Scene 1 - Capsule interior

BEN : Doctor, look!

Polly screams. The Doctor and Ben stare transfixed at the pulsating claw. Ben slowly moves towards the claw, but the Doctor quickly drags him back. The movement appears to alarm the claw - it scuttles back into the shadows.

DOCTOR : A light. A torch outside.

BEN : Did you see it?

DOCTOR : Quickly Ben, quickly!

POLLY : What was it?

Ben rushes out into the laboratory to obey. Quickly glancing around him, Ben notices a strange-looking object on the laboratory bench. He walks over, and picks up a bulb attached to a long lead. Ben quickly tests the bulb by switching it on and off. Satisfied with its condition, he drags the lead into the capsule.

(Ben's actions have been monitored by Resno, one of the Vulcan colonists.)

The Doctor impatiently snatches the lighting device from Ben, and moves cautiously towards the shadows. Ben tiptoes after him, indicating to Polly to stay back.

POLLY : Can you answer me?

BEN : It was a sort of disembodied hand. A sort of claw. It was horrible!

The Doctor shines the light onto the area where the claw appeared.

DOCTOR : No. No, there's nothing.

Moving back towards the doorway, Ben notices a perfect circle on the floor next to the two dormant Daleks - the rim of another Dalek.

BEN : You were right - there were three Daleks.

POLLY : Do you know what it was?

The Doctor shines the light down onto the circular patch.

POLLY : If there were three, who moved it?

BEN : Don't ask me. Lesterson?

POLLY : But he hadn't opened the capsule.

BEN : Now he said he hadn't opened it. Lets get our facts straight.

DOCTOR : Aha, excellent! Good thinking, good thinking.

The Doctor suddenly rushes back out into Lesterson's laboratory. Ben and Polly quickly follow, to find the Doctor searching through Lesterson's scientific equipment.

BEN : What, does that mean you think he's been inside?

DOCTOR : Perhaps he's been experimenting on the Daleks? Ah.

POLLY : But... but they're things I... I mean they're dead. They must be!

The Doctor replaces a test tube and picks up the lighting device.

DOCTOR : This light is dead. Now the watch!

BEN : Do you mean these things just need power?

DOCTOR : Now, Lesterson's fanatic. The Governor's jealous of his own position. What does that suggest to you? (The Doctor answers himself) Dunno. Hadn't thought about it. That all is not well with this colony. Add to that one Dalek!

BEN : Oh, blimey, you don't half make mountains, don't you? One Dalek?

DOCTOR : Yes! All that is needed to wipe out this entire colony.

Scene 2 - Guest quarters

Quinn cautiously walks into the visitors' rest room, trying to find the Doctor.

QUINN : Examiner? Examiner?

Quinn switches on the rest room light, and notices that the room is empty. Suddenly, the door opens, and Bragen strides in.

QUINN : Bragen, don't you ever knock before you enter a room?

BRAGEN : I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I was expecting to find the Examiner here - not you Quinn.

QUINN : Well, he's not here. You'll probably want to start snooping under the bed, so I'll leave you to it.

BRAGEN : One moment.

QUINN : Don't try your luck with me, Bragen.

BRAGEN : On the contrary, I'm trying to avoid trouble. The Governor gave express instructions that you were not to contact the Examiner - I find you here. I'm sure you can offer some suitable explanation.

QUINN : I can. But not to you.

Quinn starts to walk off, Bragen tries to halt him but Quinn pushes past.

BRAGEN : Before you go...Oh! 

QUINN : ......Don't ever try to block my way again.

BRAGEN : Guard!

A security guard enters the room.

BRAGEN : The Examiner is missing. He must be found immediately.

Scene 3 - Lesterson's laboratory

The Doctor is still engrossed in his search amongst Lesterson's apparatus.

BEN : Of course, the real Doctor was always going on about the Daleks.

POLLY : Real Doctor?

DOCTOR : Real Doctor? Oh, you mean the real Doctor.

BEN : Yeah, now I've seen that claw thing, well, wouldn't want to shake hands with it, let's put it that way.

POLLY : Doctor, look, if they're that dangerous, what are you going to do about it?

DOCTOR : Save my breath. Would Lesterson listen? Uh, uh. Lesterson listen. Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen. Exercises the tongue. Try it! Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...

BEN : Look, they think you're the Examiner, order them to destroy the Daleks! Well, chuck your weight about.

POLLY : (in background) Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...

POLLY AND DOCTOR : (in unison) Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen, Lesterson listen...

The Doctor is interrupted when the man himself storms into the laboratory, accompanied by Resno.

LESTERSON : What do you think you're doing in here?

DOCTOR : (in background) Listen, listen...

LESTERSON : Who gave you permission?

The Doctor rushes over, shoving the Examiner's badge into Lesterson's hand.

DOCTOR : Read this! Aloud!

LESTERSON : Accord every access.

DOCTOR : Exactly! It doesn't say 'except your laboratory' anywhere does it? Unless it's in micro-print.

LESTERSON : I should have been asked first!

DOCTOR : (pointing at Ben) What was the first thing you noticed when you looked inside that capsule?

BEN : Well, th... th... the Daleks.

DOCTOR : You were astounded?

POLLY : Yes.

DOCTOR : Amazed?

BEN : Yes.

DOCTOR : (turning around to face Lesterson) You didn't even give them a glance! Why? Because you'd been in there and seen them! Where is the third Dalek?

LESTERSON : I don't know what you're talking about!

DOCTOR : You opened up the capsule without permission. You found the inner contart... compartment containing three Daleks, you took one of them away and you hid it!

LESTERSON : Hid it? What... what nonsense!

As the Doctor continues his search through Lesterson's laboratory, Bragen enters.

BRAGEN : May I ask what all this is about?

POLLY : We opened an inner compartment in the capsule, and Lesterson had already been in there.

LESTERSON : I don't deny that.

BEN : And he's nicked a Dalek!

BRAGEN : Dalek?

LESTERSON : It's the name the Examiner has given to two metal creations that I've discovered inside the capsule.

BEN : And they're dangerous. Evil.

LESTERSON : Lumps of metal! Quite inactive.

BEN : That's what you think, mate. If you'd seen...

The Doctor hurriedly blows his recorder. Ben glances over, and notices the Doctor giving him a disapproving shake of his head.

LESTERSON : I consider it's my duty as a scientist to... to examine and investigate these objects. Now please, all of you, keep out of my laboratory. Keep your hands off my experiments!

DOCTOR : Those 'lumps of metal' - Daleks - I want them broken up, or melted down. Up, or down, I don't care which, but destroyed!

LESTERSON : I refuse to allow it.

DOCTOR : (holding up his badge) I'm an Earth Examiner - I demand it.

LESTERSON : You're exceeding your authority.

DOCTOR : Perhaps we should ask the Governor about that? I wish to see him immediately!

BRAGEN : That might be difficult.

DOCTOR : But not impossible. Ben, Polly.

The Doctor marches from the room, closely followed by Ben, Polly and Bragen. Resno wanders up to Lesterson, who is still fuming.

RESNO : Could he stop the experiments?

LESTERSON : I don't know. It's none of your business. You go and get Janley and then come back here. We haven't... haven't got any time to waste. Now go on man, quickly, quickly!

Resno rushes off. As soon as he has left, Lesterson locks the door to the laboratory. He then walks over into the inner compartment of the capsule. Lesterson activates a hidden control near the door, causing another compartment to open. Standing behind, is the third Dalek. Although dormant; it is covered by masses of electronic circuitry.

LESTERSON : He won't stop me experimenting. There must be some way to bring you back to life - and I'm going to find it.

Scene 4 - Guest quarters

BRAGEN : And of course you do have the right of any access.

DOCTOR : Which is why I have a badge which says so.

BRAGEN : Lesterson watches over his ideas like a mother hen.

DOCTOR : If there was a bomb under this floor timed to go off in five minutes, would you ask my permission before you ripped up the floorboards .. aha, fruit!

The Doctor suddenly leaps over to the bedside table and examines the basket of fruit placed there. The Doctor carefully examines each piece then gives a piece to Polly.

POLLY :  Thank you.

BRAGEN : Examiner - It's up to you of course, but I'd advise a little discretion in your investigations. It's not a very good time, just now.

The Doctor hands a piece of fruit to Bragen.

BRAGEN : Thank you. With all these disturbances...

POLLY : Disturbances?

BRAGEN : Yes, minor acts of sabotage, rebel cliques, secret newspapers, nothing important you understand, but it keeps the Governor busy. I have no doubt he'll tell you about it himself when I arrange your meeting with him.

BEN : When will that be?

BRAGEN : Ah, he's going on a tour of the perimeter of the colony. I'll... I'll find out if he can see you before he goes.

POLLY : Thank you.

With a final look at the Doctor (who is happily eating an apple), Bragen walks from the room.

BEN : You know, it's little things like this that make it difficult to believe that you're the Doctor.


BEN : The other one, I mean. The proper one. Oh nuts, you know what I mean.

DOCTOR : Nuts? Yes, certainly, here we are. Crackers?

The Doctor digs into the fruit bowl.

BEN : You, my old china, are an out and out phoney!

DOCTOR : China, yes, I went there once I believe. Met Marco Polo!

BEN : No, not China. China! China and plate, mate, friend.

DOCTOR : Yes, Marco Polo a friend? I believe he was.

The Doctor returns to examining the fruit.

POLLY : Don't listen to him, Doctor. I know who you are.

The Doctor silently puts a finger to his lips and shakes his head.


Polly watches as the Doctor produces a small knife from one of pockets, and carefully slices into an apple. A few moments later, the Doctor pulls out a miniature listening device. He promptly drops it on the floor and smashes it with his boot.

POLLY : Ah, it's a...

BEN : Well, well, a touch of the bugs. Microphones.

POLLY : Someone's been listening to what we were saying!

BEN : Yes, so that's why you were messing about and talking nonsense!

DOCTOR : I never talk nonsense!

POLLY : Hmm, hmm, hmm.

DOCTOR : Well, hardly never.

BEN : Well, they certainly believe in making us at home, don't they?

DOCTOR : At first, I thought there might be more than one.

The Doctor squashes another piece of fruit, causing the others to laugh.

BEN : Here, I bet old Charlie Bragen did it!

POLLY : Charlie?

BEN : Well Fred wouldn't suit him would it?

POLLY : If he did do it, do you think it was his own idea? I mean - he could have been under orders.

BEN : You mean from the Governor? Ah, I don't know. What do you think, Doctor?

DOCTOR : Oh, yes. Yes of course. Let's... let's consider this button for a moment. It's the only clue we've got to the murderer of the Examiner. The real Examiner.

POLLY : Hmm. And who asked for him to come?

BEN : Hmm. Well, Lesterson's crackers about that capsule. He wouldn't want anyone nosing about.

POLLY : Bragen said the Governor's been having trouble.

BEN : Naw, rule him out. Governors are all the same, he wouldn't ask for help. If he sent the word it would look as if he couldn't do the job properly.

POLLY : Yes.

BEN : Oh, well, I vote we go back to the TARDIS, I've had enough of this dump.

DOCTOR : Have you? What about the Daleks?

BEN : Well, they're dead.

POLLY : Well, what about that thing we saw in the capsule - that was alive all right.

BEN : Well, can't explain that.

DOCTOR : I can. And that's why we have to stay!

Scene 5 - Lesterson's laboratory

Later that night, Lesterson, Resno and Janley are assembled in the laboratory. They are all closely examining the third Dalek.

RESNO : (to Janley) Ugly-looking brutes aren't they? Hey, what's he want to muck about with them for? Leave well alone, that's what I say.

JANLEY : You're a fine one to be a research assistant. Leave well alone? There'll be no progress on this planet with people like you around.

RESNO : We're doing all right as we are. Or we were until your lot came along stirring things up. You won't get away with it, you know. The Governor knows all about you rebels. He'll smash the lot of you when he's ready.

JANLEY : Governor?

RESNO : Yeah, the Governor!

JANLEY : He couldn't smash...

LESTERSON : Will you be quiet! Where do you both think you are? This is a scientific laboratory. Kindly keep your politics out of it. Come on, Resno. Man, get on with it. We haven't got all day. We've got to get this working before the Examiner stops us. He's got some phobia about these .. these Daleks?

Scene 6 - Guest quarters

The Doctor is sitting on his bed, staring into space.

DOCTOR : I know the misery they cause - the destruction. But there's something else more terrible - something I can only half remember.

POLLY : Doctor, what was it?

Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Bragen re-enters.

DOCTOR : Well? Where is the Governor? What did he say?

BRAGEN : He sends his apologies Examiner. He can't see you tonight, but he hopes to see you first thing in the morning.

BEN : Well, it might not wait that long, Char... ah, Bragen.

BRAGEN : It will have to.

DOCTOR : Excuse me.

The Doctor rises and walks to the door.

BEN : Where are you going?

DOCTOR : To see the Governor, of course.

BRAGEN : I'm afraid that's not possible. Once his door is closed, no-one, not even you, Examiner, is allowed into his room!

The Doctor halts, and stares at Bragen.

DOCTOR : Very well.

BRAGEN : Thank you. Until the morning then.

Nodding curtly, Bragen leaves the room.

BEN : What happens now?

DOCTOR : I shall radio Earth. Governor or not, Hensell will have to listen to them - I'll get Earth to back me.

The Doctor suddenly dives for the door and yanks it open. The Doctor then glances out the door.

DOCTOR : That's funny. I could have sworn. You stay here, I shan't be long.

In his haste, the Doctor realises he has yanked the door knob from its socket. Ben and Polly laugh at the Doctor's bemused expression.

Scene 7 - Lesterson's laboratory

In the laboratory, Lesterson is standing next to a panel of dials and switches. A number of electric leads are connected from the Dalek to a bank of machinery. Janley stands nearby, with a notebook in hand. Resno is sitting next to another bank of electric meters. Lesterson flicks several switches - a low hum emenates from the surrounding machinery. Lights begin flashing, and needles begin moving on the bank of meters next to Resno. The three scientists stare expectantly at the lifeless Dalek.

LESTERSON : Connecting now.

RESNO : All connections responding.

LESTERSON : Nothing at all?


LESTERSON : Are you sure?

RESNO : There's nothing wrong here.

LESTERSON : Well, let's see.

RESNO : Really. If you can't trust me to read a dial.

LESTERSON : Be quiet. All right - we'll try again. This time we'll take it up to 3.24. Got that Janley?

JANLEY : 3.24.

The humming sound rises. Slowly, the Dalek's sucker arm begins to move upwards.

RESNO : It's moving!

The eye-stick, very slowly, also starts to move upwards.

LESTERSON : Now, note this, Janley. Number one attachment with sucker stick responding. Number two attachment not moving. Number three attachment with lens responding. Watch these meters, Resno.

RESNO : (glancing over the meters) Still responding.

Lesterson marches up to the Dalek and walks around it thoughtfully.

LESTERSON : Now, it's reasonable to assume that this the sucker stick acts like some kind of a hand.

The sucker stick extends towards Janley, who recoils and screams in surprise.

LESTERSON : It's all right - don't be alarmed. We've only introduced temporary power. We shall have to be able to open it up before we could find how it works permanently.

Lesterson crouches and examines the gun-stick.

JANLEY : It's a bit frightening.

LESTERSON : Yes. Now, I cannot think what this short stubby arm is for.

JANLEY : Could the lens attachment be an eye?

LESTERSON : Yes, yes, yes, yes. Now it's quite possible that this, ah, Dalek... Now there must be some kind of directing influence. There may even be a simplified brain. Positronic, I shouldn't wonder. If only we could open it up!

Suddenly, the Dalek returns to its previous lifeless state. The eye and sucker stick droop to the floor.

LESTERSON : Now what?

RESNO : Everything functioning here.

LESTERSON : Yes. Well, perhaps the power is leaking away somewhere. We'll... we'll try again.

Lesterson turns a number of dials, which successfully restores the power. The Dalek eye-stick moves upwards again. It turns around and watches Resno. Resno quickly spins around he senses something watching him.

RESNO : Look at the eye-stick!

The eye-stick immediately returns to its dormant state.

RESNO : It's watching us!

LESTERSON : Don't be absurd.

RESNO : It was. I saw it!

LESTERSON : You can't use the phrase 'watching us'. You'll have us believing that th... the thing has intelligence next. Now, get on with your work, man!

Scene 8 - Communications room

The Doctor cautiously walks into the the Communications Room. The unconscious body of the radio mechanic lies slumped on the floor. Nearby, are a number of severed communications cables. The Doctor bends down to examine the mechanic, but is distracted by a noise nearby.

DOCTOR : I know you're there.

Quinn steps from the shadows, holding a large pair of pliers.

QUINN : Examiner, thank goodness, it's you. I've been trying to talk to you ever since you got here.

At that moment, Bragen and a guard enter.

BRAGEN : What's happening here? You again. 

QUINN : What do you want?

DOCTOR : I found the operator unconscious.

The Doctor and Bragen look suspiciously at the pliers in Quinn's hand.

QUINN : So did I! I was just looking at him, when I heard someone move. It must have been you (referring to Doctor).

Bragen snatches the pliers from Quinn's hand.

BRAGEN : And those?

QUINN : I picked them up. What is all this?

DOCTOR : The cables have been cut.

QUINN : What?

As Quinn reaches out to examine the cables, the Doctor notices the button missing from his jacket.

QUINN : This is serious. It's not just our own communications. We're cut off from Earth as well.

BRAGEN : The only people who'd want to do that are the rebels.

QUINN : Those muscle boys of yours had any brains, they'd stop things like this.

The Doctor produces the button from his pocket, and hands it to Bragen.

DOCTOR : Bragen, I was attacked just after I landed. This is a small souvenir I collected.

The Doctor indicates the tear on Quinn's sleeve.

BRAGEN : This button belongs to you, doesn't it?

QUINN : Well, yes.

BRAGEN : And you say you picked these up? I suggest that you were sabotaging the communications...

QUINN : That's a lie!

BRAGEN : ...having first attacked one of the engineers. I'd detain the Governor on evidence like that.

QUINN : I hope you're not thinking of detaining me, Bragen.

BRAGEN : I've no option. I could hardly let you run around loose after this, could I? All right guards.

QUINN : I warn you, Bragen!

Quinn stares aggressively at the approaching guard, but then relaxes.

QUINN : All right - you win this round, Bragen. We'll see what it looks like in front of the Governor.

Quinn is escorted from the room.

BRAGEN : The Governor will want an enquiry. May I ask what you were doing here?

Scene 9 - Lesterson's laboratory

In Lesterson's laboratory, a tripod has been set up in front of the Dalek. Resno is adjusting a film camera set up on the tripod.

LESTERSON: Right. I've redirected power. This time working up to 4.68. Eh.. now Resno, you will have to dodge between the camera and your meters.

RESNO : Ready.

LESTERSON: Connecting, now.

The familiar humming sound fills the room. The Dalek twitches and its sucker arm and eye-stick rise up once again.

RESNO : All connections responding.

LESTERSON: Excellent.

JANLEY : It's working!

LESTERSON: Excellent. Film it, film it now, Resno. And, note the readings, Janley.

Resno moves to the camera and adjusts it to focus on the Dalek. The Dalek's eye-stick spins around and trains on Resno. The rest of the Dalek's body moves around to face Resno. The gun-stick points towards Resno.

LESTERSON: It seems to be interested in you, Resno.

Resno freezes in horror, staring at the Dalek.

LESTERSON: What's the matter with you man?

RESNO : I tell you it's intelligent. It's watching me, Lesterson. Weighing me up! I can sense it!

LESTERSON: Don't be a fool.

RESNO : (backing away) I don't like it I tell you. I don't know what these things can do.

Lesterson leads Resno back to the camera.

LESTERSON: No, and we never shall know, shall we, unless we take film of every reaction. Now get on with your work, man!

Resno resumes his work, but continues to eye the Dalek suspiciously. Suddenly, the Dalek gun delivers its deadly ray. Resno cries out, and falls to floor. The camera crashes on top of him.


 Lesterson immediately pounces on the cable leads, and disconnects them. The humming noise abruptly winds down into silence and the Dalek is returned to its dormant state. Janley rushes over to Resno, and examines him.

JANLEY : It's all right. He isn't dead.

LESTERSON: What happened?

JANLEY : Knocked out by the shock waves.

LESTERSON: We must get him to the hospital. I'll go and get help.

Lesterson rushes off and Janley attends to Resno.

Scene 10 - Guest quarters

The Doctor is looking over Vulcan from the window of the rest room. He is playing his recorder.

POLLY : But we've got to defend Quinn.

BEN : Yeah, I know. He's innocent until he's proved guilty. But he is guilty.

POLLY : He's the Deputy Governor!

BEN : So what? I had a headmaster once who got nicked for not paying his bus fare! And then there's the motive, don't forget the motive.

POLLY : Like what for instance?

BEN : Well, he's the Deputy Governor, right? Maybe he wants to be Governor.

POLLY : Oh, that's ridiculous!

BEN : Well, the jacket button wasn't! And he was caught red-handed in the Communications Room with a pair of pliers, and don't tell me he was plucking his eye-brows either.

POLLY : Look, there are some people you know are all right. You just know by looking at them.

Bragen strides into the room.

BRAGEN : Good morning. The enquiry is about to begin. I've been sent to escort you.

Scene 11 - Lesterson's laboratory

In Lesterson's laboratory, the Dalek has been covered by a dark coloured sheet. Lesterson glances at his watch.

LESTERSON: Hello Janley.

JANLEY : Is it time?

LESTERSON: Yes. Yes, I think so. I feel quite excited.

JANLEY : So you should. It's a wonderful achievement.

LESTERSON: Yes, yes. But the wonderful thing, Janley, is that we don't know the full scope of this experiment. Who knows where we may go from here.

Lesterson pulls the cover off the Dalek which is now minus the gun-stick.

LESTERSON: Who know what this Dalek may do?

JANLEY : It's harmless now?

LESTERSON: (indicating the empty socket) Yes, yes, yes. I... I've removed... Oh, Resno, have you been to see him today?

JANLEY : Yes, yes.


JANLEY : He... he's had medical attention. He's going to be all right.

LESTERSON: Oh, good.

JANLEY : No-one must find out about this accident. It might give the Examiner just the excuse they want, and he could stop the whole project.

LESTERSON: Well, yes. Yes, yes, yes, you're right.

JANLEY : Well. Ready?

LESTERSON: Yes! Let's go and surprise them.

Scene 12 - Governor's office

Quinn's enquiry is about to start. Everyone is assembled in Hensell's room.

HENSELL : (to the Doctor) I am sorry I couldn't see you earlier, Examiner. Please sit down. (to Quinn) Well, Quinn, I don't like this anymore than you do. What have you been up to?

QUINN : Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

HENSELL : Well, what about Bragen's report then? These are facts, Quinn. Now, what have you got to say about it?

QUINN : Does the engineer say I hit him?

BRAGEN : How could he if he was hit from behind?

QUINN : Then its only circumstantial evidence.

BRAGEN : The Examiner was also attacked in the mercury swamp. We have a button from your jacket, found in the Examiner's hand.

QUINN : I can't explain that.

BRAGEN : I'm sure you can't!

HENSELL : Examiner.

The Doctor, lost in his own thoughts, suddenly stands up.

HENSELL : You seem to be in two minds.

BEN : (quietly) Yeah, and two bodies.

HENSELL : You mentioned to Bragen that these machines of Lesterson's... What do you call them?

DOCTOR : I call them what they are - Daleks.

HENSELL : Ah, yes, yes, yes, Daleks. You say they could be a motive for destroying our communications.

DOCTOR : I do.

Suddenly, Lesterson walks into the room. He has a smug expression on his face.

HENSELL : Lesterson, this is a special enquiry. Now please.

LESTERSON : This won't wait. You won't be disappointed!

HENSELL : You heard what I said Lesterson!

LESTERSON : Governor, I've just completed a... an experiment which could revolutionise the whole colony. Bear with me.

DOCTOR : Lesterson, what have you done? What have you done?

LESTERSON : I'll show you. Janley, now!

Everybody sits rivetted as the Dalek glides into the room. The Doctor moves back slightly and shakes his head in disbelieving despair. The Dalek swivels its eye-stick around its captive audience and suddenly focuses directly on the Doctor. Both the Doctor and the Dalek edge away from each other. The Doctor collapses into a chair behind him, stiff with fright.

BEN : It recognised the Doctor. It recognised him.

POLLY : What's the matter, Doctor? Are you all right?

DOCTOR : The fools. The stupid fools.

BEN : You're scared! What can it do?

DOCTOR : Nothing yet.

BEN : It knew who you were! It sounds crazy, but it did.

DOCTOR : Knew who I was.

BEN : The Dalek knows who you are.

LESTERSON : (in background)This creation is called, I understand, a Dalek. Now, look at it. I have merely given it electrical power. But it is capable of storing it. Moreover, it responds to orders. Turn around.

The Dalek obeys.

LESTERSON : Move that chair.

The Dalek obeys.

LESTERSON : Stop. You see? Well, just think what this could do for our... our mining program, our processing, packaging. Dozens of labor jobs, Governor. It may even supply the end to all this Colony's problems.

DOCTOR : Yes, it will end the colony's problems, because it will end the colony!

DALEK : I am your servant.

Everyone stares in shock at the Dalek.

LESTERSON : It... it spoke! Janley, did you hear it? It can actually talk!

DOCTOR : It can do many things, Lesterson. But the thing it does most efficiently is exterminate human beings. It destroys them, without mercy, without conscience. It destroys them. Utterly. Completely. It destroys them.

The Doctor shouts to try to drown the chanting Dalek but the Dalek raises its voice to a crescendo.

DALEK : I am your servant. I am your servant. I am your servant. I am your servant. I am your servant.

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