Written by Ian Stuart Black

Scene 1 - The Passageway
Dodo stands motionless with fear as Wylda, with outstretched hands and vacant eyes, staggers towards her. But as Wylda reaches Dodo, he appears totally unaware of her. Continuing in a zombie-like state, Wylda stumbles past Dodo, and moves on towards the end of the corridor. Dodo continues to remain still, as if any movement on her part may cause Wylda to notice her.

Dodo watches in puzzlement as Wylda approaches the end of the corridor - an apparent dead end. But just as Wylda reaches the far wall, he passes through a beam of light. This causes the door at the end of the corridor to glide open. Further beyond the door is the outside world. Wylda struggles towards the now open door. But the effort required is too great for his weakened body. As Dodo watches, Wylda collapses on to the floor. Wylda makes a feeble effort to rise, but it is to no avail. Groaning in pain, Wylda falls back to the floor.

Dodo eventually decides that Wylda, in his current depleted state, can cause her no possible harm. Dodo walks towards Wylda, and crouches down next to him. For the first time, Wylda becomes aware of Dodo's presence. His mouth opens, but no words come out. With all her strength, Dodo half-lifts Wylda from the floor, and drags him through the exit. As soon as they are outdoors, Wylda collapses free of Dodo's grip, and falls back to the ground. Chal and Tor, almost as if they frequently wait in this area, appear from out of the shrubs to assist Wylda to his feet. Seething with rage, Tor takes a step towards Dodo ... but is halted when Wylda catches his arm. Wylda gives a very slight shake of the head.

At that moment, the door starts to glide closed. Dodo suddenly becomes aware that she will be trapped outside the city if she does not move quickly. She rushes back into the corridor, leaving the two savages with Wylda.


Scene 2 - Senta's Laboratory
Senta is directing the latest transfer of energy. Nanina is wheeled into the laboratory on the operating trolley.

NANINA : Crying Please no ...don't please don'

SENTA : Make the connections.

One of the assistants operates a control. A panel slides down over Nanina, leaving her totally trapped inside a glass cubicle. Nanina continues to cry and plead, even as the cubicle fills with gas ...

SENTA : Vapourization

1st ASSISTANT : Checking a control Vapourization ... off.

2nd ASSISTANT : Vapourisation on.

3rd ASSISTANT : Confirming the order Vapourisation on.

Senta anxiously watches the monitoring equipment.

SENTA : To the 1st Assistant Prepare for transfer.

1st ASSISTANT : Standing by

The assistants count off the energy readings as the transference rate increases.


Scene 3 - The City Streets
STEVEN : Dodo! Dodo, where are you?

Steven is rushing through the city streets in an attempt to find Dodo. Avon and Flower follow behind.

STEVEN : What could have happened to her?

AVON : I cannot think. Perhaps she's playing a joke.

STEVEN : What do you mean?

FLOWER : She may be hiding - just a game.

STEVEN : Not even Dodo would be as stupid as that. Something must have happened to her ... Calling out again Dodo! Dodo!


Scene 4 - Senta's Laboratory
The transference continues ...

ASSISTANTS : ... three point five zero ... thirty-one three point five zero.

The bubbling in the vats increases in intensity ...


Scene 5 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor and Jano continue their discussion.

JANO : So you see Doctor, with this new stimulus, intellectual workers find themselves able to accomplish more. Artists are able to create works of brilliance and beauty. Everything ...

At that moment, Steven's voice can be heard, calling for the Doctor. He rushes into the Council Chamber.

STEVEN : Doctor! Doctor!

DOCTOR : My dear Steven, you must not come bursting into the room like this. Well?

STEVEN : Well, its Dodo. She's gone.

DOCTOR : Gone? What do you mean, gone?

STEVEN : She's completely vanished.

Jano turns to Avon and Flower, who have just entered the room.

JANO : What are we to understand by this Avon?

AVON : It's true.

FLOWER : Dodo was with us, and she vanished into thin air.

DOCTOR : Unconcerned Well, I really don't know what all this fuss is about. I'm sure the child won't come to any harm while's she here.

JANO : No. She cannot leave the city.

DOCTOR : If I know that young lady, she's well enough to look after herself. 

Beckoning to Steven to leave the room Now, come along, please let's finish the conversation.

STEVEN : Believing the Doctor is dismissing the subject too lightly Doctor!

DOCTOR : Tch, tch, tch


Scene 6 - Senta's Laboratory
As the vats in the laboratory bubble with activity, Dodo cautiously creeps into the control room. The sounds of the machinery have attracted her attention.

SENTA : From the laboratory Subject is very weak. Prepare to switch. I'll give the signal.

The 2nd Assistant, who is still in the control room, obeys Senta's instruction. At that moment, Dodo notices Nanina trapped inside the cubicle. She moves closer for a better view. The 2nd Assistant looks up momentarily from his work, and spots Dodo creeping through the room. Without saying anyting to his comrades, the 2nd Assistant moves quietly behind Dodo.

SENTA : From the laboratory Slowly, slowly. Vitality reading?

1st ASSISTANT : From the laboratory Twenty six.

SENTA: Careful now.

As Dodo moves closer to the cubicle, she is suddenly startled when the 2nd Assistant grabs her, and holds his hand over her mouth. The sounds of the struggle attract the attention of the 3rd Assistant.

2nd ASSISTANT : In the control room with her. Quick!

DODO : Breaking free momentarily from the 2nd Assistant What do you think you're doing. Leave me alone!

3rd ASSISTANT : Who is she?

2nd ASSISTANT : She must be from outside. I'll check the list.

3rd ASSISTANT : Why is she wearing such strange clothes?

DODO : Trying to free herself from the Assistant's grip You keep your hands to yourself!

While the 3rd Assistant maintains a firm hold on Dodo, the 2nd Assistant scans a nearby list.

2nd ASSISTANT : We have no record of her. The only female in here is the one who is in there now.

3rd ASSISTANT : She must be from outside. Is she for transference?

2nd ASSISTANT : She must be. What else? We had better make preparations.

The 2nd Assistant indicates one of the empty trolleys standing nearby. Dodo gets a bad feeling when she sees the straps on the trolley ...

DODO : No .. no ... NO!


Scene 7 - The City Streets
The search for Dodo continues through the city streets. Edal has joined up with Steven, Avon, and Flower.

AVON : We came along here, you see, then we stopped and looked out of this window.

FLOWER : The window?

EDAL : It's too small. She couldn't get out of that. You should have watched her. You'll be held responsible.

FLOWER : We thought she was following .. we didn't know she could vanish.

Captain Edal looks down the corridor with the small window at the end.

EDAL : She passed here?

AVON : Yes, but she couldn't go through it.

EDAL : Why not?

Captain Edal presses a control lever, causing a door in the corridor to glide open. Steven is immediately intrigued.

STEVEN : What is this?

FLOWER : Oh, it's nothing - we never use it. Pay no attention.

EDAL : The guards use it.

FLOWER : Oh, we never go there ... none of the young people do. Dodo would never go down there.

STEVEN : You don't know her. She'd go anywhere.

EDAL : If she's gone down there, then I wouldn't give much for her chances.

STEVEN : What do you mean ... ?

Edal turns to Avon and Flower, with a stern expression on his face.

EDAL : And I wouldn't give much for yours either.

FLOWER : Upset But she wouldn't go that way! It's not allowed.

STEVEN : Sarcastically Well, if it isn't allowed, Dodo would be the first in the queue. I'm going to take a look.

Steven makes a move towards the newly created entrance.

EDAL : Sharply Stay where you are!


Scene 8 - Senta's Laboratory
In the laboratory, Senta is examining the monitoring equipment when the 2nd Assistant appears from the control room.

2nd ASSISTANT : Something very strange has happened, Senta. We have one of the outsiders, but she does not submit. She is fighting.

SENTA : What!

2nd ASSISTANT : In the control room.

SENTA : Takeover

With the 2nd Assistant, Senta rushes back towards the control room.

Dodo has broken free of the 3rd Assistant, and is trying to maintain the furthest distance possible from him. She manoveurs her way between tables and trolleys.

DODO : I don't know what you do in here - but whatever it is, I don't like it!

The 3rd Assistant makes a sudden lunge, but Dodo scrambles over a table.

DODO : No you don't!

Dodo notices a small scalpel-like instrument on a nearby table. She snatches it from the table, and holds it threateningly towards the complex machinery.

DODO : I don't know who on Earth you think I am, but you'd better keep back. This equipment must cost a packet.

At that moment, Senta and the 2nd Assistant enter the control room.

DODO : Screaming Keep back, or I'll smash the lot!

SENTA : To his assistants Don't move! She could kill everyone.


Scene 9 - The City Streets
Before Steven can move into the darkened corridor, Captain Edal grabs hold of his arm, and drags him back.

EDAL : You're not allowed in there.

STEVEN : It's the only place she can be.

EDAL : I will go and see.

Edal steps through the opening into the darkened corridor leaving an impatient Steven with Avon and Flower.


Scene 10 - Senta's Laboratory
The vats in the laboratory continue to bubble wildly. The 1st Assistant, who has remained in the laboratory, notices the unusually high reaction rate of the vats. He rushes towards the control room, shouting in alarm.

1st ASSISTANT : Senta! Senta!

SENTA : To Dodo Who are you?

DODO : I'm with the Doctor. We are guests here. If this is how you treat your guests ...

SENTA : You are one of the people from beyond time?

2nd ASSISTANT : How is it possible?

DODO : Yes I am!

SENTA : But why are you here?

The 1st Assistant rushes into the control room, shouting at Senta.

1st ASSISTANT : Senta! It's almost too late.

Momentarity forgetting Dodo, Senta rushes back into the laboratory, closely followed by the 1st Assistant. Once in the laboratory, he runs over to Nanina's trolley, and takes in the situation at a glance. He then commences a frenetic adjustment of controls. Eventually, the bubbing in the vats subsides. While this has been occurring, Dodo has entered the laboratory, and is staring around in amazement.

SENTA : Break the connection!

At that moment, Edal appears, and notices Dodo.

EDAL : What are you doing here?

DODO : I just came through that door up there, pointing to the entrance.

SENTA : I shall report the whole matter. Who is in charge of the party?

EDAL : What has she seen?

SENTA : It's hard to say.

EDAL: The Elders have already been told.

SENTA: Well, get her out of here!

EDAL : I already have my orders. To Dodo Come along. This way.

Dodo reluctantly follows Edal from the room, but she gives the glass cubicle one last glance.

DODO : All these instruments, that big glass thing, and those huge bottles. What do they do here?

EDAL : Come along. Your friends are waiting for you.

Edal conducts Dodo from the laboratory and down the corridor.

SENTA : Indicating the cubicle Get her out.

The assistants hurriedly open the glass panel, and wheel the trolley from the laboratory.

1st ASSISTANT : Is it too late?

Senta exaximes the controls on the trolley where Nanina lies.

SENTA : Not quite. We've been lucky. Make a record of this for her files. It must be some considerable time before we extract any more life energy from this particular subject.


Scene 11 - The City Streets
Led by Captain Edal, Dodo is brought back into the city streets, and re-united with Steven, Avon and Flower.

STEVEN : Where the dickens did you get to?

DODO : Oh, don't you start now!

STEVEN : Why? What happened?

DODO : You have no idea. I was attacked by some sort of mad doctor.

FLOWER : Oh Dodo! What a ridiculous story.

DODO : What goes on down there anyway? Is it a sort of hospital?

AVON : Hurriedly Yes, yes ... that's right. It's a hospital.

FLOWER : Perhaps they thought you were a patient.

DODO : I wouldn't like to be a patient in their hands.

EDAL : You must have a reason for saying that. I like to know what it is. What did you see?

DODO : It wasn't anything I saw exactly ... just a feeling about the place. It was all so sterile and inhuman.

STEVEN : Sighing She imagines things.

FLOWER : I can see that! I know just the place to cheer you up, Dodo.

EDAL : To Steven and Dodo You will have to report to the Elders. I will take you there.

Edal turns to Avon and Flower.

EDAL : You two will undoubtedly be called to answer for your negligence.

DODO : Oh, I hope I haven't landed you in any trouble.

FLOWER : Oh no, we'll be all right.

AVON : Of course we will be! Perhaps we'll see you both later.

STEVEN: Yes. I hope so.

EDAL : To Avon and Flower Stay here. A guard will collect you.

AVON: Must Flower be taken before the Elders. It was my fault, I should have kept a better watch on Dodo.

EDAL: You should be thinking of your own defence.

Edal walks off with Steven and Dodo, leaving a worried Avon and Flower behind.

FLOWER :  Oh, Avon, what will happen to us. Will they take us ... indicating the corridor

AVON : Do not worry Flower - that is only for the savages.

FLOWER : Are you sure?

AVON : Are you sure you will be all right?

FLOWER : But the guard's coming for us.

AVON : Do not be afraid. After all, this is a free state, isn't it, and we are all equals here.

FLOWER : But ...

AVON : They cannot harm us.

Further down the corridor, Edal is leading Steven and Dodo to the Council Chamber.

STEVEN : To Dodo You all right?

DODO : I am now.

STEVEN : I told you not to go off by yourself.

DODO : Don't worry. It won't happen again.


Scene 12 - Senta's Laboratory
The assistants unstrap Nanina from the operating trolley. As was the case with Wylda, Nanina is in a semi-conscious, dazed state.

SENTA : To Nanina You are to go. You understand? You are to go.

Nanina shakes her head, trying to clear her mind. With a frightened glance at Senta, she attempts to move off, but collapses on to the floor.

SENTA : To an assistant Help her to release exit number four.

The assistants help Nanina to her feet, and lead the way.


Scene 13 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor, Jano and the Elders are still discussing scientific advances in the Council Chamber.

DOCTOR : A very interesting discussion, gentlemen. Yes, I must....

Edal enters the room, followed by Dodo, and Steven.

DOCTOR : Peering sternly at Dodo Oh, so there you are, my dear. You know you had that young man in quite a state.

DODO : Doctor, I must speak to you. I want to tell you what happened ...

DOCTOR : Not for the moment, my dear.

STEVEN : I think you ought to listen.

DOCTOR : Do you my boy? Well, I'm afraid I can't just now. I've had a very interesting discussion with these gentlemen. Turning to Jano You know I have some documents that I think that you might be interested to see. Records of my investigations into time travel. You might find them rather surprising.

JANO : You intend to return to the TARDIS, Doctor?

DOCTOR : Yes, just for the moment. But I won't be long.

STEVEN : I'll come with you.

DOCTOR : Oh splendid, my boy. Thank you. I need someone to help me carry a few things.

JANO : I'll send one of my guards with you.

DOCTOR : No, no, thank you, but that won't be necessary. Thank you, indeed. To Dodo Well, come along, my dear. We don't want to lose you again, do we?

The three time travellers quickly leave the Council Chamber. Jano, with a suspicious expression on his face, watches them go.

JANO : To Edal How serious is it?

EDAL : What she saw meant nothing to the girl.

JANO : But does she suspect anything?

EDAL : It's hard to say ... what about the Doctor?

JANO : He is a very sophisticated man, Captain. It is impossible to know what he thinks.

EDAL : It might be wise to keep an eye on him.

JANO : It might be very wise. Follow them!


Scene 14 - Outside The City
The Doctor is striding through the scrubland, followed by Steven and Dodo

DOCTOR : Ah, now. Wait a minute.. let me see, where are we?

DODO : Doctor, why wouldn't you let me tell you what happened?

DOCTOR : Because I didn't want those gentlemen to overhear what you were saying, child.

STEVEN : Who? Jano and the Elders?

DOCTOR : Precisely.

STEVEN : What, don't you trust them?

DOCTOR : Not altogether.

STEVEN : What have you discovered?

DOCTOR : Nothing really. But I sense that things aren't all together right here. Now I think we go this way, come along!

STEVEN : Hey, wait a minute!

DOCTOR : What?

STEVEN : What's that?

Steven points at an indistinct figure lying in one of the shrubs.

DODO: One of the savages!

DOCTOR: Really, but he's not moving. Yes, yes let's take a look.

The three time travellers cautiously move closer to the figure. As the time travellers move closer, the savage becomes aware of their presence. He tries to get off the ground, but his body is in a badly depleted state. He falls back to the ground.

DODO : Why that's him. The man in the corridor. The one I helped. But there were two others.

Dodo rushes forward and kneels next to the savage on the ground. It is Wylda. Steven and the Doctor crouch down next to Dodo, and examine the prostrate figure.

DOCTOR : Was he in this condition when you met him before?

DODO : Yes.

DOCTOR : Did he come out of that lab ... laboratory?

DODO : Yes, I think so. What's that matter with him Doctor? Do you know?

DOCTOR : Yes, yes, I think I do. It's just as I feared.

DODO : Feared?

DOCTOR : Yes. Their wonderful civilisation is based on this. They have discovered a way of extracting life's force from human beings, and absorbing it into themselves. Leaving the victim as you see, almost dead.

DODO : What can we do to help him?

The Doctor removes the TARDIS key from his pockets, and hands it to Steven.

DOCTOR : Here's the key to the TARDIS, my boy. Now I want you to go to the emergency cabinet, and you will see a container with capsules marked D403. Bring it back here as soon as you can - I think we might be able to do something for him.

STEVEN : Right.

DOCTOR : Meanwhile, take that, I don't want it anymore.

The Doctor unstraps the RV instrument from his shoulder, and hands it to Steven. As Steven and Dodo rush off through the scrubland, the Doctor makes a closer examination of Wylda. Wylda moans.

DOCTOR : Now you just rest there, there's a good fellow. We'll have you as right as rain in five minutes. Now I just want you to breathe in and out gently ... one ... two ... one

EDAL : Do you require assistance Doctor?

The Doctor is started by the sudden appearance of Edal.

DOCTOR : What do you know of this?

EDAL : He's one of the savages, I shouldn't let him worry you. He's probably shamming - he should be back on the reserve. Come on you lazy animal - get up, move! Get back to your sector; kicking Wylda.

DOCTOR : What are you doing, fellow? Leave the man alone - he'll probably die.

EDAL : I don't think there's much chance of that, Doctor. Come on you, move!

Wylda tries to crawl to his feet, as Edal kicks him a second time.

DOCTOR : I insist that you leave him alone!

EDAL : I don't think you understand, Doctor.

DOCTOR : I think I understand only too well.

EDAL : You do? And you still waste time on this creature?

DOCTOR : This human being!

EDAL : Why the concern Doctor? They're only savages.

DOCTOR : Angrily They are men - human beings, like you and me. Although it appears at the moment that you're behaving in a rather sub-human fashion.

EDAL : They have not developed like we have - they are savages!

Edal prepares to give Wylda another kick.

DOCTOR : I forbid you to touch him!

EDAL : You are obstructing me, Doctor.

DOCTOR : I am looking after this wretched fellow.

EDAL : You will come with me.

DOCTOR : I have already told you, I'm busy. I am going to take care of this poor man.

EDAL : I have warned you! You will do as I order you!

DOCTOR : Hmmm?

EDAL : Or you'll know the alternative. You will come with me back to the city.


Scene 15 - Outside The City (Steven and Dodo)
Dodo and Steven rush back from the TARDIS. Steven is carrying a small metal container. As they approach the area where they left the Doctor, they stare around in surprise.

DODO : Where were they?

STEVEN : Spotting a land-mark Over there.

Wylda is still lying on the ground, but the Doctor has disappeared.

DODO : Where's the Doctor?

STEVEN : Calling Doctor! Doctor!

DODO : Indicating Wylda Now what do we do?

STEVEN : Give him the capsules.

DODO : What about the Doctor?

STEVEN : Oh, you know what he's like! He'll be back. He's just roamed off somewhere ...

Dodo kneels down next to Wylda, and retrieves a handful of capsules from the metal container. Wylda appears hesitant to take them.

DODO : Smiling encouragement Here, take this.

Wylda eventually opens his mouth slightly, allowing Dodo to place a capsule in his mouth. The pain in his face begins to reduce almost immediately.


Scene 16 - Outside The City (Savages)
A short distance from Steven and Dodo, a group of savages, led by Chal, are moving through the scrubland.


Scene 17 - Outside The City (Steven and Dodo)
DODO : Shall I give him another one?

STEVEN : Yes - the first one seems to have done him good.

Dodo feeds a second capsule into Wylda's mouth. Once again, Wylda's body strengthens ever so slightly. Dodo stands up, and immediately catches sight of the advancing savages. She grips Steven's arm in fear.

DODO : Steven, the savages! And they've got spears!


Scene 18 - Outside The City (Savages)
The savages have mometarily halted in the scrubland. Chal and Tor discuss their offensive options.

TOR : I'll aim for the man - you kill the girl.

CHAL : No - we must not kill them.

TOR : They have no light guns, they cannot harm us. It will be revenge!

CHAL : Revenge is no good! And what would the guards do to our people?

TOR : But we must save Wylda.

CHAL : Not by killing.

TOR : If we wait too long he will die!

CHAL : Bitterly He will not die. They will not let him die. They take their strength from the living. We must wait and be patient. It might be a trap.


Scene 19 - Outside The City (Steven and Dodo)
Dodo and Steven stare around the silent landscape with concern.

DODO : We must get away.

STEVEN : To the city?

DODO : No, I don't want to go back there.

STEVEN : All right. Where to then?

DODO : Well, couldn't we get to the TARDIS?

STEVEN : Might be too late. Besides, we can't go, they might have got the Doctor.

The sounds of movement appear. The noises gradually become louder ...

DODO : They're coming nearer.

STEVEN : All right. Don't let them see you're afraid.

DODO : I'll try ...

Dodo turns sharply, as a group of savages spring from the shrubs nearby. Tor holds his spear threateningly.

TOR : Kill them.

Tor prepares to lunge at Dodo with the spear, when Wylda cries out in agony.

WYLDA : Wait, do not kill.

Wylda's outburst takes everyone by surprise. The savages look down at Wylda, momentarily forgetting Steven and Dodo.

CHAL : Wylda speaks.

WYLDA : Do not kill them - they're friends.

The savages look hesitantly at Steven and Dodo. Chal notices the metal container on the ground, and turns to Steven.

CHAL : Friends ...what did you give him?

STEVEN : We gave him medicine.

CHAL : Why?

STEVEN : Because he's sick.

CHAL : We left him to recover. He is not sick.

STEVEN : But look at him!

CHAL : You think he is sick?


CHAL : You are from the city?

DODO : No we're not.

CHAL : You must come from the city.

STEVEN : No, we come from another place.

TOR : We have seen you. You were in the city.

STEVEN : We were taken there!

CHAL : You have friends in the city?

Tor steps threateningly towards Steven and Dodo, but once again, Wylda saves Dodo.

WYLDA : She helped me .. and the old man spoke against it.

STEVEN : The Doctor? Where is he?

WYLDA : They have taken him.

STEVEN : Taken him!

DODO : Where to?

WYLDA : To the city.

DODO : They've taken him prisoner! Steven, what are we going to do?

STEVEN : Who took him?

WYLDA : The guard ...

STEVEN : One of the guards? Why would they want to do a thing like that?

WYLDA : The old man was angry. He tried to protect me from their captain.


Scene 20 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor has been brought back into the Council Chamber by Captain Edal. Jano is perplexed by the Doctor's strange behaviour.

JANO : We do not understand you, Doctor. You who have accepted our honours gladly. How can you condemn this great artistic and scientific civilisation because of a few wretched barbarians?

DOCTOR : So your rewards are only to the people that agree with you, eh?

JANO : No of course not. But if you are going to oppose us ...

DOCTOR : Oppose you? Indeed I'm going to oppose you, just in the same way that I opposed the Daleks or any other menace to common humanity.

JANO : I am sorry you take this attitude, Doctor. It is most unscientific.You are standing in the way of human progress.

DOCTOR : Scathingly Human progress, Sir! How dare you call your treatment of these people progress?

JANO: They are hardly people, Doctor. They are not like us.

DOCTOR: I fail to see the difference.

JANO : Do you not realise that all progress is based on exploitation?

DOCTOR : Exploitation indeed! This, Sir, is protracted murder!

JANO : We have achieved a very great deal merely by the sacrifice of a few savages.

DOCTOR : The sacrifice of even one soul is far too great! You must put an end to this inhuman practice.

JANO : Shaking his head sadly You leave me no choice. Take him away, Captain. And tell Senta that we have an emergency. I shall be sending him the special instructions.

Scene 21 - Outside The City (Steven and Dodo)
Steven and Dodo attempt to think of a plan to rescue the Doctor.

STEVEN : We must do something to help

CHAL : There is nothing we can do.

STEVEN: The people in the city are just men. You can fight them.

CHAL: They are too strong.

DODO: We are not going to let them do anything to the Doctor.

CHAL: They have the light guns.

TOR : They will use the Doctor like the rest of us.

DODO : What do you mean?

CHAL : They will take him to the room where the great vats are.

STEVEN: What will happen to him there?

CHAL: He will become like us.

STEVE: We'll see about that.

CHAL: They'll do the same to you if you...


Scene 22 - Senta's Laboratory
The Doctor is brought into the control room by Edal. 

EDAL: Senta, this is the Doctor. The traveller from beyond time.

DOCTOR : So this is is the place where you carry out your foul experiments, hmm.

SENTA : This is my laboratory. I'm honoured to meet you, Doctor.

DOCTOR : Thank you. What's ths?

SENTA : To Edal Why have you brought the Doctor down here today? I have no time for visitors. We have a very full schedule, as you're well aware, Captain Edal.

EDAL : You will suspend all other work and prepare for an emergency transference.

SENTA : But that's out of the question.

EDAL : The order comes directly from Jano.

SENTA : To the Doctor You are interested in our work?

DOCTOR : Oh yes, yes, interested, yes. Although, I disapprove of your activities.

SENTA : I shall be honoured to show you my laboratory .. when I have the time. Turning back to Edal Well, where is the savage for transference?

DOCTOR : No, gentlemen, no, gentlemen.. I don't wish to bear witness.

EDAL : It's quite all right, Doctor, you will not be asked to witness this experiment.

DOCTOR : I should hope not, my boy.

EDAL : Instead you will have the pleasure of participating in it.

There is a moment of stunned silence.

DOCTOR : What did you say?

SENTA : Just as surprised as the Doctor Do you realise what you are saying? We cannot transfer such a high form of life. It's never been done.

JANO : Entering the room This time it will be done. It will be an interesting experiment for you.

SENTA : But, he's a fellow scientist - he's one ...

JANO : Sharply You have your orders. See that they are carried out.

DOCTOR : I think you have forgotten one thing, gentlemen.

JANO : I don't think so Doctor ...

DOCTOR : Furiously My feelings in this matter. I will not submit to your nauseating experiments! I am going out that door, so don't try to stop me!

EDAL : Blocking the Doctor's exit Go back Doctor.

DOCTOR : Let me pass.

Edal fires. The Doctor is immediately trapped in the power of the light gun.

SENTA : You two, strap him to the trolley!

The assistants immediately grab hold of the Doctor, and lead him to an operating trolley.

JANO : Report to me as soon as the transference is completed.

Jano leaves, as Senta bustles around the control room to prepare for the transference. The lab assistants strap the Doctor on to one of the operating trolleys. Senta adjusts some controls on the trolley.

SENTA : Take the readings. Open a special file in the computers. We've never done a transference like this before. We'll use channel double A, double one.

1st ASSISTANT : We are ready Senta.

SENTA : Very well. Stand by. All correct. Make the connection.

As Senta operates further controls, the assistants wheel the Doctor into the glass cubicle.

SENTA : High input vats?

1st ASSISTANT : Confirming the order High input vats. In contact.

SENTA : Vapourisation.

2nd ASSISTANT : Relaying instruction to 1st Assistant Vapourisation on.

1st ASSISTANT : In the laboratory Vapourisation on.

The cubicle begins to fill with the dense gas.

SENTA : Prepare for transfer.

1st ASSISTANT : Standing by.

SENTA : Now remember. We've never done anything like this before. Watch everything very carefully. Let me know there's anything unusual.

1st ASSISTANT : I will Senta.

SENTA : Transfer ... ON!

The machinery begins to hum, and the vats begin to bubble - but only very slightly.

SENTA : Call me the readings.

1st ASSISTANT : From the laboratory Point zero one, point zero two, point zero three, point zero six.

SENTA : Keep it steady.

1st ASSISTANT : Point zero eight. It's impossible. He'll never stand it!

SENTA : It should be working by now.

1st ASSISTANT : Point one zero.

SENTA : Come on, come on! It must work!

1st ASSISTANT : Point three zero.

2nd ASSISTANT : Vitality dropping fast.

SENTA : It's no use. We must stop the experiment.

1st ASSISTANT : No, Senta. Look, it's working!

The vats begin to bubble noisily.

SENTA : Energy reaction?

2nd ASSISTANT :  Seventeen .. constant ... 

SENTA: It is working.

2nd ASSISTANT: Seventeen...rising...

SENTA : Take it up a couple of points.

The assistants obey - the control room is filled with the sounds of the assistants relaying readings back to Senta.

SENTA :  It's amazing. He must have tremendous strength! Vapourisation is perfect. Everything is working. It's going to be a classic transference! This is our greatest success.

1st ASSISTANT : One point five zero ...

2nd ASSISTANT : Reading the vitality reading Twenty-six.

1st ASSISTANT : Two point zero.

The readings continue, as the vats continue to bubble noisily. Senta looks down into the glass cubicle - the Doctor is motionless ...


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