These icons may be freely distributed as long as this file (unaltered) 
accompanies the icons.  The icons may *NOT* be sold for profit in any 
way and are for enjoyment and personal use ONLY.  All the icons in this 
file were created by Zepo in 1997.
        Notes follow the listed of included icons.


ace1.ico        =       Dorthy                  The Doctor's companion 
                                                w/ baseball bat and her
                                                hair down (aka "Ace").
ace2.ico        =       Dorthy                  The Doctor's companion 
                                                w/ baseball bat and her
                                                hair in ponytail (aka "Ace").
adric1.ico      =       Adric                   The Doctor's math wiz 
adric2.ico      =       Adric                   The Doctor's math wiz 
                                                companion w/ Cybermen.
alphacen.ico    =       Alpha Centari           Diplomat from the planet of
                                                the same name.
auton.ico       =       Auton                   Plastic Auton w/ gun hand.
axon1.ico       =       Axon Humanoid           An Axon in their golden
                                                humanoid shape.
axon2.ico       =       Axon Blob               An Axon in their red blob
azal.ico        =       Azal the Daemon         The last of the race of the
                                                Daemons from Demnos.
barbara.ico     =       Barbara Wright          The Doctor's history teaching
ben.ico         =       Ben Jackson             The Doctor's sailor companion.
bok.ico         =       Bok the Gargoyle        A gargoyle animated by the
                                                powers of Azal the Daemon.
brig.ico        =       The Brigadier           Brigadier Alastair Gordon
                                                Lethbridge-Stewart, the 
                                                Leader of UNIT's UK branch.
citguard.ico    =       Chancellory Guard       A soldier/policeman that
                                                guards Gallifrey's TimeLord
console.ico     =       TARDIS Console          The TARDIS' control center.
cybcontr.ico    =       Cybercontroller         Leader of all the cybermen
                                                w/ no helmet handles.
cybconv1.ico    =       Cyberconvert #1         Human being converted into
                                                a Cyberman. 
cybconv2.ico    =       Cyberconvert #2         Human being converted into
                                                a Cyberman.
cybconv3.ico    =       Cyberconvert #3         Human being converted into
                                                a Cyberman.
cybconv4.ico    =       Cyberconvert #4         Human being converted into
                                                a Cyberman.
cybrlead.ico    =       Cyber Leader            The Cyber Leader w/ black
                                                helmet handles.
cyberman.ico    =       Cyberman                A normal Cyberman.
cybermat.ico    =       Cybermat                Cyberman's "pet" creature.
cybscout.ico    =       Cyber Scout             Black Cyberman Scout (Doctor
                                                #6 Era)
dalek1.ico      =       Dalek #1                Standard Dalek w/ suction
                                                cup arm.
dalek2.ico      =       Dalek #2                Dalek w/ pincer arm.
dalekgld.ico    =       Gold Dalek              One of the leader Daleks
                                                (Doctor #3 Era).
dalekhvy.ico    =       Heavy Dalek             Dalek w/ heavy weapon. 
daleksup.ico    =       Dalek Supreme           One of the leader Daleks
                                                (Doctor #5 and 6 Era).
dalkemp1.ico    =       Emperor Dalek           Stationary Emperor Dalek
                                                (Doctor #2 Era).
dalkemp2.ico    =       Emperor Dalek           Mobile Emperor Dalek (Doctor
                                                #7 Era (previously Davros)).
davros.ico      =       Davros                  The Daleks' Creator (who
                                                would later become the 
                                                Emperor Dalek).
destroyr.ico    =       The Destroyer           Morgaine's apocalyptic
doctor1.ico     =       Doctor #1               The Doctor's first                                              
                                                incarnation holding his
                                                walking stick (William
doctor2.ico     =       Doctor #2               The Doctor's second
                                                incarnation holding a
                                                recorder (Patrick Troughton).
doctor3.ico     =       Doctor #3               The Doctor's third
                                                incarnation (Jon Pertwee).
doctor4a.ico    =       Doctor #4               The Doctor's fourth
                                                incarnation with multi-
                                                colored scarf (Tom Baker).
doctor4b.ico    =       Doctor #4               The Doctor's fourth                                                
                                                incarnation with Maroon
                                                colored scarf (Tom Baker).
doctor5.ico     =       Doctor #5               The Doctor's fifth
                                                incarnation (Peter Davison).
doctor6.ico     =       Doctor #6               The Doctor's sixth
                                                incarnation (Colin Baker).
doctor7.ico     =       Doctor #7               The Doctor's seventh
                                                incarnation holding his
                                                umbrella (Sylvester McCoy).
doctor8.ico     =       Doctor #8               The Doctor's eighth (?)
                                                incarnation (Paul McGann).
dodo.ico        =       Dorothea Chaplet        The Doctor's hipster 
                                                companion (aka "Dodo").                                               
draco1.ico      =       Draconian #1            Draconian warrior.                                
draco2.ico      =       Draconian #2            Draconian wearing small
dracoemp.ico    =       Emperor of Draconia     Draconian Emperor wearing
                                                large crystal.
fendahl.ico     =       Fendahl                 Lifeforce consuming creature.
haemovor.ico    =       Haemovore               Blood Vampires from alternate
                                                Earth future.
harry.ico       =       LT. Harry Sullivan      The Doctor's imbicile navy
                                                doctor companion in civilian
ian.ico         =       Ian Chesterton          The Doctor's science teaching
icelord.ico     =       Ice Lord                Leader of Ice Warrior force.
icewar1.ico     =       Ice Warrior #1          Ice Warrior w/ its right arm 
icewar2.ico     =       Ice Warrior #2          Ice Warrior w/ its right arm
                                                raised and sonic gun on arm.
icewar3.ico     =       Ice Warrior #3          Ice Warrior w/ no arms raised.
imcguard.ico    =       Morgan an IMC worker    A guard unifrom from the IMC
                                                mining corporation.
jagaroth.ico    =       Scaroth the Jagaroth    The last of the race which
                                                tried to stop the evolution
                                                of the human race.
jamie.ico       =       Jamie McCrimmon         The Doctor's Scottish 
                                                Highlander companion.
jelybaby.ico    =       Jelly Babies            The Doctor's favorite candy.
jo.ico          =       Josephine Grant         The Doctor's hippie UNIT
                                                intelligence agent companion
                                                (aka "Jo").
k9.ico          =       K-9                     The Doctor's robot dog.                                               
kamelion.ico    =       Kamelion                The Doctor's robot shape-
                                                changing companion.
katerina.ico    =       Katerina                The Doctor's Trojan handmaid
krynoid.ico     =       Krinoid                 Alien plant creature.
leela.ico       =       Leela of the Sevateam   The Doctor's savage companion.
liz.ico         =       Elizabeth Shaw          The Doctor's UNIT attached
                                                scientist companion (aka 
logo1a.ico      =       Doctor Who logo #1      Pertwee to T. Baker diamond
logo1b.ico      =       Doctor Who logo #1      Pertwee to T. Baker diamond
                                                logo w/ filled in letters.
logo2a.ico      =       Doctor Who logo #2      T. Baker to C. Baker neon 
                                                title logo.
logo2b.ico      =       Doctor Who logo #2      T. Baker to C. Baker neon 
                                                title logo with neon border.
logo2c.ico      =       Doctor Who logo #2      T.Baker to C. Baker neon
                                                title logo with neon border 
                                                in starfield.
logo3.ico       =       Doctor Who logo #3      McCoy Era block title logo.
master.ico      =       The Master              The Doctor's arch-enemy.
mechnoid.ico    =       Mechanoid               Mechanoid robot.
mel1.ico        =       Melanie                 The Doctor's health nut
                                                companion in red striped
                                                outfit (aka "Mel").
mel2.ico        =       Melanie                 The Doctor's health nut
                                                companion in blue and white
                                                polka-dot outfit (aka "Mel").
mogarian.ico    =       Mogarian                Alien from Mogar in their
                                                envirnmental breathing suits.
monoid.ico      =       Monoid                  Race that one slaved and once
                                                rules humans on the Ark.
monk.ico        =       Meddling Monk           Timelord Troublemaker.
monoptra.ico    =       Monoptra                An butterfly-like inhabitant
                                                of the planet Vortis.
movelan1.ico    =       Movellan #1             Humanoid robot race enemy of
                                                the Daleks (light-skinned).
movelan2.ico    =       Movellan #2             Humanoid robot race enemy of
                                                the Dalek (dark-skinned).
nyssa.ico       =       Nyssa of Traken         The Doctor's peaceful 
ogron.ico       =       Ogron                   Ape-like alien servant of
                                                the Daleks.
omega1.ico      =       Omega #1                TimeLord from Gallifrey stuck
                                                in an alternate universe 
                                                (Doctor #3 era).
omega2.ico      =       Omega #2                TimeLord from Gallifrey when
                                                he tried to return to this
                                                universe the second time
                                                (Doctor #5 era).
peri.ico        =       Perpagillium Brown      The Doctor's American 
                                                companion (aka "Peri").
polly.ico       =       Polly                   The Doctor's secretarial
                                                mod companion.
rani.ico        =       The Rani                TimeLady Enemy in black
robotk1.ico     =       K1                      A giant robot built by 
                                                Professor Kettlewell.
romana1.ico     =       Romana #1               The first incarnation of
                                                the Doctor's TimeLady  
romana2.ico     =       Romana #2               The second incarnation of
                                                the Doctor's TimeLady
sarajane.ico    =       Sarah Jane Smith        The Doctor's reporter
                                                companion in her Andy Panda
seadev1.ico     =       Sea Devil #1            Sea Devil.
seadev2.ico     =       Sea Devil #2            Sea Devil w/ gun.
seadev3.ico     =       Sea Devil #3            Sea Devil w/ samurai helmet
                                                (Doctor #5 Era).
sensorit.ico    =       Sensorite               Telepathic Alien.
sil.ico         =       Sil the Mentor          The small slug-like profiteer.
silurian.ico    =       Silurian                Sentient Earth reptile man.
sonscrw.ico     =       Sonic Screwdriver       The Doctor's favorite tool.
sontarn1.ico    =       Sontaran #1             Sontaran w/o helmet on.
sontarn2.ico    =       Sontaran #2             Sontaran w/ helmet on.       
sontarn3.ico    =       Sontaran #3             Sontaran holding helmet.
sontcom.ico     =       Sontaran Commander      Commander of Sontaran force.
steven.ico      =       Steven Taylor           The Doctor's stranded
                                                astronaut companion.
susan.ico       =       Susan "Foreman"         The Doctor's "granddaughter".
tardis.ico      =       The TARDIS              The Doctor's Time/Space ship.
tegan.ico       =       Tegan Jovanka           The Doctor's Australian 
                                                companion in her stewardess 
timelord.ico    =       TimeLord                The Gallifrean race of which
                                                the doctor is a part.
toymaker.ico    =       The Celestial Toymaker  Enemy of the Doctor.
turlough.ico    =       Vislor Turlough         The Doctor's companion w/
                                                Black Guardian crystal cube.
tract.ico       =       Tractator               Tractator.
unit1.ico       =       UNIT Soldier            UNIT Soldier w/ blue UN
                                                beret and rifle.
unit2.ico       =       UNIT Corporal           UNIT Corporal w/ pistol.
unit3.ico       =       Sergeant Benton         UNIT Sergeant.
unit4.ico       =       Captain Mike Yates      UNIT Captain.
unitlogo.ico    =       UNIT Logo               The logo and patch of UNIT.
vervoid.ico     =       Vervoid                 Deadly plant creatures.
vicki.ico       =       Vicki                   The Doctor's futuristic
                                                orphan companion.
victoria.ico    =       Victoria Waterfield     The Doctor's Victorian
wirrn.ico       =       Wirrn                   Insect alien from Andromeda.
yeti.ico        =       Yeti                    Robot fur covered abominable
zarbi.ico       =       Zarbi                   An ant-like inhabitant of
                                                the planet Vortis.
zoe.ico         =       Zoe Herriot             The Doctor's futuristic
                                                librarian companion.
zygon.ico       =       Zygon                   Zygon.



        The Doctor Who icons are made for use on the IBM PC and compatibles.
        The icons can be used for any program or function which uses icons 
with the ".ico" extension.  The icons have been tested and work in Windows
3.1 and Windows '95.  Another program that I use them for is Pepy's Ltd.
Adventure Gamer for Windows v1.0 (Shareware Version- I presume they also work
in the full registered version as well).
        The icons will work in most video modes.  They work the best in VGA 
because the icons appear large enough to notice all the details.  The icons
appear smaller in SVGA mode but should work well anyway.  Also depending on
your video card some of the colors may seem a bit off, but this appears to be
a rare glitch.


        Different icons can be used for different functions.  I like to use
the TARDIS console icon (console.ico) for my Windows 3.1 Control Panel icon.
Sarah Jane Smith, the journalist, may be your choice for your Word Perfect
word processing icon.  The choices are really up to you.


        To install these icons, you must have a PKunzip program.  It is 
available as shareware on the Internet.
        For how to install and use these icons please refer to the program
manual for your respective operating system.  Or ask your favorite cyberpunk.  
        Here is a method if using an IBM PC running the Windows 3.1 operating 
        1) In the Windows File Manager highlight the drive that you want 
                and create a directory called "dwicons" [no quotation marks 
                included] where you want to install these icons.
        2) Download the file from the Earthbound Timelords web
		    site using your modem's telecommunication software [if using
		    Netscape simply click on the file and use the "save as"
        3) If necessary, using the Windows File Manager, move the file to 
                the "dwicons" directory that you created by dragging it 
                from your download directory.  
        4) PKunzip the file using a PKunzip program.  
        5) In the Windows Program Manager, open the folder of the program 
                that you want to change the icon of and single click on the 
                program which will select it.
        6) Select the Program Manager's 'properties' selection.
        7) Use the 'change icon' button and browse for the Doctor Who icons
                in the "dwicons" directory.
        8) Choose the icon you want!

Note: When PKunzipping I have gotten the message that there is an error 
        in the Unzipping process and that one should use PKzipfix.  I have
        found that the icon files and text file *NOT* to be corrupted and do
        not need to be fixed or altered in my personal test.  This appears to 
        simply be a glitch.


        There are certain icons or inclusion/exclusions which I think should 
be commented on:
        1) I have included an icon of Paul McGann as the Doctor (doctor8.ico)
even though deciding whether or not he is part of the true Doctor Who canon
has yet to be seen.  I would personally NOT include the FOX-TV film as part
of the canon because of its lack of consistency and continuity.  But that
is only my personal opinion, and the future will determine canonicity.
        2) I have not included the character of Sara Kingdom as a companion
as she only appeared in a single story ("The Dalek Masterplan") and therefore
it is my opinion that she should not be considered a true companion.  A true
companion travels with the Doctor in more than one story.  Even the character 
of Katerina, though her time was VERY short, appeared in two stories as a 
companion of the Doctor ("The Myth Makers" and "The Dalek Masterplan").
        3) Certain companions did not seem to have very distinctive clothing
or wore a wide selection of clothes.  I have tried to use the clothes which
represent the companion best (such as Tegan's stewardess uniform), or have 
included more than one icon for a character (Such as Mel in her orange
striped outfit from "Time and the Rani" and in her blue polka-dotted outfit
from "Paradise Towers").  Some characters however (such as Polly, Harry, Ian,
Barbara, and a few others) seemed to not wear any distinctive clothing and 
thus their icons may seem a bit bland to some.  I did however try to 
duplicate their original style of clothing or use a style which appears in 
the most photos I could find of that character (such as the black dress that
Vicki wears when she is first found in "The Rescue").  The limited amount of
space allowed in an icon still make some characters look undestinctive.
        4) I have tried to reproduce the show's logos as accurately as 
possible with the limited amount of space allowed in an icon.  In some cases 
I thought that certain variations lent themselves to icon use and thus I may 
have included more than one variation of the given logo.
        5) The 4 icons of humans being converted into cybermen look very
similar to Borg from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."  Still it was Doctor
Who which came up with and visually presented the idea first in 1985's 
episode "Attack of the Cybermen" (and the conversion of Toberman in the 1968 
episode "Tomb of the Cybermen").  If you have any doubts please check the 
respective episodes. I have included 4 different cyberconverted humans here 
simply because I wanted people to be able to choose a selection.  These icons 
were originally created to be used in my adventure with the cybermen created 
using the Pepy's Ltd. Adventure Gamer for Windows.
        6) Are you unfamiliar with any of these icons?  Get yourself a 
Doctor Who reference book and/or sit down and watch some videos and have a 
fun time!


        All of the icons in this file were created by Zepo in 1997.  The 
freeware utility used to create these icons was Icon Maker 242 (im242.exe) 
created by Martin Benca and Lubomir Pozgay of Slovakia Software.  


        No attempt is made to claim or violate the BBC's or anyone else's 
copyrights.  These icons are created for the personal enjoyment of the user 
and to promote fandom of the Doctor Who television program.  While these 
icons were created by Zepo, they may *NOT* be sold for profit in ANY way and 
must always be freely distributed.  This file, being unaltered, *MUST*
accompany the icons as to declare these intentions.
        Use these icons at your own risk.  The Earthbound Timelords and Zepo
make no guarantee that this software will not harm your computer.  Frankly,
I do not know how they could and they have never hurt ours. :-)  All the 
icons here have been tested on Zepo's computer and have worked very well.

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