first broadcast - September 11th 1965


(The scene opens with a view of a landscape on a planet in Galaxy Four. The smooth ground seems to be covered with a black, asphalt tarmac; splits have occurred in this smooth surface, and from these, trees and plant life spring in abundant quantity. The level of the ground is broken by large rock formations, craggy, but apparently made of the same material as the ground. Vegetation also pushes its way out of gaps in these rocks. It is a peaceful and quiet scene. The silence is broken as the TARDIS materializes.)


(STEVEN and VICKI watch THE DOCTOR as he switches off the TARDIS controls with his usual evident satisfaction. STEVEN is seated and getting a haircut from VICKI.)

VICKI: Arrived have we?

THE DOCTOR: We have my dear.

STEVEN: Good. Where?

THE DOCTOR: Well, we should know about that when we have a look at the scanner, shan't we.

(THE DOCTOR switches on the scanner.)

Now, you can both take a look.

STEVEN: Where are we Doctor? Is it a planet you recognize?

(STEVEN starts to rise.)

VICKI: Keep still you nuisance! It's _____.

STEVEN: _____ where we are.

(VICKI and STEVEN begin to argue between themselves. THE DOCTOR waves to them to be quiet and then adjusts some controls. STEVEN and VICKI listen.)

THE DOCTOR: Quiet, both of you, will you?! Listen. Listen.


STEVEN: (Whispering) Listen to what? I can't hear a thing?

THE DOCTOR: Exactly. Exactly. There isn't a sound out there. Not a sound!

(THE DOCTOR looks at the scanner. The others follow his gaze.)

Just silence.


(The silence is overpowering, strange. No bird song, no stirring in the trees.)


(The silence is soon replaced by THE DOCTOR's fussing of the dials and switching of the control panel.)

THE DOCTOR: Well, the atmospheric pressure is quite normal. Oxygen, temperature, radiation... It's all quite normal. I wonder. Hmm.

(THE DOCTOR looks up at the scanner.)

I wonder if it's possible to have a planet so obviously conducive to life and yet without any?

VICKI: Well, I've finished chopping this fellow. Could we go out and see?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I don't see why not my child. It appears absolutely deserted. As a matter of fact, I think we shall get some long-deserved, undisturbed peace for once.


(From behind a cluster of black rocks, near the TARDIS, comes a chattering and jingling sound. Suddenly a CHUMBLEY appears on the rocky slope above and stops. The CHUMBLEY fidgets this way and that, then faces the police box. For a moment it chatters to itself.)


STEVEN: Well, it's not bad. It's a bit amateurish, really.

VICKI: Oh, _____.

STEVEN: Hey, you know, there might be a lake or a river around, Doctor. Do you fancy a swim?

THE DOCTOR: (Annoyed) My dear young man, this isn't a joy ride! This is a scientific expedition!

STEVEN: Oh come off it, Doctor! You can't be scientific all the time. Anyway, uh, you look as if you could do with a good wash-down.

(THE DOCTOR mumbles.)

VICKI: (Chuckling) But get him in cold water, you'll be lucky.

THE DOCTOR: From past experience, we must always be on our guard.

STEVEN: Yes, well I'm prepared to take the risk!


(The CHUMBLEY moves towards the TARDIS and bumps into it.)


(THE DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI all jump at the sound of the collision.)

VICKI: (Softly) What's that?

STEVEN: Well, are we all ready, then?

(He's interrupted by a further bump.)

THE DOCTOR: Shh, shh!


(The CHUMBLEY bumps into the TARDIS yet again, chitters and jingles, then slowly turns to the right, all the time keeping in contact with the outside of the ship. When it is in line with the side, it moves forward, constantly bumping the side, obviously feeling its way along. At the corner it stops, makes various little noises, then nudges its way around and proceeds along that side.)


(THE DOCTOR, VICKI, and STEVEN are standing and listening. The sounds can clearly be heard within the ship.)

STEVEN: (Whispering) What's going on?

VICKI: (Whispering) Something is feeling it's way 'round the ship.

THE DOCTOR: (Softly) Yes. Like something trying to discover by touch. Something blind.

(VICKI moves around, facing the sound of the noise.)

VICKI: (Softly) It's just reaching this corner now.

(The bumping and sliding noise stops. For a moment there is silence, followed by a series of taps as the CHUMBLEY reorientates itself. Then the bumping and sliding sounds start again.)

THE DOCTOR: (Softly) Yes, it is blind.

VICKI: (Softly) Whatever it is.

THE DOCTOR: (Softly) As you say my dear, whatever it is.


(The CHUMBLEY bumbles its way around the last corner of the TARDIS. It stops, chitters to itself, then moves off to a distance of about six feet.)


(As the CHUMBLEY moves away, it comes into view on the scanner screen. The CHUMBLEY stops, a light starts flashing on top of it, and it starts to emit a high-pitched, whistling sound.)

THE DOCTOR: Look at that! Just look, now! Now look, there is something quite different, isn't it? Hmm, hmm!

(THE DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI continue to stare at the scanner.)

STEVEN: (A bit apprehensively) You know Doctor, it looks to me as if it's sending some kind of message. What do you think?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, yes, it... it might be that. It, ah... To its controller whoever it might be, hmm?

STEVEN: Yes, or whatever it might be.

(VICKI shakes THE DOCTOR's arm and points back to the screen. The CHUMBLEY is slowly moving away.)

THE DOCTOR: Eh. Heh? Hmm.

VICKI: (Happily) Oh look! It's got a sort of chumbley movement!

STEVEN: (With surprise) Chumbley?

VICKI: Yes, you know, all sort of chumbley!

THE DOCTOR: Heh, heh, heh, heh. Hee, hee!

(They turn away from the scanner. The CHUMBLEY is now out of sight.)

THE DOCTOR: It's gone now. Hmm.

STEVEN: (Disappointedly) Eh, bang goes my swimming!

VICKI: Oh, it doesn't take much to put you off. A sweet little thing like that?

THE DOCTOR: You know, I must be wrong child. There is life out there, yes, a very intelligent--highly intelligent life--to build machines like that.

VICKI: Chumbley.

(THE DOCTOR turns to the control panel and flicks some switches and levers.)

THE DOCTOR: Well, Chumbley, if you like, my child. Heh, heh!

STEVEN: You know, Doctor, that thing might have been dangerous.


VICKI: (Scoffing) Ohh.

STEVEN: What are we going to do about it?

THE DOCTOR: I'm going to find out. Come along my child. And bring my stick.

(THE DOCTOR operates a control and the TARDIS doors swing open. THE DOCTOR gets his stick and starts to leave. STEVEN and VICKI exchange a slightly worried glance but still follow him.)


(The group exits the TARDIS. THE DOCTOR sniffs the air.)

THE DOCTOR: Oh, it's delightful.

(He takes his stick.)

Yes, thank you. Just about the right amount of oxygen, hmm? Hmm, hmm.

VICKI: Umm! I can smell flowers!

THE DOCTOR: Oh indeed! How delightful. Well there's one thing child, there's no Chumblies about!

(THE DOCTOR and VICKI laugh. THE DOCTOR locks the TARDIS door.)

STEVEN: Vicki! Look at this!

(STEVEN points upward. VICKI shields her eyes with her hands and looks at the sky.)

VICKI: Three suns?!

STEVEN: Yes, I wonder which one we're revolving around?


(As VICKI looks away, something in a clump of nearby bushes catches her eye.)

VICKI: Oh look! There's those flowers that I could smell. Hey, they're roses!

(She moves to examine them.)

No they're not, not quite roses but almost.

(THE DOCTOR moves away from the TARDIS, glances up at the suns, then looks around.)

THE DOCTOR: This silence reminds of the planet, uh, Xeros.

VICKI: You don't think we've jumped the time track again, do you?

THE DOCTOR: No, no my dear, not again, not again, but, uh, it's so quiet.

STEVEN: Yes, it's almost too quiet.

VICKI: (With fear) Doctor!


(THE DOCTOR and STEVEN turn. From behind the TARDIS a CHUMBLEY appears, pointing a short, rod-like appendage at them from beneath its dome.)

VICKI: (With fear) A Chumbley!

(STEVEN looks around for something to use as a weapon.)

STEVEN: (With fear) That one looks pretty vicious, Doctor! Is that a gun?

THE DOCTOR: Stand still! Otherwise we all might be killed.

(THE DOCTOR moves cautiously towards the CHUMBLEY and addresses it.)

We come in peace. We don't wish you any harm.

(STEVEN edges slowly to the right as THE DOCTOR speaks. The CHUMBLEY is silent.)

VICKI: He can't speak.

THE DOCTOR: No, but, uh, by the look of that thing sticking out in front, it's unmistakably like a speaker to me.

(THE CHUMBLEY now makes whistling sounds.)

VICKI: Trying to talk.


(STEVEN slowly bends to pick up a broken piece of asphalt. As he does he makes a slight sound. Immediately the CHUMBLEY trains its gun on him.)

VICKI: Steven, look out!

THE DOCTOR: You dumb fool!

STEVEN: I was only trying to catch _____.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, indeed. That was plenty noble of you, indeed.

(THE CHUMBLEY makes the same humming noise as it did when it circled the TARDIS.)

THE DOCTOR: (Annoyed) Now you've put the thing on its guard. (Less annoyed, more intrigued) Yes, it's interesting, it's fascinating. Did you notice that it... ah, it didn't do anything until you made a noise?

STEVEN: Yes, it is blind.

VICKI: But it can hear.

THE DOCTOR: Oh yes, and very accurately! You know, I believe it can locate us by some form of heat wave, as it were. Eh.

(With its usual chirruping sounds, the CHUMBLEY moves toward them. It reaches THE DOCTOR and nudges him. THE DOCTOR steps back and it nudges him again. He backs some more. The CHUMBLEY then moves away and starts to move toward STEVEN and VICKI.)

STEVEN: Do you get that feeling that it wants us to go somewhere, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Stand still. Don't let it move you.

(They remain as they are despite the nudges of the CHUMBLEY. Then it pauses as it apparently receives a message. It chatters to itself, then points its gun at some vegetation on one of the rocky slopes and fires. The vegetation instantly bursts into flame. THE DOCTOR, VICKI, and STEVEN react at this demonstration.)

As neat and fast as ever I saw!

VICKI: What was it?

THE DOCTOR: Well, it's some kind of light ray, very powerful and dangerous, I would say. I think we're... we'd better do what the thing wants us, heh, heh.

STEVEN: Yes, come on Vicki.

(The three travellers turn in the direction the CHUMBLEY indicates, and they move off. The CHUMBLEY follows closely behind. As they move across the landscape, the CHUMBLEY moves from side to side, for all the world like a destroyer herding a convoy into harbor. A short way ahead a spur of rock overhangs the route that they are taking. Two women appear on the spur. They are DRAHVINS. They have long blonde hair and have all the assets of femininity, except that none of them are used. They are lacking any warmth, any expression. Their faces are straight and set, and show no emotion. They wear plain green and white, high-necked uniforms. Each holds a futuristic-looking gun. Both look toward the CHUMBLEY and the travellers as they approach. DRAHVIN TWO puts her gun aside and holds up a thin sheet of metal mesh. DRAHVIN ONE also puts her gun aside and grasps the other edge of the mesh sheet. As THE DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI approach, the DRAHVINS ease themselves forward in readiness. Together the two DRAHVINS hurl the mesh down, and it lands on the CHUMBLEY. The CHUMBLEY's domes instantly collapse down on top of each other. THE DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI turn in surprise.)

THE DOCTOR: (Stutters) What is _____?

(DRAHVIN ONE stays above on the rock spur, but DRAHVIN TWO moves down to join the travellers.)

VICKI: Who are they?

STEVEN: I have no idea, but aren't they a lovely surprise.

DRAHVINS ONE & TWO: We are the Drahvins.

STEVEN: And (Chuckling) very nice too.

THE DOCTOR: (To STEVEN) Ah, ch, ch, ch.

(To the DRAHVINS) (Stutters) What might the Drahvins be?

DRAHVIN ONE: We are from the planet Drahva, in Galaxy Four.

STEVEN: Yes, well you seem to have put a pretty effective stop to this thing.

DRAHVIN ONE: As long as the metal mesh covers it, the control waves cannot reach it.

VICKI: (With suspicion) What do you want?

DRAHVIN TWO: We came to rescue you from the machine.


DRAHVIN TWO: Maaga will tell you.

STEVEN: Maaga?

DRAHVIN ONE: Our leader.

THE DOCTOR: Why can't you tell us, hmm?

DRAHVIN ONE: Our mission was to rescue you. We have done that. We have no other instructions except to take you to Maaga.

DRAHVIN TWO: We do nothing until a leader speaks.


DRAHVIN TWO: You will come now.

VICKI: Doctor, I don't trust them. I don't think that we should go with them.

DRAHVIN ONE: If you stay here, more machines will come. They will capture you and take you to the Rills.

THE DOCTOR: The Rills are these the people that control these things, hmm?

DRAHVIN TWO: They are not people.

DRAHVIN ONE: They are things.

DRAHVIN TWO: They crawl.

DRAHVIN ONE: They murder.

VICKI: Murder?

DRAHVIN TWO: They have already killed one of us.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, I should like to meet these Rills!

STEVEN: And be killed, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: This is only what they say, and who are they, hmm, hmm?

STEVEN: At least they stopped the Chumbley. Doesn't that prove something?

THE DOCTOR: Eh, yes, all right. Well, perhaps you'd better take us to this Maaga, this leader, whatever it is. (Stutters)

(VICKI suddenly spins round and grabs THE DOCTOR's arm as she points.)

VICKI: Doctor! More Chumblies!

(They all turn. In the distance several CHUMBLIES are moving in a straight line toward them.)

DRAHVIN ONE: The mesh!

(The two DRAHVINS try to remove the mesh sheet from the CHUMBLEY, but it will not come off. The others watch.)

It's caught!

THE DOCTOR: They're all magnetized so that you can't get the top off.

VICKI: They're getting close!

(THE DOCTOR looks around and reacts.)

THE DOCTOR: Goodness gracious!

STEVEN: Look, it won't come off. Let's leave it.

(STEVEN turns to the two DRAHVINS.)

DRAHVIN TWO: We were instructed not to lose...

STEVEN: Look, were you instructed to be killed as well?

DRAHVIN ONE: We must go!

THE DOCTOR: Come! Come!

VICKI: Alright, Doctor!

THE DOCTOR: Quickly! Quickly! Heh, heh.

(They move off. A moment later the pursuing CHUMBLIES move in and circle the other CHUMBLEY trapped beneath the metal mesh. One CHUMBLEY moves in and reaches out to grasp the metal mesh with its mechanical arm. It pulls the mesh clear, releasing its trapped companion. They move off in the same direction that the DRAHVINS, THE DOCTOR, and his companions have taken.)


(THE DOCTOR, VICKI, STEVEN, and the two DRAHVINS approach the door of the spaceship. All of them are out of breath from running and are clearly exhausted.)

THE DOCTOR: Oh, good gracious!

VICKI: Are you all right?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I think so. Ahh, it's all this physical exercise at my age. Huh, huh.

(DRAHVIN ONE looks back nervously in the direction from which they have come.)

DRAHVIN ONE: They're nearly here. Quickly! Inside!

(DRAHVIN ONE leads and the others follow her into the spaceship.)


DRAHVIN ONE: Close external door.

DRAHVIN THREE: (oov) Close external door.

(The door that they have just come through slides shut, with a whine of power. The door has a large window in it. VICKI looks through it, as THE DOCTOR and STEVEN study their surroundings. THE DOCTOR is coughing.)

STEVEN: Well, it, ah, was a decent space ship once.

THE DOCTOR: (Breathlessly) it's pretty backward now, isn't it? Yes, it's almost fossilized. Huh, huh.

STEVEN: Oh I don't know, it's got one or two good feat....

(THE DOCTOR and STEVEN talk at the same time.)

VICKI: We've, uh, just beat those Chumblies... they're still outside.

THE DOCTOR: Are we safe yet?

DRAHVIN ONE: Yes. They cannot enter.

DRAHVIN TWO: Silence! Maaga is coming!

(The interior door slides open, and they are led into the spaceship.)

THE DOCTOR: Maaga! Whoo, whoo! _____.

(DOCTOR, VICKI, and STEVEN all laugh together.)


MAAGA: Report!

DRAHVIN ONE: Mission accomplished! We have brought the prisoners.

VICKI: (With disbelief) Prisoners?!

MAAGA: And the metal mesh?

DRAHVIN ONE: (With fear) It stopped the machine.

MAAGA: Good.

DRAHVIN ONE: (With fear) We could not get the mesh back.

MAAGA: What?!

DRAHVIN ONE: (With fear) It became affixed to the machine.

STEVEN: She's got them pretty frightened, hasn't she, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: (To MAAGA) Yes, ah, madam, the young lady speaks the truth. The Chumblies are magnetized.

(MAAGA glances at THE DOCTOR, then back to the two DRAHVINS.)

MAAGA: (To the two DRAHVINS) I will deal with you both later. Sit.

(DRAHVIN ONE and DRAHVIN TWO go to a bench and sit down. MAAGA looks across at THE DOCTOR, STEVEN, and VICKI, and attempts to soften her voice.)

(To THE DOCTOR) I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Won't you sit down?

THE DOCTOR: Ahh, yes, heh, heh, thank you, I will. Hmm.

MAAGA: I have to hear the report first.

THE DOCTOR: Oh naturally!

MAAGA: It is necessary when you are at war.

STEVEN: (Surprised) At war?

MAAGA: With the Rills and their machines.

VICKI: The Chumblies!

MAAGA: This is a fight to the death. For existence itself...

(THE DOCTOR nods to himself, thinking, but gives no other reaction.)


MAAGA: which one of us will be obliterated.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, as bad as that?

MAAGA: Yes. So bad that it is conceivable that you, too, will be obliterated.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, come now! There is no need to exaggerate.

MAAGA: It's no exaggeration!

VICKI: (With suspicion) You want to kill us, don't you? You want to.

MAAGA: When a planet disintegrates, nothing survives.

(THE DOCTOR is suddenly alert, his first real reaction.)

THE DOCTOR: Disintegrates? This planet, hmm?

MAAGA: Yes, it's in its last moments of life. Soon it will explode.


MAAGA: In fourteen dawns time.

STEVEN: Look, how do you know? How can you be so certain?

MAAGA: The Rills told us. That is why they're repairing their spaceship--so that they can escape.

THE DOCTOR: Hmm, hmm. Well, that sounds reasonable enough to me. Hmm, hmm.

MAAGA: We must capture that spaceship from them.

STEVEN: What for? This is a spaceship as well, isn't it?

MAAGA: Yes, but it cannot fly! The Rills shot us down! We cannot move!

STEVEN: don't belong here?

MAAGA: No. Nor do the Rills. There is no life on this planet. We come from Drahva. Some 400 dawns ago, we were investigating this particular section of the galaxy. We were looking for a planet such as this, capable of supporting life so that we might colonize it. There are too many of us on Drahva.

STEVEN: All women?

MAAGA: Women?

THE DOCTOR: Yes, ah, (Stutters), feminine. Ah, female. Hmm, hmm.

MAAGA: Oh, hah... Oh, we have a small number of men--as many as we need. The rest we kill. They consume valuable food and fulfill no particular function.

(MAAGA gestures disdainfully at the two DRAHVINS.)

And these are not what you would call human! They are cultivated in test tubes. We have very good scientists. I am a living being. They are products--and inferior products! Grown for a purpose and capable of nothing more.

STEVEN: Grown for what purpose?

MAAGA: To fight. To kill.

THE DOCTOR: Yours must be a very interesting civilization. Hmm, hmm, hmm. You attacked the Rills?

MAAGA: No. We were in space above this planet. When we saw a ship such as we had never seen before. We did not know it, but it was a Rill ship. It fired on us, and we crashed. But before we did, we managed to fire back so that they'd crash, too. On landing they killed one of my soldiers.

STEVEN: What are they like, these Rills?

MAAGA: (Whispers) Disgusting!

THE DOCTOR: Well, heh, heh, that's no description, no description at all. Hmm, hmm.

MAAGA: That's all I'll say.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I... I think I'm beginning to understand.

STEVEN: Well, so am I, Doctor. This planet's about to explode, the Rills have managed to repair their ship in time so they can escape, you haven't, so you want their ship.

MAAGA: We have no desire to be here when this planet ceases to exist.

DRAHVIN THREE: (oov) Machine approaching!


(A CHUMBLEY moves across the landscape, approaching the DRAHVINS' spaceship.)


(DRAHVIN THREE comes through a communicating door. MAAGA strides to an observation window and looks out.)

MAAGA: To your stations!

(Immediately the DRAHVINS take up positions by projections in the bulkhead, which are, in fact, guns.)

Switch off the outside radio!

(One of the DRAHVINS operates a switch.)

VICKI: What are they doing now?

STEVEN: They're going to have another go at the Chumblies, by the look of things.

THE DOCTOR: Switch off the outside radio? Why, I wonder?

(MAAGA turns from the observation window to answer.)

MAAGA: They send the machines to tell us lies. We do not wish to hear them.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, yes, madam! You may not but I'd like to, ah, hear it. Heh, heh.

MAAGA: It's not good for my soldiers!

(THE DOCTOR goes over to the observation window.)

(By now THE CHUMBLEY is silent.)

THE DOCTOR: Ah, I see. It's stopped.

MAAGA: Yes. Now it is sending its message. Fire!

(Firing commences. Flames are heard in the background.)


(The CHUMBLEY is hit by a burst of smoke and flame. It collapses its domes and is still for a moment, then it raises them again, chatters to itself, as if sending a message, and turns and chumbles off.)


(THE DOCTOR and MAAGA are looking out of the observation window.)

THE DOCTOR: (Chuckling) Hmm, hmm. You didn't do it very much damage, did you? Hmm, hmm?

MAAGA: My only intention was to scare it off. We've succeeded.

(To her people) To your places.

(DRAHVIN ONE and DRAHVIN TWO immediately go back to the bench. DRAHVIN THREE exits.)

THE DOCTOR: And you haven't destroyed one Chumbley yet.

MAAGA: We will.

THE DOCTOR: You know, I think you rather underestimate the Rills. Why should they tell you that this planet is going to die, hmm?

MAAGA: They were trying to tempt us on board their spaceship so that they may kill us!

STEVEN: You know, it seems to me as if they offered you help.

MAAGA: That is what they maintain.

VICKI: They might have been speaking the truth. They might have meant it.

THE DOCTOR: On the other hand, it might have been a pack of lies.

MAAGA: What do you mean?

THE DOCTOR: Well this planet could last another million years.

MAAGA: Yes, but we have no way of proving.

THE DOCTOR: I have! I'm a scientist!

(MAAGA stares at THE DOCTOR.)

MAAGA: (Relieved) Very well! I should be grateful if you would find out.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, thank you! Thank you! Well, I'm afraid we shall have to go back to my ship. Heh, heh, heh.

(THE DOCTOR moves to the door and indicates for VICKI and STEVEN to join him.)

MAAGA: Oh wait! You cannot all go.

THE DOCTOR: Oh, but, ah, why?

VICKI: Prisoners, are we?

MAAGA: Of course not. But if you should encounter the machines...

STEVEN: What of it?

MAAGA: I could not guarantee to rescue you again.

THE DOCTOR: (Chuckling) Oh, ho ho, you worry too much! Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm!

MAAGA: I shall feel easier if one of you remain behind.

VICKI: I'll stay.

THE DOCTOR: But my dear...!

VICKI: I'll stay! You'll need Steven anyway if you bump into the Chumblies again.

(MAAGA signals for DRAHVIN TWO to open the door and airlock. As THE DOCTOR and STEVEN leave, STEVEN turns to VICKI and gives her a reassuring smile.)

THE DOCTOR: (Nervously) Yes, well, very well, eh, heh, young man. Eh, you and I will go. Heh, heh, yes. Heh, heh.

(One of the DRAHVINS shouts...)

DRAHVIN:Door opening!

(Sound of door opening.)

STEVEN: We won't be long, Vicki. Promise we won't get lost.

(VICKI nods and smiles bravely. THE DOCTOR and STEVEN leave, and the door shuts behind them.)


(THE DOCTOR and STEVEN appear over the edge of a slope. THE DOCTOR grabs at STEVEN warning him to take cover.)

STEVEN: Chumblies!

(They both crouch down and look ahead. A CHUMBLEY is by the TARDIS and is making obvious attempts to gain entry. After a little while it gives up and withdraws, to be replaced immediately by a second CHUMBLEY, who moves up to the ship. There is a screaming of metal as it brings some mechanized force to bear against the door. THE DOCTOR and STEVEN continue to watch from the vantage point.)

Can they get in Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: Well, they'd have to be pretty well advanced to break my force barrier. Heh, heh.

STEVEN: How do you know they aren't?

(THE DOCTOR doesn't answer, but is clearly not too concerned.)



(VICKI is on her own in the spaceship. She sits on a bench, tense and unhappy. She sighs, stands up, and is about to move to look out of the observation window when she hears something. She goes over to the wall and presses her ear against it.)

MAAGA: (oov) To lose the mesh was gross incompetence. It was our only weapon against the machines. If we lose to the Rills it will be because of you. You want that, do you?

DRAHVIN WOMEN: (In unison) No, no...

MAAGA: You want to be captured by those creeping, revolting, green monsters? You want their slimy claws to close about your necks? You fools! You fools!

DRAHVIN WOMEN: (Moaning and groaning with dread, repeating over and over) No, no, no...

(VICKI shrinks away in horror.)


THE DOCTOR: I wonder what they're up to, eh?

STEVEN: Trying something else by the look of it.


(A CHUMBLEY, in a last futile attempt, tries his light ray on the doors of the TARDIS. The CHUMBLEY gives up, transmits a message, and chumbles off. As soon as it has gone, THE DOCTOR examines the TARDIS door.)

There! You see, my boy? Look. Not a scratch! Not a scratch! Heh, heh!

STEVEN: Yes, well, are we going in or not, Doctor?

THE DOCTOR: I certainly excelled myself with that force barrier.

(THE DOCTOR uses his key to open the TARDIS door.)

STEVEN: (With exasperation) Yes, Doctor.

(They enter the TARDIS.)


(THE DOCTOR moves across to his astral map machine and presses buttons. Lights come on and he adjusts various dials with great pleasure.)

THE DOCTOR: (Stutters) Now wait a minute.


I think they've all gone to bed! Hmm, hmm! Well, it's a very good thing I brought you around, young man, to tell me what I'm supposed to be doing!

STEVEN: Yes, you're so right, Doctor.

(A distracting noise in the background.)

THE DOCTOR: (With curiosity) Hmm? Hmm!

(THE DOCTOR closely watches the screen as there is a flickering of light.)

STEVEN: Well, Doctor, will this planet explode?

(THE DOCTOR nods, coming to a decision.)

THE DOCTOR: The Rills were quite right.

STEVEN: (Excitedly) We've got to get off the planet!

THE DOCTOR: Yes, if the Drahvins let us go.

STEVEN: We've got to make that sure they do!

THE DOCTOR: (Excitedly) They need our help with the Rills! Why do you think they've held Vicki back?

STEVEN: Okay, but we've got to get off here somehow!

THE DOCTOR: It's imperative that we leave at once!

STEVEN: Why is that that? The Drahvins did say fourteen dawns.

THE DOCTOR: Two dawns! Tomorrow is the last day this planet will ever see.


Doctor Who


Steven Taylor


Drahvin One

Drahvin Two

Drahvin Three


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