Question #4

Question #4:

On 21 March, 1999 Malcolm Gillott asked:

"Attached is a screenshot ... which episode is it from?"
[Malcolm was interested because of the vehicle being driven: a dressed up Haflinger.]

Matrix Databank Solution to Question #4:

The photo of the vehicle that you sent us (you identify it as a Haflinger), is from the 3rd 
Doctor (Jon Pertwee) serial entitled "Colony in Space."  The "Colony in Space" serial was 
originally broadcast on BBC1 each Saturday between April 10th, 1971 and May 15th, 1971. 
The vehicle that you identified was used in the narrative of the story as the transport 
vehicle belonging to the IMC (Interplanetary Mining Corporation) crew on the planet Uxareus.
This specific photo is from Episode 6, which aired on May 15th, 1971.  The vehicle is being
driven by the Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, and the passenger is Jo Grant, played by 
Katy Manning. The shot appears in the narrative just before the Master escapes back to his 
TARDIS and dematerializes near the end of the story.

Anyone interested in the Haflinger vehicle should visit Malcolm Gillott's  
Haflinger 4 Wheel Drive Club of Great Britain website.

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