REVIEW: "Kinda" Audio Cassette

by Zepo
25 December 1999

_Doctor Who: Kinda (Read by Peter Davison)_, (?: BBC Worldwide, 1997), audio
cassette, oversized jewel case. [#ZBBC-1770]

[Image of Audio Cassette]

RATING: 7 (of 10)

     With the advent of the new Doctor Who adventures on audio, taking the
time to listen to some of the previous offerings that the BBC has made
available is always interesting.  Giving a good listening to the BBC audio
release of the story "Kinda" was perfect for my Christmas day.
     This release is not the audio of the episode as it was broadcast, but
rather Peter Davison reading an abridged version of Terrance Dicks'
novelization of that same story.  Starting with the Doctor Who theme, the
tape moves right into Davison's reading of the story.  Of interest is the
amount of detail that Davison takes with the characters.  He concentrates
not so much on the Doctor, whom he portrayed in the televised story, but
really seems to enjoy making the other characters come to life.  He even
seems to add a bit of an Australian accent to his portrayal of Tegan's
character.  In all, Davison made it a quite compelling listen.
     Listening to the story on audio does remind us how different the
novelizations are from the original televised stories.  Hearing Adric caught
in the Total Survival Kit walker as its blasters blaze away shooting the
Kinda people, just didn't seem the same as when on television Adric loses
control of it and it runs into the Kinda people.  These slight differences
make the audio reading and the television story different but hearing
Davison read the story makes if feel as if the Doctor is retelling the story
entirely from his perspective.
     I would recommend this offering as a very lighthearted listen, perfect
for when you're caught in an automobile for an hour and want to immerse
yourself in the Doctor Who universe.

(c) Copyright Zepo, 1999.

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