by Ian Stuart Black

Scene 1 - TARDIS Interior (this scene appears at the conclusion of The Gunfighters episode 4)
The Doctor, Steven and Dodo are standing next to the console, and staring up at the TARDIS scanner. The TARDIS appears to have landed in a rough, hilly landscape strewn with rocks and shrubs. The Doctor picks up a monitoring instrument and places the strap over his shoulder.

DOCTOR : We've now reached the distant horizon of an age - an age of peace and prosperity. Now I'm going to be off.

The Doctor opens the TARDIS doors. As he exits, he is unaware of the primitive man watching him nearby. The man is dressed in animal skins, and carrying a large club ...


Scene 2 - Outside The City
The Doctor follows a narrow path through layers of thick vegetation. At one point, he stops and takes a reading from his instrument. Chuckling to himself, the Doctor moves on.


Scene 3 - TARDIS Exterior
Steven is pacing restlessly next to the TARDIS. Dodo stands nearby. Steven impatiently glances at his watch.

STEVEN : He said five minutes.

DODO : The Doctor has no idea of time. For someone who's travelled about in time as much as he has, that's rather funny. Dodo giggles.

STEVEN : This is nothing to laugh at, Dodo.

DODO : Don't take it so seriously. If you're so worried about him, you shouldn't have let him go.

STEVEN : All right - you try telling the Doctor what to do.

DODO : Then you should have gone with him.

STEVEN : You heard what he said.

DODO : You don't have to do everything he tells you. You're a grown man. Or are you?

Dodo glares at Steven, who returns her glare with equal venom. But realising the Doctor's propensity to find trouble, Steven walks a short distance away from the TARDIS to try and spot the Doctor.


Scene 4 - Outside The City
The Doctor checks the reading on his instrument. Once again, he is satisfied with the result.

DOCTOR : Hmmm, yes. It's just as I thought! Yes ... yes, well I think my young friends are in for quite a surprise!

As the Doctor walks off, he is still unaware of the primitive man watching him from the bushes. The man is joined by a second 'savage'.


Scene 5 - TARDIS Exterior
Steven peers into the bushes, trying to find the Doctor.

STEVEN : Doctor! Doctor!

Steven moves further into the shrubs.


Scene 6 - Outside The City
The Doctor hears Steven calling his name. He turns around in annoyance.

DOCTOR : Oh dear me, what is that now?

The Doctor turns in the direction of Steven's voice.

DOCTOR : Well, I shan't be long anyway!

The two primitives continue to crawl their way through the bushes, keeping a careful eye on the stranger.

STEVEN : Calling out Doctor!

The Doctor turns around startled, believing he has detected movement in the nearby shrubs.


Scene 7 - TARDIS Exterior
Dodo is standing on a large boulder trying to find where Steven has gone. Steven's voice can be heard yelling from the scrubland.

STEVEN : Doctor! Doctor! Calling back to Dodo He doesn't answer yet, Dodo. I think I'd better go and look for him.

DODO : Returning Steven's call All right.

STEVEN : I won't go far.

Dodo gives a sudden gasp as she hears the sounds of trickling stones. She quickly turns around and looks up the side of the ravine. There is no-one there. With a deep sigh she sits down on the boulder, and waits for Steven's return.

As soon as Dodo turns around, a man begins to peer from over the ravine. He carefully makes his way down towards Dodo, trying to avoid any distracting noises. However, Dodo hears the sounds of his descent. She turns around and screams. The man quickly climbs back up the ravine and disappears.

STEVEN : From the bushes Dodo!

Steven reappears from the bushes, and rejoins Dodo.

STEVEN : What's happened?

DODO : Pointing up the ravine Up there.

STEVEN : Looking up There's nothing there.

DODO : I saw a man in animal skins, and with an axe.

STEVEN : Uncertain You sure? Well, the Doctor said ...

DODO : Angrily I don't care what he said! I saw him! He was like a savage from the Stone Age.

STEVEN : Then the Doctor was wrong. We're not in the future at all. We must be back at the beginning of man.


Scene 8 - Outside The City
The Doctor takes yet another reading from his instrument. He chuckles.

DOCTOR : That ridiculous young man! He thought I'd made a mistake!

Smiling to himself, the Doctor turns around and walks back towards the TARDIS. The two savages realise that the Doctor is walking towards their hiding place in the bushes. The younger savage speaks first.

TOR : He is coming. What's he carrying?

CHAL : It is not a light gun.

TOR : He is one of the leaders?

CHAL : He is not one of our people.

TOR : He is coming near. We must run.

CHAL : Stay. We kill this man.

At that moment, the Doctor speaks having heard the sounds of movement through the undergrowth.

DOCTOR : Hello there, I say. Come out from underneath there. Now don't be alarmed. Come along, now. Hmmm. Can you hear me? Hmm? Oh, I say, do come out from underneath there, will you? Hmm?

Suddenly, the Doctor turns around as he hears another noise. Two soldiers, dressed in appropriate uniform, have appeared. They are both armed with futuristic weapons.

DOCTOR : Oh good gracious me! You know, I thought for one moment you were hiding behind those bushes.

EDAL : We have come to welcome you.

EXORSE : It is a great honour to have you visit our planet.

DOCTOR : Oh yes, I see. Well, I am expected. Do you know who I am?

EDAL : Not your name, of course. But our space observers have their own name for you.

DOCTOR : Oh, and what might that be?

EXORSE : You are known to us as the Traveller from Beyond Time.

DOCTOR : I see, and how would you expect me here and now?

EXORSE : The Elders of our city have been plotting the course of your space-time ship for many light years. They estimated your arrival some time ago.

DOCTOR : I see. Well that's very clever of them.

Captain Edal notices the instrument the Doctor is carrying. He peers at it suspiciously.

EDAL : What is this? We understood from our Elders that you did not carry weapons.

DOCTOR : Oh yes, they're quite right, yes I never do. No, this is my R.V you see - my Reacting Vibrator. I'm able to do my calculations from this. As I told my young friends ...

EDAL : You are not alone?

DOCTOR : Good gracious, no. Did you expect me to be?

EDAL : We have no information about your companions.

DOCTOR : Smiling Oh! They're very pleasant, yes they're both very pleasant. Apart from their juvenile exuberances, I'm sure you'll like them. The Doctor peers back into the bushes They must be at the back here somewhere. I think they're rather worried because I'm a bit late joining them ...

EDAL : We had no instructions about them. The Elders must be informed. You must come with us.

The Doctor does not approve of Edal's tone of voice.

DOCTOR : Must?

EXORSE : Captain Edal wishes to take you to the Elders of our City. They are waiting to welcome you.

DOCTOR : Oh yes of course, yes, yes, yes, I shall come with you. In the meantime, young man, indicating Exorse, I wonder if you'd mind trying to find my young people for me. Steven and Dodo. Tell them the Doctor sent you.

Exorse turns to Captain Edal for his approval.

EDAL : Go for them Exorse. Bring them to the city.

Edal turns back to the Doctor, and indicates a path through the jungle.

EDAL : This way.


Scene 9 - TARDIS Exterior
Steven and Dodo are becoming increasingly concerned at the Doctor's absence.

STEVEN : I'll have to go and look for him, Dodo. Something must have happened to him.

DODO : I'll come with you. Peering into the bushes Steven!

STEVEN : What is it?

DODO : There is something up there!

STEVEN : Look - you're imagining things. Come on.

Just as Steven is about to move off, there is a 'thud' sound from behind them. Dodo screams. Both Steven and Dodo turn around sharply, but there is no one in sight.

DODO :Nervously I told you.

Steven notices an object lying on the ground nearby. He picks it up, and examines it carefully.

STEVEN : A spear...It's sharp as a knife. You were right Dodo, there is someone up there.

DODO : What are we do now?

STEVEN : Back to the TARDIS. Quick.

Suddenly, spears begin to thud all round Steven and Dodo. They wildly sprint back towards the TARDIS. The spears continue to fall around them.

DODO : They're getting nearer!

At that moment, a spear falls right behind the fleeing Steven and Dodo. As they brace themselves for an impacting spear, there is a yell from nearby. This immediately halts the spear-throwing. Steven and Dodo stare around the silent landscape. As they search around the ravine, Exorse suddenly appears from the scrub. Dodo gives a slight scream.

EXORSE : Welcome to the Traveller's companions. You are Dodo and Steven?

STEVEN : How do you know? Who are you?

EXORSE : The Traveller told me I would find you here.

STEVEN : The Traveller? You mean the Doctor? Is he all right?

EXORSE : Perfectly. He has gone to meet the elders of our city.

DODO : But the savages!

EXORSE : I think you will find that some of us are fairly civilised.

DODO : Then this isn't the Iron Age?

EXORSE : By no means.

STEVEN : The Doctor was right.

EXORSE : Please come with me to the City. Our Elders wait to honour your Doctor. They will be very happy also to welcome his friends.


Scene 10 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor, led by Captain Edal, is brought into the City's Council Chamber. He is brought before a raised platform. Sitting on the platform are the four elders of the City. The leader of the elders, Jano, looks inquiringly at the Doctor. Surrounding the platform, are numerous other attendants and citizens. Amongst them is a young, intelligent-looking couple, Avon and Flower.

JANO : To the Doctor You are welcome. Welcome indeed. Though we know you only as a record in our charts of space and time, yet you seem to us like an old friend.

DOCTOR : Well that's very kind of you to make me feel so welcome.

JANO : We are honoured by your visit. The whole city looks upon you with admiration. Let me introduce myself. I am Jano, leader of the council of elders. These are my councillors.

Jano indicates a chart on the nearby wall.

JANO : We have all known about you for a long time. Look. We have charted your voyages from galaxy to galaxy and from age to age. But we never thought that we would meet you face-to-face. This is a great moment in our history.

The Doctor is pleased.

JANO : To mark our admiration, we would be pleased if you would accept the office of one of our high elders.

DOCTOR : Well, my dear sir, that's very good of you. Yes, very good of you indeed. Yes, I don't remember being so highly honoured before like this anywhere I've been.

Flower approaches the Doctor carrying a large ornate robe. An attendant also moves forward. Flower and the attendant assist the Doctor into the robes.

JANO : We recognise in you the greatest specialist in time-space exploration. You have taken this branch of learning far beyond our elementary calculations.

DOCTOR : Oh come come, my dear sir. I know that you've been very responsible for vast scientific research. And at the same time, I always knew a race existed of great intelligence in this segment of the universe.

JANO : Thank you, Doctor. We'd like to think that we have created here something of lasting value.

DOCTOR : You have. You have indeed, you have. And if I may so say, thank you dearly for making me appear so grand.

The Doctor looks approvingly at his new outfit. At that moment, Exorse enters the room with Steven and Dodo.

EXORSE : The Doctor's two friends, sir - Steven and Dodo.

JANO : You are very welcome.

DOCTOR : Ah, there you are, both of you. Well, I don't think I was so far wrong, my boy. The Doctor indicates his robes. What do I look like, my dear?

DODO : You're really with it now, Doctor.

DOCTOR : With what, my dear?

STEVEN : What is this place?

JANO : Did the Doctor not tell you?

DODO : Not exactly.

STEVEN : He said it was an age of peace and prosperity.

DOCTOR : Yes, and I was right. They are very highly developed civilised minds.

JANO : But our calculations were incomplete. We did not realise that the Doctor would have anyone with him. Nevertheless, although our honours are for him, our gifts are for you.

One of the attendants presents Dodo with a small pocket mirror. The mirror is an intricately carved item, surrounded by a number of jewels. Steven is presented with an elegant dagger.

DODO : Oh, thank you. It's beautiful.

STEVEN : Indicating the dagger Look at that Doctor.

DODO : Examining the mirror excitedly These are real diamonds!

JANO : Perhaps Steven and Dodo would like to make themselves at home.

DOCTOR : Oh yes, thank you.

JANO : Our young people will show them round.

DOCTOR : An excellent idea, sir. Well, my boy, now perhaps you'll believe me next time I tell you I know precisely where I am!

The Doctor chuckles as Flower and Avon lead Steven and Dodo from the room

JANO : Indicating a chair Now Doctor ... we have many questions to ask you.

The Doctor sits down.


Scene 11 - Outside The City
Captain Edal and Exorse move through the scrubland, scanning the surrounding environment. Captain Edal is particularly agitated.

EDAL : We're only the city guard, of course. They don't ask our opinion, do they?

EXORSE : What's the matter, Captain?

EDAL : I don't trust them. I never did trust strangers. Why should we treat this old Doctor as one of ourselves?

EXORSE : The Elders think highly of him.

EDAL : Scornfully The Elders! All right, we've wasted enough time this morning. Get back on patrol. Take the Crater Section.

The two soldiers walk off in different directions. They are watched by Chal and Tor, the same two savages who were watching the Doctor. This time there is a third savage present - a young girl, Nanina.

CHAL : Looking disgustingly at the soldiers They have begun hunting.

TOR : We must warn our people.

CHAL : Nanina, go back to the caves. Tell the families to hide.

NANINA : But what of you, Chal?

CHAL : We will be safe, we will warn the others. Nanina ... take care in the craters.

Nanina moves off through the undergrowth. Chal and Tor worriedly watch her go.


Scene 12 - The City Streets
Avon and Flower are showing Steven and Dodo the many wondrous sights of the city.

FLOWER : We have built into the city a life-giving sun of our own. Isn't that right Avon?

AVON : It is man's intellect which decides the heat and cold of our city.

FLOWER : Yes. After all, the elders do know what's best for us ... although it would be rather nice to know what real things are like sometimes.

AVON : Real what?

FLOWER : You know. Real wind, real rain, real sunshine.

AVON : Don't be ridiculous. They have given us all this.

Avon waves his hand expansively around the vast city.

DODO : It's beautiful.

AVON : Our artists have every opportunity to develop their talents. Here, everyone has a chance to do what is best for him to do.

STEVEN : It's certainly a wonderful job. But how do you manage it? What's the secret?

FLOWER : Secret? What makes you think we have a secret?

STEVEN : Other civilisations have failed to make this advance.

FLOWER : Well, that doesn't mean ...

AVON : Be quiet Flower. Our scientists have made one simple discovery. And due to this, they have found the way to give us all greater energy, greater intellect and greater talent.

STEVEN : One simple discovery?

DODO : What was it?

AVON : Hesitant This is something best discussed by the Elders and your Doctor.


Scene 13 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor is sitting with Jano and the elders.

DOCTOR : Well, gentlemen, I can't just sit here in all these grand clothes without asking a few questions. After all, there's my reputation to think about.

JANO : What do you mean Doctor?

DOCTOR : Well, if I accept your gifts, I must endorse your life. But I can't do that without knowing something about you.

JANO : But surely, you know a great deal about us.

DOCTOR : Yes, I know very well that you are far advanced than most planets. But, how you achieve this I know not. And let's face it gentlemen, you are much advanced. Now, I would like to know how.


Scene 14 - Outside The City
Nanina is cautiously moving through the ravine, when she hears the sounds of approaching footsteps. She turns around, and notices Exorse patrolling a short distance away. She immediately dives to the ground, and takes cover behind a bush. Nervously, she watches as Exorse moves away. Nanina shivers in horror.

Chal and Tor are watching from above the ravine.

TOR : I cannot see her. She must have got away.

CHAL : She has not crossed the ravine yet. She is still hiding.

TOR : Can you see the hunter?

CHAL : He is going into the ravine!

Exorse has detected a presence near to him. He stands and listens. Nearby, Nanina is crawling through the bushes, but she is unaware that she is moving closer to Exorse ...

CHAL : He is over there. And Nanina?

TOR : She is there too!

CHAL : Shouting Nanina!

Nanina tries to flee from Exorse.

TOR : Shouting Nanina! Not that way!

Exorse has spotted Nanina. He points his gun towards Nanina, and fires. Nanina gives a small shriek. A shaft of light emerges from the weapon and completely surrounds Nanina. Nanina immediately becomes motionless. Keeping Nanina in the shaft of light, Exorse directs her towards the city. Nanina has no choice but to obey Exorse's orders.

TOR : He has taken her.


Scene 15 - The City Council Chamber
The Doctor continues to discuss with Jano the 'secret' behind the civilisation's success.

JANO : Life preys on other forms of life, as you know Doctor. Wild beasts live on other animals. Mankind must have food, water, and oxygen.

DOCTOR : Yes, it's quite obvious to the meanest intellect that, well, how can I say, that you have found a much more ... much more effective source of energy.

JANO : That is true Doctor. We have learned how to transfer the energy of life directly to ourselves. We can tap it at its source. It is as though we were able to recharge ourselves with life's vital force.


Scene 16 - Outside The City
Exorse continues to lead Nanina through the scrubland by directing the shaft of light over her. Nanina remains helplessly caught in the beam's power. Chal and Tor are watching nearby.

CHAL : Nanina!

Chal rushes forward in front of Exorse.

CHAL : Leave her. Leave the girl. Take me in her place.

Exorse shows no interest.


Scene 17 - The City Council Chamber
Jano is explaining to the Doctor the reason behind their success. He points to a small model in front of him.

JANO : The energy of life which we accumulate we store in vats such as these. Then, when the Elders decide that some member of the community needs new force, we can transfer that energy directly.

DOCTOR : To a member of your community?

JANO : Exactly. We can give ourselves new power.

DOCTOR : Yes, of course, you'll need a very high form of life to make this source effective.

JANO : That is true Doctor. We absorb only a very special form of animal vitality.


Scene 18 - Outside The City
Exorse continues to direct Nanina with his light gun. The pair approach the city ...


Scene 19 - The City Streets
The tour of the city continues. Flower and Avon direct Steven and Dodo through a street covered with numerous sculptures. Dodo is starting to lag behind. She notices a window at the end of a small passageway. But as she moves towards the window, Avon spots her.

FLOWER : Don't think we're always serious. We play games. We dance. We go hunting. Our life is very happy. We do everything we want - go everywhere we want.

AVON : To Dodo Do not go that way!

DODO : I thought you said we could go anywhere.

AVON : It leads to the world beyond the city.

DODO : Surprised Don't you ever go outside?

FLOWER : We're not allowed to.

AVON : There is no need.

FLOWER : Yes, that's right. Everything we want, we have here in the city.

STEVEN : What about the men we met outside?

FLOWER : They are the guards.

DODO : What, to keep back the savages?

AVON : The savages?

DODO : The men in animal skins.

AVON : You saw them?

DODO : They threw spears at us!

AVON : Yes, well, the guards are to keep these people away. That is why we seldom go beyond the city.

FLOWER : Showing dislike Let's forget such a dismal topic. Come on, I'll show you the stadium. There's going to be a celebration there tonight. Especially for you.

Flower smiles as she moves off through the streets. Steven and Avon walk closely behind. But Dodo is still intrigued by the window at the end of the passageway. She walks down the passageway and stares through the window. She watches Exorse walking past, holding Nanina in the power of the light gun.

AVON : Dodo!

DODO : I'm coming.

Dodo reluctantly hurries back and joins the group. She approaches Steven and whispers to him, so Avon and Flower cannot hear.

DODO : Every time I want to see something, they stop me.

STEVEN : Dodo, you're a guest here. Try to behave like one.

DODO : I hate conducted tours.

STEVEN : What were you goggling at anyway?

DODO : Lowering her voice I saw one of the guards go past. He had a prisoner.

STEVEN : You must be off your head! You wouldn't have a prisoner in a place like this.

DODO : He had one of the savages with him. A girl. She seemed to be moving along in a light that shone from those guns they carry.

STEVEN : Disbelievingly Oh Dodo, really!

DODO : Oh no, it's true! It was like a torch, as he moved, she went ahead.

FLOWER : Calling back Come along, we're just wondering which way to take you now.

DODO : Why are they so cautious about what they show us?

STEVEN : You imagine things ...

Flower notices Steven and Dodo whispering like a pair of conspirators.

FLOWER : Suspiciously What are you whispering about?

STEVEN : We're just coming.

DODO : Quietly, to Steven We're not going to find out much about this place from these two, are we?

STEVEN : Wearily Come on!


Scene 20 - Outside The City
Exorse, with Nanina under his control, approaches a side-door to the City. As Exorse moves towards the door to open it, the shaft of light moves away from Nanina. Nanina, momentarily released from the paralysing power of the weapon, collapses wearily against the city wall.

NANINA : Please, let me go.

Exorse completely ignores her. He twists a dial next to the door, causing a bell to ring inside.


Scene 21 - Senta's Laboratory
Inside a room filled with masses of complex machinery, two uniformed figures wheel in an operating table. Lying on the table is Wylda, a savage in a semi-conscious state. Senta, the chief scientist, supervises the operation. At one end of the room is a door leading to Senta's laboratory. At that moment, a bell rings from outside.

SENTA : That must be Exorse. He is already behind his deadline. What's happening to security this morning?

The two assistants assist Wylda to his feet. Wylda continues to moan in agony.

SENTA : Peering anxiously at Wylda He seems very depleted. What's his vitality reading?

Senta examines a small dial attached to the operating table.

SENTA : Seventeen point four. They took that very low. Can't they follow instructions in there, pointing towards laboratory, or have I got to supervise every transfer of energy myself?

Senta bustles around the room, glancing at various monitoring devices.

SENTA : Now, let's see. His recuperative chart is high. He'll recover.

The 'doorbell' rings a second time.

SENTA : Those confounded guards - they're all the same. They keep you waiting, throw the whole routine out of gear, and then they expect you to be ready for them the moment they arrive. To assistant, indicating Wylda All right, take him away. Release him. Help him along corridor K-O-4, emergency exit. Go ahead.

Senta presses a button, causing a door to open. Wylda, with the help of one of the assistants, shuffles through the door. Senta then operates another control, causing a second door to glide open. Exorse enters with Nanina under his control.

SENTA : Prepare this one - A47, pointing to Nanina. We're behind schedule. We must transfer immediately. I am filing a complaint, Exorse. You're late. Surely she didn't give you much trouble?

EXORSE : Of course not. I was delayed by the strangers.

SENTA : Immediately intrigued You've seen them?

EXORSE : Captain Edal and I were the first to find them. We brought them back. That was why I was late.

SENTA : You've actually seen them ... what are they like?

EXORSE : Very like us, in some ways.

SENTA : But in some ways, they're different?

EXORSE : Yes ... but I can't quite say what it is. I must be going.

Senta presses the control lever again, re-opening the door. Exorse leaves.

SENTA : To one of the attendants Is A47 ready yet?

Senta examines the table, as the attendant nods.

SENTA : Yes, that seems all right. Tell them, indicating the laboratory, to be quite sure not to take A47 below vitality reading 24.

SENTA : Is he all right? Let's see ...


Scene 22 - The City
Dodo continues to lag behind in the tour of the city. Steven, meanwhile is very impressed by what Flower and Avon are showing him.

STEVEN : This city really is fantastic. Fountains. Music. Everything.

AVON : Yes, we're very proud of it.

STEVEN : Why is it only within the confines of the city itself that you have such ideal conditions? What about beyond?

FLOWER : Well ...

AVON : Sharply We told you before! We have everything here that we need.


Scene 23 - City Laboratory
Senta is performing the final checks on Nanina. He turns to the attendants, satisfied of Nanina's condition.

NANINA : Please, please ...

SENTA : All right. Take her away.

NANINA : Oh no! No! No ... please!

The two assistants wheel the table into the laboratory, completely oblivious of Nanina's protests.


Scene 24 - The City
As the tour continues, Dodo notices Exorse leaving a nearby room. With her curiousity aroused, Dodo decides to investigate further.


Scene 25 - The City Council Chamber
JANO : Doctor, do you realise that with our knowledge, we can make the brave man braver, the wise man wiser, the strong man stronger. We can make the beautiful girl more beautiful still. You will see the advantages of that in the perfection of our race.


Scene 26 - The City Streets
Steven stares in awe as Avon and Flower describe a various aspect of their city. Flower turns around to call for Dodo.

FLOWER : Come and see this, Dodo.

STEVEN : Yes, come on, Dodo, I'm sure you'll find ...

Steven stops talking when he realises Dodo has disappeared.

STEVEN : Oh no! Now where's she gone? What's happened?

FLOWER : Calling out Dodo?

STEVEN : Dodo! Dodo, where are you?


Scene 27 - The Passageway
Dodo makes her way down a dark corridor, covered with metallic panels. Ahead of her, the corridor divides into two. Dodo moves towards the junction in the passageway. There is the faint sound of someone moving towards her. As she moves closer to the junction, there are the sounds of heavy breathing. The breathing becomes louder ...

Dodo hesitates, but decides to look around the corner of the junction. Directly in front of her is a dazed savage. It is Wylda. His eyes are wide open in shock. Holding out his arms threateningly, he approaches Dodo. Dodo screams ...


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