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1. Otsuka, NaoyaJ. S. Bach no Shukenban no tame no Toccata Kenkyu: BWV 910-916 no Seiritsu to Klavier no Gainen ni tsuite no Kosatsu. diss. 2001
2. Cooper, David ThomasBach cello suites transcribed and edited for trumpet and Bach cello suites 1-3, performed on trumpet. diss. 2001
3. Jung, Ja YoungPreludes in all twenty-four major and minor keys, op. 67, by Johann Nepomuk Hummel: An investigation and analysis. diss. 2001 144p
4. Edge, DexterMozart's Viennese copyists. diss. 2001 2416p
5. Davis, StaceyImplied Polyphony in the Unaccompanied String Works of J. S. Bach: Analysis, Perception, and Performance. diss. 2001 266p
6. Sanders, Reginald LeMonteCarl Philipp Emanuel Bach and liturgical music at the Hamburg principal churches from 1768 to 1788. diss. 2001 316p
7. Cole, WarwickThe Performance of Small-note Vorschläge in the Keyboard and Chamber Music of J. S. Bach. diss. 2001 357p
8. Piña Rebeil, Juan CarlosLa guitarra clásica a travéz de los períodos barroco y contemporáneo. diss. 2001 35p
9. White, Andrew Carl'Good invention repaid with interest': The Importance of Borrowing in Bach's Compositional Process. diss. 2001 380p
10. Sun, Chiao-LingViolin and dance in the Baroque era: The unaccompanied violin Partita BWV 1002 by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 2001 56p
11. Kalshoven, Laura AnnViola da gamba sonatas by Johann Sebastian Bach and sons (Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. diss. 2001 57p
12. Macri, ChiaraLa prassi esecutiva pianistica nei suoi fondamenti storici ebiomeccanici: Una nuova ipotesi metodologica. diss. 2001 683p
13. Trolier, Kimberly AnnAnalytical topics in Bach's flute sonatas. diss. 2001 79p
14. Wallis, Byron MalcolmVirtuosity and Illusion: Bach's C-major Solo Violin Fugue in the History of Violin Polyphony. diss. 2001 90p
15. Arsenault, Valerie PrebysA Pedagogical Edition and Performer's Guide to J. S. Bach's Cello Suites (BWV 1007--1010) transcribed for the violin. diss. 2001 92p
16. Hess, Kimberly AnnThe organ sonatas of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. diss. 2001 v, 223p
17. Elbon, Virginia ElizabethSymmetry and proportion: Generative and formative procedures of J. S. Bach's 'Brandenburg Concerto No. 3'. diss. 2001 vii, 33p
18. Power, TushaarJ.S. Bach and the Divine Proportion. diss. 2001 xi, 255p
19. Brass, ChristopheLa basse fondamentale dans Le clavier bien tempéré de Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 2001 xii, 867 p
20. Deyton, Timothy JackA conductor's analysis of the Lutheran Mass in G Major and Cantata 179, 'Siehe zu, dass deine Gottesfurcht nicht Heuchelei sei', by Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 2001 xv, 199p

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