REVIEW: "Golden Wonder" Comic Book Set

by Zepo
28 December 1999

_Golden Wonder Comic Books Set (6 Promotional Comics)_, (? [UK]: Marvel
Comics, 1986), miniature sizes comic books (4"x6"), promotional item in
Golden Wonder crisps packs.

[Image of Comic Book Set]
[Image of the Golden Wonder Crisps Packs]

RATING: 6 (of 10)

     In early 1986, Colin Baker's Doctor was on a hiatus from the UK
television screens, but Doctor Who remained a popular promotional item for
various brands of products.  Golden Wonder, a manufacturer of crisps (that's
potato chips to you Americans) ran a promotion featuring small sized comic
books featuring Colin Baker's Doctor.
     These comic books are a bit smaller than the average coming in at 4
inches wide and 6 inches high.  They are glossy and colored both on the
cover and inside for the artwork.  There are a total of six comics that were
released.  The various titles for each were: (#1)"Revelation," (#2)"Fun
House," (#3)"War Game,"  (#4)"Once Upon a Time Lord," (#5)"The Shape
Shifter," and (#6)"Voyager-Dreams of Eternity."  The comics themselves
featured reprints of Doctor Who Magazine's comic strips from the time, which
featured the Sixth Doctor and his shape shifting companion Frobisher.  Of
interest is that the comics released by Golden Wonder are not in
chronological order, and Frobisher who appears in all six comic actually has
his introduction story reprinted in issue #5 "The Shape Shifter."
     The comic strips are excellent and Golden Wonder was lucky enough to
run this promotion at a time that some see as the pinnacle of DWM's comic
strips.  Of interest in this comic book set is that it features the first
color printing of the comic strip "The Voyager," which would later be
reprinted in graphic novel form, once again colored, but this time with a
glossy cardstock cover and in larger print.
     Overall, these comics are a very nice collectable.  They are, however,
becoming progressively more rare.  Even up to about 1994 one could buy the
set of all six comic for about $10 (US), but now each individual comic can
sell for that price, making the set a bit more expensive.  I suggest that
collectors pick up this almost 15 year old set as long as they can get it
for a reasonable price but do not overpay for reprints of DWM comics that
you might already have.

(c) Copyright Zepo, 1999.

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