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1. Oechsle, SiegfriedBachs Arbeiten am strengen Satz: Studien zum Leipziger Vokalwerk. diss. 1996
2. Schaap, Elizabeth MariaBarokartikulasie en -vingersetting vir die klavierbegeleier: 'n Toepassing in die fluitsonate in E-mol (BWV 1031) van J. S. Bach diss. 1996
3. Queiroz, Flavio Jose Gomes deAprendendo contraponto atraves dos preludios corais. diss. 1996
4. Brischwein, O.Die Johannes-Passion von Johann Sebastian Bach. Eine Untersuchung der freien Dichtung. diss. 1996 104p
5. Dequevauviller, VincentLe Magnificat de Jean-Sébastien Bach, étude de la version originale en mi bémol majeur. diss. 1996 110p
6. Chambers, MarkThe 'Mistuned' Cello: Precursors to J. S. Bach's Suite V in C minor for Unaccompanied Violoncello. diss. 1996 115p
7. Chung, Erin Hae-RangThe 'Well-Tempered Clavier' by J. S. Bach: A Performance Guide to Twelve Selected Preludes and Fugues Arranged in Order of Ascending Difficulty. diss. 1996 117p
8. Dequevauviller, VincentJean-Sébastien Bach, le musicien-arpenteur. Étude sur les structures numériques dans quelques œuvres de J. S. Bach. diss. 1996 120p
9. Gabrielse, Kenneth J.A Conductor's Analysis of 'Gloria' Settings from Five Masses and a Pedagogical Approach to Their Performance. diss. 1996 123p
10. Rosa, Patricia Bretas de Oliveira SaMax Reger: Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Johann S. Bach für Klavier op. 81--Ensaio interpretativo. diss. 1996 220p
11. Kim, Munsook ChoExtemporization of J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations BWV 988: The Varying of Reprise with Improvised Embellishments. diss. 1996 232p
12. Galloway, Robert J.From Continuo to Obbligato Cembalo: A Study of the Changing Role of the Harpsichord in J. S. Bach's Harpsichord Concertos and Solo Sonatas with Obbligato Cembalo. diss. 1996 340p
13. Goetz, Lois AnnThe returning adult student: Standard and andragogical methods used in the preparation and pedagogy of J. S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue I, BWV 846. diss. 1996 66p
14. Tanaka, YukoDouble-Type Gigues in the Baroque Period and the Rhythmic Interpretation of Bach's Gigue from 'Partita VI'. diss. 1996 69p
15. Roueche, Michelle ReneeAn Idiomatic Piano Reduction of the Orchestral Accompaniment to Bach's 'Magnificat'. diss. 1996 69p
16. Jackson, Bruce RogersThe G-D-G-C scordatura tuning for the double bass: A historical survey, theoretical rationale, pedagogical study, and compositional demonstration. diss. 1996 711p
17. Collister, Phillip AndrewThe Oboe and the Baroque Bass in Johann Sebastian Bach's Vocal Works. diss. 1996 80p
18. Hiramoto, Stephen AnthonySoloistic Writing for the Oboe in the Arias of Handel's Operas, with Three Recitals of Selected Works by Marcello, Strauss, Ravel, Bach, Handel, Saint-Aaens and Others. diss. 1996 87p
19. Siemons, Jan H.Het Gebruik van Secundaire Registers in Clavecimbelmuziek voor 1760. diss. 1996 96p
20. Husain-Naviatti, AsifMendelssohn's Lobgesang. The Genesis of the Symphony-Cantata and a Critical Edition of its Original Version. diss. 1996 ii, 98, iii, 333p
21. Dirst, Matthew CharlesBach's Well-Tempered Clavier in Musical Thought and Practice, 1750-1850. diss. 1996 vii, 176p
22. Greer, Mary JewettThe Sacred Duets and Terzets of Johann Sebastian Bach: A Study of Genre and Musical Text Interpretation. diss. 1996 xv, 505 Bl

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