by Zepo
10 December 1997


     This is a listing of all the cards found in M.M.G. Ltd's
_Doctor Who: The Collectable Trading Card Game_.  The list in
this set was compiled from the collecting of the actual cards
themselves as well as research into the game itself both in print
and on the Internet.
     The first list is of all the cards by their card type (being
either Past Creatures, Present Creatures, Future Creatures,
Timeless Creatures, Episode Cards, Flash Cards, Resource Cards,
Time Cards, or Watcher Cards).  The listing for types of cards
are in the order found in the small rule book found in the
starter decks (on pages 6 to 8).  Watcher cards, though
considered Creature cards by the rule book, are listed after the
Time cards in this list due to the fact that the card bears no
resemblance to the Watcher found in the Doctor Who episode
"Logopolis" [BBC Serial Code-5V], and the card is often
considered a "special" card in other card lists.
     The second list is of all the cards by their rarity.  The
rarity of two cards is unknown.  One card is a misprinted card,
the second is the promotional card (best known for being 
included in issue 15 of _Scrye Magazine_).  The Time and 
Watcher cards are listed only by the number assigned to them
from this list.  Refer to the previous "card type" list for the
card's description. 
     The third list points out any errors found on various cards
in the set in terms of game play, incorrect text and graphics,
and canonical errors the game includes.
     Fourth, a small statistical breakdown of the cards is given
to help those concerned with their list know how many cards they
need.  Also included is production information about the game.
     Lastly, a section on this article is included such as a list
of people who helped gather all of this information as well as a
bibliographical breakdown of sources for this article.  
     It is important (and proper) to note at the beginning of
this article that the backbone of this list was taken from the
list created by Robin ( and posted to
the site:  The
list found there was organized by rarity (alphabetically) only. 
In turn, this list tries to list the cards in various forms for
the collector so that one may organize by card type or by rarity. 


--CREATURE CARDS, PAST (Green bordered cards)---------------

Atlantean Fish People              Uncommon
Black Scorpion, The                Uncommon
Brothers of Demnos, The            Common
Clanton Gang, The                  Uncommon
Daemons                            Rare
Earp Gang, The                     Uncommon
Greek Hoplites                     Common
Highlanders                        Uncommon
Icthar                             Rare
Irongron                           Uncommon
Jamie McCrimmon                    Uncommon
Kamelion                           Rare
Katerina                           Rare
Kronos                             Rare
Kublai Khan                        Rare
Leela                              Rare
Linx                               Uncommon
Mongol                             Common
Neanderthals                       Common
Peeking Homunculus                 Rare
Romans                             Common
Rutans                             Common
Sea Devils                         Common
Silurians                          Common
Skarasen                           Uncommon
Terileptils                        Common

--CREATURE CARDS, PRESENT (Orange bordered cards)-----------

Ace                                Rare
Ambassadors, The                   Uncommon
Autons                             Common
Bannermen                          Common
Barbera Wright                     Uncommon
Ben Jackson                        Uncommon
Bok                                Common
Brigadier, The                     Rare
Destroyer, The                     Rare
Dodo Chaplet                       Uncommon
Fendahleen                         Common
Giant Robot                        Common
Great Intelligence, The            Rare
Green Death                        Uncommon
Group Capt. Gilmore                Rare
Gustave Lytton                     Rare
Harry Sullivan                     Rare
Ian Chesterton                     Uncommon
Jo Grant                           Uncommon
Kastrians                          Uncommon
Liz Shaw                           Uncommon
Melanie Bush                       Rare
Morgaine                           Uncommon
Nestene                            Rare
Ogron                              Common
Perpugillian Brown                 Uncommon
Policemen                          Common
Polly Lopez                        Uncommon
Prof. Clifford Jones               Uncommon
Robomen                            Common
Sarah Jane Smith                   Uncommon
Sergeant Benton                    Rare
Susan                              Uncommon
UNIT Corporal                      Common
UNIT Soldier                       Common
Victoria Waterfield                Uncommon
Winifred Bambera                   Uncommon
Yeti                               Common
Zygons                             Uncommon            

--CREATURE CARDS, FUTURE (Blue bordered cards)--------------

Adric                              Uncommon
Aggedor                            Uncommon
Alpha Centauri                     Uncommon
Animus                             Rare
Chumblies                          Common
Draconian                          Common
Drahvin                            Common
Dulciens                           Common
Emperor of Draconia, The           Rare
Exxilons                           Common
Ice Warrior                        Common
Krotons                            Common
Marine Space Corps                 Rare
Mechanoids                         Uncommon
Menoptera                          Common
Monoids                            Uncommon
Nimon                              Uncommon
Nyssa                              Rare
Prapilus                           Rare
Primitives                         Common
Raston Warrior Robot               Rare
Seers                              Uncommon
Shrivenzales                       Common
Sontarans                          Uncommon
Steve Taylor                       Uncommon
Tegan Jovanka                      Uncommon
Tetraps                            Rare
Vervoids                           Uncommon
Vicki                              Uncommon
Vislor Turlough                    Rare
Woolfweeds                         Uncommon
Zarbi                              Common
Zoe Heriot                         Uncommon

--CREATURE CARDS, TIMELESS (White bordered cards)-----------

Black Dalek                        Rare
Black Guardian, The                Rare
Cybercontroller                    Rare
Cyberleader                        Rare
Cybermat                           Common
Cybermen                           Common
Daleks                             Common
Davros                             Ultra Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor I)              Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor II)             Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor III)            Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor IV)             Ultra Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor V)              Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor VI)             Rare
Doctor Who (Doctor VII)            Rare
Emperor Dalek                      Rare
Gold Dalek                         Rare
Goth                               Rare
K-9                                Rare
Master, The                        Rare
Meddling Monk, The                 Rare
Rani, The                          Rare
Romana                             Rare
Sisterhood, The                    Rare
Tharils                            Uncommon
White Dalek                        Uncommon
White Guardian, The                Uncommon

--EPISODE CARDS (Purple bordered cards)---------------------

Ark in Space, The [7]              Rare
Aztecs, The [5]                    Uncommon
Black Orchid, The [5]              Uncommon
Castrovalva [5]                    Rare
Claws of Axos, The [6]             Rare
Curse of Fenric, The [6]           Rare
Earthshock [8]                     Rare
Faceless Ones, The [6]             Rare
Genesis of the Daleks [9]          Rare
Ghostlight [7]                     Rare
Massacre, The [6]                  Rare
Mind of Evil, The [7]              Rare
Moonbase, The [7]                  Rare
Myth Makers, The [6]               Uncommon
Planet of Evil [6]                 Rare
Revenge of the Cybermen, The [6]   Rare
Robot [6]                          Rare
Silver Nemesis, The [6]            Rare
Space Pirates, The [6]             Rare
Time Warrior, The [7]              Rare
Timelash [6]                       Rare
Vengeance on Varos [6]             Rare
Web of Fear, The [8]               Rare

--FLASH CARDS (Yellow bordered cards)-----------------------

Alliance, The                      Uncommon
Ancient Law of Gallifrey, The      Rare
Andromeda Sleepers                 Common
Balarium Gas                       Uncommon
Barbed Wire                        Common
Bendalypse Gas                     Uncommon
Blindfold                          Uncommon
Blinovitch Limitation Effect       Rare
Brain Transformer                  Common
C.I.A.                             Uncommon
Cloister Bell                      Common
Crusades                           Common
Cryogenics                         Uncommon
Cyber Bomb                         Common
Dalekanium Bomb                    Common
Double Time                        Rare
Duranium Sheild                    Common
Elixir of Life                     Common
Exterminate!                       Rarity Unknown (Promo card)
Extortion                          Uncommon
Eye of Orion, The                  Common
Faster Than Light Propulsion       Uncommon
Fast Return Switch                 Rare
Flashback                          Rare
Fusion Booster                     Common
Game of Rasillon, The              Uncommon
Genocide                           Rare
Glitter Gun                        Uncommon
Great Fire of London, The          Uncommon
H.A.D.S.                           Common
Hal's Arrow                        Common
Happiness Patrol, The              Common
Harp of Rasillon, The              Rare
Hexachromite Gas                   Uncommon
High Council Meeting               Uncommon
Keeper of Traken, The              Common
Living Power Battery               Rare
Malus, The                         Rare
Master's Presence, The             Uncommon
Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator  Common
Meteorites                         Uncommon
Mind Battle                        Common
Mind Drain                         Common
Movellan Logic                     Rare
Neurotrope X                       Uncommon
Particle Suppressor                Common
P.C.M. Gas                         Common
Q Capsule                          Common
Random Laser Beam Emitter          Rare
Ransom Demand                      Common
Raston Attack                      Common
Robophobia                         Common
Sanctum                            Common
Sonic Cone                         Uncommon
Sonic Toolkit                      Uncommon
Space Special Security             Common
Star Base                          Common
Tartarus                           Common
T.C.E.                             Uncommon
Teleportation                      Uncommon
Temporal Grace                     Uncommon
Thunderbolt Missile                Uncommon
Time Acceleration Beam             Uncommon
Time Barrier                       Common
Time Controller                    Common
Time Corridor                      Rare
Time Eddy                          Common
Time Loop                          Uncommon
Time Ram                           Uncommon
Time Scoop                         Uncommon
Time Stop                          Common
Time Travel                        Uncommon
Time Winds                         Rare
Time Worn                          Uncommon
Trisilicate                        Uncommon
Venusian Aiki-Do                   Uncommon
Viral Destruction                  Rare
Warning                            Rare

--RESOURCE CARDS (Dark Grey bordered cards)-----------------

Bazooka                            Common
Chameleon Circuit                  Common
Death Ray                          Common
Demat Gun                          Uncommon
DN6                                Common
Doomsday Machine                   Ultra Rare
Eye of Harmony, The                Rare
Fenric's Flask                     Rare
Force Field                        Common
Hydromel                           Common
Kartz and Reimer Time Capsule      Uncommon
Kinda Jhana's Box, The             Uncommon
Kontron Crystals                   Rare
Lazar's Disese                     Rare
Master's Spaceship, The            Rare
Oracle, The                        Rare
Records of Rasillon, The           Common
Ring of Rasilon, The               Rare
Rod of Rasilon, The                Rare
Sacred Flame                       Uncommon
Sash of Rasilon, The               Rare
Sea Base Four                      Common
SIDRAT                             Common
Siligtone Dome                     Uncommon
Sonic Screwdriver                  Rare
Space Freighter                    Uncommon
Space Pod                          Uncommon
Space Station                      Common
Spar 7.40                          Uncommon
Spectrox                           Uncommon
Tachyon Recreation Generator       Rare
TARDIS                             Common
Time Dam                           Rare
T-Mat                              Rare
Tomb of Rasillon, The              Uncommon
Total Survival Kit                 Uncommon
Tranquil Repose                    Rare
Transduction Barriers              Common
Trench                             Uncommon
Trionic Lock                       Common
Underground Bunker                 Common
UNIT Headquarters                  Uncommon
Venom Gun                          Common
Vorum Gas                          Rare
V-Ship                             Common
Web Gun                            Common    
Whomobile                          Rare
X-Ray Laser Cannon                 Common 
76 Totters Lane                    Uncommon

--TIME CARDS, PAST (Green bordered cards)-------------------

Time [#1-In Sealed Starter Pack]
     White and black cloudy 
     bands with grouping in 
     upper right corner.           Common

Time [#2-In Sealed Starter Pack]
     Black hole in dark blue
     with 3 white particle 
     streams shooting out.         Common

Time [#3] 
     Purple with black in the 
     center and off to the right.  Common

Time [#4] 
     Light blue oil slick in 
     lower left, black in upper 
     right.                        Common

Time [#5] 
     Figure eight with  purple 
     particles on top, blue 
     particles on bottom.          Common

Time [#6] 
     Spiral to the left into the 
     center of the card in black 
     and purple.                   Uncommon

--TIME CARDS, PRESENT (Orange bordered cards)---------------

Time [#1-In Sealed Starter Pack]
     Two red and yellow bubble-
     like spots in blue bubble-
     like field, white lightning
     in upper right corner.        Common

Time [#2-In Sealed Starter Pack]
     Dark green spiral that 
     starts in lower left corner 
     on yellow background with 
     red bubbles.                  Common

Time [#3] 
     Jagged blue and silver 
     lines on whole card.          Common

Time [#4] 
     Green and black card.         Common

Time [#5] 
     Black and blue pattern with 
     black in card center, a 
     light blue streak in lower
     right corner.                 Uncommon

Time [#6] 
     Red swirl on black into 
     center of the card.           Uncommon

--TIME CARDS, FUTURE (Blue bordered cards)------------------

Time [#1-In Sealed Started Pack]
     Bluish Purple spot in card
     center surrounded by red 
     and yellow with hints of 
     light green in the corners.   Common

Time [#2-In Sealed Starter Pack]
     Small multi-colored spots 
     in card center with green
     in upper right corner, blue
     in lower right, orange in
     lower left, and yellow in 
     upper left.                   Common

Time [#3]
     Spiral galaxy with green 
     arms, center turning 
     towards left with purple
     background.                   Common

Time [#4]
     Circular colors with 
     line from middle bottom 
     breaking up the colors.       Common

Time [#5]
     Multi-colored pattern 
     mainly green, orange, 
     green, with  black bubbles 
     from middle bottom to 
     upper left.                   Uncommon

Time [#6]
     Orange with black stripes 
     from middle of card, 
     center has yellow accent 
     spots.                        Rare

Me   [Misprint card-Same as 
     time #3 future (blue) card]
     Card description is missing
     the letters "T" and "I".      Rarity Unknown

--WATCHER CARDS, PAST (Green bordered cards)----------------

Watcher, The [#1-In Sealed 
     Starter Pack] Blue and 
     black striped orb with 
     dark blue, black and green 
     background.                   Common

Watcher, The [#2]
     Green globe with light
     purple smudges towards
     corners.                      Common

Watcher, The [#3]
     Dark red orb in middle 
     jagged piece pointing left, 
     and black background with
     yellow puzzle-like pieces.    Rare
--WATCHER CARDS, PRESENT (Orange bordered cards)------------

Watcher, The [#1-In Sealed
     Starter Pack] Blue orb with
     yellow swirled pattern that
     has the center turning to 
     the right, background is 
     blue with yellow orange 
     lines around orb.             Common

Watcher, The [#2]
     Green and silver orb with
     red and blue lines to the
     card edge.                    Common

Watcher, The [#3]
     Blue orb with yellow and 
     red lines with similar 
     lines radiating to edge.      Uncommon

--WATCHER CARDS, FUTURE (Blue bordered cards)---------------

Watcher, The [#1-In Sealed
     Starter Pack] Yellow orb
     with red and blue area in 
     orbs upper left, green and
     black striped background.     Common

Watcher, The [#2]
     Red orb with green and 
     black lines, white halo on
     top and bottom of the card.   Common

Watcher, The [#3]
     Green orb with red and blue 
     spots, white and light blue
     lines radiating to edge.      Common



--RARITY UNKNOWN CARDS--------------------------------------

Exterminate! (Promotional card)    Flash
Me (Time Blue #3 misprint)         Future

--ULTRA RARE CARDS------------------------------------------

Davros                             Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor IV)             Timeless
Doomsday Weapon                    Resource

--RARE CARDS------------------------------------------------

Ace                                Present
Ancient Law of Gallifrey, The      Flash
Animus                             Future
Ark In Space, The [7]              Episode
Black Dalek                        Timeless
Black Guardian, The                Timeless
Blinovitch Limitation Effect       Flash
Brigadier, The                     Present
Castrovalva [5]                    Episode
Claws of Axos, The [6]             Episode
Curse of Fenric, The [6]           Episode
Cybercontroller                    Timeless
Cyberleader                        Timeless
Daemons                            Past
Destroyer, The                     Present
Doctor Who (Doctor I)              Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor II)             Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor III)            Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor V)              Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor VI)             Timeless
Doctor Who (Doctor VII)            Timeless
Double Time                        Flash
Earthshock [8]                     Episode
Emperor Dalek                      Timeless
Emperor of Draconia, The           Future
Eye of Harmony, The                Resource
Faceless Ones, The [6]             Episode
Fast Return Switch                 Flash
Fenric's Flask                     Resource
Flashback                          Flash
Genesis of the Daleks [9]          Episode
Genocide                           Flash
Ghostlight [7]                     Episode
Gold Dalek                         Timeless
Goth                               Timeless
Great Intelligence, The            Present
Group Capt. Gilmore                Present
Gustave Lytton                     Present
Harp Of Rasillon, The              Flash
Harry Sullivan                     Present
Ichtar                             Past
K-9                                Timeless
Kamelion                           Present
Katarina                           Past
Kontron Crystals                   Resource
Kronos                             Past
Kublai Khan                        Past
Lazar's Disease                    Resource
Leela                              Past
Living Power Battery               Flash
Malus, The                         Flash
Marine Space Corps                 Future
Massacre, The [6]                  Episode
Master's Spaceship, The            Resource
Master, The                        Timeless
Meddling Monk, The                 Timeless
Melanie Bush                       Present
Mind of Evil, The [7]              Episode
Moonbase, The [7]                  Episode
Movellan Logic                     Flash
Nestene                            Present
Nyssa                              Future
Oracle, The                        Resource
Peking Homunculus                  Past
Planet of Evil [6]                 Episode
Prapilus                           Future
Random Laser Beam Emitter          Flash
Rani, The                          Timeless
Raston Warrior Robot               Future
Revenge Of The Cyberman, The [6]   Episode
Ring of Rasilon, The               Resource
Robot [6]                          Episode
Rod Of Rasilon, The                Resource
Romana                             Timeless
Sash Of Rasilon, The               Resource
Sergeant Benton                    Present
Silver Nemesis, The [6]            Episode
Sisterhood, The                    Timeless
Sonic Screwdriver                  Resource
Space Pirates, The [6]             Episode
Tachyon Recreation Generator       Resource
Tetraps                            Future
Time [Blue #6]                     Future
Time Corridor                      Flash
Time Dam                           Resource
Time Warrior, The [7]              Episode
Time Winds                         Flash
Timelash [6]                       Episode
T-Mat                              Resource
Tranquil Repose                    Resource
Vengeance On Varos [6]             Episode
Viral Destruction                  Flash
Vislor Turlough                    Future
Vorum Gas                          Resource
Warning                            Flash

Watcher, The [Green #3]            Past
Web of Fear, The [8]               Episode
Whomobile                          Resource

--UNCOMMON CARDS--------------------------------------------

Adric                              Future
Aggedor                            Future
Alliance, The                      Flash
Alpha Centauri                     Future
Ambassadors, The                   Present
Atlantean Fish People              Past
Aztecs, The [5]                    Episode
Balarium Gas                       Flash
Barbara Wright                     Present
Ben Jackson                        Present
Bendalypse Gas                     Flash
Black Orchid, The [5]              Episode
Black Scorpion, The                Past
Blindfold                          Flash
C.I.A.                             Flash
Clanton Gang, The                  Past
Cryogenics                         Flash
Demat Gun                          Resource
Dodo Chaplet                       Present
Earp Clan, The                     Past
Extortion                          Flash
Faster Than Light Propulsion       Flash
Game Of Rasillon, The              Flash
Glitter Gun                        Flash
Great Fire Of London, The          Flash
Green Death                        Present
Hexachromite Gas                   Flash
High Council Meeting               Flash
Highlanders                        Past
Ian Chesterton                     Present
Irongron                           Past
Jamie McCrimmon                    Past
Jo Grant                           Present
Kartz and Reimer Time Capsule      Resource
Kastrians                          Present
Kinda Jhana's Box, The             Resource
Linx                               Past
Liz Shaw                           Present
Master's Presence, The             Flash
Mechanoids                         Future
Meteorites                         Flash
Monoids                            Future
Morgaine                           Present
Myth Makers, The [6]               Episode
Neurotrope X                       Flash
Nimon                              Future
Perpugillian Brown                 Present
Polly Lopez                        Present
Prof. Clifford Jones               Present
Sacred Flame                       Resource
Sarah Jane Smith                   Present
Seers                              Future
Siligtone Dome                     Resource
Skarasen                           Past
Sonic Cone                         Flash
Sonic Toolkit                      Flash
Sontarans                          Future
Space Freighter                    Resource
Space Pod                          Resource
Spar 7.40                          Resource
Spectrox                           Resource
Steven Taylor                      Future
Susan                              Present
T.C.E.                             Flash
Tegan Jovanka                      Future
Teleportation                      Flash
Temporal Grace                     Flash
Tharils                            Timeless
Thunderbolt Missile                Flash
Time [Blue #5]                     Future
Time [Green #6]                    Past
Time [Orange #5]                   Present
Time [Orange #6]                   Present
Time Acceleration Beam             Flash
Time Loop                          Flash
Time Ram                           Flash
Time Scoop                         Flash
Time Travel                        Flash
Time Worn                          Flash
Tomb of Rasillon, The              Resource
Total Survival Kit                 Resource
Trench                             Resource
Trisilicate                        Flash
UNIT Headquarters                  Resource
Venusian Aiki-Do                   Flash
Vervoids                           Future
Vicki                              Future
Victoria Waterfield                Present
Watcher, The [Orange #3]           Present
White Dalek                        Timeless
White Guardian, The                Timeless
Winifred Bambera                   Present
Woolfweeds                         Future
Zoe Heriot                         Future
Zygons                             Present
76 Totters Lane                    Resource

--COMMON CARDS----------------------------------------------

Andromeda Sleepers                 Flash
Autons                             Present
Bannermen                          Present
Barbed Wire                        Flash
Bazooka                            Resource
Bok                                Present
Brain Transformer                  Flash
Brothers Of Demnos, The            Past
Chameleon Circuit                  Resource
Chumblies                          Future
Cloister Bell                      Flash
Crusades                           Flash
Cyber Bomb                         Flash
Cybermat                           Timeless
Cybermen                           Timeless
Dalekenium Bomb                    Flash
Daleks                             Timeless
Death Ray                          Resource
DN6                                Resource
Draconian                          Future
Drahvin                            Future
Dulciens                           Future
Duranium Shield                    Flash
Elixir of Life                     Flash
Exxilons                           Future
Eye of Orion, The                  Flash
Fendahleen                         Present
Force Field                        Resource
Fusion Booster                     Flash
Giant Robot                        Present
Greek Hoplites                     Past
H.A.D.S                            Flash
Hal's Arrow                        Flash
Happiness Patrol, The              Flash
Hydromel                           Resource
Ice Warrior                        Future
Keeper Of Traken, The              Flash
Krotons                            Future
Menoptera                          Future
Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator  Flash
Mind Battle                        Flash
Mind Drain                         Flash
Mongol                             Past
Neanderthals                       Past
Ogron                              Present
Particle Suppressor                Flash
P.C.M. Gas                         Flash
Policemen                          Present
Primitives                         Future
Q Capsule                          Flash
Ransom Demand                      Flash
Raston Attack                      Flash
Records Of Rasillon, The           Resource
Robomen                            Present
Robophobia                         Flash
Romans                             Present
Rutans                             Present
Sanctum                            Flash
Sea Base Four                      Resource
Sea Devils                         Past
Shrivenzales                       Future
SIDRAT                             Resource
Silurians                          Past
Space Special Security             Flash
Space Station                      Resource
Star Base                          Flash
TARDIS                             Resource
Tartarus                           Flash
Terileptils                        Past
Time [Blue #1, starter]            Future
Time [Blue #2, starter]            Future
Time [Blue #3]                     Future
Time [Blue #4]                     Future
Time [Green #1, starter]           Past
Time [Green #2, starter]           Past
Time [Green #3]                    Past
Time [Green #4]                    Past
Time [Green #5]                    Past
Time [Orange #1, starter]          Present
Time [Orange #2, starter]          Present
Time [Orange #3]                   Present
Time [Orange #4]                   Present
Time Barrier                       Flash
Time Controller                    Flash
Time Eddy                          Flash
Time Stop                          Flash
Transduction Barriers              Resource
Trionic Lock                       Resource
UNIT Corporal                      Present
UNIT Soldier                       Present
Underground Bunker                 Resource
Venom Gun                          Resource
V-Ship                             Resource
Watcher, The [Blue #1, starter]    Future
Watcher, The [Blue #2]             Future
Watcher, The [Blue #3]             Future
Watcher, The [Green #1, starter]   Past
Watcher, The [Green #2]            Past
Watcher, The [Orange #1, starter]  Present
Watcher, The [Orange #2]           Present
Web Gun                            Resource
X-Ray Laser Cannon                 Resource
Yeti                               Present
Zarbi                              Future



     The following is a list of all the cards that are somehow
incorrectly marked from the perspective of 1) the game and its
play, 2) the spelling on the card, 3) the picture on the card, or
4) canonical errors of various types.
     For the sake of canonical classification, the past is
considered to be a time before the real-world contemporary start
of the Doctor Who television program (pre-1963).  The present is
considered to be 1963 to 1997 (the year this article was first
written).  The future is considered to be any time after the
writing of this article (1998+).  
     Error cards do not include "Time" or "Watcher" cards, but it
should be noted that there is a "Time" card with a misspelling,
and that the photos on all the "watcher" cards are computer
graphic orbs, not the watcher seen in the story "Logopolis."

--ERROR CARDS-FOR PLAY--------------------------------------

Clanton Gang, The        -Card should be labeled "Unique" 
Emperor Dalek            -Card should be labeled "Unique"

--ERROR CARDS-SPELLING MISTAKES-----------------------------

Game of Rasillon, The    -Should be "Rassilon" 
Harp of Rasillon, The    -Should be "Rassilon" 
Peeking Homunculus       -Should be "Peking" [common spelling]
Purpugillian Brown       -Should be "Purpugilliam Brown" 
Records of Rasillon, The -Should be "Rassilon" 
Ring of Rasilon, The     -Should be "Rassilon" 
Rod of Rasilon, The      -Should be "Rassilon" 
Sash of Rasilon, The     -Should be "Rassilon" 
Tomb of Rasillon, The    -Should be "Rassilon" 
Venom Gun                -Should be "Venom Grub"
Woolfweeds               -Should be "Wolfweeds" 

--ERROR CARDS-PHOTOGRAPHS INCORRECT-------------------------

Ancient Law of 
     Gallifrey, The      -Graphic, not photo of book ("Shada").
Andromeda Sleepers       -Photo of Doctor, Peri, and human, not
                              of an actual Andromedian Sleeper-
                              (they never seen on screen).
Autons                   -Plastic mask person in picture is not
                              an Auton but a person in mask from
                              "Terror of the Autons."
Balarium Gas             -Gas is from episode "The Sunmakers,"
                              the photo appears to be Bostok in
                              the story "Revelation of the  
Bazooka                  -Photo of Cyberman burning (caused by a
                              Raston Warrior Robot attack), not
                              of a bazooka weapon.
Bendalypse Gas           -Bendalypse is mentioned in "Timelash,"
                              the photo is from "Warriors of the
Blinovich Limitation 
     Effect              -Picture shows Doctor and Brigadier, not
                              two Brigadiers (demonstrating the
                              breaking of the Effect's law).
Cryogenics               -Shows picture of Cryons, not of a
                              cryogenic chamber.
Cyber Bomb               -Picture of two cybermen not bomb  
Cybercontroller          -Card shows "Tomb of the Cybermen" 
                              symbol, not controller (The   
                              controller had no helmet handles
                              unlike the graphic).
Cybermen                 -Card shows one Cyberman, not plural.
Daemons                  -Card shows one Daemon, not plural.
Dalekanium Bomb          -Picture is of Dalek exploding after
                              being pushed out of window in
                              "Ressurection of the Daleks."
Death Ray                -Graphic, not photo from show.
Demat Gun                -Photo of Sontarans on Gallifrey, not of
                              weapon itself.
Double Time              -Two Cybermen pictured, not clones as
                              card states.
DN6                      -Photo of Lytton in "Attack of the
                              Cybermen" with bleeding hands, DN6
                              was the pesticide in "Planet of the
Duranium Shield          -Graphic, not the metal of Ark from "Ark
                              in Space."
Eye of Harmony, The      -Graphic, not of container holding it
                              from "The Deadly Assassin."
Eye of Orion             -Graphic, not photo from "The Five
Fast Return Switch       -Photo of Tom Baker era console, not of
Fenric's Flask           -Photo of Haemovores, not of the flask.
Force Field              -Graphic, not photo from show.
Fusion Booster           -Photo of Omega not of Booster.
Glitter Gun              -Photo of Dead Cyberman, gun never seen
                              on screen.
Gold Dalek               -Publicity Photo with Pertwee, not from
Great Intelligence, The  -Graphic, (not even a photo) of a pyramid
                              of Yeti control orbs, not the Great
                              Intelligence itself.
Green Death              -Card shows Giant Maggots (the result of
                              green death formula) not the   
                              chemical itself.
H.A.D.S.                 -Graphic, not photo of H.A.D.S. working.
Happiness Patrol, The    -Picture of Candyman not of Happiness
                              Patrol members.
Hexachromite Gas         -Picture of Sontaran in "The Two   
                              Doctors," Hexacromite Gas was seen
                              in "Warriors of the Deep."
Hydromel                 -Picture of Nyssa in her lab area in
                              TARDIS, not of the chemical itself.
Kastrians                -Card shows Eldrad's hand, not a plural
                              number of Kastrians.
Lazar's Disease          -Distorted photo of character that has
                              radiation poisoning, not Lazar's
Meteorites               -Graphic of spots not meteorites.
Mind Battle              -Card shows picture of Gavrok being
                              attacked by sound, not in mind
                              battle, in "Delta and the     
Myth Makers, The [6]     -Card shows picture from episode "Four
                              to Doomsday" not a picture from
                              "The Myth Makers."
Particle Suppressor      -Graphic, not unseen Silurian device
                              from "Warriors of the Deep."
P.C.M. Gas               -Graphic, not unseen anxiety gas from
                              "The Sunmakers."
Q Capsule                -Graphic, not pill used in "Sunmakers."
Ransom Demand            -Photo of Doctor being interrogated in
                              "Day of the Daleks."
Raston Warrior Robot     -Card shows a cyber android from   
                              "Earthshock" not the Raston Warrior
Rod of Rasilon           -Photo from "Shada," rod in photo is
                              not Rassilon's Rod.
Robophobia               -Card shows picture of Mogarans from
                              "The Trial of a Time Lord (Eps.9-
                              12-aka.'Terror of the Vervoids'),
                              they are not robots.
Rutans                   -Card shows lighthouse keeper before he
                              was copied by the Rutan.
Sacred Flame             -Graphic, not photo from show. ("The
                              Brain of Morbius")
Sanctum                  -Card shows door from "Trial of a  
                              Time Lord," not Salamander's hideout
                              in "Enemy of the World."
SIDRAT                   -Graphic, not photo from show. ("The War
Siligtone Dome           -Graphic, not photo of material seen in
Skarasen                 -Card shows Allosaurus dinosaur    
                              from  Doctor Who and the      
                              Silurians , not the Skarasen from
                              "Terror of The Zygons." 
Sonic Cone               -TARDIS interior from "Time and the
                              Rani" not a sonic cone.
Space Pod                -Photo is of the warhead in "Genesis of
                              the Daleks," not of a space pod.
Space Station            -Graphic, not photo from show.
Spectrox                 -Graphic, not photo of nest from show.
                              ("The Caves of Androzani")
Star Base                -Graphic, not photo from show.
Tartarus                 -Graphic, not photo of black hole in
                              "Trial of a Time Lord" (Eps.9-12-
                              aka. 'Terror of the Vervoids')
Teleportation            -Card has manipulated photo of Watcher
                              from "Logopolis" not a picture of
                              teleportation (Transmat).
Time Barrier             -Graphic, not photo from show. ("Face of
Time Corridor            -Graphic, not photo from show.
Time Dam                 -Photo of Captain, not of the Time Dam.
Time Eddy                -Manipulated photo from "Nightmare of
Time Loop                -Graphic, not photo from show.
T-Mat                    -Photo of worker, not of T-Mat machine.
Time Ram                 -Graphic of two TARDISes side by side,
                              not of TARDISes time ramming by
                              materializing in the same place.
Time Scoop               -Photo of Pertwee *used* in time scoop
                              from "The Five Doctors" but the
                              photo is not of the Doctor *in* the
                              time scoop triangle.
Time Winds               -Graphic, Time winds can not be seen.
                              ("Warrior's Gate")
Tranquil Repose          -Photo of Glass Dalek, not of building.
Transduction Barriers    -Graphic, not of controls of the unseen
                              barriers. ("Invasion of Time")
Trench                   -Graphic, not of photo from show.
Trionic Lock             -Photo of Peri exiting TARDIS in "Twin
                              Dilemma," not of lock itself.
Trisilicate              -Photo of Peladonian miners, not of the
UNIT Headquarters        -Photo from lab in "The Time Monster,"
                              this is not UNIT HQ.
Vorum Gas                -Photo of Sarah in "The Five Doctors,"
                              not of the gas that almost affected
                              the Doctor in "The Two Doctors."
V-Ship                   -Graphic, not photo from show. ("The
                              Space Pirates")
White Dalek              -Card has two Daleks in photo, not
White Guardian           -Card has white graphic, not a photo of
                              the guardian from "The Ribos  
X-Ray Laser Cannon       -Graphic, not photo from show.


Ancient Law of
     Gallifrey, The      -From a non-canonical (unbroadcast)
                              story ("Shada")-never seen on
Atlantean Fish People    -Listed as a past card, though in the
                              episode Polly finds a bracelet from
                              the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Should be
                              a present card.
Bannermen                -Listed as a present card, though the 
                              Bannermen could be either Present 
                              or Future beings.  They appeared in
                              an adventure taking place in the 
                              1950s (which is when the photo on 
                              the card is from) and thus for 
                              the given photo should be listed 
                              as a past card.
Bendalypse Gas           -Mentioned in "Timelash," Bendalypse
                              seems not to be a gas but a type of
                              warhead-similar to a Neutron bomb.
Black Dalek              -Should be called "The Dalek Supreme."
Black Scorpion, The      -Card shows Li H'sen Chang a member of
                              the more properly titled "Tong of
                              the Black Scorpion."
Daemons                  -While the Daemon existed in the past,
                              the story took place in the   
Doctor Who (Doctor I)    -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor II)   -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor III)  -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor IV)   -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor V)    -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor VI)   -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Doctor Who (Doctor VII)  -Should be properly titled "The Doctor."
Gustave Lytton           -Lytton's first name is never given on
                              screen.  Also he is from the future
                              when we are introduced to him in
                              "Ressurection of the Daleks."
Icthar                   -Though a Silurian from the past, the
                              photo we see on this card of Ichtar
                              is from "Warrior from the Deep" a
                              future story.  Perhaps card should
                              be a future card.
Kamelion                 -Listed as a past card due to when we
                              meet him ("The King's Demons"), but
                              his exact time of origin is   
Kronos                   -Listed as a past card, Kronos should be
                              considered a "timeless" creature.
Leela                    -Listed as a past card, Leela in fact
                              comes from the future.
Living Power Battery     -Excavating machine in "Frontios" is
                              never explained as having a living
                              power battery.
Melanie Bush             -Mel's last name in never given on
Mind Drain               -From a non-canonical (unbroadcast)
                              story ("Shada")-never seen on
Peeking Homunculus       -Though correctly photographed in a
                              story that takes place in the past,
                              the Peeking Homunculus is actually
                              from the future.
Polly Lopez              -Polly's last name is never given on
                              screen, Lopez was the last name of
                              a Chameleon duplicate of Polly in
                              "The Faceless Ones."
Q Capsule                -The capsule's effect is to keep people
                              awake, in the game the card makes
                              one miss a turn (sleep?).
Robomen                  -Listed as present card, should be
Siligtone Dome           -Siligtone was the material that   
                              Drathro's black light converter was
                              made out of in "The Trial of a Time
                              Lord" (Ep.1-4-aka.'The Mysterious
                              Planet'), it is never seen used as
                              a dome.
Sonic Toolkit            -Picture is of TARDIS toolkit in   
                              "Earthshock" never mentioned to be
Susan                    -Being from Gallifrey, Susan should be
                              listed as Timeless.
Tegan Jovanka            -Listed as a future card, Tegan comes
                              from the present.
Victoria Waterfield      -Listed as a present card, Victoria
                              came from the past.
White Dalek              -Is not a special Dalek with separate
                              name, but a Dalek loyal to    
                              Davros's Dalek faction.



TOTAL NUMBER OF MISPRINTS               = 1  
TOTAL NUMBER OF CARDS                   = 303

RARITY              TOTAL               TOTAL WITHOUT TIME
                                        OR WATCHER CARDS
UNKNOWN               2                         1
ULTRA RARE            3                         3
RARE                 98                        96
UNCOMMON             95                        91
COMMON              105                        84
                    ---                       ---
                    303                       275


Box of Starter Decks=    12 decks (of 69 cards)=  828 cards
Box of Booster Packs=    45 packs (of 12 cards)=  540 cards

Starter Deck consisted of:  1 Rule Book (card sized, 32 pages)
                            1 Sealed Starter Pack of:
                                   6 Time Cards
                                   3 Watcher Cards
                            5 Time or Watcher Cards 
                              of varying rarities
                            3 Rare or Ultra Rare Cards
                           11 Uncommon Cards
                           41 Common Cards

Booster Pack consisted of:  1 Rare or Ultra Rare Card
                            2 Uncommon Cards
                            9 Common Cards



--WRITERS AND ARTISTS (Not including photographers)--

- The original game concept was by Paul Viall and Eamon     
- The rules were by Paul Viall and Eamon Bloomfield.
- The rules were edited and reworked by Paul Viall and Steve
- Graphic Design and illustration was by Julie Chappell.


- The Game was licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd..
- The Game was created and produced by M.M.G. Ltd. in 1996.
- The Cards were printed in Belgium by the Carta Mundi Company
     for  M.M.G. Ltd..
- The Address for the production company is:

     M.M.G. Ltd.
     P.O. Box 433
     London WC2B 5LZ


- Only a black bordered "limited edition" of the cards was  
     printed.  Unlike other games (such as _Magic: The      
     Gathering_) that have a non-limited edition of the game
     printed with a white border, no such release was printed by
     M.M.G. Ltd..

- The outside of the starter deck box says that "There are 300
     common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare cards in total."  This
     is not true as there are 301 standard cards, not including
     the  promotional card and the misprinted card (a true total
     of 303 different cards. 

- The outside of the starter deck box says that it "Contains 60 cards",
     but in reality there are a total of 69 cards included in a starter

- The M.M.G. of the company's name stands for The Multimedia



     This article is a "living document."  Information about the
cards and the game can change as new information is brought to
light.  As of the 10th of December 1997, the author does not own
all of the cards in the set and therefore could not check on the
canonicity of 11 cards.  Also, if someone can confirm the date
and issue of the _Scrye Magazine_ that carried the promotional
card please send the information.  If there are any errors to the
list or important notes not included in this document please send
e-mail to the Earthbound TimeLords at
     The author would like to thank all of those people who have
helped contribute to this card list and who have helped to create
the card list from which some information was drawn.  A
large thanks goes out to those who helped check and create
Robin's card list: Robin, Raistilin Wakefield, Michael Sliger,
Andrew Hung, Tim Anderson, Nathanael Nerode, David Howe, and
Joseph Monticello.  The author would personally like to thank the
other people who have helped him collect the cards and compile
this card list: Z1R0, Brandon Burke, Norm Schonkweiler, John
Rompennain, Steve Schwai, Jon Crampton, Tom Stauber, Joe Stauber,
Andy Burbach, Brian Hicks, Michelle Mueller, Tommy Fuhs, and the 
St. Louis C.I.A..


_Doctor Who: The Collectable Trading Card Game Rule Book_,  
     (London: M.M.G. Ltd., 1996). The rule book was packaged with
     the starter deck boxes of cards.

_Doctor Who: The Collectable Trading Card Game_ [Packaging/
     Boxes], (London: M.M.G. Ltd.,1996).

Personal observations of author, opening card booster packs and
     starter deck boxes in mid June 1996.  Unopened card packs
     and boxes were given to author by Norm Schonkweiler from the
     game store Adventure Games Plus in Milwaukee, WI in early
     spring 1996 but were not opened until June.

Personal observations of author, opening card boxes and packs
     on 28-30 November 1997 and 03-06 December 1997, in     
     Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI.  Unopened card packs and
     boxes were purchased from the fan dealers room at the  
     Visions '97 Convention in Chicago, IL from fan club table of
     the St. Louis C.I.A. Doctor Who club on 28-30 November 1997.

Personal observations of author, opening card boxes and packs on 15-20
     June 1998, in Milwaukee, WI.  Unopened card packs and boxes were
     purchased via the Internet from West Coast Cards.

Robin (, _News Bytes: Doctor Who:  
     COMPLETE Unofficial Card List 1.02_, on the World Wide Web
     (date-11 July 1996) at:

Robin (, _The Unofficial Doctor Who
     Collectable Card Game List v. 1.05_, on the World Wide Web
     (date-02 December 1997) at:

_Scrye Magazine_ (Issue #15), observed by the author that the
     magazine carried the "Exterminate!" promo card in an issue
     in the summer of 1996.

(c) copyright Zepo, 1997.


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