first broadcast - 23rd April 1966
running time - 23mins 57secs


(STEVEN and DODO are with CYRIL is who now dressed as a schoolboy. He is about to lead them to the next game.)

DODO: Steven - look. The Doctor's reached move 902.

(DODO and STEVEN observe the tally.)

STEVEN: Well, we'll have to hurry. C'mon, where's the next game we have to play?

CYRIL: (laughing) Yaroooh! It's right over here. You won't find it so easy this time, you know... 'cause you see, you'll be playing against me!

(CYRIL's round face with big, blue eyes displays a devilish expression that makes STEVEN and DODO draw back from him. They get over this, however, and follow CYRIL down the passageway. It gets brighter and brighter as they walk. Finally the come to a room saturated with light - the ceiling, walls, and floor are all lit up.)


Well, here we are. Here's the next game - TARDIS Hopscotch.

(All over the floor in a twisted, snake-like fashion is a series of triangles lit up in different colors. They are numbered one to 14. Triangle 14 is the biggest, and it has the word "HOME" flashing on the top. At the other side of the room there is a triangle marked "START".)

STEVEN: What are we supposed to do with it?

(Cyril opens his hand to reveal dice. He offers one each to STEVEN and DODO)

CYRIL: Well, it's very simple, really. Y'see, each player takes one of these dice, and throws them onto the triangle, and the number that you've thrown will appear up at the end there, on the dice indicator.

(CYRIL points to a large pole with red, white and blue stripes at the back of the room. Also at the back of the room is a police box.)

That's to make absolutely certain that no one can cheat. And you move forward the number that you've thrown. The first one to reach triangle 14's the winner. Easy, isn't it?

STEVEN: (suspiciously) It's too easy. What's the catch?

CYRIL: No catch. First one home's the winner.

STEVEN: (shaking his head) Then that gives us a two-to-one chance over you.

CYRIL: Why, so it does! Well, there you are. You just jump from triangle to triangle. The first one home wins.

STEVEN: Why do we have to jump?

CYRIL: Well, you can walk if you like, but I shouldn't, if I were you.

STEVEN: (chuckling) W-why not?

CYRIL: (smiling) Well you see, all the area between the triangles is electric... and you'll be killed.


(THE DOCTOR continues the game while THE TOYMAKER looks on.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (to THE DOCTOR, gloating) I don't think your friends will do so well now, Doctor. Cyril hates to lose, so he makes sure that he never does.

(THE DOCTOR's hand hesitates. The tally indicator reads 905.)

Oh, don't stop playing, Doctor - you're so near the end. Soon you'll discover whether or not you got the sequence right.

(THE DOCTOR does the next move.)

I think you need help.

(to the game pieces in a high-pitched voice) Go from move 930!

(The game pieces, once again, move by themselves. The tally indicator moves up to 930.)

At this rate, you'll finish your game long before Steven and Dodo find the TARDIS.

(gloating) It will be fun having you here! And your friends will make charming dolls. It may interest you to know that their chairs are ready and waiting for them in the doll house.

(THE TOYMAKER points to a doll's house. In it are two tiny chairs, one labeled "STEVEN" and the other "DODO.".)


(The group are getting ready to play.)

CYRIL: Now, you all know what we have to do?


CYRIL: Ah, ladies first, if you don't mind.

(CYRIL bows to DODO. She throws her die on to the floor.)

DODO: Three.

STEVEN: Careful, Dodo.

(DODO moves around the board a bit unsteadily, counting.)

DODO: One... two... three.

CYRIL: (to STEVEN) Ah, and you're next.

STEVEN: (sarcastically) You're just too good to be true, aren't you?

(CYRIL just gives STEVEN another smile. STEVEN throws his die.)


(STEVEN moves around the board, counting.)

One... two... three... four.

(STEVEN lands on number five. A buzzer sounds. On the indicator in the back of the room the message reads "GO TO 7".)

It says go on to number seven. Do I?

CYRIL: (with big disappointment) Yes, go on.

(STEVEN moves again, counting.)

STEVEN: One... two...

CYRIL: Oh, by - by the way, I - I should have told you. I - if you land on a triangle that is already occupied, the first player has to go back to the starting post.

STEVEN: (sarcastic chuckle) Now I see why you let us go first. Alright, go on, don't keep us in suspense.

CYRIL: But it's all part of the game, ol' chap.

(CYRIL rolls his die.)

Ah, two.

(CYRIL moves around, counting.)

One... two.

(Now he is on number three.)

DODO: Right, my turn. I think I'm going to enjoy this game.

(DODO rolls her die.)


(very disappointed) Oh, I'm sorry Steven. Do I have to send you back to the start?

STEVEN: Look, surely we can't send each other back. We're supposed to be playing together.

CYRIL: (annoyed) If you don't abide by the rules, you can't possibly win the game!

DODO: He's right, Steven. We must play fair. After all, we are two to one.

STEVEN: (ungraciously)


(with disgust) Alright.

(STEVEN starts hopping back to the starting point.)

(to DODO with suspicion) Watch him.

(When STEVEN reaches the starting point there is a loud beep. The indicator in the back of the room lights up with the words "MISS A TURN.")

(dismayed) What's that mean?

CYRIL: (laughing) He's pretending he doesn't understand the rules! What a sense of humor!

(nastily) Ya go back a turn! My turn now, I think.

(He rolls the die.)

Ah! A three.

(CYRIL moves around, counting.)

One... two... three! I'm two right behind you!


(THE DOCTOR continues the trilogic game with THE TOYMAKER standing by.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (to THE DOCTOR, smiling) Only 72 moves to go. Cyril seems to have the game well in hand. Your friends are tiring, Doctor. I don't think they're going to get your TARDIS back.

(THE DOCTOR makes the next move.)

As you are certainly going to lose, I feel I should be kinder to you. You're no longer under the ban of silence.

(He snaps his fingers.)

(softly) There! I have given you back your voice.

(THE DOCTOR says nothing but continues the game. The tally recorder reads 960.)

Now you're sulking! Or have you forgotten how to speak?

THE DOCTOR: (angrily) Throughout this game you have spent a great deal of trouble in trying to break my concentration! Hmm! And it's very unlikely that you will succeed now!

(THE TOYMAKER says nothing.)


(CYRIL was the last to go. While he is busy moving around the triangles, DODO turns her attention to the back of the room to check on THE DOCTOR's progress - the robot is there with the score. Afterward, she turns around and looks CYRIL's way. She screams, almost falling off her triangle. Someone in a hideous mask is staring at her.)

DODO: Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

(CRYIL removes the mask to reveal his face.)

CYRIL: It's only me, Cyril.

STEVEN: Look, I told you before about these idiotic jokes. She nearly fell off!

(STEVEN jumps over to join them.)

CYRIL: It's all part of the game, old chap. Now you can go back to the start for cheating!

DODO: That's not fair, is it?

CYRIL: Certainly! He moved out of his triangle, and it wasn't his turn. And I've landed on your triangle, so you can both go back to the start!

STEVEN: (totally frustrated) Oh! I've had enough of this. He makes up the rules as he goes along. C'mon, Dodo. I'm going to the finish line. I want to see if that's the real TARDIS or not.

(STEVEN begins hopping on the triangles, heading for "HOME". As he does so, THE TOYMAKER suddenly appears before him.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (to STEVEN) Don't you like my little game?

(STEVEN is briefly startled.)

STEVEN: No, I don't!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: What a pity to give up now, having overcome so many obstacles.

DODO: (shaking her head) We're not giving up!


STEVEN: I just want to get to the end of this!

(STEVEN tries to get past THE TOYMAKER, but he can't. An invisible wall blocks him.)

It's no good - some sort of invisible barrier.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Precisely. A barrier that yields only to those who play the game according to the rules! So perhaps you'll go back to the platform where you started.

(THE TOYMAKER gives STEVEN a cool smile and then vanishes.)

STEVEN: C'mon, Dodo.

(They both head back to the beginning. As STEVEN lands on "HOME," something hits him on the neck. He nearly falls. He turns around as CYRIL puts away a sling-shot.)

CYRIL: (crying out happily) Yeeahhh! One up for me. My turn now, I think.

(He shakes the die.)

Ah! A two.

(He moves along and counts.)

One... two.

STEVEN: (to DODO) I'm going to see if there's any invisible barrier around his backside!

DODO: Better not. Who's turn is it?


(He rolls the die.)

Ah! That's better - six.

(STEVEN moves about, counting.)


(STEVEN nearly loses his balance when landing on "TWO.")

Three... four... five... six.

(to CYRIL) Do I get a second turn for a six?

CYRIL: Eh? Certainly not!

STEVEN: (dryly) No, I thought not somehow.


(THE DOCTOR continues the trilogic game as THE TOYMAKER watches on.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (to THE DOCTOR) I think they'll abide by the rules now, Doctor. Don't you agree?

(THE DOCTOR is silent.)

There was no point in giving you back your power of speech if you're going to just sit there silent and solemn.

THE DOCTOR: (dryly) And you seem to say quite enough for both of us. In any case, I'm busy.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Your friends are not doing very well.

THE DOCTOR: I think your friend Cyril won't do so well when Steven catches up with him, hmm?

(THE DOCTOR chuckles.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Poor Steven! Little does he know. You're playing too slowly, Doctor.

(To the game pieces in a high-pitched voice) Go from move 1,000!

(The game pieces move themselves.)

Only 23 moves to go. And look!

(He looks up to the screen monitoring the game.)

Your friend Steven has had to miss a turn.


(STEVEN lands on a triangle near the center of the game when he gets a "MISS A TURN". CYRIL is near the finish.)

STEVEN: Oh, no! Not another "MISS A TURN"!

CYRIL: (laughing) You can't possibly win now! Why don't you both give up?

STEVEN: (ignoring CYRIL) It's up to you now, Dodo. C'mon, give it a good shake.

(DODO rolls the die.)

DODO: Six!

(While DODO and STEVEN are concentrating on her move, CYRIL spreads powder around the triangle in which he is standing. He cautiously steps on the powder and his foot slides forward. He smiles to himself.)

(DODO counts as she moves.)

One... two... three... four... five... six! Now I only need four to get home.

(Seeing that DODO is catching up to him, CYRIL is visibly disappointed. His eyes look hard and cold.)

CYRIL: (bragging) And I only need three. And it's my turn now, too bad, isn't it, hmm?

(He rolls the die.)

(With big disappointment) Ohhh... two.

(He counts as he moves.)

One... two.

(The triangle he lands on buzzes and reads "GO TO 9". CYRIL turns to the others. They're watching the tally counter. CYRIL bends down trying to block the message with his body while he ties his shoe lace. DODO catches him out of the corner of her eye.)

DODO: Steven, look! He has to go back to nine!

STEVEN: C'mon! Look who's trying to cheat now?

CYRIL: Give a chap a chance to grab his shoelace, will you.

(CYRIL moves back very carefully so that he does not slip on the powder.)

One... two... three... four.

STEVEN: That's better. Now c'mon, Dodo! You must throw a four.

(DODO shakes the die. CYRIL cuts in with a cry of agony. DODO turns to him and sees him lying on the triangle with one foot hanging over the edge. As he brings it up, DODO observes that he stocking is blood-soaked.)

DODO: Steven, do you think he's really hurt?

(CYRIL pulls off his shoe. His entire sock is soaked with blood.)

STEVEN: (exasperated) It's another trick! Roll the dice!

DODO: Look! He's bleeding! He's hurt! We simply can't just leave him!

STEVEN: (totally frustrated) PLAY!

DODO: NO! I'm going to help him!

(She jumps over to CYRIL's square.)


DODO: (to CYRIL as she looks at his foot) Oh, look! You'd better take your sock off.

(As she pulls his sock off, she discovers that her hands are now covered with red ink, not blood.)

(surprised) Hey! That's red ink!

CYRIL: Of course it is! You're a silly little fool, you are! Now you can go back to the start for losing - letting - for getting out of your triangle - and miss a turn. That means it's my turn now!

DODO: (outraged) Well, of all the spiteful things!

(CYRIL jumps to his bare feet and rolls the die.)

CYRIL: Teach you to think that you could beat me at a game! A five!

(rejoicing) Hooray! I've won! Yahhh! Hoorah for me! Yahoo -

(in agony) Aaaahhhh!

(CYRIL jumps the triangles toward the home base but forgets about the slippery trap he's prepared for STEVEN and DODO. He now falls into it. He tries to keep his balance but fails. He overshoots the edge of the slippery triangle and lands with a crash on the electrified floor. He screams, smoke rises, and then there is silence. CYRIL's charred body lies on the floor.)

DODO: What happened?

STEVEN: Well, I don't know. Poor old Cyril.

(STEVEN jumps over to CYRIL's slippery triangle and manages to keep his balance. He examines the powder carefully.)

Hey, this triangle is covered in slippery powder! He must have put this here himself and forgotten all about it.

If he fell in his own trap, it serves him right. C'mon Dodo. The game's over.

DODO: (shaking her head) No, we've got to play the game to the end. You heard what the Toymaker said. I'm sure I can throw that four.

(She shakes the die and closes her eyes in concentration.)

STEVEN: Alright! Well hurry! Look at that tally!

(Now the tally reads 1,014.)

The Doctor's almost finished his game!

(DODO rolls the die and gets a "4".)

DODO: (squealing with delight) Four! We won Steven!

(DODO slips on the powder but keeps her footing.)


STEVEN: (exasperated) Oh, no! I told you about the powder. Now take it easy. We mustn't lose now. Now go on. I'll follow you over.

(The two jump over the triangles and reach home base. They go to the police box. DODO puts her hand on the door and tries to open it, but it's locked.)

DODO: Perhaps it's just another fake.


(By now THE DOCTOR's almost completed his game - he's now reached 1,022. He is completely visible now as well since the others have, indeed, found the real TARDIS.)

THE DOCTOR: (to THE TOYMAKER while tapping his lapel) Well, I was right.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Make the last move, Doctor.

(THE DOCTOR walks over to a control panel and switches on the screen.)

THE DOCTOR: No! Not yet. Ehh, ehh, excuse me. Yes, I see Steven and Dodo have found the TARDIS. Wonderful trick! And, uh, your little trick is broken. I am now visible!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: You are, indeed, Doctor. Well done. The three of you have won your little game.

THE DOCTOR: I am glad you take it so calmly. Well, now, if you will excuse me, I will go and see if the TARDIS is alright.

(THE DOCTOR gets up, walks over to the wall, part of which slides away, and passes through. He enters the game room where STEVEN and DODO are.)


(DODO and STEVEN have their backs to THE DOCTOR as they continue examining the police box.)

DODO: Just suppose it isn't the real one!

STEVEN: But it must be! If it wasn't, something would have happened by now. And listen!

(The police box hums.)

DODO: What?

STEVEN: It's humming. Only the real TARDIS does that.

DODO: Are you sure the Toymaker couldn't have made one of his a humming one?

STEVEN: Why didn't he make the others do it?

THE DOCTOR: Well done, my boy!

(Startled, STEVEN and DODO abruptly turn around.)

STEVEN: Doctor!

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I'm back with you.

(STEVEN sighs with relief.)

Well done! I'm very glad to hear that you're bringing logic into your guesses.

(STEVEN laughs.)

DODO: Oh you're safe! You've won your game!

(DODO hugs him.)

THE DOCTOR: Yes, my dear, and I think it was high time that we were off.

STEVEN: And I can't wait to leave this place. I don't want to play another game - ever!

THE DOCTOR: Well, I don't think that's, ah, going to be likely, dear boy, hmm.

(Instantly, THE TOYMAKER appears before them via the tally screen.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: I hope that I do not interrupt the council of war.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, my dear friend, don't waste our time on trivial formalities. You have been defeated so now leave us alone!

DODO: You know you must lose in the end.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Only I can win. If I lose, the Doctor and I go down together.

(THE TOYMAKER and THE DOCTOR speak at once. THE DOCTOR wins out.)

THE DOCTOR: Now don't start red herrings, you charlatan!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Go on, young people. Go on! Ask your elderly friend if he can win completely.

(There is a brief pause.)

STEVEN: (in a low voice) Is it true Doctor? Are we bound to fail?

THE DOCTOR: (shaking his head) No, my dear boy. He's just tricking us into despair. Take no notice of him.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Tell them the truth, Doctor. Hide nothing.

DODO: You must tell us. We ought to know.

THE DOCTOR: Well, I am compelled to tell the truth. It is possible that, ah, the Toymaker can drag us down in defeat with him, unless...

STEVEN: Unless what??

THE DOCTOR: Well, it's all very simple. It's a matter of the battle of our brains.

DODO: Well, do we have a chance to escape?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, we still have a chance, but we must proceed with cunning, hmm?

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (smiling) An impossible chance.

STEVEN: (to THE TOYMAKER, furiously) As long as we defeat you, that's all I care! You can't beat us now.


THE DOCTOR: Well said, my boy, well said!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Well said?? He doesn't even know what he is saying!

(With disgust) These adolescent expressions of loyalty. Before you make puerile promises, remember the past, your little adventures. Remember my power!

STEVEN: (angrily) Your power?? We won through, didn't we?

(Now THE TOYMAKER appears directly in front of them.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Perhaps... but would you dare to play those little games again?

STEVEN: Not until I've laid hands on you!

(STEVEN moves forward to attack THE TOYMAKER. THE TOYMAKER remains perfectly still, but he uses his power to send STEVEN crashing to the floor.)

THE DOCTOR: Oh, it's no use, Steven. Leave him.

(THE DOCTOR helps him up.)

DODO: Are you alright?

STEVEN: I... I couldn't touch him.

THE DOCTOR: He's using his mind to turn your strength against yourself.

(waving his hand) Now, go back into the TARDIS. I will deal with him.

(STEVEN and DODO exit and go into the TARDIS.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Doctor, I offer you power. Power to corrupt, to destroy! Think of the exhilaration of that power! Serve me and live!

THE DOCTOR: Never! Never, my friend!

(THE DOCTOR laughs.)

You have been defeated!

(THE DOCTOR turns around and enters the TARDIS. THE TOYMAKER smiles and then laughs to himself. He waves his hand and the trilogic game and two chairs appear. He casually sits down at the trilogic game, now next to the TARDIS, and rearranges his beautiful Mandarin gown.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: We will see, old man. The game is not yet over. We shall see.

(There is a brief pause and then THE DOCTOR emerges from the TARDIS.)

THE DOCTOR: (furiously) What have you done? Stop meddling with my ship!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: It isn't what I have done, but what you have not done. You must finish the game. You cannot leave here until you have.

THE DOCTOR: (crossing to the trilogic game and looking down at it) Your infantile behavior is beyond a joke.

(THE DOCTOR raises his hand to pick up the last piece but stops. He now realizes something that he hadn't before.)

No! Of course, I mustn't. You very nearly caught me then, hmm?

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Make your last move, Doctor. Make your move.

THE DOCTOR: But if I do, this place vanishes, hmm?

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (nodding) And then you have won completely!

THE DOCTOR: And if this place vanishes, then the TARDIS, and the rest of us, will vanish also, hmm?

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (with a self-satisfied smile) Correct. That is the price of success. Make your last move, Doctor. Make your LAST move!


(STEVEN and DODO are anxiously awaiting THE DOCTOR.)

STEVEN: (shaking his head) What can be keeping him?

DODO: Something the Toymaker has done to the TARDIS. The Doctor has to persuade the Toymaker to let us go.

STEVEN: (annoyed) But we won his games. We have the right to go! The Toymaker said that!

DODO: Now I'm here, I don't mind. I know I'm safe.

STEVEN: I think I'm going to take... Oh, here he is!

(THE DOCTOR enters the TARDIS. He looks worried and tired.)

THE DOCTOR: Close the doors, my boy.

(STEVEN closes the door.)

STEVEN: So what's happened?

(THE DOCTOR goes to the console and begins manipulating some controls and presses a button. Nothing happens.)

THE DOCTOR: (shaking his head) It's no use!

STEVEN: What's he done?

THE DOCTOR: If we destroy the Toymaker, we destroy this world.

STEVEN: Well, is that bad?

DODO: Surely, that's a good thing. This is really a very sad place.

THE DOCTOR: I don't think neither of you understand. As the games are over, and won by us, everything outside the TARDIS disappears. And if we are there... we disappear also.

DODO: But we have won, and it hasn't happened yet.

THE DOCTOR: But it will, my dear, the moment I go out there and make the final move of the trilogic game.

STEVEN: (pacing up and down) Why doesn't he just let us go? He can't want to be destroyed.

THE DOCTOR: (shaking his head) Well, he won't be.

DODO: But if everything disappears, why not him?

THE DOCTOR: If the Toymaker loses the game, his world will vanish, but he has the power to build a new one.

DODO: How?

THE DOCTOR: The Toymaker is immortal. He's lasted for thousands of years. Very occasionally, of course, he loses a game, and then he has to pay the price.

STEVEN: And that price is the loss of his world?

THE DOCTOR: (nodding) Yes, but, ah, he himself is not destroyed. He goes on forever.

STEVEN: So we can't leave.

THE DOCTOR: There must be a way.

(THE DOCTOR turns back to the control panel and turns on the scanner. They see THE TOYMAKER sitting patiently by the trilogic board. Then he rises and walks over to the TARDIS. He touches it in an admiring way. He tries the door but finds it locked. He smiles. This enrages THE DOCTOR. He speaks to THE TOYMAKER through the microphone inside the ship.)

Will you leave my ship alone? Do you hear me? Will you leave my ship alone??

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (playfully) Let me have it, Doctor. It will be such an amusing toy.

THE DOCTOR: Let me have the trilogic game in here.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (chuckling) Of course not. Be reasonable, Doctor. If I allow you to make the last move in there, then you can preset your controls and dematerialize at the same moment that my world vanishes. Then you will escape.

THE DOCTOR: It will make no difference to you. You can build a new world.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Of course. And I look forward to that. I'm bored with this one. But I'm a bad loser, Doctor. I always destroy the destroyer!

THE DOCTOR: (emphatically) I will not come out and make that final move!

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (yelling) Then you must stay there forever!

STEVEN: Doctor, let me go out and make that move for you.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, nonsense, dear boy, you don't want to disappear.

STEVEN: Well, at least you and Dodo would get away.

THE DOCTOR: (moved) Yes, well, that's very noble and kind of you, but I absolutely forbid it! You've done quite enough in getting the TARDIS back.

STEVEN: Alright! But something's got to be done. We can't just stand here and talk our way out of this.

THE DOCTOR: (eyes flashing) We can! That's just it! That's just what we can do!

(to THE TOYMAKER) Listen to me. I will make that final move.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (smiling triumphantly) How sensible of you, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: Go back to the trilogic game. Are you ready?

(THE TOYMAKER smiles, shrugs his shoulders, and walks over to one of the chairs and sits down.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: Whenever you are, Doctor.


(to his group, in a soft voice) Preset for dematerialization.

(shouting to the game pieces) Go to move 1,023!

(The game pieces do not move by themselves. THE TOYMAKER laughs. THE DOCTOR tries again, this time raising the pitch of his voice.)

Go from move 1,023!

(THE TOYMAKER is now taken completely surprise. The game pieces begin moving by themselves.)

THE DOCTOR: (to STEVEN) Master switch!

(STEVEN hits the master switch. The TARDIS begins to dematerialize. Meanwhile, THE TOYMAKER tries to stop the game pieces from settling into place but fails. THE TOYMAKER's game room then falls apart - debris flies all over. THE TOYMAKER's world then explodes.)

DODO: (joyfully) You did it! You did it! We won!

STEVEN: (happily) Doctor, but how was it done?

THE DOCTOR: (still laughing) My dear boy, it was your very idea! Your very idea! Don't you see? When the Toymaker wanted to move the pieces, he had to cu - to command them in a certain tone of voice to make them move at all.

DODO: But you had to do it twice.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, but in the first place, you see, I couldn't, because I used my own voice.

DODO: I don't see.

STEVEN: I do! The Toymaker wasn't playing!

THE DOCTOR: Exactly, dear boy, exactly! Therefore, I had to imitate the Toymaker's voice to make them obey me, and they did.

DODO: We'll never see him again, will we Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Oh, my dear, don't talk too soon. The mind is indestructible. So is the Toymaker.

STEVEN: What? You mean he can never be destroyed?

DODO: But you defeated him!

THE DOCTOR: Yes, just at this moment. But there will be other meetings in another time.

DODO: Then your battle with him will never end.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, you're quite right, my dear. But anyway, let us cheer up. After all we did win the game!

(THE DOCTOR laughs.)

DODO: Hey, let's celebrate with these.

(DODO pulls out the candy that CYRIL had given to her earlier.)

THE DOCTOR: With what?

DODO: Here, these.

THE DOCTOR: What are they?

DODO: They're Cyril's sweets. He gave them to me just before the race game.

STEVEN: Oh, throw them away, Dodo. I only told you to take them so that we wouldn't waste anymore time.

DODO: Oh, alright.

(She's about to throw them away, but...)

THE DOCTOR: (signaling to DODO to keep the candy) It's really interesting. The last present from the Toymaker.

(He chuckles.)

I wonder...

(THE DOCTOR puts a piece in his mouth and then quickly cries out in pain.)

DODO: (panicked) Doctor? What's wrong?


Doctor Who

Steven Taylor

Dodo Chaplet



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