REVIEW: "Vengeance on Varos" Audio Cassette

by Zepo
01 January 2000

_Vengeance on Varos (Read by Colin Baker)_, (? [UK]: BBC Worldwide, 1997),
audio cassette, oversized jewel case. [#ZBBC-1832]

[Image of Audio Cassette]

RATING: 8 (of 10)

     The audio tape offering "Vengeance on Varos," read by Colin Baker, is
another Doctor Who oriented audio product released by the BBC themselves.
Attractively packaged in the style of the new BBC releases, this audio tape
set is another interesting addition to the line of BBC audios.
     The tape, according to the tape's back cover, is an abridged version of
the story (presumably of the novelization-though this is not mentioned on
the cassette anywhere).  The story, like the audio release of "Kinda,"
definitely features details that are different from the video version of the
story.  None the less the tale stands up as a very interesting addition to
the Doctor Who product range.
     Making the set enjoyable is Colin Baker's voicing of the story.  His
reading of "Vengeance on Varos" is punctuated by his excellent dialect work.
He reads the role of Peri with a feminine American accent, and even makes
Sil's voice come to life as he slathers out the words "gov-en-oueerrr."  He
adds depth to the lines of other characters as well and makes one feel as if
one is listening to a full cast of actors.  Supported by my listening to the
other audios featuring Colin Baker's voice work, I believe that Baker may be
the best of all the actors to undertake the Doctor's role on audio.  Also
making the set enjoyable is the use of some of the Doctor Who incidental
music. Though the incidental music is not from the story itself it does add
a real feel to the cassette.  The break between sides of the cassette
features the Doctor Who theme music, but the break does not occur where the
original televised story did making the break a bit unexpected yet
     Overall, this audio tape offering is a strong example of moving a
Doctor Who story to another media and having it stand up as an asset to the
fans and collectors.  I believe that most listeners will enjoy this

(c) Copyright Zepo, 2000.

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