first broadcast - 16th April 1966
running time - 24mins 10secs


(STEVEN and DODO succeeded in finding the safe throne. Now the second throne room darkens and a light comes on from the cupboard that wouldn't open earlier. It slides out as they watch until finally it stands almost clear of the wall - an unmistakable police box! To STEVEN and DODO's dismay, it is not the real TARDIS. DODO tries to solve the last riddle - call the servants without voice - by calling out to the dolls. Nothing seems to happen. Next, the telephone inside the police box rings, and STEVEN answers it. It's THE TOYMAKER.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: You're doing better than I thought. But don't rest on your laurels. The Doctor is succeeding even faster than you. Time and luck are running out. Here is the next clue: hunt the key to fit the door that leads out on the dancing floor; then escape the rhythmic beat, or you'll forever tap your feet.

(There is a clicking sound over the telephone. THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER hung up the phone.)

STEVEN: But...

DODO: He's gone.

(STEVEN hangs up the phone. As he does so, the entire back wall of the police box opens and reveals a dark passageway.)

DODO: Steven, look.

(STEVEN and DODO look back at the chairs where the KING and QUEEN became entangled. Lying on the seat of the mangled throne are two playing cards -- the King and Queen of Hearts.)

STEVEN: I said that's all they were. Never mind that now. The next game -- come.

(STEVEN enters the dark passage, but DODO remains behind for just a moment.)

DODO: (shouting) Dolls, dolls, wherever you are, come out!

(Nothing happens so DODO exits. As soon as she leaves, the lights in the throne room come on and the last of the cupboard doors opens. The dolls inside begin moving, slowly and jerkily, out of their cupboards and make their way across the floor to the police box.)


(THE TOYMAKER stands facing the silent, invisible DOCTOR.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: I congratulate you, Doctor, on your choice of friends. A very astute couple. Neither of my teams have been able to beat them yet. I think they have earned a little amusement.

(THE TOYMAKER turns to one of the doll houses.)

Now, what have we here to amuse them? Ah...

(He looks around.)

Sergeant Rugg and Mrs. Wiggs. These then are who Steven will find behind the door.


(STEVEN and DODO are now at the end of the long, darkened passageway that leads from the second throne room. STEVEN throws his weight against the large door that stands at the end of the passageway. The door is Victorian in style, made of heavy mahogany. He is unable to open it.)

STEVEN: Useless! No sign of a door handle, latch, or lock. We're stuck here.

DODO: (from behind him) Steven - the servants, they're following us!


(STEVEN turns around and sees the dolls coming toward them. The dolls walk with a slow, stiff gait.)

DODO: (fearfully) The servants without voice - they've come! They scare me.

(DODO presses against STEVEN.)

STEVEN: They're only dolls.

DODO: (fearfully) We called them. Perhaps we can make them go back to their cupboard. (to the dolls)

Dolls go back! Go back to your cupboard!

(The dolls continue to walk toward them.)

STEVEN: I'll stop them.

(STEVEN moves forward and squares his shoulders ready to to take some kind of action. DODO grasps his arm.)

DODO: Steven be careful. You don't know what they might do. After all, we helped destroy the other four dolls.

STEVEN: Perhaps we can edge past them.

(As if the three dolls could overhear him, they spread out and stop, completely blocking the passageway.)

DODO: (anxiously) We can't get past them now!

STEVEN: At least they've stopped. I'm going to try. You follow me.

DODO: Look!

STEVEN: _____

(STEVEN moves back, shoulders hunched, ready to tackle the dolls. As he moves back, the mahogany door opens, and he backs into it without noticing. DODO grabs STEVEN's arm, throwing him slightly off balance. She enters the room, a kitchen.)


(STEVEN follows DODO into the kitchen. It is fashioned just like the Victorian doll house in THE TOYMAKER's study. It has a large china cabinet with Victorian Willow-patterned cups and plates. There is also a large table with mixing bowls, a rolling pin, and a pastry board. On one side of the room, there is a long sink with a wooden draining board. On the other side there's a large coal-burning range with many simmering saucepans.)

STEVEN: Be careful, Dodo, it might be a trap.

SGT RUGG: A trap? In here? In Mrs. Wiggs' kitchen? Hey, you want to watch your language, young fellow, me lad.

(Standing by the long table is a red-faced, middle-aged, man with a moustache. He is a wee bit overweight and dressed in a red uniform from the era of the Napoleonic Wars.)

MRS. WIGGS: Heyah, what do you want in my kitchen?

(STEVEN and DODO turn again and find a plump, middle-aged woman wearing a mop cap. Her face is red from standing over too many hot stoves. She speaks with a Cockney accent.)

DODO: (stepping forward) Um, we're looking for the next game. Perhaps you could help us. The clue goes: "Hunt the key to fit the door, that leads out on the dancing floor; then escape the rhythmic beat, or you'll forever tap your feet."

MRS. WIGGS: Well, the only dancing floor which I know of is through there.

(MRS. WIGGS points off to the other end of the kitchen where there is an old oak door with a large lock and keyhole.)

DODO: Thank you.

(DODO begins walking across the room toward the oak door while STEVEN remains behind, looking around the kitchen. SERGEANT RUGG stands, drawing himself up to his full height.)

SGT RUGG: Alright, young fellow me lad, no loitering! Pick your feet up then! Hup two three four, hup two three four...

STEVEN: (contemptuously) Why don't you go back in your box?

SGT RUGG: What's that? Why, you young whipper snapper, I'll eh...

(SGT RUGG raises his hand and twists one end of his long moustache.)

STEVEN: You'll what?

SGT RUGG: (backing away) Well, I'll eh...ahem, well, you need a good hiding, m'lad!

STEVEN: (chuckling) And who's going to give it to me?

(MRS. WIGGS steps forward.)

MRS. WIGGS: And no fisticuffs in my nice clean kitchen, Sergeant, if you please.

SGT RUGG: (chuckling) It's a good thing you spoke just then, Cook.

(chuckling some more) No tellin' what I mighten' a done to him if you hadn't stopped me.

MRS. WIGGS: (looking fondly at SGT RUGG) Oh, you're a terrible man when you're riled, Sergeant.

SGT RUGG: (twirling his moustache again) Well, army trainin', Cook.

(chuckling) Six years with the Iron Duke.

(DODO, meanwhile, has been trying the door handle on the oak door without success. She turns back.)

DODO: We've got to get in there. That's what the clue says. The TARDIS must be on the dance floor.

(STEVEN walks over to the oak door and kicks it.)

STEVEN: (with disgust) How the Toymaker expects us to play his crazy games when he locks all the doors, I don't know.

SGT RUGG: (to MRS. WIGGS with his voice lowered, chuckling) I'd like to have 'im in my mob. Just give me a month - I'll make a man of 'im. (chuckling some more)

(The SERGEANT chuckles.)

STEVEN: (threateningly) What was that?

SGT RUGG: Errr... ah... well, uh, not that he needs makin' a man of, but, uh, sharpen him up a bit like.

STEVEN: (moving closer to the SERGEANT) Look! I warn you...

(DODO comes over to STEVEN and takes his arm. She smiles and laughs at him.)

DODO: Honestly, Steven! If they're not real, how can you lose your temper with them?

(STEVEN looks puzzled and scratches his head.)

You can't have it both ways, you know.

STEVEN: (deeply frustrated) Oh, alright! I'll ignore them - they're just sent here to get my goat. But where do we go from here? We're stuck.

(The SERGEANT comes over to DODO and looks her over.)

SGT RUGG: (chuckling) Eh, the Iron Duke wouldn't have been stuck over a little thing like that.

(STEVEN grits his teeth and turns to DODO.)

STEVEN: Alright, I'm ignoring him.

(DODO turns to the SERGEANT and smiles at him.)

DODO: What would the Iron Duke have done?

SGT RUGG: (smiling) Well, 'e'd have had another look at the riddle, I expect.

DODO: The riddle? "...then escape the rhythmic beat, or you'll forever tap your feet."

MRS. WIGGS: No, not that bit, duck. The first bit.

DODO: "Hunt the key to fit the door," that - Steven! That's it!

STEVEN: Then the game is -

SGT RUGG: Hunt The Thimble!

DODO: Only it's a key.

(looking at the oak door) And a rather large one at that.

STEVEN: The only problem is, where do we start looking?


(THE DOCTOR and THE TOYMAKER are still together.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: You've stopped playing, Doctor. You know that isn't allowed.

(THE DOCTOR does not move.)

(to the game pieces, in a high-pitched voice) Go from move 770!

(The pieces move by themselves.)

(to THE DOCTOR) Now play on.

(THE DOCTOR isn't budging.)

(to THE DOCTOR) You're still not playing fast enough.

(to the games pieces, in a high-pitched voice) Go from move 813!

(The pieces move by themselves.)

Your friends have reached their third game: Hunt the Key!


(DODO and STEVEN are still in MRS. WIGGS' kitchen. They glance around the room. DODO walks over to the range and sees something she missed earlier. In a large chair, to the right of the range, is a sleeping boy, dressed in a chef's hat and grubby white coat and pants. He looks exactly like CYRIL except that his clothing is different.)

DODO: Haven't we seen him before?

STEVEN: I don't know.

DODO: Wasn't he the Jack of Hearts?

(STEVEN is looking for the key, going through different pots and pans.)

STEVEN: Quite possibly. But does it matter? I mean all the Toymaker's creations look alike to me. We have to find the TARDIS before the Doctor reaches move 1,023.

(STEVEN looks over the door to where the robot is now standing. The screen reads 813.)

So I haven't got long to find that key.

(STEVEN turns to the range and lifts up one of the saucepans. The lid is so hot that he drops it.)

(in a low voice yet with great surprise) It's hot!

MRS. WIGGS: So wha'd ya expect? You come away from me pots and pans!

DODO: Look, we've got to find the key to that door.

MRS. WIGGS: Well, he won't find it there.

DODO: How do you know?

SGT RUGG: (stepping forward) Because Mrs. Wiggs always knows what's best, that's why.

(STEVEN goes over to the sleeping boy and lifts him up to see if the key is underneath him. It isn't. Next, DODO looks around the kitchen again and tries another tactic. She turns to the SERGEANT and smiles her most beguiling smile at him.)

DODO: You'll help us find the key, won't you?

SGT RUGG: (clearing his throat and twirling his moustache) Ah... ahem... well... ah... I don' know, em...

DODO: (pouring it on thick!) You look so marvellous in that uniform. You must be very brave.

SGT RUGG: (clears his throat) Um... ahem... well, eh, I try to do my duty, girl, hmm, hmm!

DODO: Then you'll help us... for my sake.

(DODO puts her hand on the SERGEANT's chest and opens her eyes very wide. The SERGEANT, in turn, gazes back at her.)

SGT RUGG: (muttering) Well, uh, alright, but for you, mind, not for him.

(He points to STEVEN.)

DODO: (eagerly) Where do you suggest we start looking?

SGT RUGG: (muttering) Ah, well, uh, let's see now, ahhh... what about this old dresser, here, 'ay?

(SGT RUGG goes over the to china cabinet. MRS. WIGGS, meanwhile, is busy at the table making pastry and keeping an eye on the exchange between DODO and SERGEANT RUGG with growing disfavour.)

MRS. WIGGS: (jealously) Here! You watch what you're doing with my dresser!

(DODO pays her no mind. The SERGEANT opens a drawer and begins rummaging around the knives and forks inside. Then he opens another drawer and begins throwing tablecloths and cloth napkins out on the floor. STEVEN, meanwhile, takes a chair and puts it by the cuckoo clock. He examines the clock just as the birdie comes out. It nearly hits him on the nose, and he falls off the chair.)

(outraged) What do you think this is? A bloomin' fair ground?

(SERGEANT RUGG empties out another drawer of linen.)

(with disgust and jealousy) Oh! Here! You put them things back in the drawer!

SGT RUGG: (standing at attention) It's alright, Mrs. Wiggs. I'm just helping the young lady.

(to DODO) Here, um, what's your name, me girl?

DODO: (with a big smile) Dodo.

SGT RUGG: Dodo. Oh, what a lovely name, Dodo. Heh! Heh! Oh, I like that. Heh! Heh!

MRS. WIGGS: (angrily) Well, you go and like it somewhere else! And take your friends with ya!

SGT RUGG: Aw, come Mrs. Wiggs... the girl's been and gone and lost her key.

MRS. WIGGS: Well, she won't find it here!

STEVEN: (shrugging his shoulders) Take no notice of them, Dodo! They've been sent here by the Toymaker to put us off! This time, we're getting warm!

(STEVEN begins crawling under the table to see if the key is there. MRS. WIGGS looks back and forth at STEVEN and DODO, getting angrier by the minute. Neither of them pay her any attention so MRS. WIGGS goes back to her pastry board and prepares a pie for the oven. Now DODO walks over to a cupboard on the china cabinet and looks inside. She sees all the pretty china. She begins searching among the pieces for the key. By the table MRS. WIGGS screams, draws back, and looks under the table. STEVEN comes crawling out from under it.)

MRS. WIGGS: (screaming) Ahhh! That's me foot! You come out from under there!

STEVEN: (breathlessly) It isn't under the table!

MRS. WIGGS: (sarcastically) Are you quite finished?

STEVEN: Dodo, take a look behind that thing. I'll take a look over here.

(DODO looks among the china plates up on the top shelves of the china cabinet. She drags over a chair for a closer look.)

SGT RUGG: Hey, now wait a minute, girl! You don't want to get up there. You'll fall and break your leg. Eh, let me look for you.

DODO: That's very kind of you.

SGT RUGG: Oh, not at all, ma'am. Happy to be of - oop - service, hmm.

(THE SERGEANT wavers and nearly falls. MRS. WIGGS glares up at him.)

MRS. WIGGS: (horrified) SGT Rugg! What do you think you're doing all back there?

SGT RUGG: (reassuringly) Now don't you worry Mrs. Wiggs, I'll be alright.

(He sways alarmingly and grabs the shelf for balance.)

MRS. WIGGS: I'm not worried about YOU... it's my best china!

(As she speaks, the SERGEANT pulls a plate out to look behind it. The plate falls to the floor and breaks.)

Oohh! Oh! Me best plate!

SGT RUGG: (muttering) A little accident, Mrs. Wiggs.

MRS. WIGGS: (with hands on hips and a glaring look) Accident??!! That was no accident! You dropped that plate - deliberate like!

SGT RUGG: (solemnly) I hope you're not calling me a liar, Mrs. Wiggs - oop!

(Another plate crashes to the floor.)

MRS. WIGGS: (ironically) Ooohhh! Another accident, I suppose!

(The SERGEANT changes hands and several more plates fall. DODO looks nervously back and forth from the SERGEANT to MRS. WIGGS.)


(SERGEANT RUGG mutters in frustration.)

DODO: Oh, perhaps you better come down, Sergeant

SGT RUGG: Oh don't you worry, miss. It's perfectly alright.

(The SERGEANT laughs. Three more of MRS. WIGGS' lovely china plates fall. The sleeping boy begins to stir. MRS. WIGGS cries out in horror.)

MRS. WIGGS: (screaming) Ooohhh! Sergeant Rugg! You come down here this instant!!

SGT RUGG: Soldiers don't take orders from civilians, Cook. Now you just pipe down!

MRS. WIGGS: (hysterically) Pipe down??!! You great oaf! You couldn't fight a pussycat!

SGT RUGG: (deeply insulted) You didn't ought to have of said that, Cook.

(The SERGEANT breaks more of her china plates - on purpose! One of the plates hits the boy on the head. Awaking with a start, he dives under the table.)

MRS. WIGGS: (furiously) Ooohhh!!! Ooohhh!!! Oohh Sergeant Rugg!


MRS. WIGGS: Just you wait till they...

(The SERGEANT and MRS. WIGGS begin to argue.

SGT RUGG: Well, I'm not going to have you talking to me that way!

MRS. WIGGS: _____ if you think I'm going to _____ (arguement continues).

DODO is deeply distressed by what is happening and tries to calm them down.)

DODO: (shouting so as to be heard) Oh, please!! Please!! Stop!! This is all my fault!

STEVEN: (also shouting) Dodo, ignore them! This is all being done to prevent us from finding the key! They don't really exist, remember? It's not real.

(The arguing abruptly stops.)

MRS. WIGGS: (in a soft yet angry voice) What did he say?

(Another piece of china breaks.)

DODO: Are you sure about that?

(MRS. WIGGS and SERGEANT RUGG resume arguing. By now they've thrown everything they could possibly throw at one another, including some of the pastries that MRS. WIGGS was preparing earlier.)

STEVEN: (exasperated) Oh, come on. We've got to find that key! That is supposing there is one. We've looked everywhere, haven't we?

DODO: (sadly) But I'm afraid it's all my fault!

STEVEN: Nonsense! This is another distraction laid on by The Toymaker to stop us finding the key!

DODO: Oh, eh! You said it was just a distraction, and -

STEVEN: Now _____, but we've looked everywhere. Do you suppose there really is a key?

(The SERGEANT and MRS. WIGGS are still yelling and screaming at each other all the while DODO and STEVEN are talking.)

MRS. WIGGS: (to SGT RUGG) Oh, you!! Don't you talk to me like that!

(She throws buns at him.)

Take that... and that... and that... and that... and that!

DODO: Oh, look! You've thrown just about all the buns there are to throw. Couldn't you just call a truce?

MRS. WIGGS: (breathlessly) A truce? After he broken me best china?

(She picks up a bag of flour and throws it at the SERGEANT. It explodes on him, coating him with white powder.)

DODO: Well, I'm sure he'll apologize!

SGT RUGG: (surprised) Apologize??

(He shakes his head and brushes off the flour.)

MRS. WIGGS: Ooohhh!

DODO: Oh, well, you did break her plates, you know.

(She assists the SERGEANT with the removal of the flour.)

SGT RUGG: Soldiers never apologize. It's a rule.

DODO: But a gentleman would always apologize to a lady.

MRS. WIGGS: Oh! Soldiers! A gentleman!

DODO: (pouring it on thick!) Sergeant Rugg is. I'm sure of that.

(The SERGEANT mutters something, stiffens again, and then bows to MRS. WIGGS.)

SGT RUGG: (reluctantly) I apologize.

DODO: There. Now will you accept his apology?

MRS. WIGGS: Oh, alright then. But he'll have to pay for my china!

SGT RUGG: (his face reddening) Pay for the chi - now then. You see why soldiers never apologize? Heh! Heh! Give the old trout an inch -

MRS. WIGGS: (screaming) Old trout, is it??!! Just you wait for that, Sergeant Rugg! Old trout!

(She picks up a broom beside the stove and goes after the SERGEANT. He backs away around the table.)

SGT RUGG: Now then, careful with that broom, Mrs. Wiggs. Careful.

(Bedlam ensues. MRS. WIGGS sweeps the broom at the SERGEANT's legs. As he jumps back, the boy under the table gets hit on the head. He cries out in pain. Crawling out from under the kitchen table with the jar of raisins in his hand, the boy makes for the far wall heading for the safety of the walk-in pantry. STEVEN observes all of this.)

STEVEN: (to the boy) Now just where do you think you're going?

BOY: N-n-n-n-n-n-nowhere!

STEVEN: (suspiciously) C'mon! I think that you know where that key is, don't you? So we're getting somewhere at last, are we?

(The boy extends the jar of raisins to STEVEN who takes them. He feels around for the key but to no avail. He dumps the raisins onto the floor, but still no key. In the mean time, the boy has made his way to the pantry and shut the door. STEVEN cries out to him.)

Hey you! Come back here!

(STEVEN tries to open the door, but it's locked. Meanwhile, MRS. WIGGS has the SERGEANT cornered and is hitting him with the broom. DODO tries to stop her.)

DODO: I'm sure you'll hurt him with that broom!

(The SERGEANT moves around to the other side of the table and picks up the pie MRS. WIGGS was preparing earlier.)

SGT RUGG: Well, if she does, then this pie'll get hurt as well.

MRS. WIGGS: (hysterically) What??? Not that pie!!! Not that pie!!! Put it down!!!

SGT RUGG: (muttering) Oh! Well then, you put that broom down, then.

(MRS. WIGGS dashes around the table, sweeping the broom at the SERGEANT's legs. He jumps up on one of the kitchen chairs.with the pie high above his head.)

STEVEN: What's she so worried about this pie for? Look at the rest of the mess!

DODO: Steven! That's one place we haven't looked!

STEVEN: Where?

DODO: In the pie!

STEVEN: (eagerly) I see what you mean!

(Bedlam ensues again. STEVEN picks up a second broom and goes to the other side of the table. He swipes the SERGEANT from the other side. The pie flies out of his hands and onto the floor. DODO rips into the pie and pulls out a large Victorian key. She waves it around so STEVEN can see it.)

MRS. WIGGS: (with desperation in her voice) Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me!

DODO: Steven I've got it!

(STEVEN runs over to DODO and grabs it from her. Next, he runs over to the old door and opens it.)

STEVEN: Come on, Dodo, be quick!

DODO: (to MRS. WIGGS and SGT RUGG) Goodbye! Sorry about your kitchen!

(DODO is right behind STEVEN. As she passes through the doorway, she slams the door behind them. MRS. WIGGS and SERGEANT RUGG just stand there staring. In STEVEN and DODO's place, THE TOYMAKER appears. He is NOT happy.)


Wretched pair! I give you a chance of life, and this is what you do with it. Look at the kitchen!

(The SERGEANT steps to attention and salutes THE TOYMAKER.)

SGT RUGG: (gallantly) My fault, sir, not her's.

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (with disgust) Such gallantry from a mere doll. Now listen to me, the pair of you. Clean yourselves up, and get out onto that dance floor. At the far end you will find a TARDIS. Steven and Dodo must be prevented from getting to it at all costs! Do you understand? If you fail me... I will break you in pieces... like this.

(THE TOYMAKER lifts the remaining unbroken china plate off the china cabinet and smashes it. The SERGEANT and MRS. WIGGS are frightened. They nod to THE TOYMAKER and begin brushing their clothes, preparing for the dance.)


(STEVEN and DODO have now entered the ballroom. It is decorated in an old- fashioned style. A huge chandelier slowly turns, flashing multi-color lights. The dance floor has beautifully polished parquet floors. The music consists of waltzes, quick steps, and fox trots. There are three ballet dolls dancing on the dance floor, one of which is a male. DODO and STEVEN watch them. When the dolls finish, they return to a stiff mannequin-like position. STEVEN sees a police box on the other side of the room.)


(He proceeds to step onto the dance floor.)

DODO: Steven, be careful. This could be as dangerous as those chairs.

STEVEN: But there's no other way of getting to it.

DODO: It can't be as simple as that can it? There muct be a catch somewhere. "Then escape the rhythmic beat, or you'll forever tap your feet." What does it mean?

(STEVEN stretches his hand over the dance floor. A waltz starts playing. He then pulls his hand back. The music stops. Next, DODO tries. The same thing happens.)

How strange. I can do it, too.

STEVEN: (shaking his head anxiously) Yes, The Doctor's game won't wait for us, though. We've got to take the chance!

(Just as he speaks, through the door come SERGEANT RUGG and MRS. WIGGS. Their clothes are now beautifully clean and pressed. They walk proudly into the room.)

DODO: Hello! Aw, you made it up.

SGT RUGG: Well, Mrs. Wiggs' got much too warm an heart to queep - keep - a quarrel going, miss.

MRS. WIGGS: (speaking like a young girl in love) Oh, Sergeant's going to take me to the ball.

DODO: The ball?

SGT RUGG: (chuckling) Yeah, right here, girl, hmm, hmm. No lack of partners, as you can see. Oh they never get tired of dancing, them dolls, heh, heh!

(STEVEN, meanwhile, has been walking around the edge of the dance floor. The only way to get to the police box is to cross it.)

STEVEN: Well, it seems alright. We're going to make a dash for it.

(He steps onto the dance floor. The music begins immediately. STEVEN suddenly finds himself dancing - against his will.)

DODO: (laughing) Steven, I think we've no time for a dance.

STEVEN: (terrified) I can't help myself!

(STEVEN tries to get toward the edge of the dance floor, but every time he gets near, some invisible force moves him away.)

DODO: (anxiously) Steven, this is what the riddle meant!

(DODO points behind STEVEN and as he turns around, he sees the three dolls move toward him.)


(THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER and THE DOCTOR are observing the scene in the ballroom. The tally recorder now reads 876. THE DOCTOR's hand is still visible, moving the game pieces from one place to another.)

CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (slyly) You're doing very well, Doctor. Let's hope you haven't made a mistake. Still, we'll find that out when you reach your 1,023 move.

(THE TOYMAKER moves his hand toward the screen.)

I see that Steven has taken time off from the quest to go dancing.

(THE DOCTOR's hand stops as if he were watching the screen.)

Oh, keep on playing, Doctor.


(STEVEN is forced to dance on the dance floor while DODO looks on in horror. The dolls keep moving toward STEVEN. Finally, one of the ballerinas approaches STEVEN, grabs him around the waist, and holds his hand. She dances with him.)

DODO: Get away from it, you must! The riddle warned us it would be forever!

STEVEN: (shaking his head and sweating) I can't! It's pulling me in a grip like steel! Get away from the floor, Dodo. Go back!

DODO: (anxiously) But then we can't reach the TARDIS!

STEVEN: I'll try to dance nearer to it!

(As he spoke, the ballerina guided STEVEN's feet easily - farther away from the police box.)

SGT RUGG: (looking over at STEVEN and the doll) Not a bad dancer for a civilian.

MRS. WIGGS: (to DODO) Make a lovely partner for you, ducks.

DODO: Can't you dance down to it Steven?

STEVEN: I can't lead! I'm just being carried 'round and 'round!

DODO: Then I'm going to try and reach it!

(She starts for the dance floor.)

STEVEN: (yelling in disbelief) But what are you doing?! Go back!

(DODO finds herself dancing on the ballroom floor and unable to stop. The ballerino dances opposite her.)

DODO: I can't!

(Now the music changes to something more intense. The doll lets go of STEVEN and begins dancing alone in front of him. STEVEN, too, finds himself tossing and turning to the beat of the music. Meanwhile, MRS. WIGGS and SERGEANT RUGG observe them from the side-lines.)

SGT RUGG: Now that we're dancing, what was it the Toymaker wanted us to do?

MRS. WIGGS: (pointing toward the police box) Reach that big cupboard up there before them.

SGT RUGG: Ah, well, what about that doll there, then.

MRS. WIGGS: Aw, that's the game, duck. You dance with them, while I run for the cupboard up there.

SGT RUGG: Oh, beggin' your pardon, Mrs. W. - this is men's work. You dance, and I'll run. Well, to be quite frank with you, Mrs. W., soldiers don't dance. Well, officers, perhaps. But sergeants, no. Here, why don't you try the floor?

(A bit reluctantly MRS. WIGGS steps onto the dance floor. As she does, the dolls change partners. STEVEN's doll goes to dance with DODO, DODO's doll dances with MRS. WIGGS, and the third ballerina now dances with STEVEN. The music becomes even more intense and even a bit louder.)

STEVEN: Dodo, keep close to me!

DODO: Why?

STEVEN: (shaking his head) Don't ask questions!

MRS. WIGGS: Hurry up, Sergeant, I can't keep it up for long.

SGT RUGG: Just on my way, Mrs. W.!

(The SERGEANT seems reluctant to step on the dance floor. He braces himself and then goes. He finds that his feet, too, are being swept away by the music. The beat of the music changes. Again the dolls change partners. One of the ballerina dances with the SERGEANT. The ballerino dances with DODO, STEVEN's doll goes to MRS. WIGGS. STEVEN finds himself unattached to a partner.)

STEVEN: Dodo, come here! Help!

(DODO tries to get away, but she cannot.)

MRS. WIGGS: I'm surprised at you, Sergeant Rugg. Put that hussy down and get to the cupboard!

SGT RUGG: I can't!

STEVEN: He's going, Dodo! We must get nearer the TARDIS.

(STEVEN manages to steer himself fairly close to the police box.)

DODO: I'm bound to come to _____ somehow!

(With great effort DODO and her ballerina partner dance closer to the police box.)

STEVEN: Well, we'll be ready for them! We're almost there! Concentrate now!

(Again with great effort, STEVEN and DODO manage to dance their way close enough to the police box so that STEVEN can grab a hold of the door. He pulls it open, and as DODO and her partner come dancing past, STEVEN grabs DODO by the arm, freeing her from her partner, and the two dash inside the police box and shut the door behind them. STEVEN and DODO take a moment to catch their breath and, thus, do not realize immediately that this police box is not the real TARDIS.)

STEVEN & DODO: Here we are!

STEVEN: (now observing his surroundings) _____, it's another fake. I wonder how many of these things he made?

DODO: Far too many. I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see the real one again. We might be shut in here forever.

STEVEN: Nah, of course we'll find it. Go on, don't lose heart now. We've been through too much!

(looking around) How on earth do we get out of this thing?

DODO: (chucking) I wonder if we'll ever see the sergeant and the cook again? They were rather funny, you know.

STEVEN: (shaking his head in disbelief) Look, you still believe in these creations of the Toymaker, don't you? You can't see that they're just phantoms - things created in his mind.

DODO: (annoyed) If that's so, why do they lose to us? And always through doing something silly and human?

STEVEN: (shaking his head) Oh, I don't know. Maybe they get out of his control.

DODO: Well, that's just what I meant.

STEVEN: What are you talking about?

DODO: Look, he can bring them to life, but they have wills and minds of their own. I'll never be able to look at a doll or a playing card again with an easy mind. They really do have a secret life of their own.

STEVEN: (looking at DODO as if she's lost her mind) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! We've got to get you out of here and quick!

DODO: (with a bit of annoyance) Why? What do you mean?

STEVEN: This place is beginning to get you.

DODO: Oh, rubbish! Just because you can't see...

STEVEN: (cutting DODO off) We've got to find the next clue. Now who needs a telephone here? There must be in here somewhere.

DODO: Still, can't help wondering what happened to them.


(THE TOYMAKER and THE DOCTOR observe the ballroom from the study. The SERGEANT and MRS. WIGGS, now dancing together, were getting smaller and smaller in size - doll size. THE TOYMAKER waves his arm angrily, and the screen goes blank. THE DOCTOR, though invisible, is laughing.)

THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER: (to THE DOCTOR) You forget that I can see you even if no one else can. But you laugh too soon. The game is not yet over... either for you or for your two clever friends. They still have a game or two to play yet. But they must not win the next game.

(THE TOYMAKER quickly moves toward a doll house and surveys a row of dolls. There were the clowns, the playing cards, and the SERGEANT and the cook.)

(angrily) Clowns!

(He throws them to the floor.)

Nursery characters!

(He throws them to the floor.)

Playing cards!

(These, too, he tosses to the floor.)

I was foolish to trust you to play my games for me. You're all too human, too kind. I must find a more deadly character.

(THE TOYMAKER turns to a chest and opens it. He removes another doll from the doll house. It was a fat, English schoolboy in a school uniform.)

Ahhh! The most deadly character of them all, because he looks so innocent... a fat, jolly school boy. I wonder what your friends will make of him, Doctor?

(He now looks over to the tally recorder. The register moves from 899 to 900.)

And I see you only have 123 moves to go!


(STEVEN and DODO are still inside the fake TARDIS located in the ballroom. While the two are looking around, DODO discovers something written upon one of the box's walls. There is a large arrow pointing up to the roof of the box and next to it the words "Start Here" are written.)

DODO: Hey, wonder what that is?

STEVEN: This could be the next riddle - or the next warning. Not again!

(STEVEN reaches up and begins examining the wall on which the arrow is painted. Farther up, there is a piece of paper at the tip of the arrow. He reaches up and takes it.)

DODO: Well, there's the way out.

(As soon as STEVEN removes the paper from the wall, the wall slowly descends until it is flat upon the ground and reveals a passageway - dark at the entrance but with a distant glimmer of light at the end.)

STEVEN: Let's read this first.

(He opens the paper and begins reading.)

"Lady Luck will show the way, win the game or here you'll stay."

DODO: Well, that's shorter than the others were.

STEVEN: Doesn't mean it's going to be any easier. C'mon.

(They leave the police box and enter the passageway.)


(STEVEN leads the way.)

DODO: I can't see!

(As they walk toward the end, the light becomes brighter and brighter. It almost blinds them.)

STEVEN: Don't do anything till we know exactly what's happening.

(DODO screams. She and STEVEN stop and see CYRIL standing before them. Now he is dressed as a schoolboy. He also wears gloves and the fool's hat. As they stare at him, CYRIL removes the fool's hat and puts on the kitchen boy's chef's hat. Next, he replaces that with a school cap.)

CYRIL: (chuckling) Hello, remember me? I'm Cyril, known to my friends as Billy. Had you that time! Scare ya?

DODO: (indignantly) Yes, it did.

STEVEN: We've seen you before, haven't we?

CYRIL: (chuckling) Heh, yeah, that's right. You're Dodo, aren't you? And you're Steven?

(CYRIL extends his hand to STEVEN. STEVEN accepts the handshake and gets a shock. CYRIL has a good laugh at his expense.)

STEVEN: _____ a shock!

CYRIL: (laughing) You should see your face!

STEVEN: You'll feel my hand in a minute! What have you got there?

CYRIL: Be careful!

(STEVEN grabs CYRIL's arm and rolls up his sleeve. Two wires and a small battery are strapped to his wrist.)

I'll show you. Look.

(CYRIL removes his gloves and shows STEVEN the rubber-backed electrode that gave him the shock.)

STEVEN: Take the thing off!

CYRIL: (disappointedly) All right, there!

(CYRIL removes the entire apparatus.)

STEVEN: (annoyed) Any more of these schoolboy jokes on you?

CYRIL: I don't know why you're carrying on like this. I'm just trying to be friendly.

STEVEN: (sarcastically) Well, it's charming way to make friends.

DODO: (sympathetically) I'm sure he didn't mean any harm.

CYRIL: (nodding his head eagerly) Of course not. Here, have some sweets.

(CYRIL pulls out a bag of candy from his pocket and offers it to DODO.)

DODO: (shaking her head) Oh, no thanks.

CYRIL: Oh, go on, do.

STEVEN: (nudging DODO) Dodo, go on, take them. We'll be here all day.

CYRIL: If I eat anymore, I'll be sick, I expect.

(DODO takes some of the candy and puts it into her pocket.)

(to STEVEN) You know, you're one of my heroes. I... when I grow up, I, I want to be just like you.

STEVEN: When you grow up?


STEVEN: Well, you look pretty grown up to me already.

(DODO, meanwhile, looks at the tally screen. THE DOCTOR's game will soon be ending.)

DODO: Steven - look! The Doctor's reached move 902.

STEVEN: We'll have to hurry.

(to CYRIL) So, where's the next game we have to play?

CYRIL: (laughing) Yaroooh! It's right over here. You won't find it so easy this time, you know... 'cause you see, you'll be playing against me!

(CYRIL's round face with big, blue eyes displays a devilish expression that makes STEVEN and DODO draw back from him.)


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