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Cantrell, ScottJ. S. Bach: Eighteen Leipzig Chorales. AmerOrganist(2)13 5 May 1979 39-41
Lohmann, HeinzJohann Sebastian Bach: Piéce d'Orgue (BWV 572) AmerOrganist(2)13 11 Nov 1979 43-46
Soderlund, SandraItalian Ornamentation. Bach's Toccata in C Major. AmerOrganist(2)13 8 Aug 197928-31
Engel, JamesJ. S. Bach's Motets, especially Jesu, meine Freude. AmerOrganist(2)14 3 Mar 198034-41
Milligan, MaryArticulation in the Music of Bach. AmerOrganist(2)14 5 May 198040-44
Fairleigh, James P.Pachelbel's Magnificat-Fugues Models for J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)14 6 Jun 198034-37
Brown, Charles S.Fugue on BACH. AmerOrganist(2)15 2 Feb 198127
Scheibert, BeverlyThe Art of Fugue. AmerOrganist(2)15 3 Mar 198144-47
Holtz, JohnAn Approach to Playing Bach's Organ Music. AmerOrganist(2)15 4 Apr 198138-41
Rayfield, RobertFingering the Organ Works of Bach. Is Fingering a Guide to Articulation? AmerOrganist(2)15 5 May 198140-42
Shafer, Robert E.'Passion Chorale' in Bach's Works. AmerOrganist(2)15 6 Jun 198134-36
Gatens, William J.Articulation in Bach: Interpreting Historical Evidence with Common Sense and Good Taste. AmerOrganist(2)15 7 Jul 198130-32
Cantrell, ScottBuxtehude in Westfield. Bach at Harvard. AmerOrganist(2)15 8 Aug 198132-33
Tilney, ColinWhy did Bach Write the 48? A Question, not Necessarily an Answer. AmerOrganist(2)15 11 Nov 198140-41
Beechey, GwilymJ. S. Bach's Christmas Oratorio. AmerOrganist(2)15 12 Dec 198139-42
Reed, DouglasHouse of Hope Bach Conference: Klavierübung III and the Cantatas come under Scrutiny. AmerOrganist(2)16 2 Feb 198226-27
Saffle, MichaelNew Light on Liszt's Prelude and Fugue on B-A-C-H. AmerOrganist(2)16 11 Nov 1982 44-49
Herman, KennethThe Bach Revival Revisited. AmerOrganist(2)17 1 Jan 198342-44
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of J. S. Bach--I. AmerOrganist(2)17 1 Jan 198345-47
Beechey, GwilymNotes on some Selected Organ Pieces by J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)17 1 Jan 198347-48
Sabatier, FrançoisSchumann's Organ Works. AmerOrganist(2)17 2 Feb 198336-38
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of J. S. Bach-II. Harpsichord versus Organ in Six Trio Sonatas. AmerOrganist(2)17 3 Mar 198350-52
Zehnder, Jean-ClaudeOrgan Articulation in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Part I. AmerOrganist(2)17 7 Jul 1983 27-31
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of J. S. Bach--III. BWV 565: A Toccata in d Minor for Organ by J. S. Bach? AmerOrganist(2)17 9 Sep 198342-47
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--IV. Motifs in the Passacaglia. AmerOrganist(2)18 2 Feb 1984 38-39
Jordan, PaulHelmut Walcha: artist-teacher. AmerOrganist(2)18 2 Feb 1984 44-48
Noehren, RobertAnother Look at Playing Bach. AmerOrganist(2)18 7 Jul 1984 31-36
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--V. Motifs in the Orgelbüchlein. AmerOrganist(2)18 9 Sep 1984 44-45
McLean, Hugh J.VII. International Johann Sebastian Bach Competition. AmerOrganist(2)18 11 Nov 1984 61-62
Williams, Peter F.Some Tercentenary Questions for the Performer. AmerOrganist(2)19 1 Jan 1985 42-46
Bozeman, George Jr.Fine Arts Center ; State University of New York at Stoney Brook ; "Bach-Silbermann" Organ ; Bozeman-Gibson & Company. Cover Feature. AmerOrganist(2)19 2 Feb 1985 36-38
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--VI: The Larger Chorals of Clavier-übung III. AmerOrganist(2)19 2 Feb 1985 56-57
[anon.]Bachiana. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 64
Lawrence, ArthurBach in 1985. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 65-67
Fusner, HenryA Journey to the Land of Bach. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 68-72
European American MusicThe New Bach Edition. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 73
Löhlein, Heinz-HaraldThe 'Orgelbüchlein'. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 74-75
Stauffer, George B.Bach's 'Orgelbüchlein': More Than Just a Liturgical Year. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 76-78
Clark, Robert; Peterson, John DavidThe 'Orgelbüchlein': Musical Figures and Musical Expression. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 79-81
Sumner, William L.The Organ Played by Bach. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 82-95
Sumner, William L.Bach, the Organ Prover. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985 96-99
Soderlund, SandraBach and the Cadenza: An Examination of the Evidence. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985100-105
Shay, EdmundBach's Prelude and Fugue in G Major and Trio Sonata IV: Andante or Un Poco Allegro? AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985106-107
Cantrell, ScottThe Organ Works of J. S. Bach: A Critical Discography. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985108-112
Brombaugh, JohnInfluence of Johann Sebastian Bach and His Times on Organbuilding in America in the Late 20th Century. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985113-117
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--VII: The Smaller Pieces of Clavier-übung III. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985118-119
Gerald, Paul FitzVisiting the German Democratic Republik with Information from Bach-Related Interviews. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985120-123
Fienen, DavidSamuel Wesley and the Bach Enthusiasts. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985124-125
Beechey, GwilymBach's B-Minor Fugue, BWV 579: Corelli's B-Minor Sonata, Op. 3, No.4. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985126-127
Lawrence, ArthurBach's Choral Music: An Overview. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985130-133
Joyce, DonaldBach Manuscripts in the Morgan Library. AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985137
Wilhite, Ann L.Organ Settings of Luther Chorales AmerOrganist(2)19 3 Mar 1985138-140
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--VIII: Certain Early Preludes and Fugues: BWV 531 and 549. AmerOrganist(2)19 4 Apr 1985 82-84
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--IX: The Italian music. AmerOrganist(2)19 5 May 1985 74-75
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--X: The Transcriptions. AmerOrganist(2)19 6 Jun 1985 44-46
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of J. S. Bach--XI: Chorale Fughettas. AmerOrganist(2)19 7 Jul 1985 56-58
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--XII: Stylistic Allusions in Certain Mature Preludes. AmerOrganist(2)19 8 Aug 1985 38-40
Biery, Marilyn PerkinsOrganic Bach! Marathon AGO Annual Fund Benefit. AmerOrganist(2)19 9 Sep 1985 48-49
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of J. S. Bach--XIII: Manual Changing in Certain Fugues. AmerOrganist(2)19 9 Sep 1985 62-64
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--XIV: Dividing Solo Lines Between the Hands; Clues to Articulation? AmerOrganist(2)19 10 Oct 1985117-119
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--XV: Some Issues Raised in Certain Early Chorales. AmerOrganist(2)19 11 Nov 1985 91-93
Ruggles, Charles M.A Philatelic Celebrations of J. S. Bach's 300th Birthday. AmerOrganist(2)19 12 Dec 1985 48-49
Towe, Teri NoelThe Organs Played by Bach: An Update. AmerOrganist(2)19 12 Dec 1985 50-58
Williams, Peter F.Suggestions for Playing the Works of Bach--XVI: More Organ Works by J. S. Bach? AmerOrganist(2)19 12 Dec 1985 60-62
Guillou, JeanVariations on B-A-C-H. AmerOrganist(2)19 12 Dec 1985 68-73
Baber, Donald S.Bach Organ Study Tour: Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 18-August 3. AmerOrganist(2)19 12 Dec 1985 76-77
Peterson, John DavidBach's Organ Chorales from the Neumeister Collection. AmerOrganist(2)20 6 Jun 198658-62
Williams, Peter F.Bach's Organ Chorales from the Neumeister Collection. First Edition and Recordings. A Feature Review. AmerOrganist(2)20 6 Jun 198663-64
Studwell, William E.Bach and the Christmas carol. AmerOrganist(2)20 11 Nov 198625
Fuller, DavidRhythmic Alteration - if any - in Bach's Organ Music. AmerOrganist(2)21 6 Jun 198740-48
Groom, Lester H.AGO Service Playing Test Update Part one: J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)21 7 Jul 198750-51
Radice, Mark A.Sesquialtera in the Music of J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)21 10 Oct 198750-53
Arnold, Corliss RichardAGO Colleague Examination Update Part Two. Bach and Handel. AmerOrganist(2)21 11 Nov 198782-83
Rayfield, RobertJohann Christian Kittel's pedaling instructions. AmerOrganist(2)21 12 Dec 198768-69
Faulkner, QuentinGriepenkerl on Bach's Keyboard Technique: A Translation and Commentary. AmerOrganist(2)22 1 Jan 198863-65
Bighley, MarkDouble-Titled Chorale Preludes of J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)22 2 Feb 198850-52
Peterson, John DavidThe Uncollected Organ Chorales of J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)22 2 Feb 198852-55
Horning, JosephSmall Can be Beautiful. Some Reflections on the Art of Registration. AmerOrganist(2)23 5 May 198969-73
Music, David W.Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. AmerOrganist(2)23 9 Sep 198971-73
Friedrich, FelixThe Trost Organ in Altenburg. AmerOrganist(2)23 9 Sep 198989
Swallow, CarolynBach Week: Columbia College a. Lutheran Theol. Southern Seminary. June 5-9, 1989. AmerOrganist(2)23 10 Oct 198998-99
Atkinson, GordonUniversity of Michigan Historic Tour XX 'In the Steps of Bach' June 5-19, 1989. AmerOrganist(2)23 11 Nov 198990-91
Wolff, ChristophBach The Cantor, The Capellmeister, and the Musical Scholar: Aspects of the B-Minor Mass. AmerOrganist(2)24 1 Jan 199071-73
Hastings, KarenNew Franck Fingerings Brought to Light. AmerOrganist(2)24 12 Dec 199092-101
Benitez, Vincent P.Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 538: A Rhythmic/Metric Perspective. AmerOrganist(2)25 3 Mar 199156-58
Dirst, MatthewTradition, Authenticity, and a Bach Chorale Prelude. AmerOrganist(2)25 3 Mar 199159-61
Welch, JamesAGO Chapter of the Month: Santa Barbara Recreates 1716 Concert and Banquet. AmerOrganist(2)25 12 Dec 199146-47
Regestein, LoisBoston celebrates Bach's birthday. AmerOrganist(2)26 12 Dec 199238
Porter, Cecelia HopkinsJ. S. Bach and the Fall of the Iron Curtain. AmerOrganist(2)26 12 Dec 199246-54
Faulkner, QuentinInformation on Organ Registration From a Student of J. S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)27 6 Jun 199358-63
Mitchell-Wallace, SueCAGO exam. 1994: the Bach Repertoire. - Prelude in F Minor, BWV 534; Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659. AmerOrganist(2)27 7 Jul 199334-35
Welch, JamesMendelssohn's Commemorative Bach Recital of 1840. AmerOrganist(2)27 9 Sep 199362-65
Westermeyer, PaulChant, Bach, and Popular Culture. AmerOrganist(2)27 11 Nov 199334, 36-39
Lagacé, Bernard; Valleau, DouglasThe 'Art of Fugue' on the Organ. AmerOrganist(2)28 1 Jan 199461-65
Mitchell, David L.Reconsidering the Primary Sources for J. S. Bach's Trio Sonatas. AmerOrganist(2)28 10 Oct 199458-60
Stapleton, PeterMeditation on SDG or J.S. Bach Had the Right Idea. AmerOrganist(2)29 1 Jan 199563
Kooiman, EwaldJacques Lemmens, Charles-Marie Widor, and the French Bach Tradition. AmerOrganist(2)29 3 Mar 199556-64
Dirst, MatthewSamuel Wesley and the Well-Tempered Clavier: A Case Study in Bach Reception. AmerOrganist(2)29 5 May 199564-68
Ridout, AlanBach's Organ Works: An Editorial Approach. AmerOrganist(2)29 6 Jun 199548-49
Stinson, RussellAn Introduction to Werckmeister's Orgelprobe. AmerOrganist(2)30 6 Jun 199636-38
Crowell, GregoryGallomania, Marpurg, and Bach: Registration Possibilities for Bach's Late Organ Works. AmerOrganist(2)30 10 Oct 199663-68
Payne, JosephThe 'Bach' organ at Naumburg: A short introduction to its history, significance, and future. AmerOrganist(2)32 6 Jun 199858-60
Morana, FrankJ.S. Bach and the Musical Instruments of His Time - American Bach Society Biennial Meeting April 24-26, 1998. AmerOrganist(2)32 9 Sep 199868-70
Morana, FrankLincoln Center Festival '98, Bach Marathon. AmerOrganist(2)32 10 Oct 199854-55
Campbell, Bruce BenedictThe Relationship of Analysis and Performance: The Little Prelude in G Minor, BWV 558. AmerOrganist(2)33 3 Mar 199988-91
Reichwald, SiegwartPoulenc's Concerto pour orgue: Bach, Liszt, and Stravinsky. AmerOrganist(2)33 8 Aug 199934-36
Morana, FrankComputer-Generated Bach. Fifteen Two Part Inventions by David Cope (EMI). AmerOrganist(2)33 9 Sep 199966-69
Morana, FrankProbing the Organ Works of Bach: Part I. AmerOrganist(2)33 10 Oct 199970-73
Morana, FrankProbing the Organ Works of Bach: Part II. AmerOrganist(2)33 11 Nov 199962-66
Schmidt, Jack W.Lessons from Leipzig: J.S. Bach's Audition for the St. Thomas Cantorate and Its Implications for Today's Church Music. AmerOrganist(2)34 3 Mar 200083-85
Crowell, GregoryJ.S. Bach's Piece d'Orgue: A New Edition. AmerOrganist(2)34 5 May 200074
Morana, FrankBach in America: American Bach Society biennial meeting. [Washington, D.C., 2000] AmerOrganist(2)34 7 Jul 200049-53
Jerold, BeverlyPedal Technique in Early Music. AmerOrganist(2)34 10 Oct 200082-85
Overduin, JanNine Published Completions for Keyboard of BWV 1080, 19, from The Art of Fugue by J.S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)35 1 Jan 200178-82
[anon.]Gerhard Herz. AmerOrganist(2)35 2 Feb 200153
Morana, FrankProbing the Organ Works of Bach, Part III. AmerOrganist(2)35 7 Jul 200151-52
Morana, FrankProbing the Organ Works of Bach, Part IV. AmerOrganist(2)35 8 Aug 200158-60
Faulkner, QuentinNaumburg Restored! AmerOrganist(2)36 2 Feb 200267-68
Reed, DouglasDiscovering Bach and Hildebrandt in Naumburg. AmerOrganist(2)36 2 Feb 200268-72
Jerold, BeverlyOrgan tempo at the time of J.S. Bach. AmerOrganist(2)36 7 Jul 200256-60
Faulkner, QuentinMore than meets the eye: Slurs and Metrical Ambiguities in Bach's Prelude and Fugue in E-flat (BWV 552). AmerOrganist(2)36 10 Oct 200268-71
Kuznik, Joel H.Leipzig Bach Festival 2003. AmerOrganist(2)37 9 Sep 200361-62
Rosalyn Tureck. AmerOrganist(2)37 11 Nov 200344
Kull, Joyce ShupeCAGO Exam 2004, Bach Prelude in C minor, BWV 549, Adagio from Toccata in C, BWV 564. AmerOrganist(2)38 1 Jan 200472-73
Mardirosian, HaigVox Humana: Bach by Immersion. AmerOrganist(2)38 2 Feb 200498
Thomas, Anne MarsdenAnne Marsden Thomas's Organ Lesson XXII: 'Ach bleib' bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ.' AmerOrganist(2)38 3 Mar 200474-75
Vogels, DavidMusings: Bach at Home. AmerOrganist(2)38 8 Aug 200440-41
Thomas, Anne MarsdenAnne Marsden Thomas's Organ Lesson XXIV: 'Short' Prelude and Fugue in C, BWV 553 (attributed to J. S. Bach). AmerOrganist(2)38 8 Aug 200442-43
Morana, FrankImages of Bach, 13th Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society Biennial Meeting, April 16-18, 2004. AmerOrganist(2)38 8 Aug 200468-72
Hess, KimberlyThe organ sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. AmerOrganist(2)38 10 Oct 200478-82
Robinson, SteveNot by Bach, Things I Learned on my Way to an Audition. AmerOrganist(2)38 11 Nov 200471-72
Wiggins, LydiaMake History--Become Part of Guinness World Records By Presenting Words of Albert Schweitzer and the Music of Bach Simultaneously with the Washington National Cathedral. AmerOrganist(2)39 2 Feb 200568
Little, William A.Felix Mendelssohn and J.S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue in E minor (BWV 533). AmerOrganist(2)39 2 Feb 200573-83
Kull, Joyce Shupe2005 FAGO Exam Bach Repertoire, Fugue only, from Prelude and Fugue in E-flat, BWV 552; Un poco allegro (final movement) from Trio Sonata No. 4 in E Major [sic], BWV 528. AmerOrganist(2)39 3 Mar 200574-75
Jerold, BeverlyA Little More Muscle Please, Playing the Organ Before the 20th Century. AmerOrganist(2)39 9 Sep 2005105-108
Kull, Joyce ShupeColleague Exam Repertoire [BWV 579, etc.]. AmerOrganist(2)39 11 Nov 200554-55
Kuznik, Joel H.Dresden's Frauenkirche, A Phoenix Rises With A New Organ. AmerOrganist(2)40 3 Mar 200666-69
Ciampa, LeonardoLearn to Improvise in 15 Minutes a Day!: 'Nearer, My Bach, to Thee'. AmerOrganist(2)40 10 Oct 2006106-107
Brock, John14th AGO National Conference on Organ Pedagogy - Nach Bach: From the Master to Mendelssohn. AmerOrganist(2)40 10 Oct 200664
Perry, Markwell; Clarke, MurrayBach to Buxtehude Program: RCCO Brantfrod Centre, JANUARY 21, 2007. AmerOrganist(2)41 5 May 200770-71
Roe, Richard AllenRCL meets Bach using the Cantatas as Musical Commentary on the Readings of the Day. AmerOrganist(2)41 6 Jun 200792-93
Soderlund, SandraOrgan playing from Bach to Mendelssohn. AmerOrganist(2)41 11 Nov 200750-62
Smith, Tim[Bach's autograph of BWV 7 in Teri Noel Towe's possession.] AmerOrganist(2)42 12 Dec 200846
Raybon, C. Leonard, Jr.Jesu, meine Freude: The prodigal's roundtrip journey. AmerOrganist(2)43 8 Aug 200948-53
Little, William A.Mendelssohn's dilemma: 'The collection of chorale preludes or the passacaille?' AmerOrganist(2)43 1 Jan 200966-71
Little, William A.Mendelssohn in Birmingham: The composer as organist, 1837 and 1840. AmerOrganist(2)43 3 Mar 200972-79
Mardirosian, HaigVox Humana - our Bach. AmerOrganist(2)44 3 Mar 201047
Lowther, Roger W.The spiritual power of Bach's organ music in Japan. AmerOrganist(2)44 3 Mar 201081
Hyslop, Scott M.James Kibbie's Bach adventure. AmerOrganist(2)44 5 May 201056-58
Cason, ClifAn Annual Bach Marathon. AmerOrganist(2)44 8 Aug 201033
Stauffer, George B.The complete organ works of J.S. Bach: The Leupold Edition. AmerOrganist(2)44 9 Sep 201040-43
Post, Carla S.Bach's Organ World tour. AmerOrganist(2)45 1 Jan 201144-47
Lane, ChristianPerformance considerations in J.S. Bach's prelude and fugue in C major, BWV 545. AmerOrganist(2)45 2 Feb 201156-59
Ruiter-Feenstra, PamelaImprovisation Initiatives: Bach and the Art of Improvisation. AmerOrganist(2)45 9 Sep 201140-41
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Yearsley, DavidExorcising Completeness in the Pedal Exercitium. AmerOrganist(2)46 10 Oct 201262-69
Ridgway, Lee2012 Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative. AmerOrganist(2)47 3 Mar 201350-53
Everhart, LindaStephen Layton on performing Bach's Christmas oratorio. AmerOrganist(2)48 11 Nov 201432-35
Hamilton, Stephen J.; Huber, KennethFrom Bach to beatbox at Royal Festival Hall. AmerOrganist(2)48 7 Jul 201428-33
Thomas, Anne MarsdenJ.S. Bach's choral prelude Wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme (from Schübler chorales, any edition). AmerOrganist(2)49 8 Aug 201550-52
Hall, Jonathan B.J.S. Bach's Mein gläubiges Herze frohlocke: Mark Sedio's Rich in promise. AmerOrganist(2)49 12 Dec 201540
Smith, RollinDe profundis with trombones: An alternate performance of Bach's Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir, BWV 585. AmerOrganist(2)49 3 Mar 201532-34
Faulkner, QuentinThe legacy of the 'Bach organ'. AmerOrganist(2)49 3 Mar 201536-38
Tuttle, JohnTouring Bach's organ world. AmerOrganist(2)50 1 Jan 201658-59

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