first broadcast - 27th March 1965
running time - 24mins 56secs


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(Two knights in hunting gear, with daggers and swords, walk through the wood, looking about cautiously.  After they have passed, a Saracen steps out from a nearby bush, bow in hand.  He slips an arrow into place, and bending the bow, takes aim at the retreating knights.  Another Saracen, El Akir, steps out of the bushes and holds the bowman's arm.  El Akir is in his late 30s and is a man of great power.)

EL AKIR:  No!  Not yet!  One of them may be the King.  Follow them and listen.

(The soldier nods, replaces his arrow, and moves off after the two knights.  El Akir follows him.)


(A hawk rests on the outstretched arm of King Richard.  He is in his early 30s and has red hair.  He slips a small leather bag over the hunting bird's head.)

RICHARD:  We are the only day and night for you, hunter.

(Two knights, Reynier de Marun and William de Tornebu, are with Richard. De Tornebu is kneeling on the ground, attempting to mend the clasp on a bejeweled gold belt. De Marun is standing against a tree looking at the King.)

DE MARUN:  I wish that I were a hawk, Sire, and Saladin my prey.

RICHARD:  (laughing)  Hmm.  Now there's a subject for our troubadours and actors.  Speak to the Chamberlain about it, I beg you, de Marun.

DE MARUN:  I will, my lord.  I will have the players call the entertainment "The Defeat of Saladin, the Sparrow of the East".

RICHARD:  (laughing)  Hmm, hmm.  Well, it will help us to pass these weary waiting nights at Jaffa.

(He glances down at de Tournebu who is still trying to close the clasp of the belt.)

Here's a man devoted to his work.

DE TORNEBU:  A beautiful thing, Sire, but it has a stubborn streak.  The clasp is faulty and needs hot spiers to make it pliable.

RICHARD:  Perhaps I should ride with craftsmen and leave my knights at home.

(As the knights laugh at the King's remark, William des Preaux, another knight, breaks through the bushes into the clearing, sword in hand.)

DES PREAUX:  Your Majesty...

RICHARD:  (emphatically)  No, des Preaux, I will not fight today.

DE MARUN:  Or do you mean to slay us all?

DE TORNEBU:  And eat us for his dinner, from the look of him.

DES PREAUX:  Sire, I've heard sounds in these woods.

DE MARUN:  I have heard nothing...

DE TORNEBU:  What sort of sounds?

RICHARD:  Let the man speak!

DES PREAUX:  I fear this wood, Sire!  You're too far from Jaffa and the Saracens too near.

RICHARD:  Have you seen any?

DES PREAUX:  No.  But I sense them about us!  This wood might have been designed for ambush.

(The King strokes the back of his hawk.)

RICHARD:  What, des Preaux?  Would you see danger in your own shadow?

DE TORNEBU:  I have put the brothers de L'Etabe with the horses, Sire.  And all is ready for the return to Jaffa.

(Aware of the King's cold stare, de Tornebu shifts uncomfortably and continues cautiously.)

If your Majesty desires to go.

RICHARD:  We will stay here until, William the Wary, you recover your composure.  And, I hope, your sense of humor.

(All laugh except for de Tornebu.)


(El Akir and a Saracen soldier watch the King and his three knights from the bushes.)


(Ian spreads the bushes aside and looks around.  Barbara is just behind him and further back The Doctor and Vicki are emerging from the TARDIS.)

IAN:  I'll just take a look around.

(Barbara follows Ian through the bushes.)

THE DOCTOR:  Yes, yes.


(Ian moves into a clearing followed by Barbara.  A Saracen appears brandishing a sword and advances on Ian as Barbara backs away.)

IAN:  Barbara.

(A fight between the knights and the Saracens is heard in the background.  Suddenly The Doctor appears from the bushes behind the Saracen.)

THE DOCTOR:  Good afternoon!

(The Saracen spins around, and Ian seizes the opportunity to move in on him.  A hand goes over Barbara's mouth, and she is pulled back, unnoticed by the others, into the bushes.  Ian struggles with the Saracen bringing him to the ground, but it is The Doctor who delivers the decisive blow, bringing a shield down over the Saracen's head.)

(to Ian)  What is all this?  Who is it?  How did he attack you?  Why did he attack you?

IAN:  I tell you, I didn't stop to ask him.

(Vicki emerges.)

VICKI:  What's going on?  Where are we?


(The sounds of nearby battle pierce the silence of the wood.)

IAN:  Sounds to me as if he's got some friends.

THE DOCTOR:  Hmm, come on. Come along.

(The Doctor leans over the unconscious Saracen, intending to drag him into the bushes.)

VICKI:  But who is he?

THE DOCTOR:  Come away child... Out of one trouble into another!

(Ian looks around and with alarm realizes that Barbara is missing.)

IAN:  Barbara.  Barbara!  Barbara!


IAN:  (oov)  Barbara!

(With a gag over her mouth, Barbara is face down, her hands being tied behind her back by a Saracen.)


(The King and his party move through the bushes on retreat from the Saracens.)

IAN:  (whispering to The Doctor and Vicki)  Someone's coming. Hide.

(Hearing the battle approach, The Doctor and Vicki withdraw into the cover of the bushes, while Ian presses himself behind a tree.  The King, with a slight head wound, is helped by de Marun and des Preaux. De Tornebu walks with his sword ready. De Marun suddenly falls to the ground, dead.  De Tornebu falls, too, an arrow stuck in his shoulder.  He lands near The Doctor and Vicki.  Next, the King falls just as Ian pulls him down into the bushes while the Saracens enter the clearing.  Des Preaux, alone, faces the Saracens.)

DES PREAUX:  Saracens!  I am the king!  I am Malek Ric!

EL AKIR:  So!  You have no friends to protect you now, Malek Ric.

DES PREAUX:  Am I to die as well?  If so, dispatch me and have done with it.

EL AKIR:  A king at liberty may give commands.  A captured one obeys them.

(to his men)  Take him!

(The men drag him away.  El Akir turns to the Saracen who remains.)

Find the others and kill them.

(El Akir leaves.  The King, still lying beside Ian, groans in pain as he comes to.  The Saracen hears this, draws his sword, and approaches.  Seeing the sword dropped on the ground by de Marun, Ian jumps for it and scrambles to his feet.  The King rises and looks after Ian.  The Saracen and Ian fight as Vicki and The Doctor look on.  The Doctor moves forward but is confronted by a second Saracen.  De Tornebu crawls out of the bushes, pulling the arrow from his shoulder.  Ian continues to fight the Saracen and ends up knocking him out.  The Doctor, however, is in dire straights; the second Saracen is about to cut him down.  De Tornebu picks up his sword by the hilt and throws it like a spear into the Saracen's back.  The Saracen falls dead.  Vicki runs out from the bushes.)

THE DOCTOR:  (breathlessly to Ian)  It's alright, old chap, I have my friend here to thank for my life.  All right, dear boy?

IAN:  (breathlessly)  Yes, I'm alright.

THE DOCTOR:  That Saracen very nearly did for me.

(A thought occurs to him.)

Of course.  Did you hear what that man called... called him?  The Saracens.  Malek Ric!  Yes!  That was the name the Saracens had for King Richard. Coeur de Lion. Malek Ric.

VICKI:  So we're in the Holy Land?

(De Tornebu tries to rise and speak.)

He's trying to say something.  Wha...

THE DOCTOR:  I think he's got a very bad wound here.

DE TORNEBU:  He was not the King.

VICKI:  Not the King?

DE TORNEBU:  The belt...


DE TORNEBU:  Get the belt.

VICKI:  (picking it up)  This belt?

THE DOCTOR:  This belt!  Wait a minute.  Of course, yes.  I remember.  This belongs to his royal master, King Richard.  He'll certainly be glad to get this back again.  We shall be able to get into his favor.  And we need some assistance to help find Barbara.

IAN:  We can't wait that long, Doctor.  I'm going to look for her now.

THE DOCTOR:  Be careful.


(Barbara, bound and gagged, is being carried through the wood by two Saracens who are amused at her struggles.  El Akir follows, keeping a watchful eye over his shoulder.  The King also moves off through the wood.)

IAN:  (oov)  Barbara!  Barbara!


(The Doctor locks the TARDIS door.  He is now wearing his cloak and is carrying another over his arm.  He moves to where Vicki is caring for the unconscious de Tornebu.)

THE DOCTOR:  How is he, my dear?  Did he take the drug I gave you?

VICKI:  Yes, but I'm afraid he's unconscious again.

THE DOCTOR:  Yes.  Well, he should be better when we get him back to his own people, hmm.

(Ian enters.)

VICKI:  Where have you been?

THE DOCTOR:  Are you alright?

VICKI:  You've been gone over an hour.

IAN:  (sighing)  There's no sign of Barbara anywhere.

THE DOCTOR:  Well, as I said before, we must try and get some help from King Richard.  (pointing to belt)  This certainly belongs to him.

IAN:  (sighing) I suppose you're right.  Well, how are we going to set about it?

THE DOCTOR:  Well, at the moment we can do nothing further until I find some clothes for all of us to wear, hmm.  Yes.  Now, I think Vicki and I should go down into that city and see what we can find.  (giving the cloak to Vicki)  Now, here child, put on this cloak, and it'll help to act as a disguise.

IAN:  While you're gone, I'll gather some branches and make a stretcher for him.

THE DOCTOR:  It's a good idea, but be careful.  In the meantime, keep your eye on that.

(He hands Ian the belt.)

IAN:  Oh, yeah.

THE DOCTOR:  Come along, child.

(They go, leaving Ian holding the King's belt.)


(Barbara is lying face down on a rug.  William des Preaux is with her.  There is a stool and a table nearby with a pitcher of water and some goblets.  A Saracen stands guard at the door.  Des Preaux gives a coin to a servant in exchange for a cloak.  He then takes it and covers Barbara.  She immediately opens her eyes and begins to sit up.  People and animals are heard from an open window.)

DES PREAUX:  I will do you no harm.

BARBARA:  Oh. Oh, thank heaven they've taken that gag away.  Umm, I'm so thirsty.

(Des Preaux pours her a drink of water.)

DES PREAUX:  I do not know who you are.  Or how you came to be in the wood outside Jaffa.

(He looks at Barbara, who thinks it is better to keep quiet for the moment.)

Your clothing is strange. It has caused some talk.

BARBARA:  Thank you for the cloak.

(She adjusts the cloak around her and then takes the water that des Preaux gives her.)

Oh, that's better.  Where are we?

DES PREAUX:  I am told we are at Ramlah.

BARBARA:  Ramlah?

DES PREAUX:  The great Sultan's encampment.

BARBARA:  Oh, I see.  Well, what are we doing here?

DES PREAUX:  As for you, I can make no guess.  But I am King Richard, Couer de Lion, leader of the mighty host, scourge of the infidel.

BARBARA:  But I thought Richard had red hair.

DES PREAUX:  Had?  Still has if the ruse has worked.

BARBARA:  Oh, then y...

DES PREAUX:  I am Sir William des Preaux, captured and mistaken for my King.  Some smiles will turn to long faces soon, I have no doubt.

BARBARA:  Yes, I heard the sound of fighting in the wood.

DES PREAUX:  We were sadly outnumbered and... and taken by surprise.

BARBARA:  What happened, uh, to the others?  In the wood?

DES PREAUX:  I do not know.  Maybe I shall never know.  (suddenly smiling)  But I have a hopeful heart and, which is better, a lucky King.  And you, who will not say her name...

BARBARA:  Oh, Barbara.

DES PREAUX:  Barbara.  I would like to know how one so gentle puts herself among the sword and arrows.  And your garments are a fashion in themselves.

(Barbara rises, moving forward as she pleads with des Preaux.)

BARBARA:  Take me back to that wood, Sir William, and I'll answer all your questions.

DES PREAUX:  You ask for the impossible very lightly.

BARBARA:  Well, is it so impossible?

DES PREAUX:  Today it is.  But what am I to say of you to the heathen?  How can I explain you to them?

BARBARA:  Well, to them you're King Richard.  So who would travel with Richard?

DES PREAUX:  The Queen would not, but the Princess... Yes, you shall be Joanna, my sister, and help me in my lies.

BARBARA:  (laughing)  Very well.  I seem to have gained a brother and a title.

DES PREAUX:  And what is more, a friend.

BARBARA:  I'm grateful for that. 

(Des Preaux looks through the archway and sees El Akir walking toward the room.)

DES PREAUX:  Ssh. Remember, you are Joanna.

(El Akir enters.)

EL AKIR:  _____ Salah ed-Din has commanded that all prisoners be treated with compassion.  Would you say I have complied with his wishes?

DES PREAUX:  The Sultan of Egypt and Syria would no doubt be pleased.  But this lady, my sister...

EL AKIR:  Sister?

DES PREAUX:  Aye.  Joanna...

(Barbara curtsies to El Akir.)

Princess of England and closest to me in affection.

(Barbara curtsies again.  She then looks at des Preaux and sits down.)

My sister has been ill-treated, handled roughly by your men.  Is this the compassion Saladin speaks of?

EL AKIR:  Enough of your babbling.  The woman is all of one piece.

DES PREAUX:  (filled with absolute rage)  Woman!  Hold your tongue, Saracen!

(The guard restrains des Preaux.)

EL AKIR:  We shall call her a prisoner, then.  Does that sound better?  You have no rights, no privileges, nothing except the benevolence of our leader.  That you are the King's sister bodes well for me.  I can serve both the Sultan and the Malek el Adil.

DES PREAUX:  (angrily)  Saphadin?

EL AKIR:  As you call the Sultan's brother, yes.  He will be pleased to see the woman he has so long admired.

(to the guard)  Let him go.  He is a lion without claws.

(El Akir exits.)

BARBARA:  Someone is going to have a very red face before long.

DES PREAUX:  And an angry temper.


(Ben Daheer stands outside his shop, located in an extremely busy area with people and animals all about.  His shop is between two stalls that flank his archway entrance.  Bundles of cloth and satin are laid out.)

BEN:  Silk. Satin. Fine robes!  Rich silks. Satins from Basrah!  Fine robes!  Silk. Satin!  The finest robes in Jaffa!  Silk. Satin. Fine robes!  Rich silk. Fine satin!  The finest robes in Jaf...

(The Doctor comes up and examines the fabric.  Vicki remains in the background.)

My lord.  You are from Pisa, my lord?


BEN:  Genoa, then?

THE DOCTOR:  I know of the place well.

BEN:  (laughing)  Ah, you are very cautious, you traders from Venice.

THE DOCTOR:  I am not a Venetian.  Neither am I a trader.

BEN:  Oh, your pardon, my lord.  The richness of your cloak is hidden by the darkness.

THE DOCTOR:  You have some very fine materials here.

BEN:  (proudly)  The finest of the coast, my lord!

THE DOCTOR:  (laughing)  Ooh!  That's what they all say.

BEN:  Please, step into my humble shop.

(The Doctor and Ben go into the shop.)

THE DOCTOR:  Truly remarkable, all the colors of the rainbow.  Ha, ha! Yes, it's truly... Where did you say these wonderful materials came from?

BEN:  Basrah, my lord.

THE DOCTOR:  Basrah?  Ah!

(Ben sees another man, Thatcher, who is carrying a bundle of clothes.)

BEN:  (irritated)  Forgive me, my lord.

(Ben Daheer turns his attention to Thatcher.)

THE DOCTOR:  (looking at the cloths)  Most interesting, yes.

BEN:  Why can't you be more careful when you come here?  Why can't you wait until the place is empty?

(They open Thatcher's bundle; Ben begins to sort through the clothes.)

THATCHER:  They're all good.  Fine things.  I want more than you paid last time.

BEN:  Such clothes as these are difficult for me to sell.

THATCHER:  (impatiently)  Just give me my money!

BEN:  I am afraid that I may sell them to the person you took them from.

THATCHER:  A good price, that's all I ask.

(The Doctor overhears their conversation.)

THE DOCTOR:  (to himself, laughing)  Having been stolen once, they can be stolen again, or perhaps borrowed, shall we say, hmm! (laughs)

(The Doctor hides under one of the stalls as Ben pulls out a little leather bag and counts some coins into Thatcher's hands.)

THATCHER:  Here, that's not enough. It was dangerous work getting them things.  If I were caught, do you know what would happen?  Do you know the King's punishment for thieves?  I'd be shorn like a prizefighter and boiling pitch poured on me head.  And, as for you...

(The Doctor's hand appears on the table and removes one of the garments.)

BEN:  You did get out of the palace without being seen?

THATCHER:  Of course I did.  Remember, I can go elsewhere next time.

BEN:  And get less?

(The Doctor's hand reappears, removing another item of clothing.)

THATCHER:  I couldn't get any less than what you give me!  Blimey!  It was hard word going around the palace, I couldn't have done anything.   I spend all my time trying to get this money. You do nothing.

BEN:  As you paid nothing for them in the first place, you have done very well.

(Disgusted, Thatcher leaves, counting his money.  Ben turns back to address The Doctor.)

My lord? My lord?  I was sure that he would buy from me.  I could have sworn that he hadn't left.

(The Doctor ties a cord to the leg of one of the stalls.  He crawls back and pulls the cord.  As the stall collapses Ben rushes over.  Taking advantage of his diversion, The Doctor throws the bundle of clothes to Vicki, who is outside the doorway.)

(wailing)  Oh, my beautiful clothes! Oh, they're ruined! All covered in mud! My silks and satins! Embroidery from India! Oh, I am beset by devils! Oh!

(Vicki makes her getaway.  The Doctor rejoins Ben.)

THE DOCTOR:  Oh, my poor friend, what a misfortune.  You've had an accident.

BEN:  Oh, am I not the most miserable of men.

THE DOCTOR:  Oh, yes you are.  But, I'm afraid I... I must leave you with your misfortune.  But I shall return.  Yes, I will return and you shan't be the loser by this time, eh?

BEN:  Oh please do.  Please do, my lord.

THE DOCTOR:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

BEN:  For what, my lord?

THE DOCTOR:  Oh, for being here.  For being here when you were most needed.  Yes, yes.  Goodbye.

BEN:  Goodbye, my lord.

THE DOCTOR:  Goodbye.  And long live the Sultan.

BEN:  Yes!

(The Doctor walks away, well satisfied.)


(Saphadin, Saladin's brother, is seated on a magnificent chair with draperies behind it.  A guard stands in a corner.  El Akir stands proudly before him.  Once again, crowds from the street are heard throughout.)

SAPHADIN:  Speak, El Akir.

EL AKIR:  My lord, I bring good fortune not only for your ears but for he who rules all of us as well.

SAPHADIN:  My brother hears you as I do.

EL AKIR:  I would see his face when I tell my story.

SAPHADIN:  Be content that your voice is heard.  If what you have to say pleases my brother, then you will see him.

(Saladin is sitting on a chair similar to Saphadin's, directly behind his brother.  He can hear everything without being seen.)

EL AKIR:  Know then that I, El Akir, have the instrument to vanquish the invaders from across the seas.

SAPHADIN:  Indeed?

(El Akir claps his hands and the guard brings in des Preaux.)

EL AKIR:  I have taken two prisoners.  One of them, the King of the English, Malek Ric.

SAPHADIN:  (amazed)  Malek Ric?!  If you are speaking the truth...

(Saladin holds his hands in prayer and presses the hands to his lips, his thumbs resting on his chin.  El Akir claps his hands and the guard immediately closes the window.  The room is silent.)

EL AKIR:  The Lion is in our cage.

SAPHADIN:  Good fortune indeed, El Akir.

EL AKIR:  The other, a priceless stone I bring to lay before you, as your heart desires.  The sister of the Malek Ric.  Here for your command.

(El Akir, positively glowing in triumph, claps his hands once more.  Barbara is led into the room.  El Akir bows.  Saphadin takes one step toward Barbara and peers at her closely.  He controls his anger carefully.)

SAPHADIN:  Princess Joanna.

EL AKIR:  No less.

SAPHADIN:  (viciously)  Less then less!

(El Akir is taken aback, alarmed at Saphadin's venom.)

Who is this creature?  This rowdy jackal that yaps at my feet with tales of fortune and success!

EL AKIR:  My lord...

(Saphadin cuts him off.)

SAPHADIN:  (yelling)  Ah!  You vile worm, do you think I do not know the face and the form of the Princess?  You take me for a fool?

(El Akir turns to des Preaux and Barbara.)

EL AKIR:  You tricked me!

(Saladin appears from behind the drapes.)

SALADIN:  Be silent.  This is not King Richard.

EL AKIR:  Not...

SALADIN:  A blacker head of red-gold hair I never saw.  (looking at Barbara)  You have the better bargain, brother.  She may not be the Princess, but her beauty lights the room.

EL AKIR:  My lord, I swear...

SALADIN:  I do not wish to hear you.

(He looks at des Preaux.)

But I will listen to you.

DES PREAUX:  I am William des Preaux and to aid my King's escape, I shouted out his name and took his identity.  This lady, your Highness, has no part in this matter but in aiding my pretence.  And I beg you to look upon her kindly, whatever fate you have for me.

SALADIN:  I salute your chivalry.

(Saladin turns his attention to Barbara.)

All is now clear to me except the lady's presence.

EL AKIR:  Great Sultan, this woman can be made to entertain you.  I can have her dance on hot coals, run a gauntlet of sharp tipped swords...


EL AKIR:  ...die for your pleasure.

SALADIN:  (to Barbara)  What do you say to that?

BARBARA:  It sounds like the punishment for a fool.

SALADIN:  It does.  And who here is the most foolish?  (pause)  El Akir, I can devise my own pleasures.  Go with Sir William.  Let me hear you have treated him like a brother.  Let him have all the liberty except liberty itself.

(He waves a hand.  A reluctant des Preaux follows El Akir away, escorted by the guard.)

Are you afraid of me?


SALADIN:  You're not of these lands, yet you seem to be a stranger to Sir William.

BARBARA:  I'm a traveller.  I came with three friends.  We arrived in the wood.

SALADIN:  You rode into the wood?


SAPHADIN:  (surprised)  You walked into it?

BARBARA:  Not that either.

SALADIN:  You arrived?

BARBARA:  Yes... in a box.

SAPHADIN:  (with disbelief)  In a box?  Ah, you were carried into the wood?


(Sounds from outside are now heard again within the palace.)

SALADIN:  Please talk.  It helps me to consider what I have to do with you.

BARBARA:  Well I could say that I'm from another world, a world ruled by insects.  And before that we were in Rome at the time of Nero.  Before that were in England, far, far into the future...

SALADIN:  Now I understand, you and your friends, you are players, entertainers.

SAPHADIN:  With little value in an exchange of prisoners with the English King, brother.  This is a trivial affair.  I do not know why you waste your time.

(Saphadin leaves.)

SALADIN:  I cannot dispense life and death lightly.  If Sir William is to be returned, he must make good report of our mercy.  Perhaps that is the factor in your favor.

BARBARA:  I don't believe you're as calculating as that.

SALADIN:  Then learn more of me.  You must serve my purpose or you have no purpose.  Grace my table tonight in more suitable clothes.  If your clothes beguile me, you shall stay and entertain.

BARBARA:  Like Scheherazade.

SALADIN:  Over whose head hung sentence of death.


(A servant is pressing leaves against the cut on the King's head.  He is in a dark mood.  He pushes his servant away and gets up.)

RICHARD:  Right!  Enough!

(His servant drops the bowl of leaves.)

This is the Devil's own embrocation.  Continue.

(The Doctor, Ian, and Vicki are gathered around de Tornebu.  A guard stands by in a corner.)

DE TORNEBU:  And so these kindly people, whose faces were like hidden in a mist until a moment passed, saved my life and brought me here.

RICHARD:  Good friends, indeed.  We thank you.  The brothers de L'Etable are dead. de Marun dead.  Sir Richard des Preaux taken.  What have I left but one wounded friend and a sore head?

THE DOCTOR:  One small thing remains yours, Sire.

(The Doctor produces the gold belt.  The King goes over to him and takes it.)

RICHARD:  Once again, I am in your debt.  But I'd give this for de Marun and the others.

(He throws the belt on his recently vacated chair and moves away.)

My friends cut down about my ears or stolen.  My armies roust about the streets and clutter up the streets of Jaffa with the garbage of their vices.  And now I learn my brother John thirsts after power, drinking great draughts of it, though it's not his to take.  He's planning to usurp my crown,  and trade with my enemy, Philip of France.  Trade!  A tragedy of fortunes, and I am too much beset by them.  A curse on this!  A thousand curses!

IAN:  (whispering)  We must ask him.

THE DOCTOR:  (whispering)  I'm not sure this is the time.

VICKI:  (whispering)  No, he doesn't seem in the best of moods, does he?

IAN:  (whispering)  We can't wait for his moods.

THE DOCTOR:  (whispering)  Ah, tut, tut, tut, tut!  Gently, my boy, gently.

(Ian moves over to the King.)

IAN:  Your Majesty.  There were four of us in that wood.  One of our companions was a lady...

RICHARD:  Oh, do not bother me with such things now.

IAN:  I am asking you to send me with an escort to Saladin's headquarters.

RICHARD:  And what do you do when you are there?

IAN:  Arrange for the release of our friends.

RICHARD:  As my emissary to Saladin?

IAN:  Yes.

RICHARD:  What, flatter him?  Bring him presents in return?

THE DOCTOR:  It would be of little use, a player King and a young woman, Sire.


IAN:  I can bring them both back.


IAN:  Why not?

RICHARD:  (shouting)  Are you deaf?  We do not trade with Saladin today.  Not today, nor tomorrow, nor any day henceforth.

THE DOCTOR:  Our young friend is a woman, Sire. Have pity.  Let us help her.

VICKI:  (meekly)  Please, your Majesty.

(The King is now fuming.)

RICHARD:  Understand this!  This woman can rot in one of Saladin's prisons until her hair turns white before I'll trade with the man that killed my friends!

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