REVIEW: "The DWB Compendium" Book

by Zepo
01 October 1999

_The DWB Compendium: The Best of the First 100 Issues_, Gary Leigh (ed.),
(Brighton: Dream Watch, 1993).

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RATING: 10 (of 10)

     Whenever a book is put together that is an anthology of articles
originally printed in a magazine, one must always be skeptical of whether or
not the book is worth bothering with at all.  In the case of _The DWB
Compendium_ there is no doubt that the book is well worth the purchase price
if only to get away from the original typeface and fanzine art that was so
prevalent in the early issues of DWB (aka. _Doctor Who Bulletin_ or _Dream
Watch Bulletin_).
     The cover of this book features in shiny black and seems a bit overly
self-referential with the neon-like letters "dwb" on the front.  But this is
only a cover (excuse the pun) for the brilliant articles that can be found
inside.  The whole book is printed on high quality glossy paper that is
perfect for the contents inside.
     What will the discerning Doctor Who fan find inside the  cardstock
binding?  A treasure, that's what.  The interior is packed with articles,
almost all (bar those that include opinions) based on fact.  This is
important considering the amount of speculation and variety of viewpoints
one could find in the early issues of DWB.  
     To give you a quick sample of the delights inside, I give you this
short list:  telesnaps from the episode "The Feast of Steven" (or "The
Dalek's Master Plan (Episode 7)"), and the only known telesnaps from the
serial "Marco Polo."  The complete telesnap photonovels of both "The Power
of the Daleks" and "The Moonbase."  Articles detailing most of the lost
stories that were contracted for but never made, as well as the full ratings
guide to _Doctor Who_.  There is even a toy guide for _Blake's 7_ and even
an articles Index for the first 100 issues of _DWB_ (a worthwhile guide for
the Doctor Who researcher).
     Honestly, once I picked up my copy of this, I never put it down until I
had gone from cover to cover.  OK, I admit to having only browsed the _Blake
7_ toy section, and the section on other British fantasy television shows,
but then again I was only really interested in _Doctor Who_ in the first
place.  In any case, the read was mesmerizing.  It may not look like an
attractive buy when one first sees it, and though the hefty price tag might
scare some people off, let it be known that this offering is a MUST for any
serious researcher of the program and even an interesting and worthwhile buy
for anyone simply interested in reading about _Doctor Who_.  Standing
together with its companion book _The DWB Interview File_, this is truly an
addition to any Who library.

(c) Copyright Zepo, 1999.

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