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Haskell, HarryFrom the margins to the mainstream. BBCMMag 199620-24
Wigmore, RichardThe genius of Bach. BBCMMag 199650-53
Frogley, AlainBach: Why the Fatal Attraction. BBCMMag5 4 199621-23
Butt, JohnPerfectly infinite. BBCMMag 199738-40
Stewart, AndrewThe Belgian bitten by Bach. BBCMMag [Special Issue] 199732-37
[anon.]Bach 250th Anniversary. A Music to Mirror Every Age. BBCMMag8 5 Jan 200033-34
[anon.]The Cantor's Workload. BBCMMag8 5 Jan 200036-37
Koettlitz, Alex vonHow many singers does it take to perform a cantata by JS Bach? Two leading Bach conductors argue their cases. Andrew Parrott says 4, or sometimes 8, Helmuth Rilling says 24. BBCMMag8 5 Jan 200038-39
Smith, JaneIn Search of Bach: Clare Brigstocke and her partner set out on a modern-day pilgrimage. Their aim - to hear Bach's church choir sing the Christmas Oratorio in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig in his birthplace and churches on the way. BBCMMag8 5 Jan 200040-42

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