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Schmidt, L.Bach and the recorder. AmerRecorder5 196430-33
Higbee, DaleJ. S. Bach's music for recorder on records. Part I: the Brandenburg concerti, BWV 1046-51. AmerRecorder9 4 1968116-123
Higbee, DaleAlternative Instrumentation in Bach's Second Brandenburg Concerto. AmerRecorder18 1 May 197711
Shapiro, Daniel R.An Interview with Paul Jordan. AmerRecorder17 3 1978[8]p
Rowland-Jones, AnthonyRecorder slurring. II: The later Baroque AmerRecorder34 4 19936-11
Rowland-Jones, AnthonyRecorders Slurring III: The Technique of Slurring. AmerRecorder35 1 19947-12

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