Episode 7

Written by David Whitaker
First broadcast: 1st July 1967
Repeat broadcast: 8th August 1968
Running Time: 25:25

1. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(A special light slowly illuminates a familiar shape -- a British 1960s Police Telephone Box.)

JAMIE: The TARDIS, Doctor!

(The DOCTOR worriedly turns to face the massive EMPEROR as it makes its most terrifying statement.)

EMPEROR: You will take the "Dalek Factor." You will spread it to the entire history of Earth!

(All three are shocked and, worst of all, the DOCTOR sees that he has not really got any choice in the matter at all.)

DOCTOR: (half-shocked and half-defiant)

No. You can't make me do it! You can't!

EMPEROR: You will obey!

(The Black Dalek prods the three humans in the back.)


EMPEROR: Doctor.

(The DOCTOR turns back to the EMPEROR.)

You will obey!


2. Experiment Room, DALEK CITY

(Here, a BLACK DALEK enters the room to meet another DALEK. The room is almost filled up by some strange device.)

DALEK: Experiment ready.


(The DALEK activates the strange device. As the machine starts to glow, a low hum can start to be heard.)



(The DOCTOR, JAMIE, and WATERFIELD have been put with KEMEL, MAXTIBLE and VICTORIA into a holding cell. The DOCTOR is idly playing his recorder as the others (except for MAXTIBLE) talk in low voices.)

MAXTIBLE: Transmutation of metal into gold.

JAMIE: You mean to say he's worked against us all just for that?

DOCTOR: People have done worse for less, Jamie.

JAMIE: Look, it's daft though. Metal into gold is an old wives tale.

DOCTOR: Oh, I don't know. The alchemists of the middle ages made transmutation their main aim in life.

JAMIE: Ah, they didn't succeed though.

DOCTOR: Even in the twentieth century, it's still considered scientifically possible.

MAXTIBLE: (snaps)

Of course it's possible.

JAMIE: Oh, well, I don't care whether it's possible or not!

DOCTOR: Whether it is or whether it isn't is beside the point.

JAMIE: Oh, and what is the point then?

DOCTOR: Why are the do... Daleks doing this?

MAXTIBLE: They promised me!

DOCTOR: Daleks don't keep their promises.

MAXTIBLE: I see what you're trying to do Doctor. You're trying to shake my faith. But I will be given the secret.

(The man's total lack of morality causes JAMIE to finally snap and lose his temper.)

JAMIE: Oh, well. It won't do you any good because you won't be able to use your secret! I'll see to that.

MAXTIBLE: You'll do no such thing!

DOCTOR: Jamie!

(But JAMIE was past caring. He flings himself on MAXTIBLE and starts to strangle him. The guard DALEK swiftly enters and warns JAMIE off.)

DALEK: Move away! Move!

VICTORIA: Please Jamie, do as it says.

(For VICTORIA's sake, JAMIE lets go of MAXTIBLE who gasps for air and turns away from the traitor in digust.)


You will not harm this human being. Or you will be exterminated.

DOCTOR: Yes, yes. We quite understand.

MAXTIBLE: (with a little of his arrogance)

You will be advised to do as they say.

JAMIE: Oh don't worry. The very thought of going near you repulses me.

WATERFIELD: (pleading)

Mr. McCrimmon.

(The DALEK leaves. MAXTIBLE starts to write in a notepad his calculations and starts to mumble the calculations while JAMIE turns to talk with VICTORIA. Nearby, while the DOCTOR starts to play his recorder again, WATERFIELD goes back to MAXTIBLE.)

WATERFIELD: They seem prepared to protect you.

MAXTIBLE: (his arrogance now fully returned.)

Be warned.

WATERFIELD: I appeal to you, Maxtible. It may still not be too late. If they're your friends, help us. If you did, we could plan something -- try to escape.



Then at least for Victoria's sake. After what you did to her.

MAXTIBLE: (final note in his voice)

No, I tell you! No!

VICTORIA: It's no good, Papa. He doesn't listen any more.

(She moves to talk to the DOCTOR.)

What are you thinking?

(The DOCTOR stops playing.)

DOCTOR: I'm trying to puzzle out a problem, Victoria. The Daleks say I'm going to do something for them. Something I would rather die than do.

MAXTIBLE: (mumbling and writing)

Plus or minus point zero, zero, three. Plus or minus.

VICTORIA: Perhaps they think you're like him.

DOCTOR: Oh, no. The Daleks know me well enough by this time.

VICTORIA: They intend to persuade you then.

DOCTOR: Oh. no. No, it isn't that either. You see, there isn't a persuasion strong enough. Not even the offer of all the lives in this room.


DOCTOR: Five lives against a whole planet? Well, it's not a choice is it?


DOCTOR: Even if I could trust the Daleks -- even if they set us free, we still couldn't go back to Earth. I suppose I might try to take you all to another universe. I might even try and take you to my own planet.

VICTORIA: Your own?

DOCTOR: Yes. Oh, yes. I... I live a long, long way from Earth.

(A thought strikes him.)

Oh, just a minute. Maxtible! Arthur Terrall! The Daleks put some kind of control device on him.

MAXTIBLE: What of it? It was erratic. I always warned the Daleks it would prove too unsatisfactory.

JAMIE: (sneers)

Aye. Well, it's a good thing for you it did fail. They'd have tried it on you next.


4. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(In the Control Room, Daleks can be seen moving through the room, but, one in particular goes up to the Emperor.)

EMPEROR: Report!

DALEK: The experiment is ready.

EMPEROR: Proceed.


5. Laboratory, DALEK CITY

(A BLACK DALEK enters the room to find three Daleks working away.)

BLACK DALEK: Discontinue work.

(The three Daleks continue working.)

Discontinue work. Discontinue work.

(The Dalek continue working and a single Dalek voice speaks:)


(Total silence and then the BLACK DALEK, in shock, totally explodes with anger.)

BLACK DALEK: (totally furious)

Who Spoke?! Who questioned a Dalek command?!



(A buzzer sounds, and the BLACK DALEK moves away to summon MAXTIBLE to the door of the cell. Another Dalek brings some kind of machine.)

BLACK DALEK: The secret of transmutated of metal.

MAXTIBLE: Yes, yes! The secret you promised me.

BLACK DALEK: Turn and look.

(MAXTIBLE looks to a machine which contains a some liquids in a small bottle.)

BLACK DALEK: Above. Liquid metal. Read.

MAXTIBLE: (moves)


BLACK DALEK: Do not move!

MAXTIBLE: It is hard to see.

(He reads the figures on the machine.)

Fifty-five point eight, four.

BLACK DALEK: Atomic weight. Read again.

MAXTIBLE: Seven point eight, four.

BLACK DALEK: Specific gravity.


Atomic weight and gravity of iron.

BLACK DALEK: Watch. Read atomic weight.

(We can hear gurgling noises as the liquid falls into the bottom of the machine as a different colour and the figures on the machine starts to turn to new numbers.)

MAXTIBLE: Nineteen point two.

BLACK DALEK: Read specific gravity.

MAXTIBLE: Sixty-nine point five.

(He realises what this equals.)

Gold! Iron into gold!

(He turns to the others in total joy.)

I told you it was possible! They've kept their promise! It's true! It's true! They have!

BLACK DALEK: The machine is yours.

MAXTIBLE: Yes. Ha, ha. Yes, Yes!

(In a state of dementia, MAXTIBLE wanders towards the machine.)

DOCTOR: (warns)

Maxtible, if you value your life, don't go near that machine!

MAXTIBLE: (laughs)

(Oblivious to the Doctor's words, MAXTIBLE walks under the arch. A brillant light suddenly rains down on MAXTIBLE, paralysing him.)

JAMIE: Maxtible!

(MAXTIBLE groans)

VICTORIA: What have they done to him?



(MAXTIBLE turns away from the cell door.)

Move to control.

MAXTIBLE: (blankly in a human-Dalek voice)

I obey.

(The machine DALEK leaves with him)

JAMIE: They've turned him into a Dalek.

BLACK DALEK: Yes. The Dalek factor.

DOCTOR: (shocked)

Is that what you want me to do to the people of Earth?

BLACK DALEK: We know you will obey.

(It turns away leaves the DOCTOR to stare after it.)

DOCTOR: (thoughtfully)

Human beings into Daleks.


7. Control Room, DALEK CITY



BLACK DALEK: A Dalek questioned an order.

EMPEROR: Questioned? Then it was one of the test Daleks.


EMPEROR: Find it, immediately!



(A little later, it is night in the room as everybody sleeps. The Dalek-ised MAXTIBLE returns to the work room and, after inspecting the arch, silently opens the door.

Inside the darkened room, he manoeuvres around the sleeping captives, stopping by the DOCTOR's side.)

MAXTIBLE: Doctor. Open your eyes. You are asleep still but you can hear my voice. I have come to help you. Look at the box.

(He puts a box down by the DOCTOR. The DOCTOR looks to see the box showing a picture of the TARDIS.)

I have had your TARDIS placed outside the city. I will take you to it. Rise and follow me.

(the DOCTOR rises and begins to move with MAXTIBLE toward the door.)

JAMIE: Hey, Doctor, what are you doing?

(JAMIE sees the DOCTOR being led towards the transmutation machine.)

Don't go near the door, Doctor!

(But, the DOCTOR steps through the arch and is bathed in the Dalek Factor. JAMIE leaps up to help his friend.)

JAMIE: Doctor!

DOCTOR: (In stilted speech akin to a Dalek.)

Stay where you are! That is an order!

MAXTIBLE: We will work together on the Dalek Factor. Follow me.

DOCTOR: I obey!

(the two leave the cell while JAMIE looks on despairingly.)


9. Laboratory, DALEK CITY

(They walk down the hall and enter the lab. The machine is still here but they are alone.)


(The DOCTOR stops.)

This machine is for the mass-production of the Dalek Factor. Follow me.

(The DOCTOR follows MAXTIBLE to another machine nearby. There is a small capsule near to it.)

Stop. This machine will transform the thought patterns in this capsule into a steam. The steam will be sprayed into the atmosphere of the Earth.

DOCTOR: I must examine the machine.


(MAXTIBLE leaves the room, the DOCTOR bends down to take a closer look. He then looks back to check that MAXTIBLE is no longer in sight. The DOCTOR quickly moves back down the hall back to the cell...)


10. Cell, DALEK CITY

( the archway's control panel and nimbly substitutes the capsule in the panel with an identical one from his pocket.)

DOCTOR: Jamie. Jamie! Jamie!

(JAMIE comes to the door.)


DOCTOR: Jamie, when I give you the word, bring everyone through this archway. Through the door.

JAMIE: What?!

DOCTOR: Trust me!

(The main door to the cell block suddenly opens and a BLACK DALEK glides in. It stops at the sight of the DOCTOR.)

BLACK DALEK: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: (back in his "Dalek" voice.)

Take me to your emperor.


(The BLACK DALEK checks on the prisoners and then leaves with the DOCTOR. The group in the cell quickly leave through the alternate door to the hall.)

VICTORIA: We walked through! All just as though he was...

WATERFIELD: It must have affected him. We saw it happen.

JAMIE: But you heard him speak normally just now.

WATERFIELD: Another trap to make us walk though?

JAMIE: Oh, they could have pushed us in here any time they liked.

VICTORIA: Do you think there's a chance? Something to hope for?

JAMIE: I, uh... I don't know. Well, I... I don't understand. I mean, how do we know we can trust him?


11. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(The DOCTOR and the BLACK DALEK enters the room to be greeted by the EMPEROR and MAXTIBLE. The EMPEROR eye-stick swings down to greet the new arrival.)

EMPEROR: What do you want?

DOCTOR: A Dalek questioned an order.


MAXTIBLE: We have searched without success.

(The DOCTOR comes up with an "idea.")

DOCTOR: All Daleks must pass through the archway door. The Dalek with the human factor will then become a Dalek again -- will become as this human and I have become.

EMPEROR: Let it be done!


(they leave)


You will deal with the human prisoners.


12. Arch, DALEK CITY

(The DALEKS, one after the other, begin to file through the arch.)



(The DOCTOR meets with the humans as they re-enter the cell.)

DOCTOR: Go on quickly! Through the door! Follow them through the door! Oh, it's all right; I've changed over the factors. I used one of the capsules from my test Dalek. I've given them all the human factor! Go on! Go on!

JAMIE: Well, aren't you coming?

DOCTOR: Well, I've got things to do. And I've been through already.

JAMIE: Ah, well, why didn't it affect you then?

DOCTOR: I don't come from Earth, Jamie. Now, down the corridor, turn to the left and find the tunnel. I'll join you there later.

(the DOCTOR leaves the others)

JAMIE: Oh well, here goes.

(JAMIE safely passes through.)

JAMIE: It's all right, nothing happened! Come on! Come on Kemel. Quick!

(KEMEL follows, but WATERFIELD will not.)

WATERFIELD: Victoria, I must help the Doctor!

JAMIE: Och, don't be a fool man!

VICTORIA: Father! No!

WATERFIELD: I must find Maxtible. He's to blame for all of this.

(to JAMIE and KEMEL)

Take care of her.

VICTORIA: But father!

JAMIE: Oh, he'll be all right, come on!

(The three edge past a group of Daleks. Their casings are open, exposing (for the first time) the creatures within them.)

ALPHA: Ah! Dizzy!

DALEK #2: Dizzy!

DALEK #3: Dizzy!

ALPHA: Dizzy!

DALEK #2: Daleks!

ALPHA: Dizzy!

DALEK #2: Dizzy!

DALEK #3: Dizzy Daleks!

ALPHA: Dizzy!

DALEK #2: Dizzy!

DALEK #3: Dizzy Daleks!

ALPHA: Dizzy!

(MAXTIBLE enters with the BLACK DALEK)

MAXTIBLE: Where are the prisoners?

ALPHA: (surly)

I do not know.

BLACK DALEK: Continue working.


DALEK #2: Yes, why?

BLACK DALEK: Do not question.

ALPHA, DALEKS2/3: Why? Why not question?

ALPHA, DALEKS2/3: Why? Why? Why?

BLACK DALEK: Silence! You will obey!

ALPHA: I will not obey!

(The BLACK DALEK opens fire on the first DALEK. The creature screams in agony as the blast reduces it to a lifeless, smouldering blob.)

BLACK DALEK: You will obey without question!

(The other two Daleks fire on the BLACK DALEK and the BLACK DALEK dies.)


14. A Corridor, DALEK CITY

(The DOCTOR leads a group of humanised Daleks to the entrance of the control room.)

DOCTOR: Quickly! This way! Follow me Daleks! This way! Come on!

(They enter the ante-room of the Imperial Chamber to be greeted with another BLACK DALEK.)

BLACK DALEK: Return to your work.

BETA: Why?

BLACK DALEK: Do not question.

DOCTOR: Why not question? What work? Tell them!


BETA: Explain.

OMEGA: What work?

DALEK #1: Why obey without question?

DOCTOR: Ask the Emperor!

OMEGA: The Emperor!

BETA: Yes, ask the Emperor!

(The human DALEKS move forward and the BLACK DALEK is forced back.)

BLACK DALEK: Keep back, you cannot enter!


DALEK #1: Why?


BETA: The Emperor must explain.

(The BLACK DALEK shoots and kills DALEK #1)

DOCTOR: Defend yourselves Daleks! The Black Daleks are attacking you!


15. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(The Emperor and six remaining BLACK DALEKS are present and the alert hooter is going.)

EMPEROR: All Black Dalek Leaders to Control. Exterminate all opposition! Destroy rebels!


16. Anti-Chamber, Control Room, DALEK CITY

DOCTOR: Come on! This way! Come on!

BETA: I will obey.

OMEGA: But not without question.

DOCTOR: That's right. Question!



DOCTOR: The Black Daleks are attacking every...

WATERFIELD: Hurry man!

DOCTOR: The Emperor has commanded it.

BETA: Why?


DOCTOR: Because you question. Defend yourselves. Destroy the Emperor. Or be destroyed yourselves!


DOCTOR: Destroy the Emperor!

WATERFIELD: We must go, Doctor.

DOCTOR: Yes, I know. I'm finished now.

(A BLACK DALEK approaches and fires. WATERFIELD jumps in front of the DOCTOR taking the full blast. The human DALEKS start to battle and the BLACK DALEK is destroyed. In the midst the DOCTOR kneels with WATERFIELD.)

DOCTOR: Now lie still. I'll try to get help to you.

WATERFIELD: No time for help.

DOCTOR: You saved my life, didn't you?

WATERFIELD: Yes. Good life to save.

(a brief smile.)

Please, you must... Victoria.

DOCTOR: Don't worry about Victoria. We'll look after her.

WATERFIELD: No time for me.

(WATERFIELD closes his eyes and dies. The DOCTOR stands up with a grim look on his face.)

DOCTOR: The Emperor has commanded your destruction!

DALEKS: Why? Why? Why?

DOCTOR: Well, your friends are fighting for you!

BETA: Friends?

DOCTOR: Down there. Help them.

(He directs them to a windows overlooking the Emperor's control room. The rebels have now entered the chamber and are battling their way towards the Emperor.)

OMEGA: Friends.

(They all move towards the battle, except the DOCTOR.)

DALEKS: Exterminate! Annihilate them!


17. Control Room, DALEK CITY

EMPEROR: Danger! This is your Emperor speaking! There is danger here! Obey me! Do not fight in here! Do not fight in here! I said, Obey! Obey!

(But, no one listens as the battle continues across the room. All the DALEKS are blasting away at each other. The loyal Daleks are being totally overwhelmed by the Rebels.

EMPEROR: Obey me!

Incredible as this is, it is a total full-scale civil war erupting on Skaro! The Daleks continue to destroy each other. Seeing this, the Emperor tries again.)

Obey me! Your Emperor is ordering you. Do not fight in here! Do not fight in here! Obey! I am your Emperor! Daleks, obey me! Obey! Obey! Obey!

(This has no effect and the Emperor starts to speak in both panic and anger.)

You will be exterminated! All exterminated. Annihilated! You will all be exterminated! Annihilated!

(It screams out one final fact.)

The Dalek race will die out completely! Obey your Emperor! Obey! Ob...

(More crashes are heard as the rebel Daleks score a major victory and draw almost up to the Emperor Dalek.)


18. Tunnels, above the Dalek City

(In the underground tunnel, JAMIE, VICTORIA and KEMEL watch as the smoke from the burning city below climbs up the chasm. And then a familiar voice calls out.)

MAXTIBLE: Kemel! Come here!

(VICTORIA shelters behind JAMIE, KEMEL walks purposely forward to confront the possessed MAXTIBLE.

With superhuman strength gained from the Dalek Factor, MAXTIBLE grips KEMEL and forces him closer to the chasm. As MAXTIBLE continues to push him, he hear both a DALEK voice (probably from the possessed man's mind) and MAXTIBLE chanting.)

DALEK VOICE & MAXTIBLE: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

(KEMEL tries in vain to hold his footing, but the inhuman MAXTIBLE slowly forces the Turkish strongman over the edge of the chasm. With a cry (which was the first thing he has ever said) KEMEL falls to his death.)


19. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(The battle is well and truly won by the rebels. As they reach the Emperor, the Emperor screams out one final appeal (possibly over his communications network to all Daleks everywhere in time and space).)

EMPEROR: Attention! Attention! Emergency! Emergency! All Daleks return to control immediately!


20. Tunnels, above the Dalek City

(VICTORIA looks down at the chasm which has claimed KEMEL's life while we hear explosions coming from the "city".)

VICTORIA: Poor Kemel!

(JAMIE holds her gently.)


21. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(The EMPEROR starts to scream as the rebels start to attack it.)


22. Entrance to the City, DALEK CITY

(Heading for the tunnel, the DOCTOR quickly hides as MAXTIBLE returns to the city. MAXTIBLE moves forward and re-enters the control room.)


23. Control Room, DALEK CITY

(At the entrance to the room, MAXTIBLE looks at the damage being done to the Emperor and cries out in a huge voice.)

MAXTIBLE: The Daleks must not... cannot be destroyed. The race will survive! The Daleks will live, and rule, forever!

(The rebels fire at MAXTIBLE and he is quickly killed. The human Dalek, both human and dalekised, is no more.)


24. City.

(We see the Dalek city beginning to burn and buildings starting to collapse. Carnage and chaos reign throughout the city.)


25. Hillside - Near the TARDIS

(The battle is winding down as the DOCTOR charges up the tunnel and joins JAMIE and VICTORIA. )

JAMIE: Doctor.

DOCTOR: Jamie! Jamie!

JAMIE: A Dalek nearly caught us, but, I... I tossed it over the edge. But,... poor Kemel.

DOCTOR: (half puzzled and then remembering who KEMEL was)


JAMIE: Aye. You see, he was trying.

(But VICTORIA, seeing that her father is not there, decides to demand.)

VICTORIA: Where is my father?

(The DOCTOR's face tells her the worst.)

Is... is he dead?

DOCTOR: (gently)

Yes. Yes, I'm afraid he is. But, he didn't die in vain. I think we have seen the end of the Daleks forever!

(VICTORIA starts to gieve and turns away giving the DOCTOR the chance to take JAMIE aside.)

Jamie, we must move along to the TARDIS. It's over there.

JAMIE: (staring at VICTORIA and stating gently but firmly)

We can't leave her alone, Doctor.

(The DOCTOR looks shocked at the idea.)

DOCTOR: We're not going to leave her. She's coming with us!

(He turns back to the City as JAMIE goes over to tell VICTORIA the news. Not much is now left of the city. The DOCTOR's face is a mixture of total delight and total grimness as he realises that he has brought about the end of the most hated and ruthless race in the universe. It is over, but not as the DOCTOR wishes, at such cost to his friends. There is only one statement on the matter he could make.)

The end. The final end!

(And he goes to join JAMIE and VICTORIA by the TARDIS.)


26. Control Room, DALEK CITY

DALEKS: Destroy! Destroy!

(The Emperor -- the Doctor's main adversary -- the leader of the invasion of Earth -- the creator of the plan of the Time Destructor for the conquest using their "Masterplan" -- a mass-mass-murderer -- finally meets its end in the Control room. The rebel Daleks continue to mop up the loyal Daleks and the once-mighty Emperor Dalek screams out as the flames and the rebel Dalek's blasts consume it.

At long last, the Daleks are totally destroyed!

And the universe can thank a certain Time Lord, a small individual in a frock-coat with black hair and a faulty TARDIS, for destroying one of the universe's greatest, if not the greatest, perils.)


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