REVIEW: "Nothing at the End of the Lane (Issue #1)" Magazine

by Zepo
05 November 1999

_Nothing at the End of the Lane_, Bruce Robinson, Robert Franks, Richard
Bignell eds., (Shreve, OH: ?, 1999).

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RATING: 10 (of 10)

     All reviewers must be honest and unbiased when they approach a new item
that is placed under their microscope.  One might believe that because one
of the editors of the new fanzine "Nothing at the End of the Lane" is a
member of the Earthbound TimeLords research organization that I might simply
support the magazine and give it a high rating.  Well, let me assure you,
this magazine gets the perfect rating because it truly deserves it.
     One of the most refreshing magazine offerings I have ever seen in my
nearly two decades of Doctor Who fandom is the new magazine "Nothing at the
End of the Lane."  The magazine reports in its subtitle to be "The Magazine
of Doctor Who Research and Restoration," and it lives up to it.  The
articles found inside are huge resources for anyone seriously interested in
conducting their own Doctor Who research.  An article by Andrew Pixley
called "Silent Witnesses" helps guide the novice researcher through the use
of various kinds of original Doctor Who scripts by taking the mysteries out
of the BBC's style, shorthand and abbreviations that abound in such
resources.  The article is a worthwhile read if only to see the
reproductions of the various passages used as examples.  Also of note to
Pixley's article is the inclusion of various footnotes that help clarify
points within the article.  Bruce Robinson's article "Audio Dramas" helps
document the various sources of the Doctor Who audio copies that exist in
fandom's underground trading circles.  Full of both excellent technical data
regarding the kinds of recorders used and interesting facts about who made
the recordings and how, it may just be the definitive article about the
audios.  Robert Franks also contributes an excellent article documenting the
holdings of the BBC Film and Videotape Library's Doctor Who catalog of the
first three seasons of the show.
     There are more articles of interest in the magazine as well, such as on
the various types of reconstructions, an article describing the hunt for
various locations used in Doctor Who and much more.  Quite simply, this
magazine demonstrates to the amateur researcher what can be accomplished
with simply a love for the subject and the desire to make a difference.
"Nothing at the End of the Lane" may have just replaced "Doctor Who
Magazine" as my favorite magazine on the show.  After all 'Nothing' at all
is better than having to read naff articles such as those by Jackie Jenkins
[yes, I know her column is no longer a feature in DWM], or other articles
that are fluff compared to real research and revelations about the Doctor
Who program.  Perhaps the only thing to make "Nothing" the magazine sent
down from God himself would be to have it completely footnoted in Turabian
style documentation.  But then again, the magazine is so strong I have to
forgive that because of the strength of the content alone.  
     Perhaps the only gaffe in the entire magazine is the absence of the
Earthbound TimeLords website in Tobias Roger's article on useful and
informative Doctor Who web sites.  Well, I'll still give the magazine the
perfect rating.  Surf up the mag's website at if your interested in ordering a copy of

(c) Copyright Zepo, 1999.

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