Outstanding Doctor Who Research Site Award

The Earthbound Timelords Outstanding Doctor Who Research Site Award is given to web sites that offer unique and indispensible information that can be used for academic research into the fiction and non-fiction aspects of the Doctor Who television series and its related subjects.

Winners of this award may link to, or download, any of the graphics below for use on their websites.
EBTL would appreciate the winning sites making their graphic a link back to the EBTL homepage at: http://www.bw.edu/~jcurtis/index.html

Animated EBTL Award
Animated (200x200, 203Kb)
  Static EBTL Award
Static (200x200, 13Kb)
  EBTL Award Link
(100x25, 2Kb)

Animated EBTL Award #2
Animated (125x125, 13Kb)
  Static EBTL Award #2
Static (125x125, 2Kb)
  EBTL Award Link #2
(100x25, 1Kb)

The winners of this award, to date, are:

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The High Council can be reached at jcurtis@bw.edu
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