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Donington, RobertThe choice of instruments in baroque music. EarlyM1 3 Jul 1973131-138
Schott, HowardThe Harpsichord Revival. EarlyM2 2 Apr 197485-95
Bainbridge, TimothyWanda Landowska and her repertoire. EarlyM3 1 Jan 197539-41
Arnold, DenisThe Baroque in Germany: performing early music on record -- 3. EarlyM4 2 Apr 1976183-185
Kirkpatrick, RalphC.P.E. Bach's Versuch reconsidered. EarlyM4 4 Oct 1976384-392
Lindley, MarkInstructions for the clavier diversely tempered. EarlyM5 1 Jan 1977 18-23
Lam, BasilAuthenticity and the St John Passion. EarlyM5 1 Jan 1977 45-49
Procter, MichaelThe 1976 Berlin Bachfest. EarlyM5 1 Jan 1977125
Hilton, WendyA dance for kings: The 17th-century French Courante. Its character, step-patterns, metric and proportional foundations. EarlyM5 2 Apr 1977161-172
Baines, FrancisWhat Exactly Is a Violone?: A Note towards a Solution. EarlyM5 2 Apr 1977173-176
Smithers, Don L.The baroque trumpet after 1721: Some preliminary observations. Part one: Science and Practice. EarlyM5 2 Apr 1977177-183
Neumann, FrederickThe dotted note and the so-called French style. EarlyM5 3 Jul 1977310-324
Fuller, DavidDotting, the 'French style' and Frederick Neumann's Counter-Reformation. EarlyM5 4 Oct 1977517-542
Donington, RobertWhat 'is' rhythmic alternation? EarlyM5 4 Oct 1977543-545
Anderson, NicholasPerforming Style in Bach Cantatas: 1. EarlyM6 1 Jan 197889-93
Smithers, Don L.The baroque trumpet after 1721: Some preliminary observations. Part Two: Function and Use. EarlyM6 3 Jul 1978356-361
Anderson, NicholasPerforming Style in Bach Cantatas: 2. From Ramin to Richter. EarlyM6 3 Jul 1978421-427
Neumann, FrederickOnce more: the 'French overture style'. EarlyM7 1 Jan 197939-43, 45
Anderson, NicholasPerforming Style in Bach Cantatas: 3. EarlyM7 1 Jan 197999-102
Barnes, JohnBach's keyboard temperament: Internal evidence from the Well-Tempered Clavier. EarlyM7 2 Apr 1979236-237,239,241-245,247,249
Hibgee, DaleBaroque flute discography. EarlyM7 2 Apr 1979250-253
O'Donnell, JohnThe French style and the overtures of Bach. EarlyM7 2,3 Apr,Jul 1979190-196; 336-345
Blood, William'Well-tempering' the Clavier: five methods. EarlyM7 4 Oct 1979491-495
Smith, Douglas AltonSylvius Leopold Weiss, master lutenist of the German Baroque. EarlyM8 1 Jan 1980 47-51, 53-55, 57-58
Schwandt, Erich; O'Donnell, JohnThe principles of L'Affilard. EarlyM8 1 Jan 1980 77,79,81
Di Véroli, ClaudioBach's temperament. EarlyM8 1 Jan 1980129
Boyden, David D.The violin bow in the 18th century. EarlyM8 2 Apr 1980199-203, 205-212
Jones, Philip P.; Barnes, JohnBach, and Werckmeister. EarlyM8 4 Oct 1980511, 513
Wells, Ribin HeadlamNumber symbolism in the renaissance lute rose. EarlyM9 1 Jan 1981 32-41
Kellner, Herbert AntonBach's temperament. EarlyM9 1 Jan 1981141
Di Véroli, ClaudioBach's temperament. EarlyM9 2 Apr 1981219-221
Leavis, RalphBach. EarlyM9 2 Apr 1981283-284
Kirkpatrick, RalphOn playing the Clavichord. EarlyM9 3 Jul 1981293-305
Williams, Peter F.BWV 565: A toccata in D minor for Organ by J.S. Bach? EarlyM9 3 Jul 1981330-337
Humphreys, DavidThe D minor Toccata BWV 565. EarlyM10 2 Apr 1982216-217
Henning, UtaThe most beautiful among the claviers: Rudolf Richter's reconstruction of a Baroque lute-harpsichord. EarlyM10 4 Oct 1982477-486
Kirkpatrick, RalphFifty Years of Harpsichord Playing. EarlyM11 1 Jan 198331-41
Williams, Peter F.J. S. Bach's Well-tempered Clavier: A new approach. EarlyM11 1, 3 Jan, Jul 198346-52; 332-339
Roe, StephenManuscripts. EarlyM11 2 Apr 1983227,229
Addington, ChristopherIn search of the Baroque flute: The flute family 1680-1750. EarlyM12 1 Feb 1984 34-47
Williams, Peter F.J. S. Bach: Mass in B minor. EarlyM12 1 Feb 1984137,139,141
Wells, Ribin HeadlamThe ladder of love: Verbal and musica rhetoric in the Elizabetan lute-song. EarlyM12 2 May 1984173-189
Toft, RobertMusicke a sister to Poetrie: Rhetorical artifice in the passionate airs of John Dowland. EarlyM12 2 May 1984190-197, 199
Butler, Gregory G.The projection of affect in Baroque dance music. EarlyM12 2 May 1984200-207
Searle, ArthurManuscripts and printed books. EarlyM12 2 May 1984231, 233
Williams, Peter F.Bach's G minor Sonata for viola da gamba and harpsichord BWV 1029: A seventh Brandenburg Concerto? EarlyM12 3 Aug 1984345-354
Wolff, ChristophBach from 1985 to 2000. EarlyM13 2 May 1985162-164
Kenyon, NicholasA Bach family portrait? EarlyM13 2 May 1985164
Wolff, ChristophBach's Leipzig Chamber Music. EarlyM13 2 May 1985165-175
Marshall, Robert L.Bach's 'Orchestre'. EarlyM13 2 May 1985176-179
Schulze, Hans-JoachimThe French influence in Bach's instrumental music. EarlyM13 2 May 1985180-184
Stauffer, George B.Bach as reviser of his own keyboard works. EarlyM13 2 May 1985185-198
Stinson, RussellJ. P. Kellner's copy of Bach's sonatas and partitas for violin solo. EarlyM13 2 May 1985199-211
Crist, Stephen A.Bach's début at Leipzig. Observations on the genesis of Cantatas 75 and 76. EarlyM13 2 May 1985212-226
Leaver, Robin A.Bach and hymnody. The evidence of the Orgelbüchlein. EarlyM13 2 May 1985227-236
Dreyfus, LaurenceThe metaphorical soloist: Concerted organ parts in Bach's cantatas. EarlyM13 2 May 1985237-247
Hill, Robert'Echtheit angezweifelt'. Style and authenticity in two suites attributed to Bach. EarlyM13 2 May 1985248-255
Cyr, MaryBach's Music in France: A New Source. EarlyM13 2 May 1985256-259
Searle, ArthurManuscripts and Printed Books. EarlyM13 2 May 1985267-268
Addington, ChristopherThe Baroque flute. EarlyM13 2 May 1985331,333,335
Marissen, MichaelA Trio in C major for recorder, violin and continuo by J. S. Bach? EarlyM13 3 Aug 1985384-390
Roe, StephenBach in Berlin. EarlyM13 4 Nov 1985611-612
Pont, GrahamA third alternative. EarlyM14 3 Aug 1986409-411
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's 'Orchestre'. EarlyM14 4 Nov 1986566-567
Cooper, BarryThe Six French Suites: J. S. Bach. Edited by Alfred Dürr. Bärenreiter, Kassel, 1984, DM 22. EarlyM14 4 Nov 1986599,601
Selfridge-Field, EleanorItalian oratorio and the Baroque orchestra. EarlyM16 4 Nov 1988506-513
Wade, Rachel W.Newly found works of C.P.E. Bach. EarlyM16 4 Nov 1988523-532
Clark, Stephen LewisC.P.E. Bach and the tradition of Passion music in Hamburg. EarlyM16 4 Nov 1988533-541
Schulenberg, DavidPerforming C. P. E. Bach: Some Open Questions. EarlyM16 4 Nov 1988542-551
Schulze, Hans-JoachimJohann Sebastian Bach's orchestra: some unanswered questions. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 3-15
Landmann, OrtrunThe Dresden Hofkapelle during the lifetime of Johann Sebastian Bach. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 17-30
Helm, E. EugeneThe editorial transmission of C.P.E. Bach's music. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 32-41
Williams, Peter F.A chaconne by Georg Böhm: a note on German composers and French styles. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 43-54
Lindley, MarkEarly fingering: some editing problems and some new readings for J.S. Bach and John Bull. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 60-69
Rifkin, JoshuaThe Bach Compendium. EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989 79-88
Cyr, MaryThree sonatas for viola da gamba and harpsichord (BWV 1027-1029). EarlyM17 1 Feb 1989106,108,110,113
Searle, ArthurManuscripts and Printed Music. EarlyM18 2 May 1990283-284, 287
Haynes, BruceBeyond temperament: non-keyboard intonation in the 17th and 18th centuries. EarlyM19 3 Aug 1991357-365,367-370,372-381
Page, Janet. K.'To soften the sound of the hoboy': The muted oboe in the 18th and early 19th centuries. EarlyM21 1 Feb 199365-76, 78-80
Stauffer, George B.Boyvin, Grigny, D'Anglebert, and Bach's assimilation of French Classical organ music. EarlyM21 1 Feb 199383-84, 86-96
Williams, Peter F.Two case studies in performance practice and the details of notation: 1. J. S. Bach and 2/4 Time. EarlyM21 4 Nov 1993613-622
Williams, Peter F.Two case studies in performance practice and the details of notation: 2: J. S. Bach and left-hand-right-hand distribution. EarlyM22 1 Feb 1994101-113
Kroesbergen, Willem; Wentz, JedSonority in the 18th century, un poco piů forte? EarlyM22 3 Aug 1994482-495
Powell, Ardal; Lasocki, DavidBach and the Flute: The Players, the Instruments, the Music. EarlyM23 1 Feb 1995 9-10, 13-14, 17-29
Swack, JeanneQuantz and the Sonata in E flat major for flute and cembalo, BWV 1031. EarlyM23 1 Feb 199531-53
Fontijn, Claire A.Quantz's unegal: Implications for the Performance of 18th-Century Music. EarlyM23 1 Feb 199554-62
Miller, Leta E.C. P. E. Bach and Friedrich Ludwig Dülon: Composition and improvisation in late 18th-century Germany. EarlyM23 1 Feb 199565-76, 78-80
Kirnbauer, Martin; Thalheimer, PeterJacob Denner and the development of the flute in Germany. EarlyM23 1 Feb 199582-100
Boyd, MalcolmSacred Bach, echt and unecht. EarlyM23 2 May 1995338
Searle, ArthurManuscripts and printed music. EarlyM23 2 May 1995355-358
Watchorn, PeterIsolde Ahlgrimm, 1914-1995. EarlyM24 1 Feb 1996187-188
Parrott, AndrewBach's chorus: a 'brief yet highly necessary' reappraisal. EarlyM24 4 Nov 1996551-580
Rifkin, JoshuaFrom Weimar to Leipzig: concertists and ripientists in Bach's 'Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis'. EarlyM24 4 Nov 1996583-603
Koopman, TonRecording Bach's Early Cantatas. EarlyM24 4 Nov 1996605-621
Searle, ArthurPrinted and Manuscript Music. EarlyM25 1 Feb 1997159-164
Dirst, MatthewBach's French Overtures and the Politics of Overdotting. EarlyM25 1 Feb 199735-44
Abravaya, IdoA French overture revisited: another look at the two versions of BWV 831. EarlyM25 1 Feb 199747-58, 60-61
Parrott, AndrewBach's chorus: who cares? EarlyM25 2 May 1997297-302
Rifkin, JoshuaBassoons, violins and voices: a response to Ton Koopman. EarlyM25 2 May 1997303-307
Koopman, TonOne-to-a-part? Who then turns the pages - More on Bach's chorus. EarlyM25 3 Aug 1997541-542
Rifkin, JoshuaPage turns, players and ripieno parts: more questions of scoring in Bach's vocal music. EarlyM25 4 Nov 1997728-731, 733-734
Koopman, TonBach's choir, an ongoing story. EarlyM26 1 Feb 1998109-121
Butt, JohnBach's vocal scoring: what can it mean? EarlyM26 1 Feb 199899-107
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's Chorus: A neverending story? EarlyM26 2 May 1998380-381
Wolff, ChristophBach's Chorus: Stomach aches may disappear! EarlyM26 3 Aug 1998540-542
Parrott, AndrewBach's Chorus: beyond reasonable doubt. EarlyM26 4 Nov 1998636-658
Wolff, ChristophBach's chorus: an amplification. EarlyM27 1 Feb 1999172
Sawkins, Lionel; Burden, Michael; Pamplin, T. M.; Wollenburg, SusanBach's Chorus: A Plea for Mercy. EarlyM27 1 Feb 1999172
Kirkpatrick, GavinBach's chorus: an appreciation. EarlyM27 1 Feb 1999173
Cooper, John MichaelTimpani Parts in German Baroque Music: The Schlagmanieren Revisited. EarlyM27 2 May 1999249-264, 266
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's chorus: not again! EarlyM27 2 May 1999350
Wollenberg, SusanC. P. E. Bach conference. German Orpheus: C. P. E. Bach and musical culture in the late 18th century, Barnes Hall, Cornell University, 12-14 February 1999. EarlyM27 3 Aug 1999507
Sherman, Bernard D.Bach's notation of tempo and early music performance: some reconsiderations. EarlyM28 3 Aug 2000455-466
Johnson, DavidBach cello suites. EarlyM28 4 Nov 2000660-661
Rose, StephenBach cantatas in abundance. EarlyM28 4 Nov 2000671-676
Marín, Miguel AngelBach comes to Dublin. Ninth Biennial Conference on Baroque Music, Trinity College, Dublin, 12-14 July 2000. EarlyM28 4 Nov 2000678-679
Tassel, Eric vanBach performance practice. Internationale Bachakademie, Stuttgart, 26-8 August 2000. EarlyM28 4 Nov 2000679-680
Kevorkian, TanyaThe reception of the cantata during Leipzig church services, 1700-1750. EarlyM30 1 Feb 200226-45
Summerly, JeremyLassus and Bach -- but not as we know them. EarlyM30 4 Nov 2002634-636
Freemanová, Michaela; Mikanová, Eva'My honourable lord and father...': 18th-century English musical life through Bohemian eyes. EarlyM31 2 May 2003210-231
Altschuler, Eric LewinBach's singers. EarlyM31 2 May 2003318
Oleskiewicz, MaryQuantz's Quatuors and Other Works Newly Discovered. EarlyM31 4 Nov 2003484-505
Geck, MartinBach's art of church music and his Leipzig performance forces: contradictions in the system. EarlyM31 4 Nov 2003558-571
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's chorus: some new parts, some new questions. EarlyM31 4 Nov 2003573-580
Rose, StephenBach and solo singers. EarlyM31 4 Nov 2003628-629
Altschuler, Eric LewinBach's singers. EarlyM32 2 May 2004350
Lehman, BradleyBach's extraordinary temperament: our Rosetta Stone -- 1. EarlyM33 1 Feb 2005 3-24
Rose, StephenDaniel Vetter and the domestic keyboard chorale in Bach's Leipzig. EarlyM33 1 Feb 2005 39-53
Rose, StephenThe Altbachisches Archiv. EarlyM33 1 Feb 2005141-144
Lehman, BradleyBach's extraordinary temperament: our Rosetta Stone -- 2. EarlyM33 2 May 2005211-232
Butt, JohnBach: cantatas and a passion. EarlyM34 1 Feb 2006168-171
Lindley, Mark; Ortgies, IboBach-style keyboard tuning. EarlyM34 4 Nov 2006613-623
O'Donnell, JohnBach's temperament, Occam's razor, and the Neidhardt factor. EarlyM34 4 Nov 2006625-633
Wraight, DenzilRecent approaches in understanding Cristofori's fortepiano. EarlyM34 4 Nov 2006635-644
Yearsley, DavidIn Buxtehude's footsteps. EarlyM35 3 Aug 2007339-353
Latcham, MichaelPianos and harpsichords for Their Majesties. EarlyM36 3 Aug 2008359-396
Lindley, MarkMore on temperament. EarlyM36 4 Nov 2008678
Vanscheeuwijck, MarcRecent re-evaluations of the Baroque cello and what they might mean for performing the music of J.S. Bach EarlyM38 2 May 2010181-192
Nicholson, GrahamThe unnatural trumpet. EarlyM38 2 May 2010193-202
Madeuf, Jean-FrançoisThe revival of the natural trumpet in the Baroque repertory: utopian or not? EarlyM38 2 May 2010203-204
Vervliet, Stijn; Van Looy, BartBach's chorus revisited: Historically informed performance practice as 'bounded creativity' EarlyM38 2 May 2010205-213
Glöckner, AndreasOn the performing forces of Johann Sebastian Bach's Leipzig church music. EarlyM38 2 May 2010215-222
Parrott, AndrewBach's chorus: the Leipzig line - A response to Andreas Glöckner. EarlyM38 2 May 2010223-235
Webber, GeoffreyBuxtehude's Praeludia and the sonata publications of Corelli. EarlyM38 2 May 2010249-261
Kuijken, SigiswaldA Bach odyssey EarlyM38 2 May 2010263-272
Robinson, LucyCanonic Bach for viols. EarlyM38 2 May 2010310-313
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's chorus: Against the wall. EarlyM38 3 Aug 2010437-439
Fábián, Dorottya; Schubert, EmeryA new perspective on the performance of dotted rhythms. EarlyM38 4 Nov 2010585-588
Swich, LuigiFurther thoughts on Bach's 1722 temperament. EarlyM39 3 Aug 2011401-408
Knights, FrancisEarly keyboards at Edinburgh. EarlyM39 3 Aug 2011477
Glöckner, Andreas'The ripienists must also be at least eight, namely two for each part': The Leipzig line of 1730--some observations. EarlyM39 4 Nov 2011575-586
Parrott, AndrewJ. S. Bach's Trauer-Music for Prince Leopold: clarification and reconstruction. EarlyM39 4 Nov 2011587-596
Pardee, KatharineBach in Edinburgh. EarlyM39 4 Nov 2011664-665
Rifkin, JoshuaBach's chorus: more of the same. EarlyM40 1 Feb 2012165-166
Schulenberg, DavidBach's temperament. EarlyM40 1 Feb 2012166-167
Lindley, MarkBach's temperament. EarlyM40 1 Feb 2012167
Lebedinski, Ester; Laube, MatthewBaroque Conference. EarlyM40 3 Aug 2012540-542
Leavis, Ralph[A response to D. Ledbetter's 'Bach's meaning?' (review of book by C. Booth), EarlyM xxxix/3 (2011)] EarlyM40 3 Aug 2012544
Moroney, DavittGustav Leonhardt’s 'authenticity'. EarlyM41 1 Feb 2013 86-98
Schulenberg, DavidPerforming C. P. E. Bach: some questions answered? EarlyM41 1 Feb 2013119-122
Wentz, JedGustav Leonhardt, the Naarden circle and early music's reformation. EarlyM42 1 Feb 2014 3-12
Elste, MartinFrom Landowska to Leonhardt, from Pleyel to Skowroneck: historicizing the harpsichord, from stringed organ to mechanical lute. EarlyM42 1 Feb 2014 13-22
Naulleau, GaetanGustav Leonhardt's Bach cantata recordings: project, reception and style. EarlyM42 1 Feb 2014 37-54
Wilson, GlenBach's 'Art of Fugue': suggestions for the last gap. EarlyM42 2 May 2014249-257
Booth, ColinBach's use of the single-note ornament in the 'Goldberg Variations'. EarlyM42 2 May 2014259-272
Jerold, BeverlyNotes inégales: a definitive new parameter. EarlyM42 2 May 2014273-289
Schulenberg, DavidCarl Philipp Emanuel Bach: a tercentenary assessment. EarlyM42 3 Aug 2014335-345
Richards, AnnetteListening for likeness, or C. P. E. Bach and the art of speculation. EarlyM42 3 Aug 2014347-362
Dellal, PamelaThe songs of C. P. E. Bach: a performer's perspective. EarlyM42 3 Aug 2014363-377
Corneilson, PaulOrganizing the complete works of C. P. E. Bach. EarlyM42 3 Aug 2014379-387
Rathey, MarkusRehearsal for the opera--remarks on a lost composition by Johann Kuhnau from 1683. EarlyM42 3 Aug 2014409-420
Guyner, SheilaC.P.E. Bach at the keyboard. EarlyM43 2 May 2015364-365
Vaquero, CarlosA quantitative study of seven historically informed performances of Bach's BWV1007 Prelude. EarlyM43 4 Nov 2015611-622
Ozmo, ŽakShould (early) Baroque music be equally tempered? Vincenzo Galilei's 1584 Libro d'intavolatura di liuto and its wider implications for historical performance practice. EarlyM44 1 Feb 2016 119-124
Tomita, YoDeciphering the performance hints hidden in J. S. Bach's quaver beams. EarlyM44 1 Feb 2016 89-104
Rathey, MarkusPrinting, politics and 'a well-regulated church music': a new perspective on J. S. Bach's Mühlhausen cantatas. EarlyM44 3 Aug 2016449-460
Frampton, AndrewBach in Cambridge. EarlyM45 4 Nov 2017708-709
Cypess, RebeccaHow thorough was Bach's thoroughbass? A reconsideration of the trio texture. EarlyM47 1 Feb 2019 83-97
Cole, WarwickNotation and the origins of Bach's Cello Suite in C minor (BWV 1011). EarlyM47 2 May 2019241-254
Górny, TomaszEstienne Roger and his agent Adam Christoph Sellius: new light on Italian and French music in Bach's world. EarlyM47 3 Aug 2019361-370
Göncz, ZoltánIn search of the lost parts of Bach's cantata Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (BWV 190). EarlyM47 4 Nov 2019515–532
Wilkinson, TomMore Bach in Cambridge. EarlyM47 4 Nov 2019612–614
Bania, Maria; Skowroneck, TilmanAffective practices in mid-18th-century German music-making: reflections on C. P. E. Bach's advice to performers. EarlyM48 2 2020193-203

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