first broadcast - 5th September, 1964


(IAN looks around and moves inside. A figure appears from the shadows behind him; IAN turns.)

IAN: Leon?

LEON: Yes. You must be Ian.

IAN: That's right.

LEON: Are you alone?

IAN: Yes. Jules said you might be able to help.

(IAN hear sounds behind him, and turns to find two SOLDIERS behind him. They are both aiming muskets at his chest.)


(He turns back to face LEON. The Frenchman has drawn a pair of ornate pistols, and also points them at IAN.)

LEON: Yes, I know. You walked right into my trap, didn't you, Ian?


(The episode credits are shown over a representation of a square in Paris. Sounds of cheering crowds are heard as the guillotine falls and claims yet another victim.)


LEON: You can put all ideas of escape out of your head. And as for your rescue - well no-one will come here, you can take my word for that.

IAN: If I don't go back, Jules is going to get suspicious.

LEON: By the time that happens, my friend, we shall have left. And afterwards we'll take care of him.

(LEON clicks his fingers, and the SOLDIERS grab him and drag him against a pillar with iron rings set into it. They secure his wrists with heavy chains, which they attach to the rings. IAN struggles as they do so.)

IAN: You never know who your friends are!

LEON: My association with Jules was bound to come to an end. He already suspected that... a traitor, if you want to use those words, was working in the organisation. But it's no matter. We're ready now to close in on him too.

IAN: So what do you want with me?

LEON: Information.

(IAN scoffs.)

You will cooperate, Ian. Think about it. We have plenty of time.

(He stares at IAN for a moment, then turns and exits, leaving the two SOLDIERS to guard the prisoner. One talks to IAN.)

SOLDIER: He's giving you time to consider.

IAN: I don't need time, I have no information.

SOLDIER: We'll decide that when you talk. And you'll talk, you'll talk!

(He flashes IAN an evil smile.)


(BARBARA and the DOCTOR have just been reunited.)

BARBARA: Oh, Doctor, I thought we were never going to see you again!

DOCTOR: You should know by now, young lady, that you can't get rid of the old Doctor as easily as that.

(They both chuckle.)


(Just outside the office, LEMAITRE is listening through the door to every word of the conversation.)

BARBARA: (oov) Tell me, how did you get out of that burning farmhouse?

DOCTOR: (oov) Oh, never mind about that now.


DOCTOR: What happened? Where's Susan? How is she?

BARBARA: She's here. We were arrested together.

DOCTOR: She's here?


DOCTOR: Is she well?

BARBARA: Yes, she's fine. She had a slight fever, but she's recovered now.

DOCTOR: Good. Well now, we must find Chesterton and try and get back to the ship.

BARBARA: Oh, I know where he is!


BARBARA: I know where he is.

DOCTOR: Oh yes?

BARBARA: We were all in hiding at a house owned by a Jules Renan...


(LEMAITRE still listens intently. He notices the JAILER waddling down the corridor towards him, and turns to face him. He speaks to the JAILER in a hushed voice.)

LEMAITRE: Not now, Jailer!

JAILER: But Citizen...


JAILER: But...

LEMAITRE: I said, not now!

JAILER: I've just had a message from the First Deputy, Citizen!

(LEMAITRE moves away from the door.)

LEMAITRE: Well, what is it?

JAILER: Robespierre says 'e wants to see you immediately. It's a matter of the utmost importance. Robespierre said immediately, Citizen.

LEMAITRE: Yes, yes.

(He turns to leave, exasperated.)

Has the young girl been locked away?

JAILER: She has. I saw to it myself, just as you ordered, Citizen.

LEMAITRE: Good. She shall remain in her cell, do you understand? Under no circumstances is the door to be opened.

JAILER: Just as you say, Citizen.

LEMAITRE: And if that order is disobeyed... I'll have you guillotined.

(He exits, leaving a very worried looking JAILER behind him.)


(The DOCTOR has just had a brain wave.)

DOCTOR: Yes, that's it! That's it!

(BARBARA is not listening.)

BARBARA: Oh, I should never have taken Susan to see that physician.

DOCTOR: Oh, don't blame yourself, Barbara. As it happens, everything has turned out very well. Might have taken us ages to find each other.

BARBARA: Do you think we stand a chance of getting out of here?

DOCTOR: Well, my voice seems to carry some weight, hm?

BARBARA: Yes, well I'm not surprised in that get-up.

(The DOCTOR preens himself.)

DOCTOR: Yes, it's rather impressive, isn't it? Now, listen. I'm going through that door. Give me a few minutes, then I want you to go through the door and straight out of the prison.

BARBARA: Are you serious?

DOCTOR: Absolutely serious, but I've no time to explain. Just do as you're asked.

BARBARA: What about Susan?

DOCTOR: Well, I'll look after her and follow you later.

BARBARA: But Doctor, you...

DOCTOR: Now now now, there's no buts, don't argue. You know my plans always work perfectly. Hm?

(BARBARA decides against making the obvious comment.)

In a few minutes, then.

(He leaves, closing the door firmly behind him.)


(The DOCTOR enters to see the JAILER sitting at his desk.)

DOCTOR: Ah, tell me. Is Lemaitre here?

JAILER: He's, uh, left to see Citizen Robespierre.

DOCTOR: Oh dear dear dear, how irritating, and I did want him so urgently.

JAILER: Well, I'm sure he'll be back shortly, Citizen.

DOCTOR: No no no, this matter can't wait, it's urgent! I've just been interrogating that young woman, and I'm convinced she's a member of that dangerous Traitor's Party.

JAILER: Oh, I see, I see.

DOCTOR: And do you know, she could tell us the names of every traitor in this country!

(The JAILER believes every word.)

JAILER: Perhaps we should make her talk?

DOCTOR: No, no chance of that. No, she'd rather die first than betray her friends. No, I think, if there's only some way of using her... if only we could get, through her, to her friends...

(He waits expectantly for the JAILER to have a brain wave.)

JAILER: Perhaps...


JAILER: Perhaps...

DOCTOR: Perhaps what?

JAILER: Well, if she were to escape, she could be followed. She'd meet these traitors, then we'd arrest them. Lemaitre once did this.

DOCTOR: My dear, what an excellent idea! What an excellent idea! Yes, of course, now why didn't I think of that? Yes, that's what we'll do, and Lemaitre will be delighted! Now look here, Mr Jailer, I want you to open those prison doors, keep out of sight.

JAILER: Oh, but er...

DOCTOR: Tch, tch, tch, no buts, no! And sooner or later, that young woman will come through those doors and we can grab her! Go along, quickly!

(He sends the JAILER off to the prison doors, then disappears down to the cells, a satisfied grin on his face.)


(JULES enters and looks around frantically.)

JULES: Ian, Barbara, Susan? Ian? Ian?

(He calls upstairs and looks around.)


(IAN rattles his wrist chains. The SOLDIER standing by him laughs.)

SOLDIER: Getting impatient, are we? That's a good sign. Citizen Colbert really knows how to make pigs like you talk. He leaves 'em alone, makes them think. Now me, I have other ways.

(He raises the butt of his musket, ready to hit IAN in the face, but is interrupted by a call from the entrance to the crypt.)

LEON: Stop that!... I'm sorry - I'm afraid my men are very bad-tempered. Ian, I don't want anything to happen to you really, but I think you have the information that will help the cause I believe in.

IAN: You're wasting your time with me. I'm very small fry.

LEON: Surely you don't expect me to believe that? Well, we learned of the existence of James Stirling two months ago. We've been searching for him ever since.

IAN: We?

LEON: Yes. I've been loyal to the Revolution from the beginning. If you'd known what France was like six years ago, before the Bastille, you'd understand.

IAN: I do understand, but I can't help you.

LEON: Or you won't! France will never be anything until we're rid of these high-born leeches who've been sucking the life-blood of France for so long.

IAN: You must believe me, I can help you in no way...

LEON: Ian! You can save yourself a lot of trouble and suffering by talking. This is your only chance! Do you realise that when I've finished with you I'll transfer you to the prison, and then the guillotine?Now if you were to talk, I have the power to set you free!

IAN: Jules must have told you all I know.

LEON: Ah yes, what did Jules say? That Webster gave you a message to give to Stirling.

IAN: Yes, that's right. Only I can't recognise Stirling - that's why I'm here.

LEON: Oh, that I accept. But you must have known of their organisation. You were in it with Webster! He would never have trusted you otherwise. Now. Who sent you from England? How did you get here, and who helped you?

IAN: (sighs) What's the use?

LEON: I really don't understand what you hope to gain! If I don't get the information from you, I shall find it elsewhere! Now be sensible. Save yourself from the guillotine.

IAN: You wouldn't believe my story anyway.

LEON: Suppose you let me be the judge of that. How did you get to France?

IAN: You really want to know, eh?

LEON: The truth?

IAN: Oh yes, it's the truth all right.

LEON: You swear it?

IAN: Yes, I swear it! I flew here with three friends in a small box. When I left England it was 1963.

(LEON steps back, furious, and signals to the nearer SOLDIER, who strides forward, musket and bayonet pointed towards IAN. IAN braces himself for the blow, then hears a yell from the entrance.)

JULES: All right, Leon! Release him!

(JULES is standing in the entrance, a pistol pointed at LEON's back. The second SOLDIER swings his musket around, but JULES is faster and shoots him dead. LEON reaches for his pistols, but JULES hurls his now spent weapon at LEON's face. LEON falls back with a cry, dropping his guns. The SOLDIER by IAN has cocked his musket and swings it round to aim at the now unarmed JULES. IAN gathers his strength, hauls himself up by his wrist chains, and kicks the SOLDIER on the side of the head - he falls. LEON recovers and grabs his pistols; IAN shouts a warning.)

IAN: Jules!

(JULES grabs the falling SOLDIER whom IAN has just kicked, and hold him up as a shield, just as LEON fired. The two bullets ring out simultaneously, and both hit the SOLDIER. As JULES drops the lifeless body, LEON steps back towards the discarded musket. JULES watches as he steps nearer, then casually reaches into his coat and draws a second pistol.)

JULES: You traitor! It's you who's the enemy of the people!

(LEON makes a desperate lunge for the musket, but JULES fires first. LEON collapses, dead. JULES turns to free IAN.)

IAN: I thought I was going mad when I saw you here! Why did you come?

JULES: Bad news for you.

IAN: Oh?

JULES: Barbara and Susan were arrested at the physician.

(JULES fiddles with the iron rings, and IAN pulls his wrists clear.)

IAN: Yes, I feared that as soon as Leon turned up here. We must get to them.

JULES: I think it's best to go back to my hide-out.

IAN: What? The soldiers will be there already!

JULES: Well, if I know Leon, he will have wanted the satisfaction of arresting me himself. And anyway, we'll just have to risk it. Come on.


(SUSAN is sitting on a wooden bed board. She hears a tapping at the cell door, and looks through the bars. She can make out a figure dressed in official uniform.)

SUSAN: What is it? What d'you want?

DOCTOR: Susan, Susan, it... it's me, child! Me!

(SUSAN rushes to the door.)

SUSAN: Oh, grandfather! Oh grandfather, you've found us! Well how'd you get away from the farmhouse?

DOCTOR: Oh, I can't explain that now, child, it'd take too long.

SUSAN: Oh, Barbara's here somewhere.

DOCTOR: Yes, well I've taken care of that. She should be out of the prison and well on her way now. And I...

(He stops and listens. Faint footsteps are approaching.)

Sh! There's someone coming! Quiet! See you later. Sh!

SUSAN: Be careful!


(He leaves in a hurry.)


(The DOCTOR bumps into the JAILER, who reacts with a shock.)

JAILER: But Citizen!


JAILER: Didn't you collect the soldiers and follow the released prisoner?

DOCTOR: Me? Certainly not!

JAILER: But... whatever... why not?

DOCTOR: But I was under the impression, my dear man, that you were doing so! I'm hardly dressed in the proper clothes to go skulking after people, now am I?

JAILER: I couldn't have gone! I can't leave the prison!

DOCTOR: Well why didn't you say that in the first place? Well, did you?

JAILER: No, Citizen.

DOCTOR: No, and what do you think Lemaitre will say? He's bound to want to know whose idea it was.

(The JAILER hangs his head in misery.)

JAILER: It was mine. Citizen, you must help me!

DOCTOR: I'll try. Now don't worry, I'll cover up for you. But you know, I have a feeling that this young girl is tied up in this somehow. Now I think if we let her go, I personally could follow, and then arrest all of them! All I need from you is the key to that child's cell.

JAILER: Citizen, Lemaitre was very clear with his instructions. If that door is opened, I lose my head. That's what, what Lemaitre said just before he left, that's what he said!

DOCTOR: Lemaitre, Lemaitre! Why can't you use your own initiative, my man, hm?

JAILER: Aye, well you must see him when he returns, Citizen. I'm just a humble servant. If his orders are countermanded, well then...

DOCTOR: I demand you open that door!

(The JAILER is almost panicking, but stands firm.)

JAILER: To lose one prisoner is bad enough, to lose two would be the end of me! Especially after my orders. Lemaitre will be returning soon. We'll do as he says - until then, that door remains closed.


(ROBESPIERRE paces nervously up and down. He sees LEMAITRE arrive in the ante chamber.)

ROBESPIERRE: Ah good, Lemaitre.

(LEMAITRE enters, and ROBESPIERRE addresses the GUARD on the door.)

We are not to be disturbed.

(The GUARD exits and shuts the door.)

The news is serious, Citizen, and there is not much time.

LEMAITRE: I am at your service. You have only to give the order.

ROBESPIERRE: There is a meeting of the Convention tomorrow.

LEMAITRE: Yes, I know, Citizen.

ROBESPIERRE: I have been warned that certain influential Members - traitors, all of them - are planning to bring an indictment against another Member.

LEMAITRE: You have their names?

(ROBESPIERRE ignores the question.)

ROBESPIERRE: Oh, I realise they are forever plotting. But this latest information suggests that more and more of the Paris Commune are taking sides. The plan is that even I shall not be allowed to speak! They're out to destroy me!

LEMAITRE: All is not lost, Citizen. You still have many friends sitting in the Convention.

ROBESPIERRE: But can I trust them? If this motion gets underway, they will turn against me to save their own necks. Mark my words, Lemaitre. If this plot is successful, tomorrow, the 27th of July 1794, will be a date for history!

LEMAITRE: Tell me the leader of this group, Citizen - he will be immediately executed!

ROBESPIERRE: Patience, Lemaitre. This is no lone voice we are fighting against. If they are to hold power, they will need the Army on their side. Meetings must have been arranged.

LEMAITRE: By whom?

ROBESPIERRE: It is my guess that Deputy Paul Barrass is at the forefront of the rebels, but I must be certain before I strike. I shall not get a second chance, Lemaitre.

LEMAITRE: Tell me what I must do.

ROBESPIERRE: I understand that Barrass is leaving Paris tonight. I assume it must be for a meeting. With the position as it is, it can be for no other reason. I want to know who with, and the decision. Given that, I can still defeat my enemies.

LEMAITRE: What if he's just a decoy?

ROBESPIERRE: That is my worry, Lemaitre. Tonight my men will be everywhere. Barrass is your responsibility.

LEMAITRE: I shall not fail you... Against which Member is the indictment being brought, Citizen?

ROBESPIERRE: Against me, Lemaitre! Against me, Robespierre!


(Footsteps can be heard approaching the outside door. The door opens slowly, then closes again, and IAN and JULES enter cautiously.)

JULES: Leon was right... Leon was right. He did not tell me about this place. We're safe here for the moment. But I shall have to give up this house very soon. It's becoming too dangerous.

(IAN moves into the room, and sees BARBARA lying on the sofa, hidden from view of the entrance.)

IAN: Barbara! We thought you'd been arrested!

BARBARA: Yes, we were. But when we got to the prison, the Doctor was there.

IAN: What!

BARBARA: Yes, he's dressed up as if he was running the revolution! From what I could gather, half the people there take orders from him!

IAN: That sounds like the Doctor, alright.

JULES: The Doctor? You mean Susan's grandfather?

BARBARA: Yes, that's right.

IAN: And where's Susan?

BARBARA: Oh, she'll be along later with him. I just walked out.

IAN: Walked out? But... (laughs) I don't know how he gets away with it half the time. What did he say?

BARBARA: Well not very much - we didn't have a chance. But he'll be here soon, so no doubt we'll get the whole story, several times.

(They laugh wryly, then BARBARA notices IAN's bandaged wrists.)

What have you done?

IAN: Oh, it's nothing much... Let's just say I... fell into the wrong hands, and Jules arrived in time.

BARBARA: And Leon?

JULES: He's dead, Barbara. I killed him.

BARBARA: Killed him?

JULES: Yes. He was the traitor we were looking for.

(BARBARA is shocked and aghast.)

IAN: It was the only way, Barbara.

JULES: (coldly) He deserved to die. He was a traitor.

BARBARA: What do you mean, "he was a traitor"?

IAN: When I got to the church, he turned on me. He was going to kill me.

JULES: He betrayed us, Barbara.

BARBARA: He was a traitor to you - to his side he was a patriot.

IAN: Barbara, we've taken sides just by being here. Jules actually shot him. It could just as easily have been me.

JULES: And what about Robespierre? I suppose you think...

BARBARA: Well just because an extremist like Robespierre...

(IAN cuts in angrily.)

IAN: Oh Barbara, Jules is our friend! He saved our lives!

BARBARA: I know all that! The revolution isn't all bad, and neither are the people who support it. It changed things for the whole world, and good, honest people gave their lives for that change.

IAN: Well I think he got what he deserved.

BARBARA: You check your history books, Ian, before you decide what people deserve!

(She storms out of the room, leaving IAN staring angrily after her. JULES looks very perplexed at the end of the argument.)


(The DOCTOR appears outside the locked door of SUSAN's cell, holding the JAILER's bottle of cognac.)

SUSAN: Oh, grandfather! I thought you were never coming!

DOCTOR: I shall have you out of here soon, but I must have your help! Now look, I want you to get down onto the floor, behind this door, and don't move, whatever you do!

SUSAN: But grandfather...

DOCTOR: Do it now, child, don't argue! Do it now! And don't make a sound! Stay there!

(SUSAN ducks down. The DOCTOR hears footsteps approaching.)

DOCTOR: There's someone coming.

SUSAN: Be careful!

DOCTOR: Just... just don't fuss.

(The DOCTOR moves into the shadows as the steps get nearer. Soon the JAILER appears, muttering to himself. The DOCTOR steps out, and the JAILER looks up.)

JAILER: Oh, it'll be the end of me, this business. I don't know what Lemaitre will say.

DOCTOR: Oh, he's not back yet then, eh?

JAILER: Oh, we can expect him any minute!

DOCTOR: Hmm...

(He looks at SUSAN's cell.)

Jailer! Jailer! That girl, she's gone!


DOCTOR: She's gone!

(The JAILER rushes to the cell door, looks through the bars, sees the cell apparently empty, and exclaims in panic.)

JAILER: She's gone!

(He fumbles for the keys and eventually manages to put the correct one in the lock and open the door. The DOCTOR produces the bottle from behind his back and whacks the JAILER over the head, knocking him out. SUSAN stands up from just inside the door.)

DOCTOR: Come along, child, quickly! Quick...

(He hurries her out of the cell, only to walk straight into LEMAITRE, who reacts instantly.)

LEMAITRE: Guards! Guards!

(Two prison GUARDS come running, and grab hold of the DOCTOR and SUSAN. The JAILER groggily staggers to his feet and looks at LEMAITRE.)

JAILER: He tricked me, Citizen. He tricked me!

LEMAITRE: Lock her away.

(The GUARDS throw SUSAN back into the cell, and the JAILER locks the door.)

JAILER: He did as you said 'e would, Citizen. He tried to get the young girl released, and he let the other prisoner go!

DOCTOR: Oh, spare your breath, please! I'm quite capable of explaining the situation myself.

LEMAITRE: Alright, Jailer.

(He turns to the DOCTOR.)

I think it's about time we had a talk.

(He gestures the DOCTOR ahead of him, and they walk towards his office.)


(The DOCTOR feigns indignance as LEMAITRE shuts the door.)

DOCTOR: I must insist that you reason- release that young child immediately!

LEMAITRE: I'm afraid you're not in a position to insist on anything at the moment!

(He walks slowly across the room and sits at the desk. He casually pulls open one of the desk drawers.)

DOCTOR: Position, sir? Do you realise who you're talking to?

LEMAITRE: Not yet. But I intend to find out. Do you recognise this, Citizen?

(He produces the DOCTOR's ring. The DOCTOR takes and examines it briefly.)

DOCTOR: No. Should I?

(LEMAITRE reaches under the desk for the DOCTOR's clothes.)

LEMAITRE: And these. They're yours, aren't they? Given in exchange for those rather splendid clothes and the insignia of a Regional Provincial Deputy.

DOCTOR: Do you know that's the biggest fairy story I've ever heard in my life?

LEMAITRE: I could have had you arrested any time I wanted!

(The DOCTOR realises the game is up.)

DOCTOR: Yes - why didn't you?  (He makes to put the ring down on the table.) please please, keep it

LEMAITRE:  Why didn't I? Well, with the political situation as it is, and my position being what it is, I need friends. Even if they're enemies. People I can call on for help - if I have something on them, so much the better.

DOCTOR: It's become quite obvious to me why you didn't wish me to leave the prison.

LEMAITRE: Huh! I knew I'd never see you again if you did.

DOCTOR: But you relaxed the regulations today, and I could have walked out any time I wished.

LEMAITRE: And left your granddaughter?

(He notices the DOCTOR's guilty reaction.)

Just an assumption, but obviously correct. I knew I had you so long as she remained here under lock and key. If you remember, when I first met you, you were enquiring after your friends. The young woman, whom the jailer says you've just released, the girl and, err, what was his name - Ian.

DOCTOR: So you knew all the time?

LEMAITRE: Let's just say I added to my knowledge. Listening at doors can still be effective.

DOCTOR: What do you want?

LEMAITRE: Ah. So I see we understand each other. If you agree to help me, your granddaughter will be released - after you have kept your side of the bargain.

DOCTOR: The least I can do is listen.

LEMAITRE: Good! Now, I'm reasonably certain that your group are working with, or for, Jules Renan. I think you used his hideout - certainly you know where it is, and if you don't, your granddaughter does.

DOCTOR: I have never met the man! Oh, I fully appreciate why you must want to find him, but if you think that I am going to betray him, then you are a very poor judge of character.

LEMAITRE: If you want your granddaughter released, you will have to take me to his hideout.

DOCTOR: Never, sir, I refuse!

LEMAITRE: I repeat - if you want your granddaughter released, you do not have a choice!


(BARBARA enters to find IAN alone in the room. She has calmed down after her earlier outburst.)

BARBARA: Where's Jules?

IAN: He went to the end of the street, to look for Susan and the Doctor.

BARBARA: Well, the Doctor would have to wait for the right moment.

IAN: Yes, but how long can we wait?

BARBARA: Oh, I don't know. Whenever somebody passes the house, I think it might be them.

IAN: Yes, I know. Barbara - sorry about Leon, but it really was the only way, believe me.

BARBARA: I know... I wanted to apologise to Jules... I'm so sick and tired of death, Ian. We never seem able to get away from it.

(JULES has entered unnoticed.)

JULES: There is no way, Barbara.

(He shuts the door as they turn towards him.)

Well, there's no sign of your friends.

BARBARA: Well, we must wait a little longer.

JULES: Mm. I left the door unlatched.

IAN: Oh, so now anyone can walk in!

JULES: Try and be patient, Ian... Oh, I know these long hours of waiting only too well. I've had my share.

BARBARA: Jules... when I spoke to you before, I... the things I said...

JULES: You said because of Leon the man. Yes, I know. But I did what I had to do because of what he represents. Do you ever wonder why I'm doing these things, hiding in shadows, fighting in corners?

IAN: We took it for granted you belonged to the other side, the aristocracy.

JULES: No. No, I have no title or position. I belong, well, in the middle. But I hate to see order thrown out of the window like so much dust. There can be no loyalty or honour where anarchy prevails.

BARBARA: And Leon was your friend.

JULES: There are only two sides today, Barbara. Those who rule by fear and treachery, and those who fight for reason and justice. Anyone who betrays these principles is worse than the devil in hell!

(They hear a noise at the outside door.)

IAN: Here they are.

(He looks as the door from the hall opens. In walks the DOCTOR, still in his official uniform; behind him is the tall figure of LEMAITRE!)

BARBARA: Lemaitre!

JULES: Your friend has betrayed us!


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