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Stinson, RussellThe Compositional History of Bach's Orgelbüchlein Reconsidered. BachPerspectives1 1995 43-78
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Frisch, WalterBach, Brahms, and the Emergence of Musical Modernism. BachPerspectives3 1998109-131
Hinton, StephenHindemith, Bach, and the Melancholy of Obligation. BachPerspectives3 1998133-150
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Broyles, MichaelHaupt's Boys: Lobbying for Bach in Nineteenth-Century Boston. BachPerspectives5 2003 37-55
Greer, Mary J.'The Public...Would Probably Prefer Something that Appeals Less to the Brain and More to the Senses': The Reception of Bach's Music in New York City, 1855-1900. BachPerspectives5 2003 57-114
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Dirksen, PieterJ. S. Bach's Violin Concerto in G Minor. BachPerspectives7 2008 21-54
Schulenberg, DavidThe Sonate auf Concertenart: A Postmodern Invention? BachPerspectives7 2008 55-96
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Wolff, ChristophUnder the Spell of Opera? Bach's Oratorio Trilogy. BachPerspectives8 2011 1-12
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Rathey, MarkusDrama and Discourse: The Form and Function of Chorale Tropes in Bach's Oratorios. BachPerspectives8 2011 42-68
Snyder, Kerala J.Oratorio on Five Afternoons: From the Lübeck Abendmusiken to Bach's Christmas Oratorio. BachPerspectives8 2011 69-95
Dreyfus, LaurenceThe Triumph of 'Instrumental Melody': Aspects of Musical Poetics in Bach's St. John Passion. BachPerspectives8 2011 96-121
Chafe, EricBach's Ascension Oratorio: God's Kingdoms and Their Representation. BachPerspectives8 2011122-145
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Schulenberg, DavidC. P. E. Bach's Keyboard Music and the Question of Idiom. BachPerspectives11 2017 83-112
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Noll, MarkHistorical Proximity: John Wesley Visits Leipzig in 1738. BachPerspectives12 2018 1-16
Irwin, Joyce L.Dancing in Bach's Time: Sin or Permissible Pleasure? BachPerspectives12 2018 17-35
Leaver, Robin A.A Catholic Hymnal for Use in Lutheran Leipzig: Catholisches Gesang-Buch (Leipzig, 1724). BachPerspectives12 2018 36-62
Stockigt, Janice B.Liturgical Music for a New Elector: Origins of Bach's 1733 Missa Revisited. BachPerspectives12 2018 63-83
Rathey, MarkusBach's Christmas Oratorio and the Mystical Theology of Bernard of Clairvaux. BachPerspectives12 2018 84-103
Stauff, DerekThe Church under Persecution: Bach's Cantatas for the Fourth Sunday after Epiphany. BachPerspectives12 2018104-128
Cypess, RebeccaMusic Historicism: Sara Levy and the Jewish Enlightenment. BachPerspectives12 2018129-151
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Zepf, MarkusReworking Fischer: Some Observations about Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer. BachPerspectives13 2020 1-35
Hill, Moira LeanneRepaying Debt with Interest: The Revision of Borrowed Movements in C. P. E. Bach's Passions. BachPerspectives13 2020 36-73
Knyt, Erinn E.The Bach-Busoni Goldberg Variations. BachPerspectives13 2020 74-100
Crist, Stephen A.Bach as Modern Jazz. BachPerspectives13 2020101-121
Exner, EllenCertifying J. S. Bach's Interplanetary Funksmanship; or, What Bach Meant to Bernie Worrell. BachPerspectives13 2020122-142
Buch, LauraBach Reworked. BachPerspectives13 2020149p

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