REVIEW: "Doctor Who: 16 Month 2000 Calendar"

by Zepo
10 January 2000

_Doctor Who: 16 Month 2000 Calendar_, (London: World of Discovery, 1999),

[Image of Calendar]

RATING: 5 (of 10)

     One of the more recent products released as part of the BBC's
Millennium Collection is the 16-Month Calendar for the Year 2000.  Produced
by World of Discovery for the BBC the calendar is a bit different from
previous Doctor Who calendar offers.  This includes the twelve months of the
year 2000 and covers the end four months of 1999 as well.
     What makes this Doctor Who calendar a unique is that the calendar
portion takes up perhaps only one fifth of the page where as the other four
fifths are filled with text and  wonderful photos.  The text include with
the calendar set it apart immediately from the usual calendars I have seen
offered in the Doctor Who range.  This text, attempts to give an overview of
some of the good Doctor's more memorable adventures.  However, the text is a
bit laughable with a few of the mistakes it contains.  Witness an entry for
December 1999 which reads that in the Troughton era we were introduced to
"two new assistants, Victoria Wakefield [sic] and Zoe Herriot".  On the same
page it also reads that "In his last episode as the Doctor we finally learn
that he is from Gallifrey..." though Gallifrey is never named until "The
Time Warrior."  Another case of multiple miswording is on the page of
September 2000, featuring the Colin Baker era, that states "In his first
adventure, The Caves of Androzani, the Doctor encountered Giant Bas, [sic]
whose Queen produced the only known antidote to Spectrox Toxemia."
Obviously this is the fifth Doctor's last adventure and he never actually
encountered Giant Bats as the passage is meant to say.  Other mistakes
abound in the text, but they are almost so funny that using this calendar
for a game of "Find the Doctor Who Mistake" might be a fun time.  And I
actually mean that.
     What really makes the calendar interesting is the wonderful photos that
are included.  The pages of this offering are glossy and lend themselves to
the interesting pictures that span the decades of the show.  Some of these
black and white or color photos might be first time offerings as surely I
have not seen a few of them before.  Because of these photos and the nice
design of the calendar I have to say it is a fair addition to a collection.
     This calendar is an interesting purchase.  Not particularly accurate in
its presentation of Doctor Who facts, but yet an interesting offering with a
wonderful look.  My rating may seem a bit low, but then again I value
accuracy.  If you need a calendar it might as well be this one, and the
comedic errors in the text can be seen as an extra bonus.  I like mine.

(c) Copyright Zepo, 2000.

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