Episode 4

Written by David Whitaker
First broadcast: 10th June 1967
Repeat broadcast: 13th July, 1968
Running Time: 25:07

1. Interior WEST WING

(JAMIE, having passed through the secret entrance to the WEST WING, is now presented with the next element in his test - the impressive KEMEL, placed at the entrance and told to prevent JAMIE's passage, something he appears perfectly capable of doing as he makes his presence known to JAMIE.)

JAMIE: Hello? Who are you?

(Studying his opponent for a moment, JAMIE then rushes to grapple with him, only to find his left hand in KEMEL's vise-like grip.

At first, JAMIE tries to pull free, but finds he is unable to break the giant's grip. Since he can't pull away, JAMIE lunges forward, his shoulder landing squarely in KEMEL's stomach. Caught off-balance, KEMEL is forced back, and cannot keep his grasp on JAMIE's fist. Given the chance to consider his position, JAMIE steps back a moment before engaging KEMEL in another exchange of blows, feints and falls, finding themselves grappling on the floor until JAMIE is able to kick himself free and regain his feet.

Now, with his back to an open window, the moon shining in, JAMIE can see that KEMEL is sweating, breathing hard, as he himself is doing. Again lunging at JAMIE, KEMEL miscalculates, and as the young Scot dodges his blow, the Turk is sent crashing through and out the window. JAMIE quickly moves to the window, fearing that he has sent KEMEL to his death, only to find that the Turk has only just survived by grabbing a lead drainpipe outside the window.

With just a moment's hesitation, JAMIE reaches down to save the Turk from the death awaiting him many feet below. With his shoulder braced firmly against the window frame, he pulls KEMEL up, until the Turk is able to support himself on the shards of the frame and heave himself to safety.)


2. Corridor, WEST WING

(A DALEK glides through a nearby corridor clutching a handkerchief.)


3. Interior, WEST WING

(Not knowing how to respond to each other, the combatants then fall to the floor, exhausted. KEMEL, not able to speak, sliently express his thanks to JAMIE.)


4. Victoria's Old Room, WEST WING

(The DALEK with the handkerchief enters the room and places the monogrammed cloth on the floor near the door and then leaves.)


5. Interior, WEST RING

(Time passes and JAMIE finds himself standing and staggering on, down the darkened corridor, continuing his search for the DALEKS hostage. With little effort, he finds the room he assumes to be her prison. There is a grille-covered window, a bed, a table and a single chair to indicate that anyone had ever been present.

Then, something on the floor catches his eye -- a single woman's handkerchief. KEMEL shakes his head, indicating to JAMIE that he prefer that they not explore any further.

But JAMIE is not to be disuaded, and enters the room reaching down to retrieve the cloth. As he does so, KEMEL pulls him from behind, and JAMIE turns round to re-engage the Turk, only to hear the loud SWISH of a guillotine blade as it falls from the ceiling and slams into the floor where JAMIE had been standing. He stares in horror at the blade, and then back to KEMEL before shaking hands with his new compatriot.

Finding nothing else there, they leave the room little knowing that the DALEK is watching then from the door of another room.)


6. Interior, WORK ROOM

(The DOCTOR and the RED DALEK have been watching the battle on their instruments, and now comment.)

DOCTOR: (monitoring the instruments)

It took courage to fight Maxtible's Turkish wrestler.

RED DALEK: (bragging)

The Daleks are afraid of nothing and no-one.

DOCTOR: But Jamie saved the Turk's life.

RED DALEK: Human weakness.

DOCTOR: If he hadn't, he would have died in that room of yours. If you want the Human Factor, a part of it must include mercy.


7. Interior, LABORATORY

(WATERFIELD and MAXTIBLE discover TOBY's body.)

WATERFIELD: (stunned)

What... what is he doing here?

MAXTIBLE: (not caring)

A common thief, come to see what he could steal. No mystery here.

(The DALEKS enter via the mirror cabinet.)

DALEK: The intruder was destroyed.

(WATERFIELD is visibly shaken by the sight of TOBY's body.)

WATERFIELD: Well, what... what are we to do? Where is the Doctor? He must be told.

(He turns to leave the room, but the DALEK moves to block his way.)



(The DALEK moves quickly, striking WATERFIELD with its arm, causing him to stagger backward.)

DALEK: Obey me!

MAXTIBLE: (urging)

Waterfield, I... I... I beg of you, do not antagonize the, um... hmm...

(He clears his throat, gesturing toward the DALEK with his eyes.)

...our friends.

WATERFIELD: Oh, why do you consistently avoid reality, Maxtible? Another man has died. Can't you grasp that fact?

DALEK: You will hide the remains of the dead human intruder.

(Looking down at TOBY's body again, WATERFIELD is once again steeled against the idea.)


DALEK: That is an order!

MAXTIBLE: We must do as they say, Waterfield. We... we... we cannot anger them.

(He hands WATERFIELD a sheet.)

Here. Wrap the body in this.

(WATERFIELD is horrified.)


MAXTIBLE: We must! Have you lost your mind? Don't you want to see your daughter again?

WATERFIELD: Th... there's no end to this. The hands of the Devil.

DALEK: Dispose of the body. Obey!

(WATERFIELD groans.)

MAXTIBLE: Waterfield, what is the matter with you? We are not to blame for everything that has happened. No English judge or jury would find it in their hearts to convict us of one solitary thing.

WATERFIELD: It will never come to that.

MAXTIBLE: (suspicious)

And what may that remark mean?

WATERFIELD: I have one purpose only, to see my daughter out of the hands of those foul monsters. When that is achieved, I shall confess my part in all that has happened.

(As WATERFIELD begins to drag TOBY's body from the room, MAXTIBLE stealthily removes a revolver from a nearby desk drawer, slipping it in his coat pocket while WATERFIELD is engaged. Finding that he cannot move the body by himself, WATERFIELD looks up at MAXTIBLE.)

Y... you must help me.

(MAXTIBLE moves to help WATERFIELD.)

MAXTIBLE: I am at your heels, my dear sir.


8. Interior, WEST WING

(JAMIE and KEMEL following their battle)

JAMIE: That's better, thank you. Aye, you're an odd one. I'll say that. Aye. Well, I... I suppose we're both a a bit touched, eh? Knocking each other about the place and saving one another's lives.

(KEMEL shakes his head slowly, emotionlessly.)

You don't say much, do you?

(KEMEL put a finger to his lips, shaking his head slowly. JAMIE immediately comprehends the gesture.)

Oh, I see. You can't talk. Aye. Well, you're a sight better than a number of people I know who can. I wonder what your name is?

(Stepping to a nearby window, the Turk writes his name in the dust that has gathered there over many years -- K E M E L.)

Kemel? Well, I'm Jamie.

(He offers his hand to KEMEL, who, refusing his hand, instead bows his head in obescience to JAMIE.)

He... hey, what is that?! Now, come on now. None of that. We're to be friends. Do you hear? Friends.

(KEMEL is confused by JAMIE's refusal, but as he stands upright, he notices the handkerchief JAMIE still carries in his hand, bearing the initials V.W.)


(KEMEL then indicates his familiarity with the initials.)

"V.W.", I know Victoria Waterfield.

(At this, KEMEL searches inside his belt, removing the remains of a small flower.)

Oh, Miss Waterfield gave you the flower? You like her?

(KEMEL nods his head in the affirmative.)

Of course. Then what are we fighting for?

(The Turk turns his head indicating a question.)

Do you not know what I'm doing here, Kemel? Victoria Waterfield is being held a prisoner here somewhere.

(KEMEL points at himself, and then JAMIE, joining the two fingers in pointing down the corridor.)

Together? Aye, we'll go together. There's no one I'd rather have with me.


9. Interior, WORK ROOM

(The DOCTOR and the DALEK watch JAMIE and KEMEL's every move, with the DALEK watching the DOCTOR even more closely.)


10. Interior, STABLES

(WATERFIELD, exhausted from dragging TOBY's body from the house, finally arrives at the stables, collapsing as he does so. Startled by a metallic noise nearby, he looks around anxiously and MAXTIBLE sits calmly, obviously annoyed by WATERFIELD's demeanor.)

WATERFIELD: What was that? Did you hear it?

MAXTIBLE: Control your nerves.

WATERFIELD: But there was a noise.

MAXTIBLE: Waterfield, go back to the house.

WATERFIELD: Hmm? Oh, we have a task to perform.

MAXTIBLE: Waterfield, I am sick to death of you.

(Not having noticed MAXTIBLE's irritation, WATERFIELD is confused by MAXTIBLE's sharpness.)


MAXTIBLE: I take you into my house, you and your daughter -- provide for you.

WATERFIELD: Yes, I know everything that you've done.

MAXTIBLE: Small thanks do I get for it! I did not bring these terrible creatures here deliberately, you know that. Am I to blame for everything?


MAXTIBLE: No, it is your daughter they have kidnapped. One moment, you beg me to do everything I can to rescue her. Next moment, you blame me.

WATERFIELD: Yes. I... I don't mean it like that. It's the price. First Kennedy, now this fellow. How many people must die so that my daughter can live?

MAXTIBLE: We are not the murderers!

WATERFIELD: No, just the silent partners. But we're equally to blame because we stand by and do nothing.

MAXTIBLE: Go back to the house, Waterfield. I... I understand you are under a stress. You... you try and get some sleep.

WATERFIELD: Sleep? I've not had one good night's rest since this started.

MAXTIBLE: There. You go back to your room. Near the end now. You've done enough.

(MAXTIBLE draws a small pistol, and readies to shoot WATERFIELD in the back. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, an arm knocks his hand down. It is TERRALL, who has appeared from the shadows.)

MAXTIBLE: What... what are you doing?

TERRALL: Waterfield does not die yet!

MAXTIBLE: He says he will confess everything!

TERRALL: Go back to the laboratory. I will dispose of the body. You will obey. You will obey!


11. Corridor, WEST WING

(JAMIE and KEMEL have been watching from the shadows, and see a pair of patrolling Daleks. And they discuss these new arrivals from their hiding place.)

JAMIE: Wait. Never mind about those, Kemel, unless they catch sight of us. We seem to be going in the right direction.


12. Interior, WORK ROOM

(Machine noises can be heard, as the DOCTOR and the DALEK watch.)


13. Corridor, WEST WING

(As they edge along the corridor, JAMIE brushes past a hidden switch. A strange buzzing noise is heard.)

JAMIE: Down!

(A deadly pendulum is released and swings down towards their heads. With lightning-fast reflexes, Kemel and Jamie drop to the floor. With a sigh of relief, the new-found comrades continue towards the end of the corridor.)


14. Interior, WORKROOM

DALEK: We do not trust you. What thoughts are you using now?

DOCTOR: Human beings have five senses -- sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But, there is instinct too. And Jamie used instinct to avoid your trap.


15. Gallery, WEST WING

(Again, VICTORIA is forced out of her room and stand on the gallery with a Dalek.)

DALEK: Name?

VICTORIA: Victoria.

DALEK: Louder.

VICTORIA: (almost screaming)

Victoria! Victoria Waterfield! You know my name!

DALEK: Silence. Inspection is over. Return to your room.


16. Hall, Below Gallery, WEST WING

(Below the Gallery, a solitary Dalek patrols the hall.)


17. Just off Gallery, WEST WING

(Nearby, JAMIE and KEMEL has watched the strange "rolecall")

JAMIE: She's very beautiful, Kemel.

(KEMEL picks up a stick.)

What are you going to do with that?

(KEMEL mimes.)

You'll attack the Daleks, draw them off down the corridor, while I go up there and rescue her somehow? It's too dangerous, Kemel. Besides, needs two of us up there. But, how?


18. Interior, WORKROOM

DALEK: What is the significance of this thought pattern?

DOCTOR: Suicidal attacks to gain an objective.

(to himself)


(to the Dalek)

Self-preservation is a strong human factor. Jamie and his new friend are determined to succeed. But finding the girl is only part. Getting her away is another.


19. Exterior, TROPHY ROOM

(TERRALL is dragging MOLLIE along by her wrist and this is causing MOLLIE great distress.)

TERRALL: You'll come in here Mollie, and explain yourself.

MOLLIE: Oh... Oh, sir... Please, sir... You're hurting me!

(TERRALL, not caring, drags her into the room.)


20. Interior, TROPHY ROOM

(TERRALL shoves MOLLIE into a chair and stand furiously over her.)

TERRALL: (furious)

Now, what is this hysterical nonsense?

MOLLIE: (worried)

But sir, I heard Miss Victoria's voice!

TERRALL: Did she say how the weather was in Paris? That's where she is, Mollie.

MOLLIE: Well, I know that sir, but I heard her speaking.


MOLLIE: I was walking past the big fireplace in the hall sir, and her voice sort-of floated out of it.

TERRALL: Will you explain how you could possibly hear Miss Waterfield's voice when she's in Paris?!

MOLLIE: I know it can't be, sir, but I heard her, as plain as anything.

TERRALL: What were you doing in the hall?

MOLLIE: Oh, well. I wasn't doing anything wrong, sir.

(TERRALL cuts her off.)

TERRALL: What were you doing in this part of the house at this hour?!

MOLLIE: Oh, I don't know.

(TERRALL grabs her and starts to shake her hard.)

TERRALL: You do know, and you'll tell me!

(RUTH appears and is surprised at the scene.)

RUTH: Arthur!

TERRALL: I found this child creeping about the corridors.

MOLLIE: (appealing to RUTH)

I haven't done anything.

TERRALL: Be quiet!

MOLLIE: Yes sir.

TERRALL: She's miles from her room - should have been in bed an hour since!

RUTH: Did you have extra work this morning?

MOLLIE: Yes, Miss Ruth. I do.

TERRALL: You're a liar!

MOLLIE: Well, I haven't done anything, Miss. I haven't took nothing.

(RUTH tries to appeal to TERRALL.)

RUTH: Arthur, the poor child's frightened out of her skin after this.

TERRALL: She's nothing but play acting. She's a mean, sniveling little minx.

MOLLIE: But I haven't done anything. I haven't.

TERRALL: Go to the sitting room and wait there. Mr. Maxtible will decide what to do with you.

MOLLIE: But sir, I...

TERRALL: Do as you are told!

(MOLLIE sobs.)


Mollie, it's all right. Everything will be all right.

(She escorts MOLLIE, who is sobbing, out of the room, and turns to talk to TERRALL. Strangely TERRALL's even temperament has returned.)

Arthur, tell me what's wrong.

TERRALL: Wrong? Why should something be wrong?

RUTH: Has my father influenced you in some way?

TERRALL: No, not your father.

RUTH: Come away with me please! I somehow feel if we delay, it will be too late.

TERRALL: I can't go. Not yet.


21. Interior, LABORATORY

(MAXTIBLE is currently reporting on the situation to the RED DALEK.)

MAXTIBLE: I have done everything you have asked me to. You wanted an agency here on Earth to plan and prepare things for you. I have been that agency. Will you please tell those who give you orders that I am getting tired of waiting.

RED DALEK: (with a warning note in its voice)

Do you threaten the Daleks?

MAXTIBLE: Oh, surely threatening is not necessary. We have a... a partnership -- an understanding.

RED DALEK: You have obeyed us.

MAXTIBLE: You have a strange way of putting things. I prefer to say that you have asked for certain services, I have, uh... provided those services punctually and efficiently. Now you really must look to your side of the bargain. It is not beyond me to ruin the entire enterprise.

(The RED DALEK attacks Maxtible with its sucker arms and knock MAXTIBLE to the floor.)

Oh, oh, oh, ho!

RED DALEK: (almost screaming)

Do not threaten! Obey!

MAXTIBLE: (cowed)

Yes, very well! I understand!

RED DALEK: Obey the Daleks.

(The DALEK turns to leave via the time cabinet.)

MAXTIBLE: No. Please... Please wait!

(The DALEK eyepiece swings round to face MAXTIBLE as the main body faces the cabinet.)

The secret... the secret. You promised to give it to me! That is why I have done all this!

RED DALEK: The Daleks know many secrets. You will learn the most important.

(The RED DALEK leaves.)

MAXTIBLE: (feverish, talking to himself)

I must not be frightened of them. It's just their way. Th... they're different people -- alien. But they will tell me! Of course they will!

(RUTH enters.)

RUTH: Father!

MAXTIBLE: Ruth, I told you not to come in here, under any circumstances.

(RUTH speaks over him.)

RUTH: Father, I simply had to. I heard you speaking to someone and there's no-one here, and Arthur is involved in some way.

(MAXTIBLE speaks over his daughter.)

MAXTIBLE: Oh, Arthur. Yes.

RUTH: Why has he become so changed? And Victoria Waterfield -- where is she?

MAXTIBLE: My child, these are questions that I cannot answer. But, my dear, I will tell you one thing... one thing only, and then perhaps you may understand why there are secrets to be kept.

(He picks up another iron bar from the workbench.)

You see this?

RUTH: What is it?

MAXTIBLE: A piece of ordinary metal of very little value, would you not say so?

RUTH: I suppose so.

MAXTIBLE: (laughs)

What does it weigh? A few pounds? Five, six, shall we say? For centuries now, men have searched for the greatest secret of all. Some say it was known to the ancient alchemists. Some say that the secret never existed at all. But still, the stories and the rumours, and the search goes on!

RUTH: What secret?!

MAXTIBLE: The transmutation of metal into gold. Changing metal into gold. Now, perhaps, do you begin to understand a little?

(He laughs quietly.)

To possess such a secret would mean power and influence beyond all imagination. And I am about to discover this secret.

(His speech begins to sound more maniacal.)

Nothing will stop me. Nothing! Nobody!


22. Gallery, WEST WING

(Another "rolecall")

DALEK: Name?

VICTORIA: Victoria.

DALEK: Louder!

VICTORIA: Victoria Waterfield!

(She is now overheard by JAMIE and KEMEL.)

Victoria Waterfield!

DALEK: Inspection is over. Return to your room.

(VICTORIA returns to her room and closes the door. JAMIE and KEMEL move out from their cover and, using the rope, catapult the guard Dalek into the blazing fireplace. The Dalek gurgles in pain as smoke and flames encircle its casing.)

JAMIE: Well, that's fixed that one.

(The DALEK dies with a guttural, garbled sound. The two men rush to the far end of the hall. Using the rope both men climb to the gallery as the wooden rail strains under their weight. JAMIE reaches the top first and hauls KEMEL to safety...)

Look out, the rail's going to break!

(...just before the rail breaks and falls to the floor with a crash. JAMIE knocks four times on the door.)

Miss Waterfield? Can you open the door? We've come to get you.

(But they hear another noise. Turning away from the door, they see a Dalek gliding into the hall below them. Suddenly the door opens to reveal another Dalek! It glides out toward them, gun stick armed and ready to fire.)

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