bad luck.

SKAGRA: If the Doctor can operate it, then so can I.

(He has the sphere land on top of the console and with one hand on the sphere he begins to operate the TARDIS controls with the other hand. ROMANA tries to stop him but Skagra forces her roughly to the side.)


(The TARDIS dematerialises, leaving the field again apparently empty.)


(Inside the PROFESSOR's rooms, CLARE grows more impatient and starts to search the room. She looks in drawers, in benches, and in cupboards. On the mantlepiece she finds a large rusted key. She considers this for a moment and looks for what this key might be for. She finds a wooden cupboard on the right wall beneath a bookcase which she tries the key on. It opens, and inside she finds some punting gear, and behind that, some futuristic looking equipment that also looks somehow old-fashioned. She places her hand on the shelf above, and it swings around, proving to be a false shelf and revealing a golden coloured complex control panel, also futuristic and yet somehow old-fashioned. CLARE becomes intensely curious, and she presses a button. The curtains close and the room darkens. She looks around for any other effects and can see none. Lights on the console have come on now, and so she touches another switch. Suddenly there is a small explosion on the console that knocks her back against the desk, where she hits her head and knocks herself out. The entire room shakes violently and the air appears to shimmer as though with a tremendous amount of heat.)


(WILKEN makes his way along the courtyard with a look of defeat on his face.)

[Here the Video and the script go two different ways. The Video version contain spoilers for the following scenes therefore we will follow the script book version. You will see why on TOM's link.]


(WILKIN steps up to the PROFESSOR's door and knocks.)

PROFESSOR: Miss? Are you in there Miss?

(He hears no reply and opens the door expecting to find the young woman inside. His jaw drops and his eyes widen in amazement as he finds a blowing blue void beyond the door.)


(The DOCTOR slowly stirs. He groggily stares around until his eyes focus. He picks up the ends of his scarf and twiddles with the tassels aimlessly. After a few moments he closes his eyes as though trying to find a thought. He lapses from concentration to mindlessness.)

DOCTOR: (quietly) Very stupid, Very stupid!

(A broad grin spreads across his face and he jumps to his feet with his memory restored.)

(energetically) Ha! Very stupid.

(He leaps to his feet, but regrets it. He is still very groggy. He shakes his head.)


SHIP: My Lord has departed.

(The DOCTOR spins round.)

DOCTOR: Who's that?

SHIP: My Lord Skagra.

(The DOCTOR wheels round again, unable to pinpoint the voice.)

DOCTOR: No! Who's speaking?

SHIP: The servant of Skagra. I am the ship.

DOCTOR: The ship? A talking ship?

SHIP: Correct.

SKAGRA: Skagra must be hard up for friends. Will you tell me where my companions are?

SHIP: I will not. You are an enemy of Skagra. Any orders you give me are hostile to my Lord.

DOCTOR: Oh I don't mean any harm.

SHIP: I do not understand why you are moving.


SHIP: (sounding puzzled.) You are dead. Your entire mind was to be seized into the sphere.

DOCTOR: Ah, well, it wasn't, was it? The trick on these occasions is not to resist. I just let the thing believe I was very stupid, and it then didn't pull nearly hard enough. It got a copy of but left me with the original intact. Understand?

SHIP: No, I do not.

DOCTOR: No. Nor do I. Perhaps I really am stupid.

[Here sounds a logical place to put the first of TOM's link - this takes place between WILKIN walking in the courtyard and arriving in the corridor on the video.]

TOM: In the ship, I slowly came to. The ship wondered why I wasn't dead and I explained that I let the sphere believe I was stupid and so it didn't pull at my mind very hard. It had taken a copy of my mind but the original. (pointing at his head.) But the original was intact.

[Carrying on.....]

(Suddenly a brain wave hits the DOCTOR.)

DOCTOR: No! I know. I am dead! And if I'm dead, then I'm an ex-enemy of Skagra's. Correct?

SHIP: Correct.

DOCTOR: (a little dangerously.) Then, if I'm dead, I cannot give orders that would be any kind of threat to Skagra. Correct?. ..

SHIP: Correct.

DOCTOR: Then, will you please release my companions?

SHIP: They will be released.

DOCTOR: Excellent! Thank you.

(He smiles, until he notices a change in the atmosphere of the room. . .)

It's getting very stuffy in here.

SHIP: You are dead?

DOCTOR: Yes! I thought we'd sorted that out.

SHIP: I am programmed to conserve resources. Since there are no live beings in this area, I have shut down the oxygen supply.


(The DOCTOR begins gasping for breath, and he sinks to the floor. The last thing he hears while conscious is the voice of the Ship saying over and over:)

SHIP: Dead men do not require oxygen!

(The DOCTOR loses consciousness..... and lies motionless.....)

TOM: With a fascinating display of illogic logic, I convinced the ship that I was dead in order to secure the release of my companions. The ship agreed, but shut down the oxygen supply. As I sank to the floor gasping for breath, the last thing I heard was the voice of the ship - "Dead men does not require oxygen!"

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