Scene 1 - Governor's office

The colonists are staring at the Dalek with enthusiasm.

DALEK : I am your servant. I am your servant. I am your servant. I am your servant.

HENSELL : So Lesterson, they're even capable of speech!

LESTERSON : Yes. But then, why not? After all, they have a certain intelligence.

HENSELL : Yes I know, but...

LESTERSON : But is... is it... it is... an intelligence that we can control.

HENSELL : So what you want is permission to continue your experiments?

LESTERSON : Governor, think what it would mean if we were to set it to work in the mines. It could double our production overnight!

BRAGEN : Consider the effects it could have on our whole economy.

HENSELL : Yes, and the effect of that on Earth... Yes. Yes, they could be very grateful.

DOCTOR : (whispering to the Dalek) I shall stop you. I will!

The Dalek glides slowly towards the Doctor, but halts when Hensell speaks.

HENSELL : All right Lesterson, permission granted.

DOCTOR : Permission? Permission for what?

LESTERSON : To continue my work, Examiner.

DOCTOR : But... But didn't you all hear what I said? The Daleks must be destroyed!

LESTERSON : Ho, ho. Never!

DOCTOR : Very well. If not by my order - then by Earth's! Come Ben, Polly.

The Doctor turns towards the door, but Hensell holds up his hand.

HENSELL : Ah, Examiner. Just a moment. Tell me, why are you so against this project?

DOCTOR : But I've told you! I realise I can't give you any proof, but you've no idea of the danger!


DOCTOR : Yes. Danger! I shall be contacting Earth just as soon as radio communications have been restored.

The Doctor strides towards the door, followed by Ben and Polly. He pauses as he passes the Dalek.

DOCTOR : You're my servant, are you?

DALEK : I... I am.

DOCTOR : Very well. Immobilise yourself. Go on. I order it! Immediately!

The Dalek renders itself immobile - its eye and sucker sticks droop lifelessly to the ground.


The Doctor strides from the room. Ben and Polly quickly follow. Slightly concerned at the Dalek's inactiveness, Lesterson approaches the metal creation. But as soon as the Doctor leaves, the Dalek resumes its normal posture.

JANLEY : Lesterson.

LESTERSON : Why did you stop obeying? You were given an order.

DALEK : He has gone.

LESTERSON : Then you obey only...

DALEK : His order was wrong. I cannot serve human beings if I am immobilised. You gave me power. Your orders are right. I serve you.

HENSELL : Lesterson, Lesterson, it reasons. Just how limited is its intelligence?

LESTERSON : Now, there is no cause for... for concern, Governor. Just you wait until you see the amount of work it can do! (to the Dalek) And now, I'm really going to put you through your paces. Follow me, Dalek.

DALEK : I obey.

The Dalek follows Lesterson from the laboratory.

Scene 2 - Corridor

DOCTOR : (talking to himself) That's it!

POLLY : We should have stayed with Quinn.

BEN : Well, we couldn't have helped him Polly, even if we'd wanted to. The Governor's already reached his verdict.

DOCTOR : (in background) Wire. Scissors. Tape.

POLLY : But he didn't murder the real Examiner. I'm sure he didn't.

BEN : Oh, well. The way I see it this lot's too busy arguing amongst themselves to do much about anything. Anyway, first things first. The Daleks are the important thing!

The Doctor rushes forward to shake Ben's hand.

DOCTOR : Ah! Congratulations, Ben!

BEN : What'd I do? What'd I do?

DOCTOR : You just used your brains, that's what you did. The Daleks are the most important thing!

The Doctor suddenly races off, followed quickly by Ben.

POLLY : (muttering to herself) I still think Quinn's innocent.

Scene 3 - Governor's office

Back in Hensell's office, the inquiry has resumed. Quinn is undergoing interrogation by Bragen.

QUINN : How can I be in league with the rebels?

BRAGEN : The evidence confirms it.

QUINN : It was I that warned of their dangers.

BRAGEN : As part of your overall plan!

QUINN : You wouldn't even take the matter seriously.

BRAGEN : If I was wrong then, I have a chance to rectify it now!

QUINN : If that's going to be your attitude, I suggest that we...

HENSELL : Quinn! Let us conduct this inquiry in an orderly manner. Now, the Examiner was attacked, there can be no question of that.

BRAGEN : And the button grabbed by the Examiner was missing from your suit.

HENSELL : Yes, if you've got anything to add to that, you'd better say it now.

QUINN : I didn't attack the man. I had no reason to. I was the one that sent for him!

HENSELL : You sent for him?!

QUINN : It was necessary. Under the circumstances, I'd hardly be likely to sabotage the radio communications.

HENSELL : But... but why Quinn? Why?

QUINN : Because of the rebels!

BRAGEN : The rebels! They're nothing more than one or two fanatics.

QUINN : You know as well as I do that they...

BRAGEN : Unless you're trying to create trouble here -- to undermine the Governor's position.

HENSELL : Bragen, you'd better explain that.

BRAGEN : If you're removed, who takes your place? The Deputy Governor, of course. And that's the real reason behind all this trouble, isn't it Quinn?

HENSELL : Go on.

BRAGEN : You attack the Examiner in the mercury swamp and blame it on the rebels. Then you sabotage the radio -- blame that on the rebels too.

HENSELL : Get him out of my sight!

QUINN : Hensell, before you listen to these preposterous allegations...

Leering triumphantly at Quinn, Bragen gestures to the guard to escort Quinn away. The guard immediately obeys. Hensell watches sadly as Quinn is marched away.

HENSELL : I chose Quinn myself. I trained him for the job. Why, in a few years time, he'd have had this seat!

BRAGEN : Sometimes Governor, a few years is a long time to wait.

Hensell is about to dismiss Bragen, when he holds up his hand.

HENSELL : Oh, Bragen?

BRAGEN : Governor?

HENSELL : You will assume Quinn's duties. As of now, you are Deputy Governor.

Bragen nods, and strides from the room.

Scene 4 - Guest quarters

In the rest room, the Doctor throws a chair against a small control unit, causing the outer casing of the unit to shatter.


BEN : I hope you know what you're doing!

DOCTOR : So do I!

Retrieving his magnifying glass from one of his pockets, the Doctor commences a careful examiniation of the unit's components.

DOCTOR : Excellent. excellent.

BEN : But I thought we were after the Daleks, not this control unit you've nicked!

DOCTOR : If only we could find a... Ah, yes!

Rushing to the bed, the Doctor hurriedly pulls off a number of cushions. Once he finds the bed-frame underneath, the Doctor rips off a metal bracket. He then returns to the control unit.

BEN : He's a right little delinquent, isn't he?

POLLY : Doctor, what on Earth are you up to?

The Doctor pulls a metal bracket from the bed frame.

POLLY : Ooh!

DOCTOR : Ah! Now we're really getting somewhere!

BEN : Look Doctor, I don't want to appear dim, but how's this going to do the Daleks in?

DOCTOR : They think that Lesterson's the driving force, but I don't. The Daleks are using him.

POLLY : But how?

DOCTOR : Problem. Smash the Daleks, and the people here will lock us up or kill us. Let the Daleks go, and we'll all be exterminated.

BEN : We could just go back to the TARDIS. At least we'd be safe to think there.

DOCTOR : (attaching the metal bracket to the control unit) Oh yes, that's coming on.

BEN : (sighing to Polly) Oh, you talk to him, will you?

POLLY : Doctor look, if you told us what you were up to, perhaps we could help you.

DOCTOR : Mustn't underestimate any of them. Lesterson's a first class scientist, first class. He opened the capsule. He realised that the Daleks could be reactivated.

BEN : Yeah, that could be the answer. Let's kidnap Lesterson, and hide him away for a bit. Well, it would stop him bringing the Daleks back to life, wouldn't it?

Polly raises her eyebrows at Ben's suggestion.

BEN : I thought it was pretty bright.

Meanwhile, the Doctor connects the metal bracket from the bed-frame to the control unit. He holds up the device for Ben and Polly to see.

DOCTOR : There we are.

BEN : What is it?

DOCTOR : What is it? It could be the answer to all our problems.

Scene 5 - Corridor

The Doctor, Ben and Polly rush towards Lesterson's laboratory. On the way, they pass Quinn, being escorted by a guard.

QUINN : Ah Examiner, don't let them fool you about the rebels. They're strong.

The guard attempts to force Quinn to move on, but Quinn resists.

QUINN : (shouting back) Try and find out where they hold their meetings.

POLLY : Leave him alone!

QUINN : It's all right, Polly.

As Quinn is dragged away, Polly moves forward to help, but the Doctor restrains her.

DOCTOR : We'll help him Polly, but later.

POLLY : Yes but...

DOCTOR : Now, this is a case where a little injustice is better than wholesale slaughter. What we want is in Lesterson's laboratory. Come along.

Scene 6 - Lesterson's laboratory

In his laboratory, Lesterson is sitting in front of the Dalek with a stop watch in his hand. Janley stands nearby, holding a clip-board.

LESTERSON : Incredible! Well, let's move on to test fourteen.

DALEK : I am ready.

LESTERSON : When sodium acts on ethyl alcohol, what is the resulting derivative?

DALEK : Sodium ethoxide. C2 H5 ONA.

LESTERSON : Just five seconds, Janley! Just the time it took to speak the answer.

JANLEY : (checking her notes) Right too.

LESTERSON : But of course it's right! Look, can you imagine what kind of positronic brain this robot has, Janley? Think of the store of knowledge that it must carry. (to the Dalek) Sulphuric acid.


LESTERSON : Ah, you see?

With a huge smile on his face, the Doctor pokes his head through the doorway.

DOCTOR : May I come in?

LESTERSON : What do you want?

DOCTOR : Oh, ah, just to see how you're getting on.

LESTERSON : If you think...

DOCTOR : No, please! I'm... I'm not here to cause trouble. I... I'm just interested, that's all.

LESTERSON : You've done nothing but meddle and interfere ever since you landed on Vulcan.

DOCTOR : Well, I... I did give you permission to open up the capsule, now didn't I? Please, carry on.

LESTERSON : And you won't try to stop me?

DOCTOR : Stop you? No, of course not. We get off on the wrong foot, Lesterson, but... but I'm a reasonable man and... and I've been thinking, perhaps I was hasty.

LESTERSON : Well, if you... if you... if you really want to call a truce.

DOCTOR : A truce?!  My dear fellow, I... I'd like to be friends!

LESTERSON : Yes. Yes. Very well, you may stay.

DOCTOR : Oh, thank you. Thank you. (whispers to Ben and Polly) Perhaps you'd like to amuse yourselves for a little while.

The Doctor hurriedly waves at Ben and Polly to leave the room. Lesterson then approaches the Doctor, and commences a proud display of some of his notes. On a nearby desk, a communicator bleeps. Janley picks up the receiver.

JANLEY : Laboratory. Yes.

Janley listens closely to the voice on the other end. Glancing around, she notices that the two men are busy.

JANLEY : All right, I can come now. Right.

Janley picks up a bundle wrapped in a cloth. She heads towards the door, ensuring that the bundle is obscured from Lesterson's sight.

JANLEY : I just have to slip out for a few minutes, Lesterson, alright?

LESTERSON : Ah, yes, yes. Um, very well then. Examiner, shall we test its knowledge of physics?

DOCTOR : Oh, oh, splendid, splendid. Ah, huh, please, please, carry on.

LESTERSON : Thank you. (to the Dalek) D... what is the First Law of Thermodynamics?

DALEK : When heat is transformed into any other kind of energy or vice versa, the total quantity of energy remains invariable. That is to say, the quantity of heat which dissappears is equivalent to the quantity of other kind of energy produced...

As the Dalek recites the answer, the Doctor stealthily moves towards the power unit. He then removes the modified control unit from one of his pockets, and begins connecting it to the power unit. Sensing something is wrong, the Dalek glides towards the Doctor. Just as Lesterson glances up, the Doctor flicks a switch on his control unit. The laboratory is filled with a deafening screeching noise. The Dalek spins helplessly around the laboratory, with its eye and sucker sticks swivelling uncontrollably.

LESTERSON : (rushing towards the power unit) Fool! What do you think you're doing?

DALEK : (in background) Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!...

Lesterson pushes the Doctor aside and flicks off the switch. He then hurls the Doctor's modified device to the floor.

DOCTOR : I'm saving your life!

LESTERSON : Get out! Get out!

Lesterson examines the power unit as the Dalek recovers its composure.

DALEK : Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... I have, ah, sustained no damage.

The Dalek whirls towards the Doctor. It makes a 'clicking' noise as its empty gun-socket 'fires' upon the Doctor.

Scene 7 - Governor's terrace

Janley arrives at Hensell's terrace. Bragen is waiting for her.

JANLEY : It's all right to _____?

BRAGEN : (nodding) You were able to get away then?

JANLEY : Yes. Lesterson's with the Examiner. And Hensell?

BRAGEN : At a meeting of production managers. He left me in control.

JANLEY : We could take over the colony now.

BRAGEN : No. No it has to be absolutely right. I don't want to take over a colony full of rebels do I, Janley?

JANLEY : Well, I don't know. You're making me help them.

BRAGEN : Only to stir them up to create enough trouble to get rid of Hensell, and then... and then we crush them. The whole colony will be grateful, and I'll be Governor.

Janley unwraps the bundle to reveal the Dalek gun-stick.

BRAGEN : Is that the gun you told me of?

Janley nods.

BRAGEN : Can you persuade the rebels this will help them?

JANLEY : Yes, Valmar thinks he can work in a switch to turn it on and off.

BRAGEN : How powerful is it?

JANLEY : It killed Resno, Lesterson's assistant, and Lesterson believes that Resno's simply shaken up -- taking a few days off.

BRAGEN : And the body?

JANLEY : In the mercury swamp. Lesterson was the indirect cause of Resno's death. It's a good hold over him if he makes trouble. I'll give this to Valmar then?


JANLEY : When do we move?

BRAGEN : I need another card in my hand. The Examiner bothers me.

JANLEY : I thought Quinn was the danger.

BRAGEN : Uh, not any more. The Examiner is no fool. No, there has to be something else.

Bragen smiles as he considers an idea.

Scene 8 - Corridor

POLLY : Well?

BEN : Well, he's not in the laboratory, Lesterson's by himself.

POLLY : Hmm. He must have gone another way. Can I leave it you? I'm going to go back to the rest room.

BEN : Well, but...

POLLY : Well, somebody's got to clear it up.

BEN : Okay.

As Ben walks off, Janley suddenly appears and approaches Polly.

JANLEY : Hello there.

POLLY : Hello. Um, you're Lesterson's assistant aren't you?

JANLEY : Yes. You're not looking for the Examiner are you?

POLLY : Well, do you know where he is?

JANLEY : Yes, he's waiting to get a message through from Earth. He's in the Communications Room.

POLLY : Umm...

Polly looks around in confusion.

JANLEY : Oh, you'll find it easy enough. Look. Around, then to your right, in the next block.

POLLY : Thanks very much.

Janley smiles as Polly walks off. As soon as Polly disappears from sight, Janley follows her.

Scene 9 - Communications room

Opening the door of the Communications Room, Polly peers in uncertainly.

POLLY : Doctor? Anyone here?

Suddenly, a man appears behind Polly and clasps a hand over her mouth.

JANLEY : Well done Valmar. Hold her. Hold her.

Polly struggles furiously, in a vain attempt to shake free of the man's grasp. Janley appears, and breaks a small phial of liquid into a handkerchief. She then holds the handkerchief over Polly's face. Polly collapses unconscious to the floor.

JANLEY : There, that'll keep her quiet for a bit.

VALMAR : I've no idea who she is. She was just snooping around.

JANLEY : I sent her. We want her kept out of the way. Get a couple of your men to keep her in a safe place.

Janley unwraps the Dalek gun and shows it to Valmar.

JANLEY : Now, this is what I told you about.

VALMAR : Yes. The lethal power must come from here.

JANLEY : Uh, huh.

VALMAR : It should have quite a good range.

JANLEY : Can you fix it?

VALMAR : It's easy. This could win us the revolution.

POLLY : Ahh...

Scene 10 - Guest quarters

Back in the rest room, the Doctor is stretched out on the bed, thoughtfully playing a tune on his recorder. Ben paces the room back and forward.

BEN : She said she was coming back here. She knew the way, and she wouldn't have wandered off. I know she wouldn't! Oh!

Ben is frustrated by the Doctor's lack of concern.

DOCTOR : Ben, if you were a Dalek what would be your next move?

BEN : I'm talking about Polly.

DOCTOR : Oh, no, no, no, no. She's a clever girl, but she couldn't answer this.

BEN : But she is missing!

DOCTOR : Oh, no, no, no.

BEN : Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes!

DOCTOR : No, no, no! She's looking around, there's a lot to see in the colony. She's interested. I like that.

Ben grabs hold of the Doctor's arm, and leads him to the door.

BEN : Come on.

DOCTOR : Where are we going?

BEN : To report it. If we make a fool of ourselves, I don't care! We report it!

Scene 11 - Lesterson's laboratory

LESTERSON : (to the Dalek) Yes, yes, yes. I managed to stop that fool of an Examiner just in time. You know there are some people here who believe that you're an enemy.

DALEK : I am your servant.

The Dalek indicates a piece of the laboratory equipment.

DALEK : What does this machine do?

LESTERSON : You know, it's amazing. You have an almost human interest and curiosity.

DALEK : A Dalek is bet... is not the same as a human. If I am to help, I must know everything.

LESTERSON : Yes. Yes, of course.

DALEK : What is this machine?

LESTERSON : It computes meteorite storms as they approach our weather satellites.

DALEK : How accurate is it?

LESTERSON : About, ah, seventy percent. It helps to cut down on our satellite losses.

DALEK : Daleks can build pu... computers with one hundred percent accuracy.

LESTERSON : One hundred percent?

DALEK : If you provide materials and our own power unit, a computer will be built.

LESTERSON : A hundred percent. That would be an enormous saving for the... for the colony!

DALEK : Then, you will get the materials?

LESTERSON : I'll go and speak to the Governor at once.

DALEK : I will be ready to dictate the blueprint when you return.

LESTERSON : Huh, huh. Oh, that's marvellous!

Lesterson excitedly leaves the room. As soon as the Dalek is satisfied that it is alone, it moves towards the power unit, and adjusts a control with its sucker-arm. A vibrating noise begins to emanate from the capsule. The Dalek glides into the capsule.

Scene 12 - Corridor

Ben rushes through a corridor, in an attempt to find someone in authority. He turns back, and notices that the Doctor is lagging behind. The Doctor appears lost in thought, as he mutters a number of mathematical calculations to himself.

BEN : You agreed we'd go and see Bragen.

DOCTOR : Hmm? (to himself) Power.

BEN : Come on then!

DOCTOR : (to himself) Now the energy intake for Daleks should be the cube...

The Doctor rips a piece of paper from a noticeboard, and absent-mindedly scribbles down a number of calculations.

DOCTOR : Now then...

BEN : Well, now what are you at?

The Doctor continues to mutter to himself.

BEN : Talk to yourself.

Sighing heavily, the Doctor pins the paper back on the board.

DOCTOR : Oh, it's useless with incomplete data!

The Doctor suddenly notices someone approaching. He hurriedly shoves Ben out of sight.

DOCTOR : Lesterson!

BEN : Eh?

DOCTOR : He just went past. That means we can get into his laboratory again.

BEN : But we're looking for...

DOCTOR : Oh, come along, Ben. Come along.

Scene 13 - Lesterson's laboratory

Inside the laboratory, the Doctor notices a number of cables stretching from the power unit, and leading into the capsule.

BEN : There's somebody in there.

Moving slowly, the Doctor and Ben approach the capsule. A Dalek suddenly appears from within the capsule.

DALEK : What are you doing here?

DOCTOR : Stand aside. Servants shouldn't question.

DALEK : Entry is restricted.

DOCTOR : Not for me it isn't. "Accord every access". I've got a badge.

DALEK : That is an order.

DOCTOR : A Dalek order. Short circuit the generator, Ben.

Ben moves towards the power unit.

DALEK : Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Ah!... Stand back!

DOCTOR : Don't be frightened of it Ben. It's not armed. I'm going to see what it was doing in there.

The Doctor dashes towards the capsule, but is halted when two more Daleks appear from the capsule. Both are armed with gun-sticks.

DOCTOR : Ben, let's get out of here!

BEN : Fool. Lesterson must have reactivated them.

The Doctor and Ben turn towards the door.

DOCTOR : Yes. When I say run, run like a rabbit. Run!

The Doctor and Ben sprint from the laboratory, as the two armed Daleks glide up to the first Dalek (still unarmed).

UNARMED DALEK : I have sent the human being for materials.

NEW DALEK : And power?

UNARMED DALEK : Yes. Power we can turn into static, then we will conquer.

The Daleks monotonously grate in unison.

DALEKS : We will conquer... We will conquer... We will conquer...

Scene 14 - Governor's office

In Hensell's room, an inquest is taking place in regard to the reactivated Daleks.

DOCTOR : But if you didn't do it Lesterson, then the Dalek must have used your power supply and reactivated the others itself.

LESTERSON : I was going to do that anyway.

BEN : Are you off your head, mate? Those two are armed!

LESTERSON : Then we turn off the electricity, disarm them, and then everything is safe again.

DOCTOR : I've already explained to you.

HENSELL : Stop these arguments, both of you. I've had enough. I've every confidence in Lesterson. He has carte blanche for the Daleks from now on.

DOCTOR : But they must be destroyed!

HENSELL : Bragen, I'm making a tour of the perimeter. I put you in direct charge here. See that Lesterson gets everything he wants, will you?

Hensell strides from the room, as Lesterson turns to Bragen.

LESTERSON : I shall need a permanent guard on my laboratory, Bragen.

Glaring at Lesterson, the Doctor stalks from the room, closely followed by Ben.

BRAGEN : Don't worry about the Examiner. I think I can keep him quiet.

Scene 15 - Guest quarters

BEN : We've been forgetting about Polly.

DOCTOR : Greed and ambition, that's all it is. Wait till they find out what their precious production figures have cost them!

There is a knock at the door, and Bragen strides in. The Doctor sits down on a chair, deliberately placing his back to Bragen. He pulls out his recorder.

BEN : Oh, I want to see you.

BRAGEN : What about?

BEN : Well it's Polly, she's missing. We can't find her anywhere.

The Doctor starts playing his recorder.

BRAGEN : I'll tell one of my men to make enquiries. It shouldn't take long to find her.

BEN : Ah, thanks.

BRAGEN : Examiner, some of my men have found a body in the mercury swamp. It was the body of a middle-aged man.

DOCTOR : What is that to do with me?

BRAGEN : You're the Examiner -- or maybe you're not.

The Doctor stops playing and turns to face Bragen.

DOCTOR : Just exactly what do you mean by that?

BRAGEN : Who are you? Quinn's friends? Come to stir up rebellion?

DOCTOR : There's only one possible way that you could know I'm not the Examiner.

BEN : Yeah, by knowing what the real Examiner looked like!

DOCTOR : Exactly, Ben. Exactly! Only two people knew of his arrival on this planet. Myself and his murderer.

BRAGEN : That's enough!

BEN : Is it? Doctor, we've got to tell the Governor.

BRAGEN : Do you think he'll believe you? I'll soon convince him that you murdered the man yourself. You stole the Examiner's badge.

DOCTOR : Then why don't you arrest us? Because there's a doubt isn't there? Because it might, it just might, go against you.

BRAGEN : All right, all right, so neither of us wants to make a move. But you leave Lesterson alone - and the Daleks!

Bragen hurriedly leaves the room.

BEN : He'd make a right Father Christmas, wouldn't he?

DOCTOR : Oh, I'd rather fight a hundred of his sort than just one Dalek.

Suddenly, an envelope is thrust under the door. Ben rushes forward and opens the door, but the corridor is empty. Ben picks up the letter and reads it.

BEN : Listen to this. "The girl is safe. She will remain so as long as you leave the Daleks alone".

Scene 16 - Lesterson's laboratory

In the laboratory, Lesterson is talking to the first Dalek. Two more Dalek gun-sticks are lying on a nearby table.

LESTERSON : And did you disarm the other two?

DALEK : Yes. We are your servants. We do not need guns.

LESTERSON : I'm very glad. I knew the Examiner was wrong about you.

DALEK : Did you get our materials?

LESTERSON : Yes. Everything you need you can have.

DALEK : And a power plant?

LESTERSON : Everything.

The other two Daleks emerge from the capsule, both disarmed.

DALEK : We will get our power.

ALL DALEKS : We will get our power. We will get our power. We will get our power. We will...

Chanting relentlessly, the Daleks turn to Lesterson. A slight frown appears on Lesterson's face.

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