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Thaler, Alan[Fugierende und verändernde Choräle] Forty-eight chorale preludes / Georg Philipp Telemann. RecentResearchMBaroq2 1965101p
Giebler, Albert C.Missa Superba / Johann Caspar Kerll. RecentResearchMBaroq1 1967xiii, 93p
Rimbach, EvangelineMagnificat / Johann Kuhnau. RecentResearchMBaroq34 1980x, 76p
Silbiger, AlexanderFour Sacred Concertos / Matthias Weckmann. RecentResearchMBaroq46 1984xxx, 124p
Morris, Mary S.Six Chorale Cantatas / Johann Schelle. RecentResearchMBaroq60-61 1988xxiv, 202p
Stinson, RussellKeyboard Transcriptions from the Bach Circle. RecentResearchMBaroq69 1992xviii, 131p
Baselt, BerndLustige Madrigalien und Canzonetten / Sebastian Knüpfer. RecentResearchMBaroq97 1999xx, 123p
Melamed, Daniel R.Motets / Johann Ludwig Bach. RecentResearchMBaroq108 2001xix, 203p
Nordbakke, Michael W.Sonatas a 3 / Georg von Bertouch. RecentResearchMBaroq144 2006xv, 210p
Tilley, JanetteAndreas Hammerschmidt: Geistlicher Dialogen Ander Theil. RecentResearchMBaroq150 2008xxv, 108p
Leonard, Charlotte A.Selections from the Gespräche (1655-56) with Capellen / Andreas Hammerschmidt. RecentResearchMBaroq166 2010xxx, 168p
Unger, MelvinGerman Te Deum / Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel. RecentResearchMBaroq168 2010xiv, 114p
Nordbakke, Michael WilhelmFour sacred cantatas / Daniel Eberlin. RecentResearchMBaroq184 2013xviii, 69p

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