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Doctor Who Collectibles: An Annotated Bibliography

by Z1R0
1 February 1999


     To date, being a serious collector of Doctor Who merchandise has 
proven to be, for many, a complicated proposition.  There is a 
bewildering array of merchandise, but no single guide available to 
collectors to provide descriptions and suggest values.  Recently, 
Arnold Blumberg and David Howe have been attempting to get a Doctor 
Who Price Guide published.  They were turned down by Gemstone Publishing 
and are, at last report, negotiating with another publisher.[1]  Until 
collectors have such a guide at their disposal, they will have to rely
on a combination of miscellaneous printed and online references, word
of mouth, and direct experience.  This bibliography attempts to save
collectors the labour of identifying, in the existing literature,
relevant information about Doctor Who collectibles.
     This bibliography will be divided into two major sections: Books
and Periodicals.  Periodicals will be further subdivided into five
sections: Doctor Who Magazine: Features, Doctor Who Magazine: Gallifrey
Guardian, Doctor Who Magazine: Matrix Databank, Doctor Who Magazine:
Letters; and Miscellaneous Periodicals.  Each citation will include an
annotation describing the contents of the article and, where practical,
a listing of each collectible described.  This will facilitate using an
automated text search function (either in a Web browser or word
processor) to identify citations relating to a particular collectible. 
Almost all of the items described are owned by the 
Earthbound Timelords Research Library.  The High Council is willing, on a 
limited basis, to consult these resources on the behalf of any collector 
requiring information. Requests should be submitted by email to: 
     This bibliography is intended to be a continuous project.  
Citatations from other literature in the Earthbound Timelords Research 
Library that has not yet examined will be added as time permits.  If 
anyone has citations for literature not found in the Earthbound 
Timelords Research Library, please email the High Council at 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I. Books

Haining, Peter, "The Doctor Who Library," in _Doctor Who: A Celebration: 
Two Decades Through Time and Space_ (London : W.H. Allen, 1983), 231-

     This is simply a list of the first 82 Target novelizations, a list 
of ten Target non-fiction titles, and a list of two W.H. Allen titles.  
Only author and title are listed for each.

"Merchandising: Just Look at the Goodies the Fans Can Buy," in _BBC 
Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special_ (London : BBC, 1983), 40.

     This short article contains mentions of wallpaper, ceramic tiles, 
mug, chew bar, Easter egg, dolls, pencil box, posters, yo-yo, books, 
underpants, sweatshirt, baseball cap, moneybox, and TARDIS-shaped video 
arcade game.  There are photos of logo and Cybermen t-shirts, K-9 toy, 
TARDIS playhouse, a TARDIS box, issue #80 of _Doctor Who Magazine_, and 
eight photo stills (K-9, Tegan, Turlough, The Master [Ainley], The 
Doctor [Davison], two of Nyssa, and one of three Daleks).

"Merchandising: Doctor Who - On Computer," in _BBC Doctor Who 20th 
Anniversary Special_ (London : BBC, 1983), 41.

     This short article contains a description of _Doctor Who: The First 
Adventure_, a computer software game released in 1983 for the BBC 
microcomputer system.

Banks, David, "Section IV: Datalog, File II: Spin-offs," in _Doctor Who: 
Cybermen_ (Dorset : Who Dares, 1988), 134 -140.

     This section is divided into three parts.  The first part of the 
section is "The Novelizations."  This lists the ten Target novelizations 
of the Cybermen serials. Each entry includes title, author, serial on 
which the novelization is based, authors of the serial, cover artist, 
illustrations artist, publication date, and Target series number.    
     The second part of the section is "The Merchandise."  This mentions 
Cybermen-related items such as the Palitoy doll of 1975, games, 
chocolate figures, chewy bars, Typhoo Tea wallchart and cards, Weetabix 
'Action Zone' game cards, badges, prismatic stick-ons, t-shirts, jigsaw 
puzzle, credit card, posterprint, bookmarks, artcards, metal and plastic 
models, FASA role-playing game module, holograms, calendars, and the 
Golden Wonder crisps promotion.   
     The third part of the section is "The Comic Strips."  This mentions 
the Cybermen appearance in the Golden Wonder crisps promotion comic 
"Revelation!," appearances in comic strips from _TV Comic/Countdown/TV 
Action_  and _Doctor Who Weekly / Doctor Who Monthly_, and appearances 
in the fanzines.  Specifically described are the following strips: "The 
Return of the Cybermen," "Flower Power," "Cyber-Mole," "Empire of the 
Cybermen," "Conflict on Ice," Throwback- the Soul of a Cyberman," 
"Deathworld," "The Ship of Fools," "Black Legacy," and "Junkyard Demon."  
Each description includes strip title, periodical title, issue numbers, 
writer, artist, and a story synopsis. 

Haining, Peter, "Doctor Who and the Merchandisers," in _Doctor Who: 25 
Glorious Years_ (London : W.H. Allen, 1988), 172-183.

     This chapter begins with a discussion of the origins and dynamics
of television and film merchandising generally.  The focus then turns
specifically to the BBC and the advent of "Dalekmania" in merchandising,
circa 1964-5.  Mention is made of the Tuckwell and Barker glossy sales
     The following collectibles are described: Louis Marx Daleks (grey 
and black 'mystery action' aka 'tricky action', Rolykin), Herts Plastic 
Moulders push-along Daleks, Cadet Sweets Dalek sweet-cigarette cards, 
Cherilea Toys 'Tempo' cowboy-sized Daleks, Peter Pan Toys Dalek paint by 
number set, Woolworths Dalek jigsaws, Selcol Ltd Dalek nursery toy, Lone 
Star Toys Anti-Dalek Rocket Gun, Anti-Dalek Fluid Neutraliser, "Landing 
of the Daleks" single, Polydor Records Roberta Tovey "Who's Who" single, 
Go-gos "I'm Going to Spend my Christmas with a Dalek" single, Century 
21's "Daleks" EP, Scorpion Automotives Dalek playsuits (original and 
simplified versions), Scorpion Automotives Dalek punching bag, Dinky 
Toys GPO phone kiosk and blue police public call box gift set, Plaston 
TARDIS money-box, Chad Valley Toys Give-a-Show Projector, Zarbi badge, 
colouring books, join-up-the-dots books, TV Comic, TV 21 comic strip, 
Dalek annuals, Doctor Who annuals, hardback novelizations, Sky Ray ice 
lolly Doctor Who trading cards, push-along Mechanoid, Frazer Hines' "Who 
is Doctor Who" single, Kellogg's Sugar Smacks metal lapel badges 
(Doctor, Brigadier, Jo, Master), Doctor Who wall poster ("Colony in 
Space" - Doctor menaced by giant claw), Palitoy talking Dalek, Weetabix 
breakfast cereal promotion, Ty-Phoo Tea promotion, Nestles milk 
chocolate bars promotion, poster magazines, birthday cards, playing 
cards, note-pads, Today Promotions Doctor Who woolen scarf (long, extra 
long), Action Man scaled figures (Giant Robot, Cyberman, Dalek, TARDIS, 
K-9, Tom Baker, Leela), Denys Fisher K-9 doll, Palitoy talking K-9, 
Dekker Ltd TARDIS play tent, GAF Corp Viewmaster reels (Castrovalva), 
John McElroy's 'Whomobilia' photos, Keith Barnfather's Reeltime Pictures 
videotape interviews with Doctor Who stars, Stuart Evans construction 
kits, and Ron Katz's Doctor Who Fan Club of America sweatshirts and 
enameled badges.  
     The chapter includes pictures of a Marshall Ward Dalek Playsuit ad, 
a Woolworth's Dalek and Mini Dalek badges ad, a Scorpion Automotives 
Dalek playsuit ad, the _Doctor Who and the Daleks_ color movie poster, a 
Doctor Who milk chocolate wrapper, and Doctor Who t-shirts.

Howe, David J., "Collectors' Corner: The Silly Season," in _Doctor Who 
Yearbook 1993_ (London : Marvel, 1993), 27.

     This article describes Souvenir & Panther's _The Dalek Pocketbook
and Space-Travellers Guide_, Target's _Junior Doctor Who and the Giant
Robot_ and _Junior Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius_, British Home
Stores' Doctor Who underpants, and Waddingtons' Fifth Doctor jigsaws.

Howe, David J. [MC `Howie' Howe], "Terrible Tunes," in  _Doctor Who 
Yearbook 1993_ (London : Marvel, 1993), 46.

     This article describes the following singles: Timelords "Doctorin'
the TARDIS," Jon Pertwee's "Who is the Doctor?," The Earthlings'
"Landing of the Daleks," Bullamankanka's "Doctor Who is Gonna Fix It,"
Frazer Hines' "Who's Doctor Who," Blood Donor's "Doctor...?," Roberta
Tovey's "Who's Who," Slaves of Kane's "Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer," Who
Cares' "Doctor in Distress," and the Go Gos' "I'm Gonna Spend my
Christmas with a Dalek."

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Welcome to the 
Toyshop," in _Doctor Who: The Sixties_ (London : Doctor Who, 1992), 

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Listing of 
Doctor Who Merchandise Released 1963-1969," in _Doctor Who: The 
Sixties_ (London : Doctor Who, 1992), 158-159.

Pixley, Andrew, "Guide to the TV Guides," in Leigh, Gary (editor), _The 
DWB Compendium: The Best of the First 100 Issues_ (Brighton : 
Dreamwatch, 1993), 127-129.

     This is a review of 34 published guides to specific television 
series.  Five of the reviews are for guides to _Doctor Who_.  These 
include _The Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book_, _Doctor Who: The 
Programe Guide_, Doctor Who: The Terrestrial Index_, Doctor Who: The 
Universal Databank_, and _Doctor Who - The Sixties_.  Each review 
includes title, author, publisher, price, text of the review, and a 1-5 
checkmarks rating.

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Welcome to the 
Toyshop," in _Doctor Who: The Seventies_ (London : Doctor Who, 1995), 

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Listing of 
Doctor Who Merchandise Released 1970-1979," in _Doctor Who: The 
Seventies_ (London : Doctor Who, 1995), [176-177].

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Welcome to the 
Toyshop," in _Doctor Who: The Eighties_ (London : Doctor Who, 1996), 

Howe, David J.; Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, "Listing of 
Doctor Who Merchandise Released 1970-1979," in _Doctor Who: The 
Eighties_ (London : Doctor Who, 1996), 174-177.

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II. Periodicals

* * * * *

A. Doctor Who Magazine: Features

"Doctor Who & the Merchandisers," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 
59 (December 1981), 32-36.

"Doctor Who Collectors' Guide," _Doctor Who Monthly_ No. 71 (December 
1982), 33-38.

"Christopher Crouch Interview," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ (1984), 4-

"Records: Galllifreyan Grooves," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ (1984), 

"Books: Doctor Who - Non-Fiction Books," _Doctor Who Summer Speical_ 
(1984), 16-18.

"Foreign Books: Doctor Who - Overseas," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ 
(1984), 20-21.

"Books: Doctor Who  - The Books," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ (1984), 
24-25, 27.

"Annuals: The Doctor Who Year Books," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ 
(1984), 35-37.

"Fan Press: The Fanzines - Magazines Made For Love Not Money," _Doctor 
Who Summer Special_ (1984), 38-41.

"The Comics," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ (1984), 42-43.

"Confection," _Doctor Who Summer Special_ (1984):, 44.

* * * * *

B. Doctor Who Magazine:  Gallifrey Guardian

"The Latest From Target," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 28 (23 April 1980), 

     This article announces the release of the Target novelization of 
_Stones of Blood_, and the Target re-issue of the novelizations for 
_Claws of Axos_, _Brain of Morbius_, and _Invisible Enemy_.

"New Cover," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 33 (28 May 1980), 16.

     This article describes problems involved in the making of the 
covers for the Target novelizations of _Power of Kroll_, _Keys of 
Marinus_, _Dalek Invasion of Earth_.

"Dr Who's U.S. Comic Book," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 35 (12 June 1980), 

     This article describes the Dell _Dr Who and the Daleks_ film comic 
published in 1965.

"K-9's Cover Up," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 35 (12 June 1980), 23.

     This article announces the release of the Target novelization of 
_Androids of Tara_.  It also describes how this is the first of seven 
novelizations released that feature K-9 as a character, but the first to 
actually have K-9 on the cover.

"A Marter To The Cause," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 36 (19 June 1980), 

     This article describes how the Target novelization of _Enemy of the 
World_ was taken off of the Target publication schedule due to the death 
of assigned author, David Whitaker, and that Ian Marter was assigned to 
replace him.

"Pinnacle Paperbacks in U.S.," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 37 (26 June 
1980), 23.

     This article announces that Pinnacle will release another ten 
novelizations (which they never did).

"Arrow Books Launch Into Dr Who," _Doctor Who Weekly_ No. 38 (3 July 
1980), 21.

     This article announcemes the release by Arrow of _Doctor Who 
Technical Manual_.

"Doctor Who Conquers the United States," _Doctor Who: A Marvel 
Monthly_ No. 48 (January 1981), 4.

     This article announces the release by Marvel of the first issue of 
the _Marvel Premiere_  comic to feature Doctor Who.

"Puzzle Over William Hartnell Jigsaw," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ 
No. 48 (January 1981), 5.

     This article describes the 1965 29-piece Hartnell jigsaw.

"More Doctor Who Merchandising Due For Christmas Release," _Doctor 
Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 48 
     (January 1981), 5.

     This article describes the 1981 _Doctor Who Annual_ and the four 
Sparrow K-9 books (_K-9 and the Time Trap_, _K-9 and the Beasts of 
Vega_, _K-9 and the Zeta Rescue_, and _K-9 and the Missing Planet_).

"A Day in the Life," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 50 (March 
1981), 4.

     This article describes the book _A Day in the Life of a TV 

"A Howell-ing Success," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 50 (March 
1981), 5.

     This article describes the Mankind disco version of the Doctor Who 
theme released in 1978.

"Beanz Meanz Bookz," Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 50 (March 
1981), 5.

     This article describes the Cross and Blackwell mail-in bean tin 
label promotion for the pop-up TARDIS book.

"World's End for Target," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 51 (April 
1981), 4.

     This article announces the release of the Target novelization of 
_Enemy of the World_, and their release of the _Doctor Who Programme 
Guide_.  It also describes a dispute between W.H. Allen and Target.

"New Who Product for New Year," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 51 
(April 1981), 4.

     This article describes Doctor Who postcards, a scarf, and a t-shirt 
available at the Blackpool and Longleat Exhibition.

"Tomorrow the World," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 52 (May 
1981), 4.

     This article describes the following foreign language versions of 
Target novelizations: _Doctor Who e a Mudanca da Historia_ (_Day of the 
Daleks_ in Portuguese), _Tohtori Kuka ja Autonien Hyokkays_ (_Auton 
Invasion_ in Finish), _Doctor Who en de Invasie van de Autonen_ (_Auton 
Invasion_ in Dutch), _Doctor Who - der Planet der Dalek_ (_Planet of the 
Daleks_ in German), _Doctor Who - die Dalek-Invasion der Erde_ (_Dalek 
Invasion of Earth_ in German), _Doctor Kim ve Korkune Karadanlari_ 
(Abomninable Snowmen_ in Turkish).  Also described are six other unnamed 
Turkish titles, Japanese versions of _Dr Who and the Daleks_ and _Auton 
Invasion_, and pending Spanish and Italian version of _Web of Fear_ and 
_Brain of Morbius_.

"I Love You My Dalek!," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 54 (July 
1981), 4.

     This article describes the 1964 single by the Go-Joes "I'm Going 
to Spend My Christmas With a Dalek."

"Target Books Update," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 54 (July 
1981), 4.

     This article announces the release of the hardback Target 
novelizations of _Doctor Who and the Cybermen_ and _State of Decay_ as 
well as the release of Target's _Doctor Who Programme Guide_.  Also 
described is the cancellation of Sparrow's _Doctor Who Technical 

"Viewmaster's Vanish from View," _Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 55 
(August 1981), 5.

     This article describes the withdrawal from circulation of 
Viewmaster slides for "Full Circle" due to copyright problems.

_Doctor Who Monthly_ No. 66 (July 1982), 4.

     This one page installment of the "Gallifrey Guardian" section of  
_Doctor Who Monthly_ features photo reproductions of the _Dalek 
Merchandise Supplement_ published circa 1965 for the release of the film 
_Doctor Who and the Daleks_.  The Supplement appears to have been a 
single sheet folded to make four pages.  The reproduction lacks 
sufficient detail to read the small text - one can only make out the 
headings.  The reproductions were oriented such that the bottoms of the 
first and fourth pages overlap,  and obscure from view, the tops of 
second and third pages.  There is a close-up, and readable, reproduction 
of the section from page three describing the inflatable Dalek. The 
items that are visibly listed on the Supplement are: Battery Operated 
Dalek, Friction Drive Dalek, Dalek Construction Kit, 4 " Friction 
Drive Dalek, Dalek Rolykin, Dalek Bagatelle (Vertical), Dalek Bagatelle 
(Horizontal), Transfer Sheets, Give-A-Show Projection - Dr. Who, Dalek 
Pencils, Dr. Who's Anti-Dalek Fluid Neurtraliser, The "Dr. Who" Dalek 
Painting by Numbers, The Dalek Painting Book, Paint and Draw the Film of 
Dr. Who and the Daleks, Dalek World, Inflatable Daleks, Dalek Balloons, 
Clockwork Dalek, The Dalek High Flying Spade Kite, and Push Along Toy 
Model Daleks.

* * * * *

C. Doctor Who Magazine: Matrix Databank

_Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 51 (April 1981), 5.

     This article describes Marvel's _Marvel Premiere_ comics #57-60 and 
the pending Marvel _Doctor Who_ comic series.

* * * * *

D. Doctor Who Magazine: Letters

_Doctor Who: A Marvel Monthly_ No. 51 (April 1981), 6.

     This is an incomplete list of Target novelizations, Target non-
fiction, and Annuals sent in by a reader.

* * * * *

E. Miscellaneous Periodicals

"If You Want to Buy a Dalek Try the BBC," _The Daily Mail_  (8 
February 1964), ?.

"BBC Ban a Dalek Record," _The Daily Mail_ (29 January 1965), ?.

"Blaze Wipes Out 300 Daleks," _Daily Mail_ (17 April 1965), ?.

_Games and Toys_  (mid-1965), ?.

This is an 18 page advertisement feature to promote all the 
companies producing Dalek-related merchandise.


1) Lyon, Shaun. _Dr. Who Alliance of North America_ Issue #6 (October 
30, 1998). Available (Online): http://alliance.shada.com/issue6.txt.
[Information received by Shaun Lyon via email at 
dwalliance@geocities.com from Arnold Blumberg at 

(c) copyright Z1R0, 1999.

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