Written by Ian Stuart Black

Scene 1 - Senta's Laboratory
The Doctor is undergoing the transference process. The assistants continue to shout out the readings, as Senta supervises the operation. Senta calls out for confirmation of a reading.

1st ASSISTANT : Negative.

SENTA : Vitality is dropping - watch it carefully. Adjust cutout at 25 - don't reduce any lower or he may not recover.

The assistants bustle around the control room and laboratory, checking various monitoring devices. Amidst the activity, Jano enters.

JANO : Senta! Your message was passed on to me. You are to be congratulated.

SENTA : It's a perfect transfer.

JANO : Remarkable. How is the Doctor?

SENTA : Reduced nervous tension of course, but in good condition. Given time, he will recover, and like the others, we'll be able to use him again.

JANO : You realise what this means, Senta. If we are able to achieve this transfer successfully, we will be able to do the same with the other time travellers.

SENTA : The young man and the girl?

JANO : Nodding As it is, they are a danger to us. But as a source of energy, they could be of great value. Calling out Captain Edal. Send out patrols. The two young people who arrived with the Doctor must be brought in.


Scene 2 - Outside The City
Chal's people have led Steven and Dodo through the scrubland and into a small valley. One of the savages lies dazed on the ground nearby, having just undergone the transference process. Steven approaches the savage to help.

CHAL : Leave him. We have brought you here only for your safety.

STEVEN What have you done for the Doctor?

CHAL : We can do nothing for him.

STEVEN : If you don't fight them, you'll always suffer.

CHAL : Obviously you have never faced the light guns.

STEVEN : What is this place? Why have we come here?

CHAL : To hide. That is where we live.

Chal points to the side of the valley. Amongst the rocks, there are numerous openings leading to caves.

DODO : Caves! You live there?

CHAL : Yes.

STEVEN : Like animals!

CHAL : Like animals. It is the one place the guards will not follow.  Even they hesitate to go into the darkness of those passages.

TOR : Rushing up to Chal There is news Chal. The patrols have been sent out. They are searching for the strangers.

DODO : How do you know they are looking for us?

TOR : They have not touched any of our people - and they are still hunting.

STEVEN : Did you hear anything about the Doctor?

TOR : He will have been used.

DODO : You mean they put him in that glass cell? Steven, what are we going to do?

STEVEN : Don't worry, Dodo, we'll find him.

CHAL : I must warn you, when you do find him, he will not be as you remember - they leave us afterwards only a hollow shell of ourselves.


Scene 3 - Senta's Laboratory
The assistants wheel the Doctor from the glass cubicle. As Senta examines the readings, Jano walks over.

JANO : What is his vitality?

SENTA : It's down to twenty-five. We were very careful.

JANO : And the energy count?

SENTA : That's high. As a source of energy, his power is remarkably high.

JANO : And he will recover?

SENTA : Of course, but it will take time.

JANO : Very well. And now I wish you to prepare for an in-transference.

SENTA : So soon?

JANO : The sooner the better.

SENTA : You have nominated a number of people to receive part of his life force?

JANO : No, there will be only one person.

SENTA : That is most unusual.

JANO : This is a most unusual experiment, Senta. It would not be right to jeopardise the safety of any other members of the city. I will take full responsibility.

SENTA : You're going to take the in-transference yourself?

JANO : Yes.

SENTA : But Jano, is that wise? Anything might happen. We have never seen the results of such an in-transference before.

JANO : It is for that reason that I will take the risk. I shall be ready when you need me.

Jano briskly leaves the control room.


Scene 4 - Outside The City
While on patrol in the scrubland, Edal and Exorse meet.

EDAL : Keep to your own division, Exorse. You're too far over. This is section K4. You should be beyond the scrubland. Go and see if they've tried to reach the Valley of Caves.

EXORSE : Very good, Captain.


Scene 5 The Savages' Cave
While Chal is talking to Steven and Dodo, one of the savages crosses to Chal and whispers something in his ear.

STEVEN : What is it?

CHAL : A patrol is coming this way.

TOR : I have warned you - they are looking for you.

DODO : Will they come here?

CHAL : Possibly.

STEVEN : Where can we go?

TOR : There is no place where you are safe.

CHAL : Be silent! You will be safe in the caves.

TOR : No Chal! You cannot take them into the caves. The guards would follow and then our last refuge would be gone.

CHAL :They have helped us. We must help them.

TOR : Furiously No! They are not our people. They must not be allowed in the caves.

CHAL : I am the leader. And I say they may go.

TOR : Very well. Our destruction will be on your hands.

CHAL : You will remain here. To Steven and Dodo Come with me, quickly.

Led by Chal, Steven and Dodo walk through one of the entrances in the valley wall. As they enter the cave inside, Nanina shivers with fright when she sees the strangers.

CHAL : Nanina .. do not worry. They are friends.

WYLDA : They helped me.

DODO : Looking around in wonder It's beautiful - like a little temple.

CHAL : Waving his arm around the cave This is where we live. It is the one spot on this island which we can call our own.

STEVEN : But, who's made all this?

CHAL : Our people have done it.

STEVEN : It's suberb!

CHAL : Indicating the murals on the wall Our ancestors were great artists. As time passes, we are less able to do such things. Most of our talents have been taken from us. Only our faith remains. And that they will never take.

TOR : Calling from outside the cave Look out. The patrol is coming.

Outside the cave, Exorse has just stepped into the base of the valley. Noticing Tor nearby, Exorse yells out to him.

EXORSE : Stay where you are. Where are they?

Tor attempts to run away, but Exorse fires his light gun. Tor is trapped within the paralysing field of the light gun.

EXORSE : Next time, I will take you away. I asked you, where are the strangers?

Tor slowly turns his head towards the cave. Exorse immediately understands the signal.

EXORSE : Up there are they? Right!

Exorse rushes towards the caves, but stops when he reaches the cave mouth.

NANINA : Whispering to Chal What is happening?

CHAL : He is coming this way.

NANINA : Go back - I will watch.

EXORSE : Speaking into the cave You have the two strangers. Tell them to come here.

NANINA : There are no strangers.

STEVEN : Let me see what's going on.

NANINA: Stay down there!

But Steven ignores Nanina's protests, and strides to the front of the cave. He joins Nanina.

STEVEN : Crouching out of sight How many guards?

NANINA : There's only one, but he has a gun.

DODO : What's he doing now?

NANINA : It's no use. He's coming here.

Exorse slowly moves towards the cave entrance. He holds his light gun nervously in front of him, ready to act at the sign of any trouble.

STEVEN : Whispering to Chal Isn't there any other way out of this place?

CHAL : There are the passages but they don't lead anywhere.

DODO : You mean we're trapped?

CHAL : No, no, they will give us a chance. There are many passages and he may not know which one to follow. Come with me.

Chal leads Steven and Dodo towards the back of the cave. At that moment, Exorse reaches the cave entrance, and peers inside.

EXORSE : This is an order. Bring out the strangers. I know they are there.

Chal quickly hurries Steven and Dodo into one of the many corridors leading off from the main cavern.

STEVEN : What will happen to him?

CHAL : They can do no worse than they have done before.

DODO : We don't want to bring any more suffering on your people.

EXORSE : Calling out Very well, I will come and get them myself.

CHAL : Beckoning Steven and Dodo down the passage Quickly! This way.

At that moment, Exorse walks into the cave, and takes in the surroundings quickly. Noticing Nanina, he strides over to her.

EXORSE : The strangers, girl, where are they? Tell me or you will suffer.

NANINA : I will tell you nothing.

EXORSE : After I find them, I shall teach you to obey.

Exorse turns to Wylda.

EXORSE : Where are they?

Wylda remains silent.

EXORSE : Very well.

Exorse moves towards the back of the cave, when he notices another savage lurking nearby. He points the light gun threateningly at the savage.

EXORSE : I shall take you back in their place.

NANINA : Don't talk!

SAVAGE : Alarmed They have gone into the face of the rock!

Exorse turns around, and scans the back of the cavern. He notices that there are a number of passageways, all leading into the gloomy interior of the mountain. He turns back to the savage, and raises his light gun.

EXORSE : Which opening? which opening? Get back!

The savage hurriedly points to one of the passages.

NANINA : Bitterly You have betrayed them.

SAVAGE : But he would have taken me!

Exorse cautiously moves into the passageway. Further on down the passageway, Chal is leading Steven and Dodo.

DODO : Where does this lead to?

CHAL : Only further into the rocks.

DODO : There no way out?

CHAL : No.

DODO : Listen!

Back along the passage, Exorse is moving slowly through the darkness. He stops momentarily, trying to detect the sounds of movement ahead.

STEVEN : Listening carefully I don't hear anything.

CHAL : I'm not sure. Come on.

Chal, Steven and Dodo continue through the darkness. Further behind, Exorse has detected the slight sounds of movement. He smiles.

DODO : Isn't there any place to hide?

CHAL : I'm afraid the echo ...

STEVEN : But she's right though. We don't stand a chance if all the passages are as narrow as this.

CHAL : I can promise nothing, but he may not follow.

STEVEN : How much more of this passage is there?

CHAL : Very little. But it is our only chance.

EXORSE : Shouting into the darkness I know you are there, strangers. There is no escape for you. It will be better for you if you turn back now.

DODO : It's no good Steven.

EXORSE : Do you hear me?

STEVEN : Pointing ahead What's that?

CHAL : It is the last bend - after that, there is nothing.

STEVEN : Go on.


Scene 6 - Entrance To Cave
Back at the cave mouth, Tor appears, having recovered from the effects of the light gun. He walks over to Wylda and Nanina.

TOR : Where are they now?

WYLDA : They've gone into the rock.

TOR : And the guard?

NANINA : He's followed. Pointing to the guilty savage He showed him the way.

TOR : Chal should not have brought the strangers here. They will punish all of us!

NANINA : But the strangers helped us.

TOR : What good is that if they make the leaders angry?


Scene 7 - The Savages' Cave
Exorse makes his way through the cave, becoming bolder with every step. He holds his light gun carefully in front of him.

EXORSE : Come back, strangers. There is no escape.

STEVEN : Shouting back Then come and get us.

CHAL : Horrified He knows we are here

STEVEN : If I can get him angry, he might do something rash. Turning and shouting down the passageway Come on, soldier boy, what are you frightened of? You've got the gun.

CHAL : He will destroy us all!

STEVEN : How will he do that?

CHAL : With the gun.

STEVEN : Tell me, how will he use it?

CHAL : What does it matter!

STEVEN : Hurry up, I've got to know! Tell me! How does it work?

CHAL : They shine the liquid light beam on us, and we cannot move.

STEVEN : Does the beam reflect?

CHAL : How do you mean?

STEVEN : If the light from the gun reflects, does it still work?

CHAL : Yes, yes, I have seen it from the water of the lake.

STEVEN : Quick Dodo give me that mirror. Now come on, get on the floor, both of you.

CHAL : It's no use!

Dodo hands the mirror to Steven, as she and Chal lie on the ground.

Exorse stands a few metres from the slight bend in the passageway ahead.

EXORSE : You are foolish to think you can defy me. Have the people of the caves not told you you cannot resist us?

STEVEN : Shouting back We're going to change all that, soldier boy. Come on, what are you frightened of?

EXORSE : The travellers from beyond time are indeed foolish people.

But Steven's taunts have had the desired effect. Exorse, abandoning all attempts at stealth, moves around the bend of his passageway, and fires his light gun. Dodo lifts her head up to look.

STEVEN : Keep down!

CHAL : Don't let it shine on you. Don't let it touch your eyes.

STEVEN: Quiet!

DODO : It's coming closer.

The light beam ricochets off the rocky wall, illuminating the path ahead. Keeping his finger on the light gun's "trigger", Exorse moves further around the bend, illuminating the passage ahead of him.

EXORSE : Now do you understand strangers? We are masters.

CHAL : We must go. We must obey.

STEVEN : Hold him Dodo.

Chal tries to get up, but Dodo holds him down.

STEVEN : This might just work.

Chal makes an effort to escape, but Dodo holds him down.

CHAL : It is useless, stranger.

STEVEN: Well done Dodo. Now for it.

EXORSE : I will give you no more orders. You will step into the light.

The light beam slowly approaches Chal, Steven and Dodo, who are standing at the end of the passageway. Steven holds out Dodo's mirror to one side. The light beam is only a few centimetres away. Steven stretches his arm, and eventually catches the light beam. The ray is reflected back down the passage. As Exorse appears in front of Chal, Steven and Dodo, the light beam strikes him directly in the face. Exorse is rendered immobile, and drops his gun to the floor. Steven quickly scrambles towards Exorse, snatching the gun from the floor.Steven presses the button and directs a beam of light straight into Exorse's face. As expected, Exorse is powerless to move.

STEVEN : Keeping the gun directed on Exorse Right, now turn. Come on, move!

CHAL : In awe He has taken the guard prisoner. It is impossible!


Scene 8 - The Cave Entrance
The remainder of the savages are waiting in the cave entrance. Any minute now, they expect Exorse to return ...

NANINA : They're coming back.

TOR : We should not have angered him. What will happen to us? He has taken them prisoners.

As expected, Exorse reappears in the cave entrance. But the savages are stunned into silence when they realise that Exorse is under the power of the light gun. Steven appears soon after, brandishing the light gun. Once Exorse is in the middle of the cavern, Steven switches off the light gun. Exorse collapses to the floor.

NANINA : It's the guard!

Tor is speechless with amazement.

TOR: He has the gun.

NANINA: We're safe.

STEVEN : Right, tie him up. Make him a prisoner.

TOR : You can destroy the people of the city. Turning to the other savages They can destroy our enemies. The strangers must be gods.


Scene 9 - Senta's Laboratory
The Doctor is lying unconscious on the operating trolley.

1st ASSISTANT : Are we to release him into the outer world as with the others?

SENTA : He is not one of the savages. He couldn't look after himself. No, he will be kept here. The elders intended to give him the guest apartments. He must be taken there. Assist him.

The assistants help the Doctor to his feet.

SENTA : Treat him with great care. He is most valuable to us.

1st ASSISTANT : I understand, Senta.

Senta walks into the laboratory to find an impatient Jano.

JANO : You are ready?

SENTA : Yes - I've sent my assistants away.

JANO : You are right. It is most important that we keep this in-transference secret until we know the results. I don't wish to alarm anyone.

SENTA : Shall we begin?

Senta leads Jano to a chair set in a recess. It is lined with monitoring equipment. Jano sits on the chair, well aware of the procedure.

JANO : I am ready.

Senta operates a control, causing a glass panel to slide down in front of Jano. Senta picks up a microphone, and directs his message to Jano.

SENTA : All will go well. I shall switch on when you give me the signal.

Jano nods. Senta bustles around the laboratory, switching on a number of control devices. The two energy vats start to bubble with activity. Simultaneously, Jano's cubicle is filled with gas.


Scene 10 - The Cave Entrance
The savages have gathered around Exorse.

TOR : Laughing at Exorse We shall kill him while we have the chance.

STEVEN : He's more use to us alive.

TOR : They have killed many of our people. It would be justice.

NANINA : Leave him.

TOR : Why do you pity him Nanina? This is the guard that took you. Think what they do even now to the old man.

STEVEN : And if we're quick we may still be able to help the Doctor..

TOR : It is too late - there is nothing we can ...

CHAL : Be silent! What do you wish us to do?

STEVEN : Show us how to get into the city.

CHAL : There is a way, but it is dangerous. It is always guarded.

STEVEN : Holding up the gun I can handle the guards with this. Just show me how to get in.

NANINA : And once you're in?

STEVEN : Dodo and I can find the Doctor.

CHAL : Do you know where he is?

DODO : He was supposed to go to the guest apartment.

NANINA : It will not be possible.

STEVEN : We must try.

CHAL : Very well, I will show you - but we must hurry.

Chal leads Steven and Dodo from the cave mouth.

STEVEN : Turning back to the remainder of the savages Guard your prisoner - make sure he doesn't get away.

NANINA : Good luck go with you.

As Chal, Steven and Dodo walk off, Tor immediately realises this is the perfect opportunity for revenge.

TOR : Indicating Exorse The safest way to deal with him is to kill him now.

Tor swings his club, but Nanina rushes forward and catches his hand. Although Exorse is still struck by the club, most of the strength has been taken out of the blow.

NANINA : You heard what Chal said! I shall call him back!

Tor tosses away his club in anger and moves to the back of the cave.

NANINA : To Exorse Has he hurt you?

EXORSE : Not much.

NANINA : Let me see. Looking at his arm I shall make sure it is clean.

EXORSE : You're the girl I brought into the laboratory.


EXORSE : Why did you stop him?

NANINA : It would do no good to kill you.

EXORSE : What is your name?

NANINA : Nanina.

EXORSE : I shall remember.


Scene 11 - Outside The City
Chal has brought Steven and Dodo to the edge of the city.

CHAL : Pointing through the scrub The entrance is there. It opens into a passage which leads to the laboratory.

STEVEN : Can you be sure?

CHAL : Yes. It is the way we leave when they have taken our strength away.

At that moment, a guard strolls into view. He casually sits down, and removes some food from his pocket. He begins to eat.

DODO : Down!

STEVEN : It's not as though he's not expecting trouble ...

CHAL : Our people have been oppressed for so long the guards have grown careless.

STEVEN : Alright, we'll make use of that. How close in do I have to go before this becomes effective?

CHAL : Just a little further.

STEVEN : Moving forward Right. You two stay here.

The guard has detected the sounds of movement, but is unconcerned.

GUARD : Hello there? Is that you Exorse?

Steven suddenly jumps into view, brandishing the light gun. The guard scrambles for his own weapon, but is unable to react quickly enough. Steven fires, causing the guard to freeze in mid-action.

STEVEN : Dodo, Chal!

Dodo and Chal rush over.

STEVEN : Get his gun.

CHAL : Switch off your light.

Steven immediately switches off the light gun.

DODO : Looking at the guard He's flat out.

CHAL : The light must have hit his eyes. It is as if he was struck by a club. He will be like this for a long time.

STEVEN : How do we open the door?

CHAL : It's simple.

Chal operates a control, causing the door to glide open.

STEVEN : Right, Chal. Take this fellow up into the bushes. We don't want anyone to find him here. Then wait for us.

CHAL : What will you do?

STEVEN : Dodo and I are going inside.


Scene 12 - Senta's Laboratory
Senta is monitoring the computer read-outs attached to Jano's cubicle. He speaks into the microphone again.

SENTA : In-transference completed. Pressure restored. Are you all right Jano? Jano?!

Senta presses another button, causing the glass panel to slide away. Jano steps into view.

SENTA : Jano?

Jano is holding his thumbs in the front of his jacket, in a manner uncannily like the Doctor. Jano peers at Senta sharply, while standing more upright. His whole personality has changed ...

SENTA : Are you all right Jano? For a moment I was afraid that ..

JANO : Grouchily What? What's all the fuss about? Hmm? I'm quite all right. The trouble with you people on this planet is that you don't...

SENTA : What do you mean Jano? You belong to this planet. You're one of us.

JANO : One of .. shaking his head ...yes, yes of course. I'm afraid I'm not quite myself.

SENTA : I understand. You must rest Jano. I shall give instructions that you are not to be disturbed.

JANO : Hmm! An excellent idea. After an experience like that, onel takes time to become adjusted. I suppose my two young friends ...

SENTA : Avon and Flower?

JANO : Good gracious no, no, no. Steven and Dodo, the child with the ridiculous name.

SENTA : The strangers?

JANO : Sharply Oh! Strangers to you, perhaps, but I have known them both... shaking his head again ...yes, yes of course, the strangers.

SENTA : I will leave you, Jano.

Senta walks off, leaving Jano alone in the laboratory. Jano stares around his surroundings as if this was his first visit here. After a quick glance at his own clothing, his eyes slowly scan through the room.

JANO : Hmm! So I'm in this dreadful place, am I? Well, I'll soon do something about their equipment.

Picking up a large bar, Jano prepares to smash one of the instruments. He brings the bar back over his shoulder ... and then stops, dropping the bar on the floor.

JANO : What's happened to me? What's happened to me?


Scene 13 - Emergency Corridor U-3
Steven and Dodo move cautiously along the corridor.

DODO : Steven, there's something wrong. It shouldn't be so easy to get in.

STEVEN : Chal and his people will be too terrified to break in.

DODO : Surely they should have some security?

STEVEN : Maybe they thought one guard was enough.


Scene 14 - Senta's Laboratory
In the control room, Captain Edal is looking at a scanner. It shows Steven and Dodo cautiously walking down the corridor. Senta appears from the laboratory and joins Edal.

EDAL : They're not going to give us much trouble. A little bit further and they'll have no chance to get back.

SENTA : It looks as though they're stopping.


Scene 15 - Emergency Corridor U-3
Dodo grabs hold of Steven's arm, bringing Steven to a halt.

DODO : Steven, there's something strange. I don't want to go on.

STEVEN : It's our only chance. We've got to find the Doctor.

DODO : Listen!


Scene 16 - Senta's Laboratory
Edal turns away from the scanner and reaches for a microphone.

EDAL : We'll just have to coax them in a little. Speaking into the microphone Hello, guest apartment control. Captain Edal speaking. Conduct time traveller number one to the end of emergency corridor U-3. You are to leave the Doctor there by himself. Take him there immediately - this is urgent.


Scene 17 - Emergency Corridor U-3
Dodo and Steven continue to stand still. They peer nervously down the corridor.

DODO : This is the corridor I was in before. There's a T-junction just ahead.

STEVEN : Can we get into the laboratory that way?

DODO : Yes.

STEVEN : Come on.

DODO : Alright.


Scene 18 - Senta's Laboratory
GUARD : From speaker Time traveller number one in position.

EDAL : Good. Release him. And stay out of sight until I give the signal.


Scene 19 - Emergency Corridor U-3
Steven and Dodo slowly walk towards the junction in the corridor.

DODO : Here's the T-junction all right. Stopping in alarm There's someone there!

STEVEN : Peering into the semi-darkness You're right. Stand by.

Dodo prevents Steven from acting when there is a familiar groan from ahead.


DODO : Oh it's wonderful to see you.

Dodo and Steven rush forward. The Doctor is leaning against the wall, mouth wide open in exhaustion. He does not seem to notice Steven and Dodo's presence ...

STEVEN : Are you all right? How did you get here?

DODO : Why doesn't he answer?

STEVEN : Are you all right Doctor?

The Doctor merely groans.

STEVEN : Come on - we're going to get you out of this place.

DODO : He's not moving Steven - give him a hand.

STEVEN : Come on.

The Doctor groans again. At that moment, there is a grinding sound from back down the corridor.

STEVEN : What was that?

DODO : The door!

The door at the end of the corridor begins to close. Steven dashes forward and catches hold of it. Using all his strength, he attempts to keep the door open.

STEVEN : Gasping Dodo, quickly!

Dodo rushes over and assists Steven. Their combined strength manages to keep the door open. But during all this, the Doctor has remained in his zombie-like state.

STEVEN : Doctor ... come on now, you can get through!

The Doctor makes no effort to move.

DODO : Steven, I can't hold on much longer.

STEVEN : Doctor! Doctor!

The pressure of the door is too much for Steven and Dodo to handle. They fall back to the floor in exhaustion, as the door slides into place.

DODO : To the Doctor What have they done to you?


Scene 20 - Senta's Laboratory
EDAL : Speaking into microphone Guards to Emergency Corridor U-3. Use destructive vapours as protection against the light gun. Move up behind!


Scene 21 - Emergency Corridor U-3
At that moment, a thick white smoke starts to fill the corridor. It first appears from the other end of the corridor, but slowly approaches Steven and Dodo.

DODO : Look!

STEVEN : Peering into the smoke There's someone behind us!

Steven fires the light gun, but the beam fails to penetrate the dense gas.

DODO : That's no good, Steven. We've got to to get out.

They both turn their attention back to the door, but the cloud of smoke is rolling ever nearer.

DODO : Oh quickly Steven! He's getting nearer.

Dodo begins to cough as the fumes catch her throat. Through the cloud, two masked guards appear. Frantically, Steven hammers on the closed door that blocks their exit.

DODO : Can't see anything.

STEVEN : We've got to go through it Dodo.

They both cough. Steven and Dodo try to open the door.

DODO : I can't ...

STEVEN : Come on Dodo.

DODO : I can't ...

The door refuses to move. Despite all these events, the Doctor has not moved. The cloud swirls around him ...


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