Season 4, 1967; 4 episodes

This four part story featuring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor was written by Ian Stuart Black, who also contributed 'The Savages' and 'The War Machines,' both from Season 3. The story follows on from the conclusion of the previous story, 'The Moonbase,' where a huge-crab like claw was seen on the TARDIS' time scanner.

The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie land on an Earth-like planet, far in the future. They are welcomed into the Colony, where everyone obeys Control without question, works hard, and is happy. It is a perfect colony. Possibly too perfect.

The Doctor's suspicions about the nature of the Colony are aroused when he meets a man said to be suffering from hallucinations. The Doctor is not so sure, and investigates. Meanwhile, life in the Colony is having an effect on Ben, for the worse.

Just why does the Colony expend so much effort to mine a deadly gas? Why is no one allowed outside their quarters at night? And just who, or what, really is Control?

At first glance The Macra Terror might be just another Sixties bug eyed monster tale, but the story itself can be that of any contemporary society that prohibits criticism and extracts obedience and conformity from its members, by any means.

The Macra Terror was first broadcast from 11th March to 1st April 1967. All four episodes are missing from the BBC archives, however the sound track is available as a BBC audio cassette, with linking narration from the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker.

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