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1. Bioules, AgatheL'évolution de langage contrapuntique de Mozart autour de l'année 1782: L'influence conjuguée de J. Haydn et J.S. Bach. diss. 1993
2. Barros, Nicolas de SouzaA adaptação da obra alaudística de Johann Sebastian Bach para alto guitar: Um modelo híbrido. diss. 1993
3. Williamson, Barry ScottA Study of Parody Technique and Performance Considerations for Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Mass in G Minor' (BWV 235). diss. 1993 107p
4. Heyder, BerndDie motettischen Sätze in Bachs Kantatenwerk. diss. 1993 110p
5. Claus, Rolf DietrichZur Echtheitsproblematik im Werk J. S. Bachs - dargestellt an der Toccata BWV 565. diss. 1993 125p
6. Anderson, Scott EricChoral singers' timbral descriptions and evaluations of recorded choral excerpts using a dark-to-bright vowel hierarchy. diss. 1993 126p
7. Edwards, Mark DouglasA Performer's Study of Three Organ Sonatas from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries: Bach, Mendelssohn, and Hindemith. diss. 1993 133p
8. Harlow, Julia TikkerA musician's introduction to Baroque dance. diss. 1993 139p
9. Tannenbaum, Michele HornerTradition and Innovation in Franz Liszt's Variations on a Motive of Bach. diss. 1993 163p
10. Krause, Drew StaffordMusical ambiguity in analysis and composition: Problems of pattern, value, form, and structure. diss. 1993 163p
11. Charron, John P.Fingering, Pedalling and Expression in the Organ Works of J. S. Bach. diss. 1993 186p
12. Wyatt, Susan Beth MastersKurt Weill: A song Composer in Wartime With Three Recitals of Selected Works of Mozart, Strauss, Bach, Schubert, and Others. diss. 1993 187p
13. Covington, David LeeA diagnostic and analytical model of score preparation: A clinical approach to musical morphology. diss. 1993 189p
14. Mundt, FrankÜberlegungen zu J. S. Bachs lebensgeschichtlichem Wandel am Ende der 1730er Jahre. Eine psychologisch-biographische Studie in Grenzgebieten. diss. 1993 199p
15. Reynolds, Robert LeeThe Bach Sinfonias: A Guide to Analysis and Performance Planning. diss. 1993 234p
16. Mains, Ronda MillerAn investigation of the articulations found in the primary sources of the flute sonatas of Johann Sebastian Bach resulting in a composite edition for analysis and a second edition for practical performance. diss. 1993 281p
17. Reich, WielandMauricio Kagel, Sankt-Bach-Passion: Kompositionstechnik und didaktische Perspektiven. diss. 1993 297p
18. Hicks, Eric MichaelA historical perspective on unity in the keyboard partitas of Johann Sebastian Bach. diss. 1993 317p
19. Sysoeva, AllaProgrammnost' v instrumental'noj muzyke epohi barokko: Problemy tipologii nacional'nyh skol. diss. 1993 48p
20. Austin, Jack VossellerJohann Sebastian Bach: an Appreciation. diss. 1993 53p
21. Dube, Michelle Claire'Prelude of Suite V' for Cello Solo by J. S. Bach: Options for Performance. diss. 1993 57p
22. Kitchens, Melinda LeunetteFree polyphonic texture in selected early piano works of Robert Schumann. diss. 1993 59p
23. Wollny, PeterStudies in the Music of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Sources and Style. diss. 1993 637 Bl
24. Hasse, MichaelaAnna Amalia von Preußen: Porträt einer Komponistin unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des soziologischen und des analytisch begründeten stilistischen Standorts diss. 1993 82, 35 Bl
25. Lyman, Kent MarvinGeorge Rochberg's Carnival music, suite for solo piano: An aesthetic compositional and performance perspective. diss. 1993 90p
26. Coetzee, Vernon GeorgeKinship between the chorale preludes of J.S. Bach and those of Reger (Op. 67), Karg-Elert (Op. 65), Peeters (Opp. 68, 69, 70), Dupre (Op. 28). diss. 1993 x, 359p
27. Derry, Lisa AnneThe Pre-Classical Concerto of Johann Christian Bach: First Movement Design in the Eighteen 'London' Keyboard Concertos. diss. 1993 xii, 243p
28. Botelho, MauroRhythm, Meter, and Phrase: Temporal Structures in Johann Sebastian Bach's Concertos. diss. 1993 xvii, 589p

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