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Buelow, George J.Symbol and structure in the 'Kyrie' of Bach's B-minor Mass. FestschriftSer4 1981 21-41
Mann, AlfredBach's 'A Major Mass' - A Nativity Mass? FestschriftSer4 1981 43-47
Morgan, Wesley K.Mannered Metaphor in Baroque Music. FestschriftSer4 1981 48-59
Weaver, Robert L.Essays on the Music of J. S. Bach and other divers subjects: A Tribute to Gerhard Herz. FestschriftSer4 1981328p
Helm, E. EugeneAn honorable shortcut to the works of C.P.E. Bach. FestschriftSer5 1985 85-98
Atlas, Allen W.Music in the classic period: essays in honor of Bary S. Brook. FestschriftSer5 1985xii, 384p
Morgan, Wesley K.Bach's Motets in the Twentieth Century. FestschriftSer6 1988233-254
Paine, GordonFive Centuries of Choral Music. Essays in Honor of Howard Swan. FestschriftSer6 1988ix, 389p
Franklin, Don O.The Fermata as Notational Convention in the Music of J. S. Bach. FestschriftSer10 1992345-381
Allanbrook, Wye J.; Levy, Janet M.; Mahrt, William P.Convention in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Music: Essays in honor of Leonard G. Ratner. FestschriftSer10 1992xxi, 548p
Stauffer, George B.J. S. Bach as Organ Pedagogue. FestschriftSer12 199425-44
Soderlund, SandraBach and Grave. FestschriftSer12 199477-82
Snyder, Kerala J.The Organist as Scholar: Essays in Memory of Russell Saunders. FestschriftSer12 1994xiii, 297p
Wolff, Christoph'Et Incarnatus' and 'Crucifixus': The Earliest and Latest Settings of Bach's B-Minor Mass. FestschriftSer13 1994 1-17
Neumann, FrederickSome Performance Problems of Bach's Unaccompanied Violin and Cello Works. FestschriftSer13 1994 19-46
Federhofer, HellmutJohann Joseph Fux and Equal Temperament. FestschriftSer13 1994119-130
Williams, Peter F.Towards a close reading of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. FestschriftSer13 1994143-156
Buelow, George J.A Bach Borrowing by Gluck: Another Frontier. FestschriftSer13 1994187-203
Parker, Mary AnnEighteenth-Century Music in Theory and Practice: Essays in Honor of Alfred Mann. FestschriftSer13 1994x, 337p
Mann, AlfredSelf borrowing. FestschriftSer14 1995147-163
Stauffer, George B.J. S. Bach's Harpsichords. FestschriftSer14 1995289-318
Burkholder, J. PeterRule-breaking as a rhetorical sign. FestschriftSer14 1995369-389
Mathiesen, Thomas J.; Rivera, Benito V.Festa Musicologica: Essays in Honor of George J. Buelow. FestschriftSer14 1995x, 528p
Daverio, JohnPoint-counter-point: Schoenberg meets Bach. FestschriftSer19 2005237-254
Bempéchat, Paul-AndréLiber amicorum Isabelle Cazeaux: Symbols, parallels and discoveries in her honor. FestschriftSer19 2005xxvi, 521p
Kerman, JosephSalience and serendipity. FestschriftSer21 2005 43-52
Huemer, Christina; Petrobelli, PierluigiRemembering Oliver Strunk, Teacher and Scholar. FestschriftSer21 2005xii, 144p

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