first broadcast - 28th March 1964



(In the courtyard, SUSAN rushes back to the TARDIS after saying goodbye to PING-CHO. Suddenly, TEGANA emerges from the darkness, and grabs Susan.)

SUSAN: (screaming) Grandfather!


(The DOCTOR, IAN and BARBARA watch helplessly as the events unfold on the TARDIS scanner ...)


(IAN slowly walks from the TARDIS.)

IAN: Tegana ...

TEGANA: Stand still.

IAN: Let her go.


IAN: Let us all go. I appeal to you. What possible difference could it make to you - you hate Marco.

TEGANA: Is the old man inside the caravan?

IAN: Yes.

TEGANA: And the other woman?

IAN: Yes.

TEGANA: Tell them to come out.

(Noticing that IAN remains motionless, TEGANA tightens his grip on SUSAN.)

Do as I command!

(IAN reluctantly beckons for the DOCTOR and BARBARA to emerge from the TARDIS. As the DOCTOR and BARBARA walk out, POLO appears.)

DOCTOR: (as he is approached) There is no need.

POLO: What's happened?

TEGANA: They would all have escaped if I had not caught this one.

(TEGANA indicates SUSAN, whom he is still holding in a firm grip.)

DOCTOR: (to POLO) Tell that man to take his hands off my grandchild.

POLO: The key first, Doctor.

(The DOCTOR reluctantly hands over the TARDIS key.)

Release her, Tegana.

(TEGANA hesitates ... but POLO eventually forces TEGANA to release his hold over SUSAN. SUSAN immediately rushes over to the DOCTOR, and hugs him in relief.)

TEGANA: What are you ... let me kill them, and be done with it.

POLO: We will kill no-one.

TEGANA: Are you mad? They will only escape again.

POLO: I don't think so.

(SUSAN releases her grip of the DOCTOR, and bows her head sadly.)

SUSAN: I'm sorry grandfather.

DOCTOR: So long as you're safe Susan. That's all that matters.

POLO: Where did you get the key, Doctor?

PING-CHO: Messr Marco ...

IAN: (hurriedly) I took it.

POLO: You did?

IAN: Yes, I searched your room last night.

POLO: (thoughtfully) I see.

IAN: What are you going to do about it?

POLO: Tomorrow morning at dawn, we ride to Shang-Tu. When next you see your caravan, it will be at the great Khan's summer palace, and that will make an end of it.


POLO: (writing in journal) A day of hard riding. We left Cheng-Ting at dawn, and by dusk, had covered forty miles. As this is a densely populated area of Cathay, accommodation is not hard to find, and we have stopped for the night at an inn. Our baggage, including the Doctor's caravan, is following on with a trade caravan.


(The travellers are weary after the day's riding. In the main room of the way-station, IAN and BARBARA are talking.)

IAN: How's the Doctor? Got over his ride yet?

BARBARA: (smiling) No, I don't think we'll ever get him on another horse as long as he lives.

(IAN laughs.)

Listen, we need the TARDIS. You must talk to Marco.

IAN: Talk to Marco! I've done nothing else but talk to Marco.

(At that moment, POLO appears.)

BARBARA: (hurriedly) Oh, Marco, Ian wants a word with you. I'm feeling a bit tired, so I think I'll go off to bed.

(Before IAN has the chance to reply, BARBARA quickly rushes off to her room.)

IAN: (shouting after BARBARA) But ... just a minute ... Barbara, come here!

POLO: Well?

IAN: Marco, you must give us back the TARDIS.

POLO: Is that what you want to talk to me about?

IAN: Yes.

POLO: Look, I've told you before Ian, you know what this caravan means to me. If I give it to the Khan, he'll let me go home.

IAN: But we want to go home too Marco. And we can't go home without the TARDIS.

POLO: I have offered to take you back to Venice with me, and see you safely on your way home from there.

IAN: By boat. We can't go by boat, Marco, we need the TARDIS.

POLO: Why Ian? Why?

IAN: All right, I'll tell you why. And I'll tell you the truth. I don't suppose you'll believe it, but still. As I told you, I come from England. Barbara as well.

POLO: Well, I grant you England's a long way, but the journey's not impossible, Ian. The Crusaders did it.

IAN: The Crusaders! Oh, Marco, to me, the Crusaders lived seven hundred years ago.

POLO: What are you talking about, Ian? The Crusaders were in the holy land, twenty-five years ago.

IAN: I come from another time. Our caravan, it not only covers distance, it can cross time.

POLO: (disbelievingly) Travel into the past and the future?

IAN: Yes ... I know it's difficult to believe, but it's the truth.

POLO: On my travels to Cathay, Ian, I have come to believe many things which I previously doubted. For instance, when I was a boy in Venice, they told me that in Cathay, there was a stone which burned. I did not believe them, but there is such a stone. I have seen it.

IAN: It's black isn't it?

POLO: Yes.

IAN: Coal.

POLO: In Cathay, we call it the burning stone. And if a stone burns, why not a caravan that flies? Birds fly. I have even seen fish that fly. You are asking me to believe that your caravan can defy the passage of the sun, move, not merely from one place to another, but from today into tomorrow, today into yesterday? No Ian ... that I cannot accept.

IAN: I'm telling you the truth, Marco.

POLO: Are you Ian?

IAN: I swear it.

(POLO considers what IAN has said. He holds up the TARDIS key.)

POLO: Where did you get that?

IAN: From your room.

POLO: Whereabouts? Where had I hidden it?

(IAN remains silent.)

Come Ian, surely you know where you found it?

(IAN continues to remain silent.)

You didn't find it, did you? It was given to you, and you lied about finding it to protect Ping-Cho. Ian, don't you see it doesn't matter to me why you lied. What is important is the fact that you are capable of lying.

IAN: So you don't believe me when I say I came from another time.

POLO: If I did Ian, I would give you the key.


(PING-CHO has been listening to the latter parts of the conversation ... she re-enters her room, and turns to the sleeping SUSAN.)

PING-CHO: Goodbye Susan.


(Next morning, PING-CHO's disappearance has been discovered. IAN rushes down the stairs and joins BARBARA in the main room.)


IAN: There's no sign of her.

BARBARA: She must have run away. But why?

IAN: Because of that key, obviously.

(POLO and SUSAN enter the room.)

SUSAN: I'm sorry, Messr Marco, I didn't hear a word...

POLO: I'm not blaming you, Susan. But we must find her, and quickly.

BARBARA: Susan, have you any idea where she'd go?

(SUSAN remains silent.)

Well, speak up.

POLO: There are robbers and cut-throats on the road!

SUSAN: I ... I think she might have tried to reach home.

POLO: Samarkand?

(SUSAN nods.)

But that's a thousand miles from here!

TEGANA: Will we go back and find her?

POLO: I suppose we must ...

TEGANA: The Khan ordered you to ride without delay to Shang-Tu.

POLO: I am also responsible for Ping-Cho's safety.

TEGANA: Well ... you're the one who will face his wrath.

IAN: Will the Khan be angry, Marco?

POLO: Of course, he will.

IAN: Very well then. You ride on, I'll go back and find Ping-Cho.

POLO: Alone?

IAN: Why not? I can remember the road we came along. She can't be far. But she is in danger, and you yourself can't go ...

POLO: What do you hope to gain by this gesture, Ian?

(IAN glares at POLO, refusing to answer the question.)

I'm sorry. When do you want to start?

IAN: As soon as possible.

(POLO turns to one of the bearers.)

POLO: Go with Messr Ian and prepare a horse and provisions.

(The bearer nods, and leads IAN away.)

BARBARA: Don't worry Marco. He'll bring her back. You mustn't underestimate him.

TEGANA: Very good advice, Marco.


(Back at the previous way-station at Cheng-Ting, WANG-LO is making arrangements with an important Chinese lady.)

WANG-LO: (to an employee) When the embroiderers arrive, take them straight to the lady May-Ching.

(WANG-LO turns back to the group of ladies, smiling broadly.)

My ladies, I cannot tell you how... hmmm... how wonderful it is to...

(WANG-LO suddenly notices someone waving to him from the courtyard.)

Please forgive us ... excuse me.

(WANG-LO walks into the courtyard and confronts the shifty bandit, KUIJU.)

What do you want?

KUIJU: The trade caravan to Shang-Tu.

WANG-LO: (looking around for the commander of the caravan) Where is the other man?

KUIJU: The old man isn't here ...

(KUIJU hands a scrolled parchment to WANG-LO. WANG-LO carefully scans its contents.)

It's my authority to collect the ...

WANG-LO: (impatiently) I see! I've got eyes. It's in the stables.

(Sighing, WANG-LO walks off with the parchment ...)

KUIJU: Hey! Give that to me!

WANG-LO: (waving KUIJU away) Now, about your business!

KUIJU: The old man is a fool...

(Still holding on to the document, WANG-LO ignores KUIJU, and turns back to another group of travellers.)

WANG-LO: Please follow me.

(WANG-LO re-enters the way-station with the other travellers. A few moments later, PING-CHO stumbles into the courtyard. She notices KUIJU standing a short distance away.)

PING-CHO: My lord?


PING-CHO: Are you with the caravan, my lord?

KUIJU: I am, my lady.

PING-CHO: Is your caravan bound for Samarkand?

KUIJU: It might, why?

PING-CHO: I would like to journey with your caravan, unless it is going to Shang-Tu.

KUIJU: Err... it's possible ...

PING-CHO: I can pay.

(PING-CHO searches through her pockets for all the money that she has.)

KUIJU: (hesitatingly) Err ... come to think of it ... we do strike inland ... I'll talk to the commander of the caravan.

PING-CHO: Shall I come with you?

KUIJU: No, you wait here. Give me the money ...

(PING-CHO hands over the money to a smiling KUIJU...)

Don't worry, little one. I'll arrange it.

(With a final grin, KUIJU walks off from the courtyard. As KUIJU chuckles, the monkey on his shoulder also begins to cackle.

A few moments later, PING-CHO suspects something is wrong when KUIJU fails to re-appear. She approaches Wang-Lo, and tells the story to him ...)

WANG-LO: You paid money? You foolish child. You've been robbed.

PING-CHO: Robbed? What shall I do? It was all the money I had.

(WANG-LO peers at PING-CHO suspiciously.)

WANG-LO: Haven't I seen you before? Not long since ... I know! You were with Messr Marco Polo's caravan.

PING-CHO: No, my lord, no ...

WANG-LO: (horrified) What have you done child? Run away? Oh ...

(At that moment, IAN enters the courtyard. PING-CHO, unable to control her emotions any longer, bursts into tears. She rushes into IAN's arms.)

IAN: Ping-Cho, why did you do it?

PING-CHO: The key ... and I can't marry a man old enough to be my grandfather. I can't. Please don't take me back. Please ...

IAN: I must Ping-Cho. I promised Marco.

WANG-LO: I knew I'd seen her before, my lord. Silly child - let herself be robbed.

IAN: What?

WANG-LO: Oh, some villain, posing as a caravan driver, took all her money on the promise of letting her travel inland with the caravan.

IAN: Where did you meet this man?


WANG-LO: At my way-station? Impossible!

PING-CHO: No, my lord, he was in the courtyard with you.

WANG-LO: (suddenly remembering) Oh, that one! But he was going to Shang-Tu. I have the document authorising him to take the old lord's caravan from the stables. Here it is.

(WANG-LO indicates the scrolled parchment, still in his hand.)

IAN: So the TARDIS is on the road to Shang-Tu, eh?

WANG-LO: It's... err... possible.

(As IAN tries to comfort the upset PING-CHO, another man walks into the way-station, and approaches WANG-LO.)

COURIER: The trade caravan to Shang-Tu, excellency - there is something here for us to take.

WANG-LO: Oh, but the other man said you were ill!

COURIER: What other man?

WANG-LO: The one that took the old lord's caravan.

COURIER: (indicating a scroll) But here's my authorisation.

WANG-LO: But ... but ...

(IAN notices the look of confusion on WANG-LO's face ...)

IAN: What's the matter?

WANG-LO: (embarrassed) Oh, nothing, my lord. Just a slight confusion. I'm sure it can be rectified.

IAN: It's been stolen?

(WANG-LO hangs his head.)

The TARDIS has been stolen!


POLO: (writing in journal) I hope all is well and Ian has found Ping-Cho. Our progress towards Shang-Tu continues to be excellent, and we are now beyond the Great Wall, spending the fourth night of our journey at an inn about fifty miles from the summer palace.


(At the next way-station, POLO and TEGANA are in the middle of a heated argument ...)

TEGANA: You trust too much, and doubt too little! Marco, let me go back after him.

POLO: I will not agree to this!

TEGANA: But Marco ...

POLO: Look, it's no good ... how will it appear if I stand before the Khan without you? You speak for Noghai ... silence could mean war ...

TEGANA: But ...

POLO: You must be at the summer palace. You must be, I say!

TEGANA: Marco, the magician's caravan. Why do you think Ian offered so readily... so... so eagerly to go back after ... after Ping-Cho?

POLO: What's your point?

TEGANA: Ping-Cho could be anywhere - the... the chances of finding her are very small. But, Ian knows where the caravan is ... he knows exactly where it is.

POLO: You're wrong Tegana. I think I know something of Ian's character ...

TEGANA: You can't know it all. Marco, just give me a strong horse ... now by using your name, I can bring them both back to you. I can bring the girl to you, and the caravan will be safe. You need the caravan. Because when peace is concluded with Kublai Khan, he might very well exchange this magician's caravan for your return to Venice.

(At that moment, there are the sounds of laughter. BARBARA and SUSAN appear - both are in a cheerful mood.)

Ah ... all their sympathies are with Ping-Cho. They are all against this marriage.

POLO: Then why did Ian go back to look for her?

TEGANA: Exactly.

(TEGANA turns to a giggling SUSAN and BARBARA.)

I'm glad to see that your humour is not impaired by our misfortune.

BARBARA: What do you mean? What misfortune?

TEGANA: Well ... your friend Ian has not returned. We can only assume that he has failed to find Ping-Cho.

BARBARA: Oh, you haven't given him enough time yet.

SUSAN: Anyway, I'm glad. I hope he doesn't.

TEGANA: Oh I see. You want to see her alone, do you? Without friends? She might be kidnapped, murdered.

SUSAN: Well, that won't happen to her. She's got money. She can buy a safe passage home ...

TEGANA: Money! Are we all sit in fear for her ... and her intended husband sits in despair?

SUSAN: Oh, even you couldn't be so cruel as to want her to marry a man four times her age!

TEGANA: (chuckling) Even I? I thank you, lady.

(TEGANA turns to BARBARA.)

And this is your opinion too, I suppose?

BARBARA: I suppose so.

POLO: One moment. Are you opposed to Ping-Cho's marriage?

BARBARA: (hesitating) Look, why are we ...

POLO: Answer my question please.

BARBARA: Yes I am - completely opposed to it.

TEGANA: How very unusual for you and Ian to disagree.

BARBARA: It isn't unusual at all. We don't agree about everything. And in this case, we're in complete agreement - all of us.

POLO: This marriage has the Khan's blessing. Am I to understand that you oppose it? Am I??


POLO: All four of you?

BARBARA: Yes, all four of us.

(POLO turns to TEGANA.)

POLO: Take your horse Tegana. You have my leave to go. Use my name or such powers as you will, but bring them both to the summer palace.

TEGANA: I shall do so.

(TEGANA nods, and walks off to prepare for the journey.)

SUSAN: Why did you do that?

POLO: To make certain.

SUSAN: Certain of what?

POLO: That Ian has gone back to look for Ping-Cho, and not your caravan.


(At the Cheng-Ting way-station, WANG-LO is using all of his charm in talking to the important Chinese ladies. The ladies suddenly burst out laughing at one of Wang-Lo's comments. Nearby, IAN is talking to PING-CHO about the TARDIS ...)

IAN: I've got to find it. I've got to. But where?

PING-CHO: Perhaps it is still here.

IAN: No, no, Ping-Cho. We should have heard. No, it's been taken, all right. Is must have been taken by some old road ... some route that's no longer used ...

PING-CHO: The Karakorum road.

IAN: Karakorum? But Karakorum's the capital of the Mongol empire.

PING-CHO: Not any more. Not since the Khan built his palace at Peking.

IAN: Yes, but it'll still be an important place. I mean caravans will still go there.

PING-CHO: Karakorum was not a city of stone. It was just a collection of tents. When the Khan moved, the Mongols dispersed.

IAN: So the road isn't used any more?

PING-CHO: Never.

IAN: Then, that will be the answer!

PING-CHO: Why would someone take the TARDIS to Karakorum?

IAN: (shaking his head) I don't know Ping-Cho. But until I find it, we shall never leave Kublai Khan's Cathay ...


(POLO's group ride into the Khan's summer palace at Shang-Tu. They stare around the wondrous surroundings in awe. Amidst the intricately designed pavillions, there are a number of carefully tended gardens. After dismounting from their horses, POLO's group is met by the Grand VIZIER, who is responsible for managing the KHAN's summer palace.)

VIZIER: (grandly) The Great War Lord and Master of the World, mighty Kublai Khan is pleased to grant you an audience.

POLO: We wait the Great Khan's pleasure.

(Led by the Grand VIZIER, the group make their way towards the main palace. The DOCTOR stares around the surroundings in amazement ...)

DOCTOR: It's all Chinese - very interesting. It's odd that a Mongol should choose Chinese architecture.

SUSAN: Did you see those beautiful pavillions?

BARBARA: Yes - weren't they magnificent?

POLO: Some of them are made of solid gold.

SUSAN: Are they?

DOCTOR: What size are the grounds?

POLO: Oh, they're enormous. They have to be to accommodate the Khan's two great passions - hunting and falconry. Do you know in his stables, he has ten thousand white stallions?

DOCTOR: (rubbing his back) Yes, well one's enough for me, young man. Red, white or blue!

(The group finally enter the main throne room.)

VIZIER: When great Kublai Khan appears, you will make your obeisance to him so that he may look kindly upon you, and spare your worthless lives.

DOCTOR: Pray then, what am I supposed to do, sir?

VIZIER: Kowtow. Kneel upon the ground and touch your forehead upon the floor three times.

DOCTOR: (outraged) I shall do no such thing!

VIZIER: Kublai Khan is the mightiest man the world has ever seen. Not to pay him homage will cost you your head.

DOCTOR: Well, if it breaks my back, then he can take all of me! So why waste time on small items?

SUSAN: Grandfather please ...

DOCTOR: (grouchily) Oh, do be quiet child! I'm not going to make a spectacle of ...

VIZIER: Silence!

(A gong suddenly sounds.)

Those who dare to come before the sight of the great Kublai Khan, kowtow.

(Another gong sounds.)

Kowtow before the War Lord of War Lords. Mighty and fearful in his strength. Kowtow before the Ruler of Asia, India, Cathay and other territories. Kowtow before the Master of the World.

(As the other members of the group kowtow, the DOCTOR groans in agony as he kneels to the floor.)

SUSAN: Grandfather, go on, get down ...

VIZIER: (noticing the DOCTOR) Kowtow! Kowtow!

DOCTOR: Yes, yes, yes ... I'll manage it ...

VIZIER: Kowtow!

(The DOCTOR tries to bend over, but the pain in his back proves too unbearable. The DOCTOR continues to moan in agony. Suddenly, at the cue of fanfare, Kublai KHAN enters the room. He is an aging old man with a long silver beard. He walks very slowly into the room, due to a large lump on his foot (the KHAN suffers from gout). Muttering in pain, the KHAN surveys the group in front of him. He notices the DOCTOR also crying in great agony ...)

THE KHAN: Do you mock our afflictions?

DOCTOR: It's my back ...

THE KHAN: What ails it?

DOCTOR: It's broken!

VIZIER: Don't be impertinent!

DOCTOR: I am not being impertinent, sir. I'm far from unwell ...

VIZIER: How dare you speak out!

(Ignoring the DOCTOR's protests, the Grand VIZIER tries to physically force the DOCTOR to bend forward while on his knees.)

This gout will be the end of us!

THE KHAN: Get up.

POLO: My lord ...

THE KHAN: Get up all of you.

(The VIZIER assists the DOCTOR to stand. Kublai KHAN turns to the other members of the group.)

(to POLO) These gracious ladies also accompany you?

POLO: They do, my lord.

THE KHAN: We bid you welcome to our Court ... ladies. What's the matter with him?

(Kublai KHAN indicates the DOCTOR.)

POLO: Oh, five days hard riding on horseback, my lord. The Doctor's not accustomed to it.

THE KHAN: Doctor? Oh? Is he?... Are you perchance, a physician?

DOCTOR: I am not a doctor of medicine, sir, otherwise I should be able to cure these pains.

THE KHAN: Oh, what a pity. Where is the War Lord Tegana?

POLO: Riding for Shang-Tu, my lord, with the lady Ping-Cho and a companion of theirs.

THE KHAN: Noghai's army is encamped at Karakorum.

POLO: (disbelievingly) But that's impossible my lord! When Tegana joined my caravan, Noghai's army was only forty miles north of Samarkand.

THE KHAN: Then it stands hundred miles from Shang-Tu. We are very anxious to hear Tegana's explanation of his master's conduct.

POLO: I can understand my lord's concern, and it is my fault that he is not here.

THE KHAN: We are on our guard against treachery ... our patrols watch the Karakorum road, and tomorrow, we ride for Peking.

SUSAN: Must we go too?

VIZIER: Silence! Speak only when you are addressed.

THE KHAN: Tut ... tut ... tut. What was it you say?

SUSAN: Well, I wondered if we might wait for Ping-Cho, my lord.

THE KHAN: No, I think it is better that you ride with us.

DOCTOR: (moaning) Oh, not another horse!

THE KHAN: You spoke?!

DOCTOR: I said I don't think I could get on another horse.

THE KHAN: Then walk!

DOCTOR: In my present condition sir? And what about that lump of yours, hmmm?

VIZIER: The Master of the World has a carriage of state.

DOCTOR: (muttering) Well, well, he's lucky ... he won't be jogged about ...

THE KHAN: (chuckling) Tomorrow, you will ride in state, with us.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

(The KHAN is suddenly struck by intense pain.)

THE KHAN: (to the VIZIER) Find suitable accommodation for our guests.

VIZIER: As my lord commands.

THE KHAN: Marco ...

POLO: My lord?

THE KHAN: When Tegana arrives, bring him directly to us.

POLO: Very good, my lord.

THE KHAN: (to the Doctor) We ... we have healing waters here which relieve my gout. Come ... let us observe their effects upon your aches and pains.

DOCTOR: Very well ... very well.

THE KHAN: Oh, what a trial old age is.

DOCTOR: It must be borne with dignity, sir.

THE KHAN: Oh, dignity ... yes of course. Now, take my arm friend.

(Moaning and grumbling to one another, the DOCTOR and Kublai KHAN, linked arm-in-arm, slowly hobble from the throne room. SUSAN watches in amusement as the two old men leave the room. She laughs.)

SUSAN: That's the mighty Kublai Khan!

POLO: Laugh if you will, Susan, but he is the greatest administrator the world has ever seen.

SUSAN: I'm sorry Messr Marco.

BARBARA: Marco, we can't leave here tomorrow, not without Ian and Ping-Cho.

POLO: I'm afraid we have no choice, Barbara. Don't worry, Tegana will bring them.

BARBARA: Will he?


(On the road to Karakorum, KUIJU is resting in a clearing. He sits next to a small fire, while his monkey scampers around nearby. The TARDIS is strapped securely to one of the wagons. Unknown to KUIJU, IAN and PING-CHO are hiding behind a shrub.)

PING-CHO: (looking at KUIJU) That's him, Messr Ian. That's the man who robbed me.

IAN: Yes ... it looks as though he's waiting for something. Waiting for somebody ... that's why he's brought the TARDIS here. Take cover ... get down, Ping-Cho.

(IAN sneaks towards KUIJU, but the bandit hears the sounds of approaching footsteps. KUIJU draws his dagger, and faces IAN.)

KUIJU: Who are you? What do you want? Speak!

PING-CHO: (appearing from the shrub) Where's my money?

(KUIJU is momentarily alarmed by PING-CHO's sudden appearance. IAN quickly knocks the dagger from KUIJU's hand, and picks it up before the bandit has the chance to recover. IAN presses the dagger against KUIJU's throat.)

IAN: (angrily) Where is it? Where's the young girl's money?

KUIJU: In my pouch, lord.

IAN: Get it, Ping-Cho ...

(PING-CHO searches around in KUIJU's pouch, and re-takes her money.)

You're a greedy man aren't you? And you brought the old lord's caravan here, I suppose, to get money? Well, was it?

KUIJU: (terrified) Yes lord!

IAN: And who's going to give you that money? Tell me! Tell me!

KUIJU: Arghh! The War Lord Tegana!

IAN: Tegana .... !

(Suddenly, TEGANA appears in the clearing, clutching his sword. PING-CHO screams as TEGANA grabs hold of her. Ian moves the dagger further towards KUIJU's throat as TEGANA moves closer.)

I'll kill him.

(TEGANA waves his sword impassively.)

TEGANA: Do so. He is of no importance.

(IAN hesitates as he moves the dagger millimetres from KUIJU's throat ...)

Come ... come ...


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