Season 5, 1967; 6 episodes

This six part story from Season five introduced a new monster, the Yeti or Abominable Snowmen. Despite only two appearances in Doctor Who, the Yeti have become established as one of the more popular and enduring creatures in the series' history.

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land in Tibet near the monastery of Det Sen, around 1935. Here they encounter Professor Travers, played by Jack Watling, (who was also Deb Watling's father). Travers is seeking the Yeti, described by Jamie as "great hairy beasties", but according to Travers shy, harmless creatures. However the Yeti are not shy, and appear anything but harmless.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has been given a very unfriendly welcome by the monks, and the plot thickens as the High Lama himself appears to be under the control of some evil entity.

Could this also explain the behaviour of the Yeti?

Apart from a few seconds of footage from episode 4, only episode 2 exists today. This can be found on the BBC video "The Troughton Years".

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