Scene 1 - Capsule interior

As Lesterson moves through a number of doorways, he hears the sounds of activity a short distance ahead. Eventually, Lesterson reaches the end of corridor. A small glass panel is positioned on the wall. Staring through the panel, Lesterson gasps at the contents of the large chamber before him. Dozens of Daleks are gliding through the room - many of them are operating instrument panels. At one end of the room, a conveyor belt is moving through an archway. A bottom half of a Dalek casing suddenly appears on the conveyor. Lesterson watches as the casing moves forward, and is enveloped by a jet of steam. A few seconds later, the casing is covered by a foaming liquid. Lesterson watches in horror as another Dalek scoops up a bubbling green mass from within a glass globe, and places the mass inside the Dalek casing. The top half of the Dalek is then placed over the casing. Lesterson shrinks back terrified, as this procedure is repeated over and over again.

FIRST DALEK : Dalek nine complete.


NEW DALEKS : (repeated independently by each new Dalek over top of the methodical count)  We are the new race of Daleks!

FIRST DALEK : Dalek ten complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek eleven complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek twelve complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek thirteen complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek fourteen complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek fifteen complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek sixteen complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek seventeen complete.


FIRST DALEK : Dalek eighteen complete.

Overcome with shock, Lesterson stumbles back through the low arched corridors of the capsule. Once back in his laboratory, he staggers over to a large cabinet, and shoves it in front of the capsule's entrance. Janley walks into the laboratory, and immediately notices the look of terror on Lesterson's face.

JANLEY : What's the matter? What is it?

Lesterson attempts to mumble an answer.

JANLEY : Are you ill?

LESTERSON : They're in there - making themselves! Duplicating!

JANLEY : What? What are you talking about?

Lesterson indicates the generator panel.

LESTERSON : I started this, opening the capsule!

Suddenly, Lesterson moves around the laboratory at frenetic speed - pulling levers, turning dials, and flicking at switches. Janley rushes forward, and attempts to restrain the overwrought scientist.

JANLEY : Lesterson!

LESTERSON : Don't try to stop me!

Gradually, the lights on the panel flicker and die - the vibrating hum whirrs into silence.

JANLEY : What happened?

LESTERSON : They forget that I control them! I gave them life back again, and now I've taken it away! Finished! Stopped it!

JANLEY : The Daleks ...

LESTERSON : Evil! Horrible! I know what I'm going to do! Laser torches! Melt them down! I'm going to melt the Daleks down to pools of metal!

JANLEY : You won't Lesterson!

LESTERSON : Ah, do you think I care what you can do?! Go on, tell everybody I was responsible for Resno's death! I don't care! I'm going to wipe out the Daleks!

Janley rushes from the laboratory.

LESTERSON : Yes, tell everybody all about me! I'm still going to... I'm going to... wipe out the Daleks!

Lesterson lifts the communications receiver.

LESTERSON : Get me the Examiner. Prison? Who put him there? But I've got to talk to him! I've got to, don't you understand?!

The receiver suddenly goes silent as the other party terminates the connection. As Lesterson wonders what to do, he is unaware that the cabinet blocking the capsule is moving slightly. Eventually, a gap appears, and one of the unarmed Daleks moves towards Lesterson.

Lesterson spins around, detecting the sounds of movement.

LESTERSON : How did you get there?! I cut off the power!

DALEK : We can store power. We will soon have our own.

LESTERSON : Own power?!

DALEK : Why was the capsule door closed?

LESTERSON : Own power?! Ahh!

Lesterson suddenly sprints from the laboratory in a wild panic. Another unarmed Dalek emerges from the capsule.

FIRST DALEK : Seal off the capsule's secret entrance.


The second Dalek glides back towards the capsule.


The second Dalek turns back to its superior.

FIRST DALEK : No more than three Daleks to be seen together at any one time.


FIRST DALEK : We are not ready yet to teach these human beings the law of the Daleks.

Scene 2 - Corridor

Running blindly along a corridor, Lesterson stumbles into a guard.

LESTERSON : You can help me!

FIRST GUARD : What's the matter?

LESTERSON : Where... where's the Examiner?! I....

FIRST GUARD : The Examiner's in prison.

LESTERSON : Ah, yes.

FIRST GUARD : What's the matter with you?

LESTERSON : I forgot.

FIRST GUARD : What are you running for? Hey!

Lesterson sprints back in the direction in which he came from. Sensing that something is wrong, the guard gives chase.

Scene 3 - Lesterson's laboratory

Janley escorts a bound and gagged Polly into the laboratory. At the door, Kebble is keeping watch. A Dalek glides from the capsule, and approaches Janley.

JANLEY : Did Lesterson come back?

DALEK : No. (looking at Polly) Why is this human restricted?

JANLEY : She's against the Daleks.

Janley yanks the gag from Polly's mouth, while Kebble removes the cord from her wrists. Polly is then offered some water by Kebble.

JANLEY : Afraid, are you? Nothing's going to happen to you if you behave.

POLLY : (accepting the drink) The Daleks? Of course I'm afraid - and so should you be.

JANLEY : The Daleks are going to help us.

POLLY : 'Us' being the rebels, I suppose.

JANLEY : If you like.

POLLY : And when you've won, the Daleks will just go back to being servants again? You're bigger fools than I thought.

DALEK : We are your servants.

POLLY : While it suits you.

JANLEY : You'll see.


Kebble forces Polly towards the capsule.

KEBBLE : you want me to stay with her?

JANLEY : Yes. You may have to help Valmar. He'll be here in a minute to fix up the new Dalek cower... power cable.

KEBBLE : Right.

DALEK : When will the work be completed?

Kebble and Polly disappear into the capsule.

JANLEY : What is this cable you Daleks are laying, anyway?

DALEK : Daleks operate on static electricity.

JANLEY : Static! Is that possible?

DALEK : To create static, the Daleks need a complete cable circuit.

JANLEY : I see. You convert our electricity into your own power.

DALEK : That is correct. When will the human being complete the work?

JANLEY : He'll be here. It's easier now. There's no-one to interfere with our plans.

Scene 4 - Cell block

In the detention area, the Doctor is striking a number of high-pitched notes on a piece of glass. Quinn is becoming increasingly irritated.

QUINN : Do you have to do that? I'm afraid you'll find these locks are foolproof.

DOCTOR : I wonder how they're converting the power?

QUINN : Wha... What are you talking about?

DOCTOR : The Daleks - they're powered by static electricity. It's like blood to them - a constant life-stream.

QUINN : Static isn't workable!

DOCTOR : It is to the Daleks. They've conquered static, just as they've conquered anti-magnetics.

QUINN : I'm not going to listen to any more of this nonsense.

DOCTOR : (returning to the piece of glass) I don't seem to be able to hit the right note. Do you have any more water?

QUINN : I hope not. No.

DOCTOR : Then I shall have to get some.

Lesterson suddenly enters the area, in heavy argument with a guard.

SECOND GUARD : You can't!

LESTERSON : But it's important! It's desperately important!

SECOND GUARD : Well, Bragen gave orders.

LESTERSON : Just get out of my way!

Lesterson pushes the guard violently away.

LESTERSON : Ah! Examiner! The Daleks...!


The second guard recovers, and grabs Lesterson. At the same time, the guard who was chasing Lesterson, also appears.

LESTERSON : They're duplicating! I've seen them!

The guards drag a resisting Lesterson from the room.

LESTERSON : They've got their own power now! I... I can't stop them!

A third guard enters the room, and notices the struggles of his colleagues.

THIRD GUARD : Take him to Bragen.

The two guards drag Lesterson from the room.

LESTERSON : Oh!... Oh!... Oh!... 

DOCTOR : I say. I say, do you think we might have a little more water?

The guard nods, and walks off.

QUINN : Is that all you can say? Lesterson fights his way down here to speak to you and all you can do is demand more water?!

The guard returns with the jug of water. Disgusted, Quinn throws himself on to the bed in his cell. The guard walks up to the door of the Doctor's cell. He retrieves the sound device, and holds it near to the lock.

THIRD GUARD : (noticing the Doctor nearby) Get away from the door.

The Doctor moves back from the door, and watches as the guard operates the sound mechanism. As the whining sound is emitted, the Doctor secretly produces his recorder, and quietly begins playing a number of notes. As soon as the guard leaves, the Doctor adds more water to the glass. He then wets his forefinger, and runs it around the rim of the glass. Not satisfied with the noise, the Doctor pours a little more water into the glass. This procedure is repeated a number of times.

QUINN : (realising what the Doctor is attempting to accomplish) Sorry about that outburst. I thought it might help the situation.

The Doctor holds up his hand for quiet. He then adds another drop of water to the glass. Quinn watches the door nervously as the Doctor strikes a number of notes.

QUINN : Nearly... Nearly...

Scene 5 - Governor's terrace

On Hensell's terrace, a Dalek is laying a cable across the room. Bragen continues working at his desk, not interested in what the Dalek is doing. The two guards enter the room, with Lesterson under their control. Bragen looks up sharply.

BRAGEN : What's this?

FIRST GUARD : He tried to break in and speak with the Examiner.

LESTERSON : (noticing the Dalek) What is the Dalek doing?!

BRAGEN : I thought you knew. Something to do with the emergency power supply.

LESTERSON : Ah, no! It's... it's a trick! I didn't ask for it!

BRAGEN : Lesterson, I've had reports.

LESTERSON : (to the Dalek) What are you doing?!

DALEK : Laying the new emergency power supply as you ordered, master.

LESTERSON : It... it... it's a lie!

BRAGEN : I've had reports of your incomprehensible behaviour.

LESTERSON : Yes. Yes, I... I can explain - if you'll get rid of that!

BRAGEN : (to the Dalek) Finish now.

DALEK : I am your servant.

The Dalek glides from the room.

LESTERSON : Where is the Governor?!

BRAGEN : At the perimeter. Why?

LESTERSON : Call him! Get him back here as quickly as possible! We're all in terrible danger! The Examiner was right! Right all the time!

At that moment, Janley enters the room.

LESTERSON : Don't listen to anything she has to say!

JANLEY : Come along now.

LESTERSON : She's in league with the Daleks!

JANLEY : Now, now, now, now. Please, Lesterson. Let's just take things calmly, you're not well.

LESTERSON : I'm perfectly well!

JANLEY : Please Lesterson, please. Now, you ought to be in hospital. You promised me you'd report there.

LESTERSON : I promised nothing of the kind!

JANLEY : Don't you remember? Never mind. I understand.

BRAGEN : Hmm. Pity. It's probably only temporary.

LESTERSON : You're trying to say I'm mad!

BRAGEN : No. No, not mad.

JANLEY : (simultaneously) No. Of course not. No. 

LESTERSON : But, I tell you, I saw the Daleks! They were duplicating! I saw it! I swear to you!

JANLEY : He suddenly started saying these things in the lab. I'm... I'm afraid, he's...

LESTERSON : Oh, no! No!

Lesterson's frustration is clearly apparent. Bragen turns to the guards.

BRAGEN : Keep him under restraint.

The guards nod, and drag the protesting scientist from the room. Lesterson continues to cry out in anguish.

LESTERSON : Oh, will nobody listen to me?!

Scene 6 - Capsule interior

Inside the capsule, Polly and Valmar are sitting inside a tiny compartment. Polly watches as Valmar busily connects a number of cables into a square box. A Dalek is hovering nearby.

VALMAR : Pass me that small screwdriver.

POLLY : I can't. My hands are tied. Anyway, I wouldn't help you, even if I could.


Valmar shrugs, and rummages in the tool box himself. Kebble appears, and manages to squeeze his way into the compartment. Kebble is holding yet more cables. The Dalek glides from the room.

VALMAR : More? I can't handle them.

KEBBLE : This is the lot.

POLLY : Listen. The Dalek's gone now.

KEBBLE : That doesn't mean you can start talking.

VALMAR : Oh, leave her alone, Kebble. She isn't doing any harm.

POLLY : You think you're very tough don't you, pushing a girl around. I'd like to see you come up against a real man.

KEBBLE : Like who?

POLLY : Like Ben, for instance.

KEBBLE : Don't worry about him. We've got him safely stowed away.

POLLY : You've got Ben?

KEBBLE : He's sleeping off a slight fall.

VALMAR : I told you to leave her alone.

POLLY : Your name's Valmar, isn't it?

VALMAR : That's it.

POLLY : You want the Daleks to fight the Governor. But don't you see? They'll turn on you, too.

KEBBLE : What? Three big pepper pots?

VALMAR : One of them did kill Resno. You saw what the Dalek did to that sheet of metal.

POLLY : And that's just the beginning.

KEBBLE : Don't listen to her. She's giving you the Examiner's line.

POLLY : He isn't the Examiner. We're just travellers. Landed here by accident. The Doctor - that's the man you think is the Examiner - found the real Examiner dead, and picked up his papers.

Kebble laughs.  

VALMAR : This Doctor of yours. He knows something about the Daleks?

POLLY : He tried to warn everyone. It's the only reason we stayed here.

Suddenly, the Dalek returns to the capsule.

DALEK : When will the work be completed?

VALMAR : I don't know. I'll need a new junction box like this one.

The Dalek swivels around, and leaves the room again.

POLLY : You've all underestimated these Daleks.

KEBBLE : Better brains than us, I suppose.

POLLY : I only know what the Doctor has told me - he says they're capable of exterminating whole nations.

VALMAR : Perhaps, but what would they want to kill us for - after we've taken over. We're friendly with the Daleks.

POLLY : But, don't you see? Human beings can't be friends with Daleks. They don't have friends.

VALMAR : I don't see why not.

POLLY : It's a kind of hatred for anything unlike themselves. They think they're superior.

VALMAR : The girl's got something.

KEBBLE : You want to tell Janley? You're welcome!

POLLY : Janley! She'll betray the lot of you, if she gets the chance.

DALEK : (reappearing again) The other junction box is outside.

VALMAR : Thank you.

Valmar resumes his work as Kebble smiles at Polly.

KEBBLE : Talk too much, don't you? Didn't you know he was soft on Janley?

Valmar looks up, and gives Kebble a piercing stare.

KEBBLE : All right, all right, I'm just putting her straight.

VALMAR : More slack on the cables.

Scene 7 - Corridor

A Dalek moves through a corridor of the colony. A thick cable is draped over its sucker-stick. The Dalek detects the sounds of voices ahead. It turns back, and moves out of sight as two humans appear.

HENSELL : What are all these cables lying about?

FIRST GUARD : New emergency power supply.

HENSELL : Who's idea was that?

FIRST GUARD : What do you want to know for?

HENSELL : What do I...?! Don't you know I'm the Governor?

The guard promptly stands to attention.

HENSELL : Where are you from?

FIRST GUARD : The interior, sir.

HENSELL : The interior? Why are you carrying a gun?

FIRST GUARD : I'm a Squad Leader in Bragen's guard, sir.

HENSELL : Oh, I see. Bragen's guard, eh? All right, carry on.

Seething with rage, Hensell marches furiously towards his office.

Scene 8 - Cell block

In the detention area, the Doctor continues to experiment with the glass.

GUARD : Cut that row out, you two!

The Doctor shrugs, and starts playing his recorder. The guard moves across to Quinn's cell, and opens the door. He then opens the door between the two cells.

GUARD : Stop that.

The Doctor casually picks up the glass of water and suddenly throws it in the guard's face.


As the guard staggers back in surprise, Quinn jumps to his feet, and knocks the guard out. The Doctor rushes into Quinn's cell, and confiscates the sound-box. Quinn quickly grabs the box from the Doctor and rushes outside. The Doctor hesitates, and then rushes back into his cell.

QUINN : Come on.

DOCTOR : Wait a minute!

The Doctor returns with the jug of water.

DOCTOR : We don't want him trying it, although he seemed a bit tone deaf to me.

Quinn points the sound device towards the lock, and switches it on. The dazed guard is locked inside the cell.

Scene 9 - Governor's office

Hensell strides into his office, and notices Bragen casually sitting at the Governor's desk. Bragen fails to even glance up from his papers as Hensell approaches the desk.

HENSELL : Well, Bragen - these trips are becoming more and more demanding.

BRAGEN : I didn't expect you, Governor.

HENSELL : Ah, I had as much as I could stand. Well? What's been happening here?

BRAGEN : One moment.

Bragen continues signing his papers.

HENSELL : I asked you a question, man.

BRAGEN : I heard you.

HENSELL : Look, your work can wait. You can hand over to me tomorrow. I want to hear about the Examiner.

After one more signature, Bragen finally sits back, and looks up at Hensell.

BRAGEN : The Examiner is at present in jail.

HENSELL : In jail? That's rather dangerous isn't it? Who put him there?

BRAGEN : I did.

HENSELL : You did? In heaven's sake, why?

BRAGEN : He's an impostor, Governor. Possibly a murderer as well. We have just discovered the body of the real Examiner in the mercury swamp.

HENSELL : I hope you're sure of your facts, Bragen.

BRAGEN : Quite sure.

HENSELL : This could have far reaching consequences.

BRAGEN : As far as I am concerned, there's nothing more to be said. So if there's nothing further...

HENSELL : Nothing further! Who the devil do you think you're talking to? Stand up when you're speaking to me, man!

BRAGEN : I prefer to remain seated.

HENSELL : Do you now?! We'll soon see about that. Guards!

Two guards enter, and stand to attention.

HENSELL : Take this man out of my office.

The guards fail to move.

HENSELL : Did you hear what I said? That's an order!

BRAGEN : You forget, my dear Hensell. They're not your guards - they're mine.

HENSELL : I am the Governor!

BRAGEN : No. Not now. I am.

Bragen smiles, and leans back in the chair.

HENSELL : Oh, I see. Your guards, eh? Yes, Quinn warned me about your guards, but we all took them too lightly, didn't we? But we'll soon change that.

Hensell turns to the door, however the guards are blocking his way.

HENSELL : You imbecile! How long do you think your handful of guards can hang out when the people hear that I am being kept a prisoner in my own capital?!

BRAGEN : The people will do exactly as they are told, Hensell.

Bragen presses a button on the desk, and then stands up.

BRAGEN : It will, of course, be easier for them if you co-operate with us.

Bragen indicates to Hensell to sit down behind the desk. Bragen turns towards the door as a Dalek glides in.

BRAGEN : Wait there. Guards, dismissed.

As Hensell reclaims his seat, the guards leave the room.

HENSELL : So Bragen, you want my co-operation, do you?

BRAGEN : It would save bloodshed. I might even let you keep the title of Governor.

HENSELL : Might you know?! I'll tell you what you will do. You'll order your guards to disarm and place yourself under arrest immediately!

BRAGEN : So you reject my offer? I thought it a generous one in the circumstances.

HENSELL : What circumstances?

BRAGEN : (indicating the Dalek gun-stick) Look at this.

HENSELL : What is it?

BRAGEN : The reason that the colony is now mine.

Bragen fixes the gun-stick back to the Dalek.

HENSELL : (watching nervously) Is it a weapon of some kind?

Hensell suddenly stands up, gripped with fear.

BRAGEN : I'll arrange a demonstration for you. Do you still refuse my offer?

HENSELL : I will not be intimidated.

BRAGEN : Of course not. In character to the last, Hensell. Kill him!

Hensell arches in agony as the Dalek delivers its deadly ray. Hensell slumps dead to the ground. Bragen immediately disconnects the gun as the Dalek turns its eye-stick from the dead man to Bragen.

DALEK : Why do human beings kill human beings?

BRAGEN : Get on with your work!

DALEK : Yes, master. I obey.

BRAGEN : Yes, obey me! From now on, I will have complete obedience from everyone!

Scene 10 - Lesterson's laboratory

The Doctor and Quinn sneak into Lesterson's laboratory. They hide behind a workbench as a Dalek glides into the room, followed by Valmar.

VALMAR : I'll have to check the cable circuit now. Otherwise, it's just as you asked for.

DALEK : Very well.

VALMAR : Why can't you carry on with the power you're drawing from the colony? Why go to all this trouble?

DALEK : Until now, we have had to recharge from the colony supply. With static power, the Daleks will be twice as useful.

JANLEY : (rushing into the laboratory) Valmar, quick!

VALMAR : What's the matter?

JANLEY : The Governor's back.

VALMAR : What about the girl?

JANLEY : Leave her.

DALEK : I will follow you.

VALMAR : What for?

DALEK : I am your servant.

JANLEY : Come on.

Janley, Valmar and the Dalek leave the room. The Doctor and Quinn emerge from their hiding place, and examine the newly-laid cables.

DOCTOR : An electrical circuit of their own supplying static electricity! I wonder how much longer we've got?

The Doctor follows the cables towards the capsule.

DOCTOR : I didn't realise they'd have a circuit of their own.

Scene 11 - Capsule interior

Inside the capsule, Polly and Kebble have heard the sounds of approaching voices. Polly suddenly recognises the Doctor. Kebble reaches for a metal vice, but Polly wraps her arms around his legs and screams.

POLLY : Doctor, look out!

Kebble shoves Polly away as the Doctor and Quinn peer into the capsule's entrance. Kebble suddenly leaps from the capsule, and attacks Quinn. However, Quinn quickly gains the upper hand, and eventually renders Kebble unconscious. Polly rushes up to the Doctor.

POLLY : Are you all right?

DOCTOR : Well done! Who was the man who went outside just now?

POLLY : Valmar. He's been working for the Daleks.

DOCTOR : (nodding) On their static power supply.

POLLY : Doctor, they've got Ben.

DOCTOR : Yes, I know. He ran away so that I could... Oh well, it's a long story, but don't worry. That boy can take care of himself!

The Doctor turns back towards the capsule, just as a Dalek emerges from the entrance, complete with gun-stick. The Doctor reaches towards Kebble's vice.

QUINN : Did you hear that? That won't help.

DOCTOR : Get out! All of you!

QUINN : What about you?!

POLLY : But Doctor! Oh...


As Quinn and Polly leave the laboratory, the Dalek glides down the entrance hatch. The Doctor hesitates momentarily, and then races after Quinn and Polly. As the Doctor closes the laboratory door, he jams the vice through the door handle. A second Dalek emerges from the capsule.

SECOND DALEK : Have they escaped?

FIRST DALEK : Yes, return to capsule and report.


The first Dalek batters the door with it's sucker-stick, but the door refuses to budge. The Dalek moves back, and fires its ray at the door. The handle of the door (including the metal vice) buckle in the intense heat, and fall to the floor. The Dalek glides outside the laboratory.

Scene 12 - Capsule interior

The Daleks are gathering inside their production plant.

FIRST DALEK : We are to wait here until the human beings fight among themselves.

SECOND DALEK : Then we will strike.

ALL DALEKS : And exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Scene 13 - Governor's terrace

In Hensell's terrace, the Doctor, Quinn and Polly have discovered the Governor's body.

QUINN : The one man who could have saved us.

DOCTOR : Don't worry, the people will follow you, too.

QUINN : Maybe. But there wasn't any maybe about Hensell. He was old-fashioned. Single-minded, yes, but he's done a lot of wonderful work for this colony. Events turned out against him, that's all. But why? Why was he killed?

BRAGEN : I can answer that.

The group around as Bragen and two guards stride into the room.

BRAGEN : He wanted to destroy the Daleks, so one of them killed him. Now, I'm declaring martial law. You will be returned to prison, and properly guarded this time.

DOCTOR : Martial law! What good do you think that will do against the Daleks?

BRAGEN : The Daleks will do as I tell them.

DOCTOR : We shall see, shan't we.

BRAGEN : Take them away.

The Doctor, Quinn and Polly are escorted from the room.

Scene 14 - Capsule interior

The Daleks screech frenetically.

ALL DALEKS : Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

SECOND DALEK : Orders received. Exterminate all humans!

FIRST DALEK : Exterminate all humans!

SECOND DALEK : Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy!

ALL DALEKS : (in unison) Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy! Daleks conquer and destroy!

One by one, they glide from the capsule.

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