REVIEW: "The Ice Warriors" Video Cassette

by Robert D. Franks
29 October 1998

RATING 7.5 (of 10)

The Ice Warriors 1,4-6                    8
The Ice Warriors 2 & 3 reconstruction     7
The Missing Years                         9.5
The Underwater Menace                     6

_Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors_, (Beverly Hills (CA): CBS/Fox, 1998),
NTSC video cassette.

[Image of Cover]

     I just finished watching the 'Ice Warriors' special set to be released 
next month by BBC Video. Although I'm not going to do a complete review 
here I thought a small teaser might wet your appetites.
     I watched 'The Missing Years' first. If you're expecting to see all 
the clips arranged in order and presented separately, one after the other, 
then you may want to think again. The Restoration Team have instead 
presented a program which may be of interest to other viewers and not just 
us sad, pedantic wankers. Be warned, not all clips have been used, but most 
of them, specially the more recent finds from the Australian censors, have 
all been nicely edited in.
     There are also some clips from existing episodes , such as 'Evil':2 
and 'Wheel':3, but now you can see what the wet-gate process has been able 
to make these prints look like compared to their video release of a few 
years back.
     You may also be surprised that some of the 8mm home movie footage has 
been included. This has been cleaned up and slowed, with the appropriate
soundtrack added. Speaking of soundtracks, I think you'll like the clever
editing Mark Ayres has done.
     Also, the 'Ice Warriors' reconstruction is interesting. It brings a 
new style of recon to the mix and one which people who like the 
fan-produced recons may love or hate. However they do keep the 
reconstruction as brief as possible so they won't lose casual viewers. 
While you're watching it, keep your eyes peeled for the changing 
backgrounds. These very subliminally set the mood and different 
characters and scenes have their own patterns.
     Well now, bet you can't wait to see it. I haven't been this excited 
about a new DW release since 1992. Ah, that fan-boy glow, its so nice to 
feel it again!
     For a more detailed analysis be sure to read the next issue of the 
'Disused Yeti' newsletter. E-mail either Bruce Robinson 
[] or Robert Franks [] for more 

(c) copyright Robert D. Franks, 1998.

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