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Barbour, J. MurrayIrregular Systems of Temperament. JAMSoc1 3 Autumn 194820-26
Kinkeldey, OttoBach Self-Embellished. JAMSoc2 3 Autumn 1949197-198
Barbour, J. MurrayMore on the Leipzig Organ Tuning. JAMSoc3 1 Spring 195041-44
Haydon, GlenOn the Problem of Expression in Baroque Music. JAMSoc3 2 Summer 1950113-119
Ulrich, HomerThe Nationality of Bach's Solo-Violin Partitas. JAMSoc3 2 Summer 1950155-156
Scheide, William H.Luther and Bach's Cantata 50. JAMSoc4 1 Spring 195136-39
Appel, Richard G.The Bach chorales - a Bicentenary Summary and Survey of the Different Editions of the Collections of the Chorales. JAMSoc4 1 Spring 195162-63
Moss, MarshallUse of the Bach Bow in the Performance of His Sonatas. JAMSoc4 3 Autumn 1951273
Buszin, Walter E.Lutheran Theology as Reflected in the Life and Works of J. S. Bach. JAMSoc4 3 Autumn 1951273-274
Mintz, DonaldAspects of the Revival of Bach. JAMSoc6 2 Summer 1953189-190
Powell, Newman W.Early Keyboard Fingering and its Effect on Articulation. JAMSoc6 3 Autumn 1953252-253
Newman, William S.Some Familiar Questions of Performance Practices in Bach's Keyboard Music. JAMSoc9 1 Spring 195659-60
Varro, MargitA Bach Fugue Analyzed in Poetry. JAMSoc11 2-3 Summer-Autumn 1958251
Simon, Edwin J.A Royal Manuscript: Ensemble Concertos by J. C. Bach. JAMSoc12 2-3 Summer-Autumn 1959161-177
David, Hans T.A Lesser Secret of J. S. Bach Uncovered. JAMSoc14 2 Summer 1961199-223
Kirkendale, WarrenMore Slow Introductions by Mozart to Fugues of J. S. Bach? JAMSoc17 1 Spring 196443-65
Mendel, ArthurMore on the Weimar Origin of Bach's 'O Mensch, bewein' (BWV 244/35). JAMSoc17 2 Summer 1964203-206
Neumann, FrederickThe French 'Inégeles', Quantz, and Bach. JAMSoc18 3 Autumn 1965313-358
Collins, MichaelThe Performance of Triplets in the 17th and 18th Centuries. JAMSoc19 3 Autumn 1966281-328
Jander, OwenStaff-liner Identification: a Technique for the Age of Mcrofilm. JAMSoc20 1 Spring 1967112-116
Babitz, SolNotes Inégales: A Communication. JAMSoc20 3 Autumn 1967473-476
Byrt, JohnNotes Inégales - Some Misconceptions? JAMSoc20 3 Autumn 1967476-480
Collins, MichaelNotes Inégales: A Re-examination. JAMSoc20 3 Autumn 1967481-485
Dürr, Alfred[List of missing MSS after World War II.] JAMSoc21 1 Spring 1968121-123
Terry, MiriamC.P.E. Bach and J.J.H. Westphal--A Clarification. JAMSoc22 1 Spring 1969106-115
Brainard, PaulBach's Parody Procedure and St. Matthew Passion. JAMSoc22 2 Summer 1969241-260
Jacobi, Erwin R.Five hitherto unknown letters from C.P.E. Bach to J.J.H. Westphal. JAMSoc23 1 Spring 1970119-127
Plantinga, Leon B.Clementi, Virtuosity, and the 'German Manner'. JAMSoc25 3 Autumn 1972303-330
Jacobi, Erwin R.Three Additional Letters from C. P. E. Bach to J. J. H. Westphal. JAMSoc27 1 Spring 1974119-125
Little, Meredith EllisThe Contribution of Dance Steps to Musical Analysis and Performance: 'La Bourgogne'. JAMSoc28 1 Spring 1975112-124
Buck, Charles H., IIIRevisions in Early Clavier Concertos of C. P. E. Bach: Revelations from a New Source. JAMSoc29 1 Spring 1976127-132
Wolff, ChristophBach's 'Handexemplar' of the Goldberg Variations: A New Source. JAMSoc29 2 Summer 1976224-241
Seaton, DouglassA Draft for the Exposition of the First Movement of Mendelssohn's 'Scotch' Symphony. JAMSoc30 1 Spring 1977129-135
Lester, JoelMajor-Minor Concepts and Modal Theory in Germany, 1592-1680. JAMSoc30 2 Summer 1977208-253
Rivera, Benito V.Bach's Use of Hitherto Unrecognized Types of Countersubjects in the 'Art of Fugue'. JAMSoc31 2 Summer 1978344-362
Kirkendale, WarrenCiceronians versus Aristotelians on the Ricercar as Exordium, from Bembo to Bach. JAMSoc32 1 Spring 19791-44
Berg, Darrell M.Towards a catalogue of the keyboard sonatas of C. P. E. Bach. JAMSoc32 2 Summer 1979276-303
Dreyfus, LaurenceJ. S. Bach's Experiment in Differentiated Accompaniment: Tacet Indications in the Organ Parts to the Vocal Works. JAMSoc32 2 Summer 1979321-334
Marshall, Robert L.J. S. Bach's Compositions for Solo Flute: A Reconsideration of their Authenticity and Chronology. JAMSoc32 3 Autumn 1979463-498
Kirkendale, UrsulaThe Source for Bach's Musical Offering: The Institutio Oratoria of Quintilian. JAMSoc33 1 Spring 1980 88-141
Harris, Ellen T.The Italian in Handel. JAMSoc33 3 Autumn 1980468-500
Brown, Howard MayerEmulation, Competition, and Homage: Imitation and Theories of Imitation in the Renaissance. JAMSoc35 1 Spring 19821-48
Chafe, Eric T.J. S. Bach's 'St. Matthew Passion': Aspects of Planning, Structure, and Chronology. JAMSoc35 1 Spring 198249-114
Kramer, Richard A.The new modulation of the 1770s: C.P.E. Bach in theory, criticism, and practice. JAMSoc38 3 Autumn 1985551-592
Spitzer, John; Zaslaw, NealImprovised Ornamentation in Eighteenth-Century Orchestras. JAMSoc39 3 Autumn 1986524-577
Silber, JudithMendelssohn and His 'Reformation' Symphony. JAMSoc40 2 Summer 1987310-336
Melamed, Daniel R.The Authorship of the Motet 'Ich lasse dich nicht' (BWV Anh. 159). JAMSoc41 3 Autumn 1988491-526
Swack, Jeanne R.On the Origins of the Sonate auf Concertenart. JAMSoc46 3 Autumn 1993369-414
Yearsley, DavidAlchemy and Counterpoint in an Age of Reason JAMSoc51 2 Summer 1998201-243
Berg, Darrell M.C. P. E. Bach's Organ Sonatas: A Musical Offering for Princess Amalia? JAMSoc51 3 Autumn 1998477-519
Head, Matthew'If the Pretty Little Hand Won't Stretch': Music for the Fair Sex in Eighteenth-Century Germany. JAMSoc52 2 Summer 1999203-254
Lester, JoelHeightening Levels of Activity and J. S. Bach's Parallel-Section Constructions. JAMSoc54 1 Spring 200149-96
Melamed, Daniel R.The Double Chorus in J. S. Bach's St. Matthew Passion BWV 244. JAMSoc57 1 Spring 20043-50
Bent, Ian D.'That Bright New Light': Schenker, Universal Edition, and the Origins of the Erläuterung Series, 1901-1910. JAMSoc58 1 Spring 200569-138
Zohn, StevenTelemann in the Marketplace: The Composer as Self-Publisher. JAMSoc58 2 Summer 2005275-356
Richards, AnnetteCarl Philipp Emanuel Bach: portraits, and the physiognomy of music history. JAMSoc66 2 Summer 2013337-396

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