Season 6, 1968; 8 episodes

The Invasion was to have been a sequel to a story in the previous season, The Web of Fear, and it was also intended to feature the return of two characters from that story, Professor Travers and his daughter Anne. As these actors were unavailable this lead to the substitution of two similar characters, Professor Watkins and his niece, Isobel. Further changes resulted in replacing the Yeti used in "Web" with the Cybermen, and expanding the story to eight episodes. Invasion was the fourth occasion Patrick Troughton's Doctor encountered the Cybermen, more than any other adversary.

Assisting the Cybermen was the unscrupulous Tobias Vaughn, played by Kevin Stoney. Stoney's previous Doctor Who role was arch-villain Mavic Chen in season three's The Daleks' Master Plan, where he found out the hard way that the Daleks do not share power with anyone. Perhaps the Cybermen will have more respect for their allies...

Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, also previously seen in The Web of Fear, was back once more. The Invasion, significantly, was as the first of the "UNIT stories", and it served as a model for the largely Earth-bound Pertwee era that was to follow.

The Invasion follows on from the end of the previous story, The Mind Robber. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe were left clinging to the console, but the TARDIS reforms around them and they eventually find themselves on Earth in the present. The Doctor decides to look up his old friend Professor Travers, but he has let his place to Watkins, only for Watkins to go missing himself. The trail leads the Doctor to the giant corporation International Electromatics, run by the evil Vaughn. Despite assurances to the contrary, the Doctor is convinced that Vaughn knows a lot more than he is telling....

Episodes 1 and 4 of The Invasion are currently missing, although the remaining six episodes are widely available as an official BBC video release. Confusingly labelled "complete at last", despite the absence of episodes 1 and 4, "Brigadier" Nicholas Courtney provides short links in place of the missing episodes.

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Hello. I first appeared in Doctor Who in a story called The Dalek Master Plan in late 1965. I played a character called Bret Vyon, who was a space special security agent involved with Doctor number one, William Hartnell.

The director, the late Douglas Camfield, remembered me, and cast me in a story called The Web of Fear in 1968 when Patrick Troughton was the Doctor and I was a character called Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart. Who was in charge of the Army's operations in preventing the takeover of London by the Yeti.

My character planned the creation of a special taskforce to combat alien invasion. And later that year Lethbridge-Stewart, now Brigadier and in charge of the newly formed United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, UNIT, appeared in an eight-part story called The Invasion.

We join the story with Episode Two. The Doctor and his companions, Jamie and Zoe, have been to visit the home of Professor Travers, an old friend of the Doctor's, and they discover he has left the property to Professor Watkins and Isobel, his niece. However Professor Watkins has disappeared; last known whereabouts: International Electromatics, run by managing director Tobias Vaughn. The Doctor and Jamie appear to be in some danger, after visiting the sinister Vaughn.

Episode 4 linking narration

NICHOLAS COURTNEY: Episode four of this story is, like episode one, sadly missing from the BBC archives but I am able to fill in some of the gaps.

The guards don't discover Jamie; he is helped out of the crate by the Doctor once the guards have left. Jamie fails to convince the Doctor that something moved inside the crate; the Doctor is much more preoccupied. He and Jamie rescue Zoe and Isobel thanks to some support from the Brigadier and the UNIT helicopter.

Meanwhile, Tobias Vaughn brings forward the planned invasion and forces Professor Watkins to return to London and work on the machine. The Doctor realises that recent UFO sightings are connected with Vaughn's operation and by canoe, he and Jamie return to an International Electromatics headquarters, where his worst fears are confirmed.

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