Written by Ian Stuart Black

Scene 1 - Emergency Corridor U-3
The thick smoke continues to swirl through the corridor. Steven frantically hammers on the door, but it still refuses to open. Dodo coughs and splutters as she struggles for breath in the toxic atmosphere. The Doctor, however, remains motionless, unaware of the struggles of his companions.

STEVEN : It's no good, Dodo. I'm sorry.

DODO : Help me, Steven this stuff is choking me.

A figure appears from the smoke - it is Edal.

EDAL : Throw the light guns into the vapour.

STEVEN : Noticing Dodo about to throw down her weapon No, don't Dodo

DODO : Steven, I can't breathe! Do as he says.

Dodo reluctantly throws her light gun towards Edal, but Steven continues to hold his weapon.

STEVEN : You fool!

EDAL : The other light gun. Throw it immediately.

DODO : Steven, give him the gun.


Scene 2 - Senta's Laboratory
Jano is watching the events in the corridor on a scanner.

JANO : No, don't my boy. Don't give it to them.


Scene 3 - Emergency Corridor U-3
As Steven prepares to throw down his weapon, the door behind them grinds open.

DODO : Steven! The doors are opening.

STEVEN : Quick Dodo! Get the Doctor out!

DODO : What about you?

STEVEN : Do as I say. Don't worry about me.

DODO : Assisting the Doctor towards the door Come on Doctor.

STEVEN : Come on Shouting towards Edal Right, now you get back!

Steven fires a warning shot at Edal. As soon as the shot passes, Senta rushes up and joins Edal.

SENTA : What happened? Did they escape?

EDAL : Who opened the doors?

At that moment, the door begins to glide closed. Steven rushes down the corridor, and out through the door, just before the door shuts completely. The guards make an effort to reach the door before it closes, but are too late.

SENTA : Someone has helped the strangers to escape. Give the alarm.


Scene 4 - Senta's Laboratory
Jano is still watching the scanner when Edal bursts into the control room. Edal peers suspiciously at Jano.

EDAL : You! You opened the doors?

JANO : Don't be ridiculous young man. Why would I do that? You seem to forget that I am in charge here. Why would I do anything to help our enemies?

EDAL : Well no, but if you didn't do it ...

JANO : If! Kindly remember to whom you are speaking. I am ...

Jano pauses and rubs his head. He slowly turns back to Edal.

JANO : Quietly Get back to your work, Captain.

EDAL : What about the strangers? You want us to go after them?

JANO : The strangers? Oh yes. Yes, instruct B Patrol to make ready.

EDAL : I'll take charge of them myself.

JANO : No captain, you will not. I will lead the patrol.


Scene 5 - Outside The City (The Doctor's Group)
Dodo and Steven struggle through the thick scrub - the Doctor's inability to move quickly is hampering their progress.

DODO : Struggling for breath Doctor, please! you must try to go on, oh please try... is there any sign?

STEVEN : No, not yet but they're bound to be following.

DODO : Come on Doctor. Come on.

STEVEN : It's no good.

DODO : Doesn't he care what happens?

STEVEN : He doesn't even know.

Dodo screams as someone rushes towards them from the shrubs.

DODO : Look out!

STEVEN : It's alright it's Chal.

CHAL : How did you get him away? I did not think it was possible.

DODO : Indicating the Doctor Look at the state he's in.

CHAL : Yes, I've seen many of our people like that. That is how they leave us.

STEVEN : Will he recover?

CHAL : Yes, but it takes time.

STEVEN : Where can we hide him, Chal?

CHAL : No place is safe, but it's best to take him to the caves.

STEVEN : Hearing the sounds of movement Quickly, they're right behind us. Chal, you and Dodo, get the Doctor to the caves. I'll try and hold them back.

DODO : But what can you do?

STEVEN : Impatiently I can delay them for a little while. Now, go on! You're going to need all the time you can get.

DODO : Good luck, Steven.

Chal and Dodo move off with the Doctor. Steven crouches down behind a rock and makes a few adjustments to his light gun.


Scene 6 - Outside The City (Jano's Group)
Jano, Edal and four guards are moving cautiously through the scrub. They arrive in a clearing that divides into two separate paths.

JANO : Pointing That way.

The group continue their way along the indicated path.

JANO : The strangers may have done one of two things, Captain. They may have tried to get back to their spaceship, or they may have gone on to the Valley of Caves. I suggest we split up. Take two men and see if the strangers have tried to reach their machine. I will go on to the Valley.

EDAL : Turning to the guards You two, guard the strangers' space machine.

The two guards immediately obey - rushing off through the scrub towards the TARDIS.

JANO : You are not going with them?

EDAL : I will come with you, Jano. I think you may need my help.

JANO : Hesitantly Very well.

In the shrubs, Steven aims his gun towards the approaching figures of Jano, Edal and the remaining two guards. Edal suddenly runs forward and grabs Jano, throwing him to the ground.

EDAL : Look out!

JANO : How dare ...

At that moment, Steven fires, and hits one of the guards.

EDAL : The strangers!

The guard is knocked senseless by the blow, dropping his light gun in the process. Jano quickly drags the guard into cover.

EDAL : Just one of them - he's over there behind those rocks. We'll have to split up and work round the side of him. You pointing to the guard take that side, I'll take this. Jano, you can watch him from here.

JANO : Right.

Edal moves off in one direction and beckons the remaining the guard to move off in the other direction. Jano is left alone with the stunned guard.

Steven hears the sounds of movement to his left. He ducks just as a beam of light passes over his head. Almost simultaneously, a second beam is fired from Steven's right-hand side. Steven is forced to lie flat on the ground. He starts to crawl back into the dense undergrowth.


Scene 7 - Outside The City (The Doctor's Group)
Dodo and Chal are dragging the Doctor through the scrub.

DODO : Will Steven be all right?

CHAL : Who can tell? He is a brave man.

DODO : Are we nearly there?

CHAL : It's not far to the Valley of the Caves.

DODO : If only the Doctor would move faster.

CHAL : You must understand - he's not himself. It's ... as though he were asleep still. Help him - do not be angry with him.

DODO : I'm sorry.


Scene 8 - Outside The City (Jano's Group)

GUARD : What happened?

EDAL : He's not here. He's playing for time. The longer he can delay us, the more chance they've got of getting the Doctor to the caves.

A beam of light suddenly hits the rock next to Edal. 

GUARD : Look out, Edal!

They dive for cover on the ground.

EDAL : Come on! 



Scene 9 - The Valley Of Caves - Exterior
Dodo and Chal lead the Doctor into the Valley of Caves. Chal expects to meet one of his people on guard duty - but nobody is there.

DODO : Chal, we've done it! There's your cave.

CHAL : What are my people doing? There is no guard.


Scene 10 - The Valley Of Caves - Interior
Inside the cave, Exorse has been tied up, and forced to lie on the floor. He grimaces in pain. Nanina gives him a drink.

NANINA : Drink this.

EXORSE : Thank you.

NANINA : Let me see your head.

EXORSE : I'm all right.

TOR : It's a pity I didn't kill him when I had the chance. People of his kind must be destroyed if there is to be any hope for the rest of us.

NANINA : We will not save ourselves that way, Tor.

TOR : Turning to the others in the cave You hear her? Nanina protects our enemies? This is a dangerous man.  What do we do - let him go so he may attack us again? Or do we get rid of our enemies to help ourselves?

There is a murmur of assent from the other savages.

NANINA : Chal is our leader - he and the strangers have given us orders that this man is not to be hurt.

TOR : I never trust the strangers, and Chal is not here.

NANINA : Alright Tor, grabbing a spear, I am here!

TOR : You would fight for this man Nanina? How can an enemy mean so much?

CHAL : Calling from outside Tor, where are you?

NANINA : Immediately forgetting the argument with Tor It's Chal!

CHAL : Calling Where's the guard?

Dodo and Chal help the Doctor towards the caves. Tor and the other savages watch their approach from the cave mouth.

CHAL : Indicating the Doctor Help him.

NANINA : Where is the other stranger?

CHAL : He will come.


Scene 11 - Outside The City (Jano's Group)
Steven, avoiding any attempt at stealth, rushes through the scrub towards the Valley of Caves. A blast from the light gun passes over his head. Steven dives for cover, rolls around, and fires an erratic shot back at his pursuers. He stumbles on through the undergrowth. A short distance away, Jano has spotted Steven moving through the shrubs. Jano aims his gun, prepares to fire ... but lowers his gun after a moment's hesitation. Edal rushes up to Jano.

EDAL : How did he get away?

JANO : You must ask your guards.

EDAL : We will be too late. They will be in the valley by now.


Scene 12 - The Valley Of Caves - Exterior
Dodo assists the Doctor towards the cave, just as the sounds of movement appear from behind.

DODO : There's someone coming! It's Steven ..

STEVEN : Sprinting into the valley Get him inside, quick!. They're right behind me.

A few seconds later, Edal, Jano and the guard appear at the opening of the valley.

EDAL : Indicating with his gun There they are. Fire!

As Edal and the guard open fire, Steven fires in return. One of Steven's shots hits the guard in the chest. Crying in pain, the guard falls to the ground.

STEVEN : To Dodo, indicating the Doctor Get him into the back of the cave, quick, and give him some of those capsules.

DODO : Which capsules?

STEVEN : Those that we gave to the savage.

DODO : Yes, I forgot.

Dodo removes the jar of capsules from her pocket, and inserts one into the Doctor's mouth. Meanwhile, Jano, Edal and the stunned guard have taken cover behind a large rock. At the cave mouth, Steven peers into the vegetation, trying to find Edal's hiding place.

STEVEN : Somebody's moving.

Detecting movement, Steven aims his gun into the shrubs.

CHAL : It's their leader - Jano.

Steven lines up the sights on Jano. The savages urge Steven to fire.

TOR : Quickly fire now? Shoot!

But just as Steven is about to fire, a hand grabs hold of his arm. The Doctor has suddenly appeared at Steven's side.

DOCTOR : Not at Jano.

STEVEN : Doctor, what are you doing?

DOCTOR : You must not harm Jano.

TOR : But he is their leader!

DOCTOR : Please carry out my instructions, and do not harm Jano.

There is a moment's silence as Steven considers what to do. He turns back towards the cave mouth, and stares outside.

TOR : It is too late now.

CHAL : Yes. Take him down indicating the Doctor.

The Doctor is assisted into the cave by Dodo. Steven gives his light gun to a savage (Tor?)

STEVEN : Here, take this... Go on take it! Don't use it unless you have to.

DODO : Are you all right Doctor?

DOCTOR : Yes, I think so, my dear. I must have fallen into some kind of a coma. It was as though .. as though all my powers had been sapped.

CHAL : You have let their leader escape!

DOCTOR : Staring around Where am I? Where am I? Hmm?

STEVEN : These are the cave dwellings where Chal and his people live.

DODO : We've got to get back to the TARDIS.

DOCTOR : No. No, my dear, no, no. We can't leave yet. No, we've got a lot of work to do.

STEVEN : Work?

DOCTOR : Yes, yes. I don't intend to leave these people in this oppressed state.

STEVEN : Well, you're never going to convince the elders that Chal and his people should be treated like human beings.

DOCTOR : Yes, you're probably right, my boy. I shan't even try.

CHAL : What are you going to do?

DOCTOR : I am going to destroy the power that they hold over you.

STEVEN : Destroy the laboratory?

DOCTOR : Yes, precisely!

STEVEN : But how are we going to get in? They'll be waiting for us this time.

DOCTOR : All we need is one friend from the other side.

NANINA : But that is not possible.

DOCTOR : Smiling I think we have him already, my dear.


Scene 13 - The Valley of Caves - Exterior (Jano's Group)
Jano, Edal and the guard remain hidden behind the rock. Jano stares up into the sky.

JANO : It is getting dark. I want you to return to the city.

EDAL : Surprised Leave you here alone?

JANO : Yes. I shall be all right.

EDAL : I can't do that - I refuse to.

JANO : I am still your leader, Edal, and this is an order. Tell Senta and the elders that I shall return with the strangers as prisoners.

EDAL : I obey - under protest.

Edal and the guard walk away.


Scene 14 - The Valley Of Caves - Interior
STEVEN : Peering out from the cave mouth They've gone.

DOCTOR : All of them?

STEVEN : It's hard to tell - it's too dark.

DOCTOR : Yes, I think you will find they've left one behind.

STEVEN : I'll stay on guard.

DOCTOR : Smiling to himself  yes, there is no need to, my boy.

CHAL : You speak in riddles. You say they have left one behind, but we do not need a guard?

DOCTOR : That is correct. We'll wait until it's dark. Then I think we shall have a visitor.


Scene 15 - Senta's Laboratory
Edal has returned to the city, and is talking with Senta in the control room. They are both concerned by Jano's peculiar behaviour.

SENTA : But you shouldn't have left him there, Edal.

EDAL : I was forced to. He's acting very strangely. He's not at all himself.

SENTA : Are you sure?

EDAL : Jano has changed.

SENTA : That's a dangerous accusation!

Two of the elders stroll into the room.

SENTA : Dare you repeat it in front of them?

EDAL : To Elders I was ordered to return here by Jano. Elders, I believe we are about to be betrayed.


Scene 16 - The Valley Of Caves - Interior
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo wait in silence in the main cave. The savages sit patiently nearby.

DODO : Hearing noises from outside There's someone coming.

Steven immediately prepares his light gun for firing.

DOCTOR : There's no need for that, my boy.

STEVEN : Doctor ...

DOCTOR : Ssshh!

JANO : Outside the cave Don't be alarmed. Is the Doctor there?

CHAL : It is Jano!

DOCTOR : Yes, I am here, Jano. We were expecting you.

Jano slowly enters the cave, and looks around his surroundings. Some of the savages cringe back in fear, while others (like Tor) tighten the grip on their clubs.

DOCTOR : Noticing the reaction Tell your people they are quite safe, Chal. Jano comes as a friend. 

CHAL : Do not be afraid. We must trust this man.

JANO : How do you know that I come as a friend?

DOCTOR : Oh, my dear Jano, it wasn't difficult. I knew you were to undergo the in-transference yourself.

JANO : You knew that?

DOCTOR : Yes, an unknown experiment. And you're not the type of man to allow others to take risks.

JANO : You are right, Doctor. And now tell me, what has happened to me?

DOCTOR : Really, it's all very simple. You wanted my intellect - you got it, and along with it, you received a little conscience. Hmm?

STEVEN : Conscience?

DOCTOR : Yes, yes. You see, Jano is now saddled with the sense of right and wrong, which makes him an explosive element in a civilisation such as his.

STEVEN : Is this true?

JANO : It must be. All I know is that since the experiment I have not been sure of myself. I have grown aware of the evil that we have done and I am determined to end it.

CHAL : You are going to help us?

JANO : Yes.

TOR : Your friends would never agree.

JANO : I know. I will not try to persuade them.

DOCTOR : Jano has another plan.

JANO : How did you know, Doctor?

DOCTOR : Smiling I think it's like mine.

During this conversation, Exorse has been working at his bonds. Suddenly, his hands slip free from the bonds. Exorse immediately jumps up and sprints out into the darkness.

CHAL : Hold him!

Steven fires a shot with the light gun, but Exorse has escaped.

STEVEN : He's gone.

TOR : If he gets back, that will be the end of your fine plan.

DOCTOR : We must take that chance.

At that moment, Nanina rushes off to find Exorse.

TOR : Nanina!

Exorse is running through the shrubs when he hears the sounds of footsteps behind him. He stops in a small clearing, and picks up a heavy piece of wood. He raises his club as the sounds of movement become closer. Nanina suddenly bursts into the small clearing.

EXORSE : Why did you follow?

NANINA : If you betray Jano, what will become of us?

EXORSE : It is Jano who is the traitor.

NANINA : What have you learnt Exorse? That we are people like yourself. What chance will we ever have if you speak ..

EXORSE : You think I can keep silent about what I've heard?

NANINA : You owe me your life, Exorse. I have a right to ask you. If you are against us now, you condemn us forever.

Exorse stares at Nanina thoughtfully for a few seconds. Without another word, he turns around, throws the piece of wood back to the ground, and heads back for the city. Nanina watches him disappear into the darkness.


Scene 17 - Senta's Laboratory
The remaining elders have gathered in the control room. Edal stands nearby. Senta is speaking to the Elders.

SENTA : I promised Jano that I would tell no-one about the intransference. But now I must. It appears that Jano has absorbed dangerous ideas from the Doctor. Turning to Edal What can we do?

EDAL : We can no longer trust, Jano. He is not fit to lead us. I will take command. Declare an emergency. We must be ready for Jano.


Scene 18 - The Valley Of Caves - Interior
In the cave, Jano is preparing everyone for the trip back to the city.

JANO : Everyone must do as I command. You too Doctor. No-one will turn back. And now we must move.


Scene 19 - Senta's Laboratory
While Edal and Senta are talking with the Elders, Exorse wearily strides into the room.

EDAL : You were a prisoner in the cave?

EXORSE : That is correct.

EDAL : Jano - I left him alone. He had some plan.

EXORSE : Hesitantly I did not see him.

SENTA : According to Captain Edal, Jano is no longer to be trusted. He has gone over to the savages.


Scene 20 - Outside The City
A short distance from the city, a party of prisoners is being led through the undergrowth. At the rear of the group is Jano, who is holding the beam of the light gun over a number of prisoners. They include the Doctor, Steven, Dodo, Chal, Tor and Nanina.

JANO : Shouting Come on, get a move on there. Come on, get along. Come on.


Scene 21 - Senta's Laboratory
Edal, who is questioning Exorse, is growing increasingly suspicious by the young guard's responses.

EDAL : Are you sure Exorse you have nothing further to report?

EXORSE : More confidently Nothing Captain.

EDAL : Coldly Strange, very strange. We'll see what the interrogators can get out of you.

EXORSE : Only the leader has the right to send citizens to the interr...

SENTA : Captain Edal has called an emergency. He has taken over the leadership in the absence of Jano.

JANO : In the absence of Jano?

Jano strides confidently into the control room, much to the surprise of Senta and Edal.

SENTA : We did not expect you back here!

JANO : Why not? Did I not say that I would be back with prisoners. Turning towards the door Bring in the strangers.

SENTA : To Edal So you were wrong, Edal. To Jano Captain Edal informed us that you had gone over to the enemy, Jano. He has tried to take your place.

JANO : Put the Captain under arrest. Both of you.

The guards immediately rush forward and seize Captain Edal.

EDAL : I demand to be heard!

JANO : You will be heard - at the right time and place. Take him away!

Struggling in the grip of the guards, Edal is escorted from the control room. Senta and the remaining Elders, look at Jano sceptically, while Exorse stands nearby.

SENTA : We apologise Jano. We thought that something had happened to you during the intransference.

JANO : Seal off the doors.

SENTA : Are we to prepare these savages for transference?

JANO : More firmly Seal off the doors.

Jano rushes forward and pulls the lever himself. The laboratory doors begin to close.

SENTA : What's happening? I insist upon knowing!

JANO : You will find what I going to say very difficult to understand. All the elders of our city are here, and so is the source of our supremacy on this planet. No man easily gives up the means which give him power.

SENTA : I don't understand Jano.

JANO : That is what I am asking you to do. I want you to destroy all this.

SENTA : What? The laboratory? The generators?

JANO : All the machinery which we have used to destroy our fellows.

SENTA : They are not our fellows, Jano. They are the savages. They are not capable of development like us.

JANO : How do you know?

SENTA : All history proves it. The savages are good only to provide us with energy. The laboratory must not be destroyed.

JANO : These people whom you call savages are our equals. What we have done to them is wrong. If you will not destroy all this, then I must.

Jano picks up a heavy rod and raises it over his head.

SENTA : What are you doing? Stop him!

Senta rushes forward and presses the emergency control lever. An alarm begins to sound. But this does not prevent Jano from delivering a hefty blow to a piece of machinery.

JANO : This is our only chance to start life afresh on this planet. Help me!

SENTA : Calling to Exorse Well don't just stand there! Use your gun.

Exorse lines up Jano with his light gun, but hesitates when Nanina appears in front of him.

NANINA : Help, Exorse. It's the only way to help us all.

Exorse slowly lowers his gun, and watches as the destruction continues throughout the laboratory. All the 'prisoners' pick up anything they can find, and assist in the destruction of the laboratory. The place degenerates into utter chaos, with people yelling and screaming to one another. After a number of blows, the large energy vats suddenly shatter, causing a large mass of liquid fluid to flow throughout the room. This fluid flows through the twisted metal, smashed equipment, and broken glass of the laboratory.

DOCTOR : Triumphantly to Dodo You know, my dear,there's something very satisfying about destroying something that's evil. Don't you think?

DODO: Yes!

As Dodo assists the Doctor towards the centre of the control room, Chal and Jano are talking.

JANO : This is only the beginning, Chal. After this destruction, our people must build a world that they can both live in.

CHAL : And both sides must learn to trust each other.

JANO : We may need a new leader. Someone who can unite us.

EDAL : Over the intercom Make sure the strangers don't escape. It is they who have done this to us! Kill the Doctor on sight. These are my orders!!

The doors are smashed down - a number of guards, led by Captain Edal, swarm into the room.

EDAL : Screaming Get Jano!

The guards rush forwards towards Jano, but Jano makes no effort to run away. Steven rushes up to Jano's side, holding the light gun in front of him.

STEVEN : Stay where you are! What can you do now? The place is destroyed - your power's gone.

EDAL : You! I should have killed you a long time ago. To the Doctor It is you, Doctor, you have done this to us.

JANO : Edal, you have no more authority here.

EDAL : You, you are a traitor. I do not take orders from traitors!

STEVEN : Drop it!

Edal raises his light gun, and points it at Jano. Steven quickly snatches the light gun from Exorse, and fires a shot at Edal. Edal collapses to the floor.

JANO : Doctor, we already owe you much. To Steven And now I owe you my life.

DOCTOR : Jano, since you have destroyed the power you held over Chal and his people, you realise now, of course, that you've got to learn to live together.

JANO : Yes. But the fear and hatred of the past will only die slowly. We need someone like yourself as a mediator until we have become one people.

DOCTOR : I see. But in my case, I am afraid that is utterly impossible.

JANO : The man we need must inspire trust. His judgements must come from his heart even more than his head.

The Doctor smiles knowingly, as Chal and Jano turn to Steven.

CHAL : Here is the leader we want, Jano.

JANO : This is what I thought.

STEVEN : Struggling for words Just a minute. I couldn't ...

DOCTOR :  A great honour, dear boy.

STEVEN : But I can't walk out on you and Dodo!

DOCTOR : Just think of the challenge to be able to set up the people on this planet for a new life. You're quite ready for this task.

STEVEN : You think I can do it?

DOCTOR : Yes, I do. And you're the only man who can, my boy.

STEVEN : To Chal And the offer come from both sides?

CHAL : You would give us new hope. Our people will become great again - we will learn to live as equals - without bitterness.

STEVEN : What about Tor?

TOR : I should accept your decisions.

There is a moment's silence as Steven considers the momentous decision.

STEVEN : Very well. I will stay.

CHAL : Thank you...and thank you! You have justified our faith.

DODO : Rushing forward to Steven Oh Steven!

STEVEN : Giving Dodo a hug I shall miss you both, Dodo.

JANO : Doctor, for many light years, we looked forward to your arrival on this planet. We always knew of your wisdom, but we never dreamed of the miracle that it would bring us.

DOCTOR : Thank you Jano. And if ever you need the benefit of my wisdom again, I trust and hope you will allow me to express myself with my own free will, rather than place me in an oven, and try and cook it out of me. Hmmm?

The Doctor chuckles as Jano nods.

JANO : To Chal Come Chal, we must summon our people. There is much work to be done. To Steven We shall await you in our Council Chamber.

Jano and Chal leave the room, along with the rest of their united people. The Doctor, Steven and Dodo are left alone in the remains of the laboratory.

DOCTOR : Well, I must say, young man, I'm very proud of you!

STEVEN : Doctor I don't know if ...

DOCTOR : I know, I know my boy. Well, go on, you mustn't keep them waiting.

STEVEN : Goodbye Doctor.

DOCTOR : Shaking Steven's hand Goodbye Steven, and good luck.

Steven turns and hurries away. But at the door, he hesitates and sadly turns back to the Doctor and Dodo. He gives a small wave, and disappears.

DODO : Doctor, do you think we'll ever see him again?

DOCTOR : Comforting Dodo Well, who knows my dear. In this strange complex of time and space, anything can happen. Come along little one, we must go.

Arm-in-arm, the Doctor and Dodo stroll out of the devastated laboratory.

DOCTOR : We mustn't look back.


Scene 22 - The Ravine
In the ravine, the TARDIS groans into life with the familiar sound of dematerialisation. Slowly, it fades from view ...


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